Anyone else notice Sam Worthington had trouble with the American accent?

I didn't know he was australian until I looked at IMDB, but then again I usually don't pay attention. Robert on the other hand slipped a lot.

Who would you suggest to be a better candidate for the role as Terminator other than Sam Worthington?

there's no other person I would rather have than Arnold. they shouldn't even be making another movie if he can't be in it. it should've ended with him. unless you're talking about who should play the killer terminator and not the one protecting. if that's the case, I would probably have to pick someone new to the business, an unknown. due to the fact, I'm tired of seeing all these familiar faces in all these remakes and sequels.

What boots does Sam Worthington wear in Terminator Salvation?

WHOA yeah thos boots are super badas s ... some pictures from the movie & posters look like thay're completely flat, while others look like they have a slight heel... I looked all over the internet, mostly what i found were 1) women's style boots and 2) boots described as 'goth-punk' in style here are a few that might be close-ish :P : your best bet might be to get a pair of canvas shoes and attatch spats to them like these: or these: they're a lot easier to find and cheaper too

Would Sam Worthington be good as Shepard in the new Mass Effect Movie that's Coming out?

I have no qualms with sam taking on that role, dude can pull off most anything right now. however I am concerned with who the director might be. that will be more telling in the quality of the finished product. right now the project is still in limbo. avri arad (producer) has optioned the rights to the movie. imdb just has 2012 as a possible release date. might be some time b4 we have more to go on.

Where can I find good pictures of Sam Worthington?

Is it just me or is Sam Worthington from avatar HOT?

100% I Agree :)

Where can I get Sam Worthington's Captain America Shirt?

I don't think anyone knows, I think he's wearing it to hint that he wants to play Captain America for the Movie.

Are there any real full naked images of Sam Worthington on the internet?

Google image, take off safesearch, good luck!

How did they make Sam Worthington's legs look paralyzed in Avatar?

I was wondering this myself!

How did they make Sam Worthington's legs so skinny during the movie Avatar?

There was an interview where he was asked that question and he said it was created through Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).