where can find essays about the short story, Coalinga 1/2 Way?

There aren't any yet. But I do have a question. Do you go to Citrus College? Cause that is what I am also looking for. Lol

does anyone know what became of the kennedy twins that played elizabeth in "baby boom?" so adorable

They are now seniors at West Hampton Beach High School and Suffolk County Doubles volleyball champions. http://www.fast-rewind.com/ I like Diane Keaton, too. She cracks me up.

how does "True West" reflect American attitudes?need your help! pleaseee?

Central to a thematic analysis of True West is the exchange of personality traits between brothers Austin and Lee as their conflict over screenplays develops. In the beginning, they are polar opposites, as the clean-cut and conventional Austin confidently prepares his script for the Hollywood producer, Saul Kimmer, and the ill-kept and anti-social Lee announces his plans to burglarize the neighborhood. By the end of the play, however, Lee and his movie idea have won Kimmer's favor, and Lee is attempting to be industrious while Austin has assumed Lee's habits of heavy drinking and petty crime. The catalyst for this transformation is the Hollywood producer Saul Kimmer and the opportunities he represents for each of the brothers.

Is this dog a German Shepard mixed with husky?

I see a little pit bull,too,but who knows! Nice-looking dog.

Did you spot any famous stars this weekend?

not me zip

Where can I find info. about a play?

Here is the plot and information about the play:

Ladies, which of the following TV characters best resembles your ideal man...?

4) Marshall on How I Met Your Mother

How can i get my puppy to let me know she needs to potty?

You have to keep an eye on her kids or no kids You could try bells on the door and teaching her to hitand ring, but honestly she is too young for that yet

What's your favorite Jennifer Hale role?

Shepard is my favorite, she has a great voice.

where can I find plays or scripts?

Most of these people do not have movies from their plays so do not use the site mentioned above. I am sure that most of the authors you listed above are also copyrighted, so you would have to get the script from whatever company owns the rights. You can usually pay $6 or $7 for a perusal script. I usually go straight to Samuel French (they own most copyrights), but the site Findaplay.com will tell you which company owns what scripts. This will help you to find them faster. http://www.findaplay.com/ http://www.samuelfrench.com/

My german shepard always tears up my footballs. Where can I buy ones that he wont/can't?

if you are just wanting to play catch w/him...by a "kong" ball...they are wonderful for dogs who like to chew on anything they can get in their mouths

How do I introduce my 12wk old puppy to my other 3 adult German Shepards?

Hi Pat, You need to bring in one at a time into the house each one of them. This way it's a one on one don't pay a lot of attention to Texas around your 3 other dogs they will hurt her if you do. Bring in one of your males and see what happens. He will smell her a lot and she may lay down or just stand there until she knows what is going on. If things go find take him out and bring in another one of your dogs and do this until all 3 has had time with Texas. After they have become friends treat them all the same and when Nesa has her litter of puppies keep all your dogs away specially Texas since she is a new comer. Just work with them and things should work out to the good. Good luck New Daddy. I hope Nesa has a healthy and beautiful litter. A friend. Clowmy

Which of these Playwrights would you suggest i read?

For what it's worth (speaking as a 42 year old British bloke so I'm not exactly in tune with your exeriences) I would suggest David Mamet. He has written a wide variety of plays which I would suggest range from the "accessible" - i.e. not too heavy (The likes of "Squirrels" and "Duck Variations") to those looking at serious social issues (such as "Oleanna"). Yasmin Riza's work - I'm only familiar with "Art" - and whilst it is an excellent (and funny) play I'm not sure on it's relevance to the average 16 year old - it's very much about middle class middle aged (OK not middle aged but in their late 30's) blokes... Of the others I know Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams tended to write "heavier" plays, that the themes may not be as easy to understand, but they are often studied for English literature, beyond that I'm struggling - the rest aren't really part of my canon.

My german shepard has perianal fistulas the meds are $250 a month and not working help?

It is not uncommon for dogs with this problem to not respond to cyclosporine alone. There has been success stories seen with a combination of a drug called tacrolimus which is an ointment and cyclosporine. So you can ask your veterinarian about that drug. It may need to be ordered at a human pharmacy which your veterinarian can give you a prescription to fill. Also to reduce the costs of cyclosporine which is very expensive some veterinarians administer a drug called ketoconazole which is an antifungal which slows the metabolism of cyclosporine. This allows for the dose of cyclosporine to be reduced making it less expensive. Ketoconazole does have side effects and may effect the metabolism of other medications that your dog may be on. You may also call local human pharmacies to see how much cyclosporine costs it may be cheaper than what your veterinarian is offering. Surgery has been used with limited success. Many times the fistulas return. Hope that helps.

what should i name my german shepard dog?


Where can I find a play online?

It's copyrighted, so I really doubt it. You might be able to get it shipped quickly if you pay extra for overnight or something? Check out either ebay or amazon to see if there's a copy on sale from someone in your country... otherwise you will probably just have to wait for it, unfortunately. Sorry... =( I wish you luck though!

can someone please give a quick summary of the curse of the starving class?

If you haven't done your homework, I suggest you rush down to the bookstore and buy the Cliff notes. Otherwise, you might try an on-line search for the title and "summary". That's likely to get you a *lot* better information than anyone here can supply.

Does anyone know any movies about brain damage?

Most movies that depict handicapped individuals are those with learning disabilities from birth, i.e., mental retardation. You'd be best to read and/or see the play "A Lie Of The Mind"on video. Better yet, if you could observe someone in let's say a nursing home, you'd get a good feel for the role. The symptoms of brain damage from trauma depend on the location and extent of damage to the brain. Brain damage from a stroke, for example, has characteristic limitations (one-sided paralysis, possible loss of speech, cane or wheelchair use, etc.) I found a brief description of the play here: http://www.pjc.edu/pjcsites/mt/ads/lie.asp Without seeing the play, it's really hard to tell what part of the girl's brain was supposedly damaged from the severe beating that she received. Each area of the brain is responsible for different bodily functions. Most likely, the person would have cognitive and perceptual deficits. They'd have trouble following simple directions so instructions would have to be shortened to one-to-two-step, repeated, AND demonstrated. The person may need help to relearn activities of daily living (ADL's) such as self-dressing, eating, bathing, etc. Speech therapy may be needed. There may be memory loss so daily reality orientation (RO) may be needed. There's a good documentary called "When Billy Broke His Head...and Other Tales of Wonder (1995) and it's all about head injuries. You might have trouble getting a copy of it, however. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114914/ Note: The movies listed by another responder here are good and I've seen them. But they are fictional and not an accurate portrayal. Harrison Ford's acting was down-right laughable in "Regarding Henry", especially his rehab. I'd say that "Memento" (2000) was realistic of a man with brain damage to the medial temporal lobe--causing anterograde amnesia. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0209144/

I need more information on Sam Shepards Buried Child.?


A good female german shepard name?

here is a great site with about 18,000 dog names and meanings http://www.i-love-dogs.com/names/

Ladies: who is the sexiest Sam?

Sam Elliot, I have loved him for years. That voice, I swoon when I hear it, and will come running anytime. I just love that beef commercial he narrates. I love all the Westerns he has been in. And that little smirk smile he has, my legs just get all rubbery. I know he is married to Pam and they make a cute couple, I can watch him till the cows come home, bod is not that bad either. But he is getting older, and so are we. I also nominate Tom Selleck anyone second that nomination?

where can i find a necklace like the one julia roberts wore in pelican brief?

you can try all the jewelry stores around your town or something. try ebay 2 :) or just type it in on google.. good luck :) ----------love, aj---------

Well known playwrights who are actors or vice versa?

(including film scripts and novels) Steven Berkoff, Gary Oldman, Peter Howett, Quentin Tarantino, John Osbourne, Noel Coward, John Cusack, Noel Clarke, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Kenneth Branagh, Rita Rudner, Emma Thompson, Julian Fellowes, Jean Marsh, Arnold Ridley, Arthur Smith, Sylvester Stallone, Carrie Fisher, Ben Elton, Rik Mayall... a few to be getting on with there...

what happens in the end of Sam Shepards' play "True West?"?

Nobody wins. Austin strangles Lee with a phone cord (as Mom watches), and then--thinking Lee is dead--lets him go and heads for the door. But Lee jumps up and blocks his exit--and the two just stare each other down like two coyotes in the desert. A real coyote howls in the distance, and the lights fade. Just another fun-filled Shepard family. (!)

Is air force flight medic training at Shepard AFB or at Fort Sam Houston?

Ft Sam

Anyone know where I could download any video clips of "True West" a play written by Sam Shepard?

try utube.com

anyone know anything about Sam Shepard? HELP!!?

The internet Broadway database can be a start. It just gives his work on Broadway, but it's something. From there check out Internet movie database. It is usually somewhat trustworthy. And Encyclopedia Britannica sites are trustworthy.

what are your favorite sam shepard movie?

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) Black Hawk Down (2001) Days of Heaven (1978)

The Buried Child - By Sam Shepard?

You've gotta read this play. Really. Those questions take on a whole new light.

Sam shepard what happened?

The actor/director/writer? He's still working - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Shepard

Buried Child - Sam Shepard themes?!?

the themes and characters of buried child are pretty elusive because, to a large extent i think, Shepard is encouraging the reader to create their own meaning but i do think there are certain things that he purposefully included such as: THE AMERICAN DREAM - this is in the subtext of a lot of Shepard's plays and most specifically this one. he presents the reader with an archetypal family and then shows how the family disintegrates. Halie is guilty of incest, Dodge killed a child, bradley is a violent bully and tilden is mentally unstable. the utter failure of all the sons is remniscient of the failure of the american dream. an obvious one is FAMILY - especially with Vince who believes he's returning to the place he once called home and his family doesn't even remember him. When he speaks about how he was driving and looked in the mirror and saw his face changed into the faces of past generations, it shows how everything has to do with family. Shelley is also worth mentioning in her creation of Vince's ideal family that she came to know in her imagination and the let down of reality. there are a lot of other ones - like decay and decomposition (thats an important one)... unearthing of things (the vegetables, the child, the truth) um thats all i can think of...

was the sam shepard story of killing his wife true?

Yes, I watched it on Lifetime.

Where can I download Sam Shepard's True West for free? 10 pts?

Michael, plays' scripts are almost never found online unless they're out of copyright. The writer and publisher continue to make money selling performance rights and copies as long as there are theatre groups which might perform the work, so they're pretty vigilant about not letting the work appear free anywhere on the net. Movie scripts are abundant, of course, because nobody's going to be making a local version of the same movie.

Who are the 3 characters in Sam Shepard's play "Four H club?"?

OK, we can pretty much confirm that Jennifer L is A MORON...for cutting and pasting an ENTIRE FREAKIN' THESIS that isn't even on "4-H", but on "Curse of the Starving Class"! (J.L.: if you don't know, DON'T ANSWER!) Correct answer: 3 guys named John, Bob & Joe, who hang out in a trash-filled apartment. That's it. Simple.

Any Neil Simon and /or Sam Shepard fans?

I love Neil Simon- anything of his. Especially his early to middle works. The classics like The Odd Couple and Barefoot in the Park are hard to beat. Sam Shepherd- I'm not into him as much.

Im looking for a critical article on buried child by sam shepard?


Buried Child -Sam Shepard?

amazon.com lets u read inside

In Sam Shepard's play True West what is the meaning and significance of the title?

the only significance i can see is that the "true west" nowadays is the cutthroat business of hollywood and this play is about two brothers squabbling and fighting over writing a screenplay for a movie

Would Sam Worthington be good as Shepard in the new Mass Effect Movie that's Coming out?

I have no qualms with sam taking on that role, dude can pull off most anything right now. however I am concerned with who the director might be. that will be more telling in the quality of the finished product. right now the project is still in limbo. avri arad (producer) has optioned the rights to the movie. imdb just has 2012 as a possible release date. might be some time b4 we have more to go on. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1482455/

How can I find information on the Sam shepard case? so I could do a research paper on him and get references o

Try crime library, it's got several stories on him. Here's the link:

I need a good breedable female german shepard for my dog " Sam "?

I would get him OFA'd. Then show him in conformation, obedience or Schutzhund. If all you are wanting is another male, which is not a good idea in the first place, you should buy another male pup. I would not suggest for you to bring another male into the household when you already have an intact male there. I would suggest that you get a female instead.

harold pinter and sam shepard?

Don't know about the Pinter play, but the Shepard play can be read as the loss of the American Dream. The mother turns her buried son into the perfect American teenager in her mind, but it'll never be. Vince doesn't even recognise his only family- the family have muddled up their family tree so much that their family unit has collapsed. Answer mine?:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AioBcY6vyMaGXLkM0VMOqTTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090605070206AAwb20d

I have a question about sam Shepard...?

I beleive The older brother in True west is somewhat based on him

Tell me anything you know about the play "Action" by Sam Shepard please?

Try this, it has a little bit on it

Which character has the strongest “want” in Buried Child by Sam Shepard?

Hy you'll open this link.then you'll find 2,3 or 4 links at the top of that page.1 of those links have the answer.Definitely you'll get a solution after go through them.me too get many details after following those links. http://www.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-6828716762099822%3Adrgcd3yew58&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=Buried+Child+Sam+Shepard&sa=Search

What is the major themes in Sam Shepard's plays?

Have any of of Sam Shepard's work been produced on film?

There were two: -- Silent Tongue (1994) -- Far North (1988) http://www.sam-shepard.com/director.html

Sam Shepard - why does he always chew gum?

Anytime I've ever seen Sam Shepard in a movie his teeth look REALLY bad. I mean yellowish, rotting type decay. So he probably chews gum to help disguise the bad breath this causes. I don't think his teeth are a problem that he caused by not taking care of his oral hygiene. He probably has bad teeth.You'd think he'd have something done about it by a dentist and/or orthodontist. But then again he always plays those rough weathered characters and maybe having bad teeth helps him get the parts. He has a great voice and did an excellent performance as the narrator for the recent film Charlotte's Web. He's also a Pulitzer prize winning playwright and I think he's written several screenplays. He should fix his teeth though, it's unsightly and also bad for your overall health and well being.

Has anyone read True West by Sam Shepard?

so start here do not plagiarize http://www.sparknotes.com/drama/truewest... http://www.enotes.com/true-west

What does the title of the play "True West" by Sam Shepard mean?

It represents an unattainable, mythical ideal in America.