What college should I pick for music? Sam Houston states or university of north Texas?

UNT is THE school to go to for music in Texas.

University of Tennessee or Sam Houston State?

There is rarely any advantage, academically or financially, to going out of state. Both very fine programs - go to whichever you are in state for tuition purposes. If you go after a Masters, then you might look out of state.

TCU or Sam Houston State University? Or else where?

You could probably get into SHSU, and you should keep it in mind as on your list. TCU might be a little more challenging but not for the reasons of not much volunteer hours nor NHS. A lot is riding on your SAT scores and your GPA. You might want to check out Stephen F Austin in Nacagdoches.......nursing program has been around for quite awhile and is reputable.

MBA programs in HousTon area? UH, UH clearlake, sam houston state university?

University of Houston: * Resident tuition and fees (full-time) - $30,500 University of Houston Clear Lake: * Resident tuition and fees (full-time) - $23,958 Sam Houston State: * Resident tuition and fees (full-time) - $34,004 Honestly, none of these schools are considered elite MBA programs - none of the three were ranked by US News and World Report amongst the 55 top MBA programs in the country. That's not a bad thing - it just means that these are regional schools with regional reputations. If your girlfriend wanted a hot shot job in Wall Street, her Houston-area MBA degree isn't going to open a lot of doors. On the other hand, if her goal was more in terms of finding management-level opportunities in and around the Southeast Texas area, all three of these schools would be recognized as solid educational prep within that part of state. I hope that helps - good luck!

sam houston state university's psychology program?

Information is below.

Sam houston state university help!?

http://www.shsu.edu/administrative/policies/contacts.html OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT - Box 2026, Huntsville, TX 77341 936-294-1013

Sam Houston State University majors?

If you are interested in Forensics, then Forensic Chemistry will be more intensively directed at precisely that. It's like going to school to become a French Chef (that cooks only French cuisine), or a chef who cooks several cuisines but he/she knows more about French cuisine than the other things he/she cooks. SHSU alumni 1994-1998

Are Texas State University in San Marcos and Sam Houston University are good schools to get a teaching degree?

Deana W, The easiest method to find out info is to contact a student. You can locate some contact information for Texas universities here. http://www.collegereviewed.com/Texas-Colleges-Universities.html The students always seem to know what's up better than outsiders since they spend so much time on campus.

what are 5 facts about Sam Houston State University?

It is where people who can't get into UT or Texas A&M go?

Sam Houston State University vs. University of Houston?

The University of Houston does have a better reputation than Sam Houston State. Their School of Business, in particular. Below is some ranking details. I'd recommend UH over SHSU. (links below) # UH Bauer has the #1 accounting faculty in Houston. Bauer’s accounting faculty is ranked #2 in Texas and #23 in North America (sharing this Top 25 position with Yale) according to UTD’s Top 100 North American Rankings of Business Schools Based on Research Contribution for 2006 -2009. # UH Bauer #2 (23rd in North America) ranking among the top six business schools in Texas places it ahead of SMU ranked #3 (31st in North America), University of Texas at Dallas ranked #4 (43rd in North America), Texas A&M ranked #5 (46th in North America) and Rice ranked #6 (49th in North America). # UH Bauer accounting program is the only top 20 in the world internal audit program in Houston.

Sam Houston State University In Huntsville Texas?

i am a 1980 graduate of shsu with a bs degree in agriculture animal science

How Sam Houston State University.?

First of all, congratulations on your acceptance into business school. 2nd, Sam Houston is not the most respected business school in the world. It's a relatively new program. Apply for some other schools. If you don't get any other offers, go there, but make sure you get some connections with internships before you leave school, otherwise finding a job after college can be pretty difficult.

Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX?

Sam is a good school, not at the top of the heap, but you can get a good education there. They are best known for the teacher training, their music department and their law enforcement degrees. The campus is in a hilly area and very nice. Nothing fancy, but a nice campus in a medium size Texas city. Huntsville is also know for the Texas Department of Corrections prisons that are all around the town. Maybe that why the crimal studies at Sam are so exceptional; I'm not sure of the connection. Many people who graduate from other schools and start teaching in the Houston area, will get their master's degrees from Sam. They have a good reputation. I know people there who love the school and the town. I know people who graduated from Sam and never left, but stayed in Huntsville to raise their family. I also know one of the professors in the education department and respect her highly. Small hills, lots of East Texas tall trees, very little freezing weather, but more than you would get in Houston. Lots of history in the town, lots of pride in the residents. A very friendly community to the students. I've never really heard of Sam as being a party school. I'm sure there are parties because that happens everywhere. But Sam seems to have a more serious academic reputation from what I know about it. Sorry I don't know more.

Does Sam Houston State University has a MBA program?

Yes it does, please see: http://www.shsu.edu/~grs_www/programs/

Do Sam Houston State University have a nurising school??

i think so,,try this site http://www.shsu.edu/

Which university is better for an education major? Sam Houston State University or Texas State University?

Hands down Texas State. Teacher education is a campus-wide commitment at Texas State University. On a side note, San Marcos is an awesome town. Texas State just moved into the WAC conference for athletics (an added bonus). Texas State is now the 5th largest university in the State of Texas (and growing). Play hard, but work even harder and you will be rewarded.

I need help on choosing what career to pick on sam houston state university?

Go to the college career placement office and have them test you for your interests and abilities.

Does anyone go to the College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University?

I go to SHSU! However, Im not a criminal justice major, Im Mass Communications. I do know though that the CJ school is supposed to be one of the best in the State.

HELP!..should i go to sam houston state university. or university of texas at san antonio?

I went to UTSA and loved it. I think that depends on certain things such as: what is more affordable? where are you closer to? Which school ranks better in these departments? Find out where you would be happy going to school and living.

My gpa is really low and I applied to Sam Houston State University?

Honestly, I agree that you really should set your plans for 2 years at community college before transferring to Sam Houston. You need to take the time to learn how to balance you college studies with your diabetes. This isn't the time to stress yourself out by starting out on academic probation. I just don't see the math adding up to what you describe. A 1.3 isn't "low" it is horrible. For one F to bring you to that, you must not have been taking many units, or did poorly in all of them. Also "quite a few days" in the hospital shouldn't add up to an F, unless it was really almost half of the class time, and teachers are usually "not understanding" when students were not keeping caught up before they ended up ill. Those are just the way I, as an instructor and a college administrator, would look at your story. So, no, with that story, I don't think you have a chance at Sam Houston right now. However, I do think that slowing down and building a firm foundation for your final two years at Sam Houston is what you need to do right now. There are tons of community colleges. If you are at one you hate, try another. Hate it? Then the problem isn't the colleges.

Has Anyone Been to Sam Houston State University? If so, what do you think?

What Sam Houston State Students Say About... Student Body "SHSU is the poster child school for atypical students," one undergrad remarks. "A very large percent work or have families, and are usually first-generation college students." At SHSU there are "cowboys and cowgirls, the sorority girls and frat guys, the skateboarders, the smart kids, and the Goths." Students of "completely different backgrounds, social status, ethnicity, major, and personal style manage to interact on a friendly basis every day." These are students who are "willing to meet and greet new people. If you are shy, you can guarantee that someone will be talking to you." One student adds, "The Greek organizations on campus don't isolate themselves, either." Another student disagrees, saying "Life is simple here: if you aren't in a fraternity or sorority it is extremely difficult to fit in." Many SHSU undergrads "work part-time in neighboring towns" and "are involved in some sort of organization here on campus, be it a religious, sports, or social group." In general, students say that SHSU "is great for people who are tired of the high-school drama and ready to get on with life in the real world, interacting with diversity." What Sam Houston State Students Say About... Academics Students choose Sam Houston State University because "the school has a little of everything, from the diversity of students to the different majors offered." SHSU is "known world-wide" for its criminal justice program, and its College of Education and educator preparation program is also well-respected. As one student says, "Schools love to hire teachers that graduated from SHSU." Criminal justice and education are just two of the school's most popular and highly-regarded majors. Students also rave about the "awesome theater and musical theater programs," an "excellent College of Music," and an "exceptional" journalism program. Additionally, students report that the school has "a very good agriculture program with a high graduation rate and high rate of hire after graduation," and "the best photography program available in Texas." Classes at SHSU "are usually pretty small. The professors are great; you can really talk to them and they will help you if you have any problem with the course." The administration "is usually available only by appointment," but students say that their calls are responded to "in a timely manner, and no one is turned away, though sometimes redirected." Quite a few students mention, however, that "the financial aid process is pretty bad, with a lot of mistakes being made. The people are usually pretty helpful when you go see them in person, though." What Sam Houston State Students Say About... Campus Life Huntsville is a small town, and students lament that "there is very little to do in town but to go to a club or bar." It is encouraging, however, that "currently, the school is building onto the gym with a rock climbing wall and a large weight room. In addition, a new baseball field that is quite large is being built, as are two other buildings for lectures and other classroom uses." During the week, students can "always find small parties to attend, or go to the school games (football, basketball), but on the weekends everyone travels back home or to nearby cities." Houston, which is about 90 minutes away, is a popular destination. An undergrad warns, "If you do not have a car when you come here, make friends quickly with someone who does. Otherwise you'll be in your dorm room on a ghost campus where nothing is open." For students who stay around campus, Huntsville does have "Wal-Mart, a bowling alley, and a movie theater (with $6 movies, $3 for a matinee!)." SHSU is "surrounded by a national park, so there are many places to go camping or hiking." On the "beautiful" campus, which is "hilly and full of huge trees," students "hang out with friends [and] watch movies, Comedy Central, or play games like Risk, Trivial Pursuit, and video games (Halo 2)." Go to these websites: www.petersons.com www.princetonreview.com ...to find out the statistical info regarding any schools you are interested in, and what students are saying about the academics, environment, and student body. You must use wisdom and strategy in appying to college. You need to look at *many* factors to ensure a "good fit", such as: Does it have the programs you are most interested in? Do you want to be in a big city or a more rural environment? Do you prefer a school with a very large population or a smaller, more personable school? How selective are the schools you are checking out? (how many students are applying vs. how many are accepted -- what is the minimum SAT score they will accept -- what is the minimal GPA they will accept, and what range are most of their students in) How expensive? What type of endowments are available? Scholarships? What percentage of students are getting scholarships? Is the school known for its academics or its party atmosphere? Is it a liberal or conservative environment? What do the students say they like/don't like about the school? But don't choose just one college, because if they don't accept you, *you're stuck*. Just remember, don't limit yourself. After you have done your research and you are ready to apply to college: Pick two schools that are very selective "long shots", two that are "maybe" schools, and two that are "sure things". Apply to all of them. Wait. After a few months, the acceptance letters will arrive, and you will be able to make a great choice! Hope all this info helps to get you exactly where you want to be, with no regrets. Best wishes!

How is Sam Houston State University?

Rankings, reviews, and student life for Sam Houston State University will be found below./

Ever heard of Sam Houston State University?

Yes it is in Huntsville Texas. Nice place. Probably 45 minutes to an hour and a half north of Houstin or so

What gpa do i have to have to go to sam houston state university in texas??

http://www.shsu.edu/~adm_www/requirements/freshman.html Looks like you need at least a 2.0 GPA.

Sam Houston State University or Stephen F Austin University?

Check the ACTA Ratings below.

I have a question about Sam Houston State University's roommate policy.?

COHABITATION. Cohabitation is not allowed in the residence halls. Cohabitation is defined as a person (not assigned to the room) staying for an extended period of time, or giving the 5 impression that the person is showering or sleeping in the space or has permanent belongings in the space. Only same sex roommates are allowed.

Does Sam Houston State University have radiology as a coarse?

No. You can find accredited schools here: https://www.arrt.org/index.html?content=nd/listOfSchools.ndm/listSchools&iframe=yes or here: http://www.jrcert.org/cert/Search.jsp (choose Radiography).

Does a D count as a transferable grade to Sam Houston State University?



Check this site out- it tells you about admission requirements www.shsu.edu/~adm_www

Which university is better? Sam Houston State University or University of Arizona?

If you are a resident of the state of the university, that university is better for your undergraduate education as you will pay tens of thousands of dollars less in tuition fees for an essentially equivalent education.

Which school is easier to get accepted into.. Sam Houston State University or University of Houston?

Check out: http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/academictracker/servlet/ACTServlet?pg=2&collegeId=346 http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/academictracker/servlet/ACTServlet?pg=2&collegeId=149 University of Houston Thanks Bill

Can freshmen bring their cars to Sam Houston State University?

Yes, any student is allowed to buy a parking permit. http://www.shsu.edu/~upd_www/parktrans/permits.html http://www.shsu.edu/enrollment/parents/documents/EnrollmentChecklist-Freshmen_001.pdf "During registration ....... Sign up for a parking permit."

What type of hazing goes on at Sam Houston State University?

When I went through hell week when I pledged Sigma Chi, we drank, had to eat (I immediately spit it out) really disgusting stuff, stuff like that. The worst was on hell night when we got paddled by the brothers. My butt was bruised for a week. Some on also got the bright idea to smear Liquid Heat on our balls. They felt like they were in fire. Girl friends are not welcome during hell night. If you have a sister sorority, you might have some activities with them, but their hell night is totally separate. We had no idea what happened, since they would not show any pictures of their hell night.

How much do freshman dorm rooms cost at sam houston state university?

The yearly cost is $7,644 including meals. It will probably increase slightly for the next academic year.

Is Sam Houston State University a good college?

SHSU is a good state college, accreditation is excellent. Business, Journalism, Criminal Justice and RTF (Radio, Television and Film) are all outstanding programs offered there.

What school has a best psychology program? UTSA, Sam Houston State University, or Texas State?

I really hope you plan on getting your PhD in psycology. You can't really get a job with a bachelors in psycology...unless you plan on working at burger king. I would say either Houston or Texas State...UTSA is just waaaay to easy to get into.

Is there a branch of Sam Houston State University located in Houston,Texas?

SHSU has a number of distance learning programs, see link below.

Does anyone know if Sam Houston State University has a Pediatrician class?

A pediatrician is a medial doctor, so your friend should focus on finding a school with a strong pre-med program. I don't think SHSU has such a strong pre-med program. Baylor and UT have. The University of St. Thomas also has. If your friend just wants to work with children and isn't set on being a pediatrician, they could cinsider a career in education, child psychology, social work, nursing or physical therapy.

What are the high school course requirements to get into Sam Houston State University?

High School Preparation for Sam Houston State University... High School diploma required, GED accepted Required units: 22 total Electives 1 Computer Science 1 English 4 History 2.5 Math 3 Science 2 Social Studies 2.5 Recommended units: 26 total Foreign Language 2 History 3.5 Math 4 Science 4 Science Lab 1 Social Studies 3.5 Visual/Performing Arts 1

Does anyone know how hard it is to get into Sam Houston state University?

The difficulty is indicated as moderate. About 71% of the applicants are admitted.The average GPA is over 3.5. You can find more information below.

How is Sam Houston State University's reputation?

Some information is below.

International Business at Sam Houston State University?

Information is below.

Maximum amount of transfer hours Sam Houston State University accepts from other accredited colleges?

its 60 hours for most state schools in texas. you have to go to sam houston for at least half of the credits

Univesity of Texas Or Sam Houston State University?

Sam Houston State is one of the best universities for criminal justice. I'll be going there this spring. ; )

University of North Texas - Sam Houston State for Accounting?

UNT, it is a fantastic school and employers will notice UNT over SHSU any day. I am not going to lie, their accounting department is harder, but you will earn the degree you paid for. Plus, their career and internship department is phenomenal. I guarantee you if you go in to see April Kuykendal (head of career center)- she will get you a job in Houston after you graduate.

Does Sam Houston State University offer a teaching degree program?

I don't believe they do - after reviewing their web site. But they do have many majors that would be teaching fields. My guess is that they put you through with whatever majors you choose and then you go through one of the alternative teacher certification programs - one of my kids had a major in English and she went through the local education agency regional program. A friend is an engineer, was laid off, and went through the regional program and landed a job quickly.

Is the photography program at Sam Houston State University a good program?

There are currently 3 proffesors that teach photography at SHSU. Rebecca Finley, Jason Neumann and James Paster. Apparently some students had some great things to say about Mr. Paster this year. Here are a few quote from ratemyprofessors.com "Dr. Paster was the type of professor I went to college to meet." "Dr. Pastor is the most influencial person I've ever met. If you sit down and talk to him, you will learn more about life than you could even imagine. He's one of those people that has changes the course of history in some small, yet distinct way. EVERYONE should experience Dr. Pastor before he retires! I will never forget him. He changed my life" The other two teachers are rated fairly well. I would say it is a safe bet that SHSU has a good photography program. However I would always recomend more research. Hope this was helpful. You can also check myspace's rate your professor page they may have more too say.

when does winter break end for sam houston state university in huntsville texas?

You seriously need to learn to find things out for yourself since you're in college. http://www.shsu.edu/~reg_www/academic_calendar/

What are "satisfactory scores for the SATs" for Sam Houston State University?

SHSU is a very decent school and you can get a fine education there. Here is a summary of last years entering class - it shows the range of the middle 50% of admitted students: http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/academictracker/servlet/ACTServlet?pg=2&collegeId=346 For ACT, the middle 50% got between 19 and 23. For SAT, the middle 50% CR scores were between 440 and 540 The middle M scores were 460-550. That means that the bottom 25% were below 460 on their math scores, and the top 25% were above 550. Pick your major with care. Remember that for most students, the major is their primary job qualification for at least their first two jobs.

University of North Texas or Sam Houston State for Accounting?

I attend Sam Houston State University and it is a good school. The size of the school shouldn't make the college experience any less good. Sam Houston has about 16,000 students this spring and the class sizes are great many classes have 48 students or less which is a plus for me. I am studying english and mass communications but I know the business and accounting departments are really good and may good internships are available in whatever program you are in at Sam Houston. I would go with Sam Houston.