Is the salt from the Salton Sea safe for human consumption?

I read the interesting article link you provided. Since desalination was proposed previously, someone at CA EPA should have that info or the Environmental Risk Assessment might address that. The ERA would be public info if you want to look further into it. In my uniformed opinion, I would think the salt would be safe for human consumption or the birds wouldn't flock there.

does anyone have the salton sea movie?

Is the song A Horse With No Name about the Salton Sea?

I don't think so, I think it's just symbolism

how would that salton sea be considerd non native to california?

The Salton Sea is a basin below sea level. The area is very hot and sits in a rain shadow. The result is that this is naturally a place without much water. The Salton Sea was formed by the artificial action of humans. The water was imported. It only remains because of the constant water flow from irrigation runoff and sewage treatment.

Is the salton sea still around or has it dried up? I want to go fishing there.?

Still there, still some tilapia fishing going on

Where did the Mexicali contributions go before the New River and Salton Sea?

The city hadn't had the problems until recently when the macceadora entered the region.

Does eating tilapia from the Salton Sea cause illness?

These days it's all poluted so it's best to stick to vegan diet u grow urself.

How to get to the Salton Sea?

take the 60 to the eastbound 10 get off at exit 145 -Sr 865 which is located just east of Indio Take that south to Mecca and then find the smaller and more remote road rt 111 around the east side of the Sea or the larger and less remote road -rt 86 around it's west side Have fun

1.What do you think makes the Salton Sea different from the ocean?

The Salton Sea became a Salton Slush. I know, because I grew up near it, and swam in it before and after it started to die. It has no drainage to the rest of the world, so salt accumulates. When I was a kid, it was fun so swim in, because floating was so easy: it had more density that the human body. And it was warm. And it was lined with retirement resorts, and the Bonita fishing was good. Also, because it has no drainage, it got filled with pesticides and fertilizers from the surrounding farmland. With no place to drain, they accumulated. And pretty much killed off the fish and the rest of the bio-system. The history of the Salton Sea is interesting, because in its current form, it's pretty much man-made anyhow. The retirement communities are gone, turned to ghost-towns, and if you go swimming there you will probably get a weird skin rash. If it connected to the Gulf, the Gulf would have a eco-chemical hiccup but eventually would recover. Just like it did in the old days, but on a seasonal, flooding schedule. The hills around the giant lake are lined with the relics of old fish traps built by the Indians (Mostly Cahuilla tribe), which took advantage of the flooding. But the Lake now is quite a different creature.

How to put a contour map of the Salton Sea in Matlab?