I think Sania Mirza doesn't deserve the attention she is seeking now.?

Your ignorance speaks louder than your words. Saina Nehwal wears sports clothing similar to Sania so what is the problem with how Sania dresses on court. Nothing except to some fools and fanatics that just want to harass her. http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&rls=SUNA,SUNA:2006-49,SUNA:en&resnum=0&q=saina+nehwal&um=1&ie=UTF-8 In the 2006 World Junior badminton tournament when Saina lost to top seed Chinese Wang Yihan 13-21, 9-21 said, "She is a better player than I am. She recently beat seniors world number one Xie Xing Fang. But she is beatable. I can beat her." How dare Saina say such a thing. "I can beat her" this is disrespectful to the champion that just beat her. If she can beat her why didn't she instead of loosing 13-21, 9-21. and all she won in 2006 was a bronze medal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saina_Nehwal Sania won two Silver and a Gold. Allah be praised. Sania Mirza does not seek the attention but earns it for her successes in one of the most difficult sports known to man or woman kind. She is trailblazing a path for women of oppression everywhere to stand up and do something with their lives.. She is harassed by fools the world over and all she is trying to do is use the talents that Allah or God has bestowed upon her and represent her self, her family, her country, and her religion in the best way possible. I wish Haters would get off her back and go do something with their worthless lives. Earn some respect yourself before you tear someone else down for trying and succeeding. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sania_Mirza In 2006, some newspapers reported that Mirza declined from playing with an Israeli tennis player Shahar Pe'er for fear of violent protests from India's racist Muslim clerics and their opposition to the existence of Israel. However, these reports were dismissed by Mirza as "baseless" and in 2007, Pe'er and Mirza teamed up again at Wimbledon. The duo made the third round of Wimbledon before being knocked out by the top seeds. Yes good for her. Let there be peace and love not hatred in the world. Mirza said in January 2008 that she considered quitting the sport because of undue controversy surrounding her actions. Mirza was pictured resting her feet during a press conference at the 2008 Hopman Cup, with an Indian flag in close proximity. She faced possible prosecution under the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act after a private citizen complained. Mirza protested that, "I love my country, I wouldn't be playing Hopman Cup otherwise", and said that she meant no disrespect. On February 4, 2008, Mirza said that she would stop appearing in tennis tournaments held in India, starting with the 2008 Bangalore Open citing the series of controversies and upon advice by her manager. What a disgrace to India when one of the most successful female athletes ever has to stop playing tournaments in her own country for fear of uprisal from people whose twisted little minds make them hate. Anju Bobby George made history when she won the bronze medal in Long Jump at the 2003 World Championships in Athletics in Paris. With this achievement, she became the first Indian athlete ever to win a medal in a World Championships in Athletics clearing 6.70 m. She went on to win the silver medal at the IAAF World Athletics Final in 2005, a performance she considers her best. Even she did not win gold like Sania did. Humpy Koneru is a chess grandmaster from India. Her October 2007 FIDE Elo rating was 2606, placing her at number two in the world for women (behind Judit Polgar), breaking the record of 2577 set by Susan Polgar for the second-highest ranked female player in Chess history and becoming the second female player ever, after Judit Polgar, to cross the 2600 elo mark. Humpy was originally named Hampi by her parents but her father later changed it to Humpy, a more Russian-sounding name. She writes her family name (Koneru) before her given name. Finally someone successful as Sania Mirza but why change her name from Indian sounding to Russian sounding? What do they have to be embarrassed about. Could it be that India has a bad reputation in the world of Chess or in sports or is it just some bad people that are ruining it for India by harassing their world reknown athletes and champions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koneru_Humpy

Who are the most popular sports persons in your country,including cricketers?

You missed Sania Mirza,Sandeep Singh and Sardar Singh, Pankaj Advani, Dhanraj PIllai, Krishna Puniya,M.C. Mary Kom, Baichung Bhutiya ,Rajvardhan Rathore ,Tejaswini Sawant...etc.Vishwanathan Anand, Geet Sethi ,Deepa Malik, Deepika Kumari, Mitali Raj and so on @Teej:Yes,these are my favorite players

which is better among these?

i like rooney the most and i think u also like him if u like football.

about indian sports which need media support?

I agree with You, The Media always supports persons who fetch them much more Finical Gains Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are Indias medal prospects at beijing olympics?

they have as good as a shot as anyone to win a medal but this is the summer games not the winter games hockey will not be played otherwise they all should do fine most likely the Americans will still have to most metals/'/

Indians:congrats Saina-why? Read details?

Well!!!!!!!!! Saina Nehwal is one of the competent badminton player from India. She is one of those who have to be celebrated. But, people merely speak of other sports and rarely congratulate achievements. All they know is Cricket!!! Again, they knew Sania Mirza because she is a girl!! Indians should congratulate as well as encourage players like Saina Nehwal.. We should take interest in other sports also!! P.S: Do any one of you know about Ilavazhagi, The world carrom champion? She is a girl from India!!! Again, she had won the title,being from a poor family, with no sponsors!!

Who is hotter, Saina or Raina?

for me saina

where can I find cute pics like this of saina nehwal?

myspace google yahoo ask.com other image searches and communities

Saina nehwal's badminton racquet?

She use Yonex racket.

2. Can I have the details of Saina Nehwal Final Match in CWG 2010?

Saina Nehwal Personal information Date of birth March 17, 1990 (age 20) Place of birth Hisar, Haryana, India[1] Height 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in) Weight 60 kg (130 lb) Country India Handedness Right Coach Pullela Gopichand, Atik Jauhari Women's singles Highest Ranking 2[2] (15 July 2010) Current Ranking 2[3] (25 November 2010) BWF Profile Saina Nehwal (Hindi: साइना नेहवाल, Telugu: సైనా నెహ్వాల్ ) (born March 17, 1990) is an Indian Khel Ratna winning badminton player currently ranked number 2 in the world by Badminton World Federation ,[4]. Saina is the first Indian woman to reach the singles quarterfinals at the Olympics and the first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championships . Saina Nehwal made history on June 21, 2009, becoming the first Indian to win a Super Series tournament, by clinching the Indonesia Open with a stunning victory over higher-ranked Chinese Wang Lin in Jakarta. (The Super Series tournament is roughly equivalent to a Grand Slam in tennis). Saina won her second career Super Series title by winning the Singapore Open title on June 20, 2010. She completed a hat-trick in the same year by winning the Indonesian Open on June 27, 2010. This win resulted in her rise to 3rd ranking and subsequently to No. 2. This remains her highest career ranking.[5]. Previously coached by S. M. Arif, a Dronacharya Award winner, Saina is the reigning Indian national junior champion and is currently coached by Indonesian badminton legend Atik Jauhari since August 2008,[6] with the former All England champion and national coach Pullela Gopichand being her mentor. Saina was born in Hisar, Haryana and has spent her entire life in Hyderabad, India. Her foray into the world of badminton was influenced by her father Dr. Harvir Singh, a scientist at the Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad and her mother Usha Nehwal

saina nehwal is cute....better lookin than sania mirza?

are these 2 ladies sisters? then there could be a sibling rivalry coming up... or they're probably 1st cousins? But who cares, in their part of the world, they can marry the same man as their husband anyway...

abinav bindra has won gold medal. will saina nehwal win gold

I wish she win and add honor to india.

whos is greater SANIA MIRZA OR SAINA NEHWAL? and the reson for that?

saina nehwal , she has come a long way

Why Saina Nehwal could not get pass the QF of recently held Badminton World Cup at Hyderabad?

This is an answer from Indonesia. A good player sometimes can not play peak performance throughout the year. I saw Saina Nehwal played in Indonesia Super Series and she was at her best stamina, winning it. She may not have peaked yet so we have to see a few more years for that. When the performance is slightly down, a true heart of champion would be able to overcome a loss to an underdog and bounce back in other tournament. But if she can't overcome that, it will take a longer time to win again. I am not sure about Sania Mirza. Maybe fame really has caused her to peak already.

how many medals saina nehwal won in cwg?

In English please.

Why is Sania Mizra more popular than Saina Nehwal ?

If only Saina Nehwal was also a tennis player, no one would talk about this mediocre tennis player, who has more make-up on her face, than talent in her whole body & reverse could be said of Nehwal, this girl is an honest trier and she would eventually replace this zero tennis sensation, whose grand slam victory is-- getting married to another mediocre cricket player, from across the border, good luck to both of them & good riddance !!

Is saina nehwal best indian female athelete ever?

yes but there are better ones for athelete other than Saina nehwal too =)) ....

Will Saina Nehwal's title win inspire indians to achieve further success on the global sports scene?

Cerainly. Why not ?

who is taller and better! saina nehwal or sachin lundulkar?

Dont u feel saina nehwal is not recognised in India for her achievements?

Congratulations to Saina :) she's made us all proud for sure, and yet some of us don't even know about her feat. such is the situation of ''other-sports'' in India. We exult over cricket,( no harm in that, ofcourse cricket is religion and may it remain so) but lets not forget that there are other players around trying to play some ''other sports'' and they deserve some accolade. Sania was popular for her nose ring and ad campaigns, what are her credentials? you have very rightly called her a ''fringe player''. the attention is not equally distributed between cricket and other sports. i know people who have brought glory to the country in weightlifting and athletics, but you should see their living conditions .. they donot even have a decent job to bank on. the ex-sports minister failed to recognise Baddy player, Gopichand .. outrageous? well that's the scenario really !! we're so busy fighting with Mahi as to what he has leaked and not leaked, what is wrong with sehwag & who yuvi is dating..that we seem to have no respect for any other sport.

Is Saina Nehwal the greatest female sportsperson this country has produced?

This doesn't really relate to cricket, so post it in another section.

Will Saina Nehwal's win at the Indonesian Open be ignored tomorrow with the T20 coverage in papers?

To be a champ after beating the Chinese Olympic champ is a great win. I think she is already getting the Media attention she deserves. Saina Nehwal will be there on the front page tomorrow.