I'm SAG eligible, but not AFTRA. I've been planning to get my SAG card anyway. Do I get SAG, AFTRA or wait?

Get AFTRA now, it's cheaper and you will be grandfathered in. AFTRA is about $1,600 to join, if you wait it'll cost $3,000 to join the merged union. See the link for the merger docs. The bottom of page 11 covers the grandfathering into the merged union if you are AFTRA. Page 16 at the top shows the cost of the fee if you join later after it's merged. Save tons of money by going AFTRA.

Can I join AFTRA to grandfather me into SAG?

Should I join SAG/AFTRA?

Don;t join until you absolutely must. Joining SAG means you can ~only~ work union productions, and puts you in competition with MUCH more experienced actors.

If I join AFTRA before the merger, will I become SAG?

SAG-AFTRA merger question?