what is the mass or the volume of safflower oil?

The weight per volume is dependent on the density. Safflower oil has a specific gravity (density compared to water) ranging from 0.919-0.924 gm/cm^3. The density of standard water is 62.43 lb/ft^3 and there are 1728 in^3 in a ft^3. The definition of a fluid ounce is that there are 128 fluid ounces in a gallon. A gallon is 231 cubic inches. String all this together and you can find the range of fluid ounces expected in a pound of oil. First figure out the fluid ounces in a pound of water: (1 pound)*(1 ft^3 / 62.43 lb)(1728 in^3 / ft^3)*(1 gallon / 231 in^3)*(128 fl.oz / 1 gallon) = 15.34 fl. oz. per pound of water. Since oil is lighter (0.919-0.924) it will occupy more volume, ranging from: 15.34/0.924 = 16.60 fl. oz per pound of oil to 15.34/0.919 = 16.19 fl. oz per pound of oil

Where can I find safflower oil?

In any grocery store.

Is expeller pressed high oleic safflower or sunflower oil healthy?

it's healthier than normal oil. Oleic oil has a higher content of monounsaturated fat vs, polyunsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated fat is more likely to raise your cholesterol and contribute to heart disease. Your body needs a certain amount of fat but an excess, even of monounsaturated fat would still cause a problem -- and your burrito would taste like crap. So they are using a better version. Packaged organic food like that often contains a very high amount of sodium, which may be a bigger problem here than the fat content.

Do wild mice like safflower seed?

NO!!! mice will eat what ever they can get, if you know where they are then put some ceder pet bedding down it drives them crazy and drives them off.

is safflower oil good for the heart?


has anyone heard that a teaspoon a dayof safflower oil will help you lose belly fat?

No but i have heard an oz. of wine a day does. the key is to eat less and move much more. there is no Magic pill. just work and discipline. every day , every day , every day....

I read an article yesterday about Safflower oil being the best body oil?

I have also read an aritcle about Safflower oil so I tried it and I would agree it is awesome. It has a bit of a nutty odor but it goes away quickly. I use it on my legs after I shower and my fiance always comments at how soft my legs are. The only draw back is that it takes a while for it to soak into your skin so don't put it on and then put pants on over the top.

what kind of oil to use on my legs after shaving 'em? Olive, safflower, or cannola oil?

I use baby oil right after I turn off the water. I then towel dry my hair, then I dry myself off. Baby soft, baby smooth...cheap too! Try it!!

Anyone used Safflower oil to lose weight?

Can you use safflower oil on your face ?

Yes but it will most definite clog your pores. If you have extremely dry skin then you might want to use safflower oil. Normal skin does not need that much oil and will usually cause problems with whiteheads and blackheads.

Can safflower oil help you lose wegiht?

yes because it has amino acids.

is high oleic acid from sunflower or safflower vegan?

high oleic acid is from sun flower oil 21%and safflower contain 13% olive oil is rich source of oleic acidof 75%.

Can you use safflower oil instead of vegetable oil in brownie mix?

Both will flavor you brownies a little, perhaps olive oil will more depending upon what grade of olive oil you have. But I do use EVOO when I make brownies. Usually that is the only oil in my cupboard, so I use it. At first I noticed a flavor difference but after a couple batches, I started to expect that taste and now I prefer to use olive oil.

What is the difference between saffron and safflower?

Safflower is basically used to make oil. Saffron is the stamen of a flower. Very expensive...gives a heavy aromatic scent and amber color to your food. You have to smell it to understand.

Have you ever tried Safflower Oil with weight loss?

Can olive oil substitute safflower oil?

I would say yes. Unless it's for baked goods.

What are some kitchen products that have high concentrates of safflower oil?

This is a drying oil expeller pressed from the safflower seed and is somewhat similar to linseed oil. This natural oil can be found in alkyd resins, paints, varnishes, medicine, dietetic foods, margarine, or hydrogenated shortening. Around the world, safflower is mainly grown for cooking purposes. It has the highest polyunsaturated/saturated ratios of any oil, and nutritionally similar to olive oil with high levels of linoleic or oleic acid. Safflower oil is considered a great skin hydrator and is often used in massage products because it oxidizes easily. It is stable and its consistency does not change in low temperatures. Common Uses of Safflower Oil Massage oils Soaps Lotions and creams Hair Care Benefits of Safflower Oil Helps treat inflamed joints Relieves eczema and rough skin Absorbs quickly

Does safflower oil actually help you lose belly fat?

This is the same as CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). It can help you increase lean muscle mass and burn fat if you are exercising and eating right. I believe they have said CLA is more effective though, it comes in capsules and you need a certain amount of it per day to really benefit. It is very healthy for you, although I would caution you if you have something like asthma because it is an omega 6 fatty acid that can increase inflamation. Look up CLA see what you think.

Which is healthier for a bird, spray millet or safflower seeds?

im pretty sure sunflower seeds......ive heard a few people say spray millet say is good but a bunch have said its bad for them

Right to try deep frying in corn or safflower oil?

You can definitely use other oils. And which ever oil you decide to use, you will end up with a great turkey purely by process. Peanut oil is pushed because the Southern concept, turned trend, of frying turkeys has gone national if not global and peanuts are a Southern product, so they are just killing two birds (No pun intended) with one stone! I'll admit that I'm confused as to why the oil is so expensive when their peanut crop is so huge and only the low grade or culled peanuts, not suitable for the edible market, are used in the production of it!! From my deep frying experience, I prefer Canola. It has the lowest Smoke Point (the point where the temperature breaks the oil down) of the three at 400, then Corn oil at 450 and Peanut oil at 440, but I'm not deep frying above 375 anyway and any residual rise in the oil's temperature is covered at that point. An added bonus is that Canola doesn't readily absorb or give off any residual food odor, so I find it more reusable. I say, go with the most economical oil and... Happy Thanksgiving!!

How do I extract red dye (carthamin) from safflower?

Safflower (carthamus tinctorius) is a common food and dye plant in many parts of the world. It bears yellow flowers which contain both yellow and red pigments within the blossoms. It has been used for centuries as a *true* saffron substitute and adulterant. Another name one sees it referred to is poor man's saffron. It is a useful plant with seeds which are used to produce safflower oil and meal for feeding livestock. However, as the botanic name tinctorius indicates, it best known as a dye plant. To extract the yellow for coloring food saffron yellow the plant just needs to be steeped in a mildly acidic solution like a soup broth. To dye cloth or fiber yellow, the petals need to soaked in a mild vinegar solution. Bobbi McRae in COLORS FROM NATURE recommends a cup of vinegar to a gallon of water. Like madder, heat is the enemy of good color extraction in safflower, so just soak the petals over night in the vinegar water or make a sun tea of everything and let it sit for a few days in the sun.Strain out the petals working them a bit to extract the last of the yellow. To obtain the red within the petals wash the last of the yellow out (after the vinegar extraction) with water agitating them a bit. Strain. Then place the washed petals in fresh water and add some ammonina, or washing soda to create a basic solution as opposed to an acidic one. Again like madder, a basic solution helps extract the red tones in the plant matter. Soak overnight or as a sun tea. If in a rush, you can heat the solution to 150 degrees F, but proceed very cautiously. Safflower seems to like heat even less than madder if you want to extract a nice red tone.

I am drinking rice milk and the ingredients listed safflower oil and canola oil. Will this cause acne?

Is it ok to consume safflower oil straight from the bottle?

No pill, potion or supplement will help with weight loss. Please don't fall for all the spam adverts you see. All you need is a good healthy diet - lots of fruit and veg, and exercise. It takes time and motivation:)

How is Solaray's Safflower for weight loss?

They are as useless as all the other diet stuff sold online. The bloggers are a mirage, photographs are manipulated. The weight goes out of you pocket not your body. They all say change diet, take exercise. this advice costs nothing to follow.

I heard from a groomer that safflower oil helps with shedding?

Oils improve the skin and coat, I don't know that it will significantly reduce shedding. A good quality diet is always the best foundation, along with regular brushing and grooming. If you want to try it, I'd do about a teaspoon of oil per day. As for the eggs, they're far better for them raw than cooked- once cooked, you've already ruined most of the good stuff in them. Eggs should only be fed every other day.

Is is ok to use canola or olive oil in place of safflower oil for things like blueberry muffins?

Canola is one of the better oils. I substitute it for most other oils if I'm baking! Also, applesauce and sugar so you don't use so much white sugar in foods is good. Make sure you use monoUNsaturated fats. They are the good fats. Your body needs these fats to be healthy!

Is safflower oil not used for cooking toxic?

Here is a link of the study smart people did. I hope it helps;] http://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/?objectid=0709D0C9-A575-BA2F-3069EBD44EA674E2

How we can produce the hybrid seed of safflower crop.?

You are going to need to do a lot of literature research about producing hybrid safflower seed. They have known the value of hybrid vigor in safflower production for years. There have been many unsuccessful attempts at production of commercial hybrid seed over the years. There a couple of companies producing hybrids now but as far as I am aware they have pattened their process, so you may have trouble getting the information you are looking for.

Where can I find safflower seeds? And are they ok for a budgie's diet for a week?

Other responders seem to have missed the part of your post that says the seed will be in addition to fruits, veggies and spray millet! Absolutely- millet and safflour will be fine along with his other fruits and veggies, but start getting him used to them BEFORE Passover by mixing small amounts into his food with a bit more each day. Budgies don't adapt well to sudden changes in their diets unless they've always been used to eating a variety of foods. Why not get a millet mix rather than plain safflour? Good luck!

Can i use safflower oil in place of vegetable oil?

yes, safflower oil is completely interchangeable with vegetable oil i would avoid olive oil, as it can add some undesired taste to a cake

Difference between safflower oil and other oils?

canola or plain vegetable is fine. any neutral oil is good. don't use corn, olive or peanut, the flavor is too strong.

What kind of oil can I use instead of safflower oil?

Any of these 4 will work fine. Canola (all-purpose, neutral flavor) Corn (all-purpose, neutral flavor) Soy (all-purpose, mild and versatile) Grapeseed (all-purpose, good for high temperature frying, neutral flavor)

What are the benefits of using safflower oil?

safflower oil has been known to "eat away" at your fat cells. Many diet finatics take it in pill form. Just do the research for your body type.

Has anyone tried taking Safflower oil to loose belly weight and inches and did it work?

Question about feeding my cockatiels safflower seeds?

A pellet diet is more complete than a seed diet. You're doing the right thing by feeding them Zupreem pellets, I do the same thing. Your friend is wrong, they don't need it. I'm not sure what Safflower seeds have in them that birds need but I'm sure they can receive it in some fruits or veggies instead of the seed. Don't mix seed in with your pellets. If you do they will only eat the seed and won't eat the pellets anymore, even when they run out of the seed. They'll spend hours looking for one last seed in the mix rather than touching the pellets. If you want your birds to get good nutrition every day, feed them fruits or veggies or other human foods that they can eat that has stuff in them that the pellets don't. If you don't do that and just give in to give them seeds, you'll end up with a bird who refuses to eat his pellets. Here's some good information links if you want more info: http://www.cockatielcottage.net/diet.html http://www.cockatielcottage.net/diet2.html http://www.cockatielcottage.net/tablefoods.html

Is safflower oil similiar to sunflower oil or sesame oil? Or are their health benefits slightly different?

seasame oil is not high oleci and i would say the benefits of seasme oil out weight the benefits o fsunflower oil.

Can I substitute safflower oil for sunflower oil?

You can use whatever oil you want, so long as the fat content is more or less the same. All oils will have a slightly different taste though.

Is it okay to let cats ingest safflower oil ?

Yeah, safflower oil is fine. It's used in some commercial cat foods. I would be more concerned about any fragrances that are in the lotion, so don't let them drink a bottle or anything like that..

Can I substitute canola oil for safflower oil?

Sure, they're all similar; but don't use olive oil, it'll taste funny.

Does safflower oil actually work on damaged hair?

yes, but what is really cool is AUSSIE 3 minuite miricle conditioner! really works. other ingrediants like glycerin and panthenol really work aswell. ive bleached my hair over 13 times in one month. also straighten it daily. and its healthier than ever! :)

Does safflower oil help with losing weight?

No food or diet pill or diet supplement "attacks body fat" as the Safslim website claims. If your peruse the website you will see this product makes the same claim all weight loss supplements do. "This product will work only if combined with a healthy diet and exercise". So why waste your money on the unapproved supplement? Just follow a healthy diet and exercise. Just another "miracle weight loss cure" that isn't a miracle and doesn't cause weight loss.

Which oil is better to use in terms of health, safflower or soybean?

I think soybean is healther.

When using a cake mix can you use peanut or safflower oil instead of vegetable oil?

Peanut has somewhat of a peanut taste, so I wouldn't use it. and safflower has a bit of a taste to it, also. I think your best bet might be canola oil. It has a neutral flavor. you could also use grapeseed oil if you happen to have some of it on hand. Really, any oil will do, but you want it to have a neutral flavor, and a decent smoke point.

Can a dog susceptible to pancreatitis have flaxseed oil or safflower oil?

I absolutely would NOT use flaxseed oil at all. I wouldn't use it on a healthy dog. Flaxseed oil became the new "best thing" several years ago but there has since been study on it that doesn't look good. Will see if I can find a small excerpt on what I have for you that would indicate what I am talking about. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flax oil contains approximately 60% omega 3 fatty acids. Sardine oil for example contains about half as much, but traditionally the whole fish is eaten, not just the oil. The very fact that no natural food source contains the levels of omega 3 found in flax oil is good reason to question the validity of its use. While omega 3 fatty acids are essential they are also highly perishable and unstable, especially flax oil. Flax oil readily oxidizes, even at refrigerated temperatures. Do we simply dismiss the idea that a similar oxidation phenomenon doesn't occur in the dogs body as its tissues progressively become loaded with this same oil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It goes on but does make a lot of sense. If you want the whole piece I can email it to you.

Can I replace safflower oil with canola for a recipe for chocolate cake?

Yes, and you will notice no difference in the finished product.

Can I use Safflower oil for deep frying?

It depends what kind of Safflower oil it is. Unrefined Safflower oil has a smoke point of 225°F (107°C) and refined Safflower oil has a smoke point 450°F (232°C). You do not want to go above these. You'll all want to fry at around 350-375°F for a good French fry.

If you are allergic to sunflowers and you allergic to safflower?

You can use soy flour

How do you get the smell of safflower oil out of clothing without ruining the garment?

You might have already "set" the smell in by putting them in the dryer. You could try to soak them in oxi-clean.

Is mixing warm safflower and sunflower oil and using it as a deep conditioner a good idea?

I don't use oil on my hair. Haven't used conditioner for over 15 years, since I've stopped abusing my hair with perming & dyeing. Causes for dry hair: The sun is very damaging & drying, even get sunburn, so does the hair. Washing in hot water, if it's bad for baby skin, so does the hair. Too many shampoos per week, 2x is enough. Alcohol products, hair sprays or gel containing alcohol, very drying. Chemicals, perming, hair dyeing, chlorine. Hair straightening tools or curling tools, even with hair protectant sprays or lotions, does not protect hair 100%. Hair dryer, I use it but only for 5 mins per wash, per week, longer than, too drying. Sun-exposure can also cause dryness of the skin, while chlorine and other chemicals in the water deplete moisture. Chlorine is also known to cause rashes, while one can pick up other skin conditions like a fungus infection from swimming pools. Chlorine strips the hair of oils and makes it dry, tangled, matted and rough. Chlorine also affects the cuticles and makes the hair dull. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair and contributes to its shine. Repeated exposure to chlorine can make the hair brittle, leading to problems like split-ends and hair breakage. Washing less, your hair produces its natural oil to keep the hair silkier, smoother, softer & shinier, and man-made products is NOT a good substitute, if your hair absorbs them like sponge. My method is a lifetime, while man-made products is temporary until you wash your hair again.

What is safflower oil and is it good for you?

It's extracted from the seeds mechanical pressing is best and yes it's good oil.