I got a job at Safeway...?

I think it depends on what position you were hired for. Usually what happens is they give you the employee packet, for example employee handbook, direct deposit form, etc then they tell you when your training is. For Safeway they usually want you to come in uniform to training . Very important do not be late to training because you will get fired before you even get your schedule.

Caught stealing from Safeway.?

As long as you don't use Safeway as a reference. If there was no police or papers then it's mostly likely not on your background. Lucky you, next time dont get caught!

is the safeway card a credit card?

No. It just allows you to take advantage of special offers/sale prices of goods that are only allowed for people who have a Safeway card. It also allows the store to keep a record of what you buy. There is some criticism regarding this storage of customer's buying habits. However, I do all of my shopping at Safeway. I'm disabled and actually use their home delivery service @ safeway.com. They can keep track of what I buy as long as they want. The delivery guys are totally cool and friendly, and I haven't had such a well stocked pantry ever. ------------- The second part of my answer sounds like an advertisement - sorry. I have no affiliation with Safeway at all - just a customer. I did have an affiliation with QFC as I was an employee there. That company was terrible - high prices and bad management. But they also had their 'savings' card to track buyers' purchasing habits. Years after I quit working for QFC, I found myself looking around in one of their stores. One thing I needed was a simple can opener. They had two different ones on the shelf. Item one: $14.99 LOL Item two: $19.99 ROFL (So yeah, I'm biased and just trying to get the word out). Sorry.

Safeway or Aldi's for groceries? 10pts?

Safeway by all means.Fresher fruits than aldi's.While aldi's is a lot cheaper,you get what you pay for.Where I live I see more canned and boxed things at aldi's than anything else and its not easy to find things there since it is not well organized. Safeway is way better.Don't know where you live,but if you have a trader Joes,this is reasonably priced and has great foods as well as produce.Check it out and good luck shopping:)

interview in safeway?

Well, I have never worked for Safeway. But I did work for Kroger for two years, and I am pretty sure that the two are similar in their hiring processes. Usually retail chains are used to hiring people all the time, and always have a job open. So yeah they are probably good about hiring people on the spot. And the interview isnt even an interview. It is just a few questions about what you cant and can do. How flexible you are. Thats about it. Just smile and have a good attitude. You should have the job.

What are safeway's workmans comp benefits?

Safeway would have to comply with your State's workers compensation law. There will be no lump sum payment unless at some point down the road they determine you are permanently disabled. If that would happen Safeway or its workers compensation insurer could possibly decide to "buy out" your claim with a lump sum payment. That payment would end their obligation to pay future benefits.

Safeway Grocery store Work Discrimination?

It is very odd that the manager made an exception in hiring you, knowing that she was going against the company's policy, however, she did inform you that you would have to shave. If your supervisor has been around in the two weeks since you've been employed, it is equally odd that he waited for two weeks to tell you about the company's policy regarding facial hair for male employees, instead of telling you on your first day of employment. However, if your supervisor has been absent for the two weeks since you started employment, then any other supervisor should have reminded you about the company policy about facial hair. There is no discrimination on the part of your employer. You were fully aware that as a condition of employment the only facial hair male employees are allowed to have is a mustache. I would suggest that you contact Safeway's human resources department to determine if an exception can be made to permit you to have facial hair.

Fred Meyers or Safeway?

Usually Fred Meyers. It depends on the stores... and to get the "good deals" at Safeway, you need to have a rewards card with you. Fred Meyers just marks the prices down without requiring a card. If you do have a Fred Meyers card, they will also send you bonus coupons in the mail. The other reason I like Fred Meyers is because you can get way more than just groceries in one trip. I like mine because it has a bank, a coffee vendor and a "Playland" where you can drop your kids off while you get your errands done. Update: I was curious and so went to our local stores... Extra Lean Ground Beef........ FM: $3.59/lb... SW: $3.39/lb Boneless Chicken Breasts.... FM: $1.88/lb... SW: $2.99/lb Boneless Pork Loin Chops.... FM: $3.49/lb... SW: $2.99/lb Cooked Dungeness Crab....... FM: $4.99/lb... SW: $5.35/lb I still prefer Fred Meyer for the quality and convenience...

Safeway Gift Cards?

Safeway gift cards can only be used at Safeway stores or their affiliates. It is not general money that can be used anywhere, therefore it's not possible to add it to your paypal account. The only thing you might do is to go into a Safeway store (or other store in your area that might be listed on the card) and ask to cash it out or exchange it for a card with a Visa/MC logo, and then put the Visa/MC to paypal.

Courtesy Clerk at Safeway?

They will look over your application and confirm what you've already written. They will ask why you want to work at Safeway (don't say for the money!) They may ask if you have reliable transportation (make sure you guarantee you can be there on time) Other questions are very general, and pretty easy. Most hiring managers I know are extremely friendly, and easy to talk to. Just be relaxed and as friendly as you can and you'll do fine. If you don't get it, don't worry. I interviewed 9 people the other day, I really liked 7 of them, but could only hire 3.

First day at safeway and scheduling ?

Call them immediately, or at the start of the business day. Just in case get all ready to slip on your clothes to leave. What to say? Tell them you are happy to be hired by Safeway. You are interested in knowing when they would like you to start and what time? Ask if they want you to stop by earlier to fill out any more forms (health, W-4, etc). DO NOT get into the finger pointing game. Keep it direct and simple. If they ask, "No one told you to be in two days ago?" Tell them simply no. If they ask who you talked to run off the entire list of names. If they e-mailed you then reply using the e-mail that had the brief congrats you are hired note. Next time. After they e-mail or call and say, "Hey you've got the job!" Immediately reply with what time and day. You should already know who is your boss, so ask if they want to see you first? Some jobs want you to see HR to fill out even more forms. P.S. Check the e-mail for an attachment now-a-days jobs send those forms to the applicant or new employee to be filled out and brought in on your first day of work. And by the way. Reread that e-mail and the ones following it. Check out your spam folder possibly someone did send you a note.

Safeway or Trader Joe's?

we dont have a treder joe's in maui!! i've never seen one before. so i will have to go for safeway becasue we do have that in maui, i love going to safeway they have lots of good things, we also have fooland its alot smaller. but maui is a small place so thats ok.

What's safe about Safeway (Grocery Store)?

Sam Seelig Company was founded in April 1912 by Sam Seelig who opened a single grocery store in Los Angeles at the corner of Pico and Figueroa streets[4]. The chain had grown to 71 stores by 1922.[5] Sam Seelig left the company in 1924 to enter the real estate business, forming Sam Seelig Realty. As a result of Seelig's departure, the company held a contest in 1925 to develop a new name, the result of which was Safeway.[6] The original slogan was "an admonition and an invitation" to "Drive the Safeway; Buy the Safeway." [7] By 1926 Safeway Stores had 322 stores centered in Southern California,

does safeway ID for robitussin?

Depends on the state and the individual Safeway's compliance with the law. Probably a better idea to bring your ID along with you, regardless. And if you're a minor, to bring a parent or older friend along to make the purchase...assuming you need it because you're sick, and not trying to get high :P

Question from a Safeway employee...?

Sounds to me like you are going to be fired - they repeatedly warned you to do something that was quite easy and reasonable to do and you didn't do it. You should talk to them and tell them you understand their seriousness and will follow the rules from now on. First of all, invest in an electric razor so you can shave in the car while your fiance drives if necessary. Otherwise, just plan 5 minutes in your day for grooming. It's not a lot for them to expect you to show up well groomed. If you have a union, talk with your shop steward. Tell your fiance she is going to have to go to work early if driving her there makes you late, or she needs to find alternate transportation. It should not be safeway's problem that she needs a ride from you - it is up to you to work those things out.

safeway store federal tax id number?

Safeway will have dozens of federal tax id numbers, all assigned to different divisions. By the way, did you know it is illegal to file your federal income tax return before February 15 without your W2 in hand?

Got hired at safeway have training monday?

If this is your first day of training, you will be doing retail orientation. This is a 4-4.5 hour course that is done entirely on the computer. It consists primarily of videos and JavaScript quizzes after each section. You will learn such things as; when was Safeway founded, and what is offensive to say to your sexy coworker. Have fun, and remember, working at Safeway is awful.

Who founded Safeway Inc.?

Yes Merril did found the Modern version of Safeway. However Safeway was the merging of Skaggs founded by Samuel M Skaggs with Sam Seelig Company. And so safeway considers itself founded by Smauel Skaggs

Do You Shop Safeway or Winco?

I shop at Safeway but winco is like Costco and really huge I would say Safeway if you join there safeway club u swipe the club card and you save lots of money

does safeway sell garters?

safeway i don't know about but yes other stores do any ladies hosiery store will any ladies upscale clothing store will jcpennies does sears doesn't bridal shops, formal shops, spencers, elder berman, hudsons, there are lotsa stores that sell them but i can't figure out why - nobody uses them any more except for fun

Does safeway carry this product?

They may. Unfortunately, Safeway is not listed on their website as being one of the stores that carries the product. This is the website for the product http://www.stives.com/Facial-Products/Fresh-Skin/Invigorating-Apricot-Scrub/ and these are the stores that definitely carry it. http://www.stives.com/where-to-buy/ Best thing to do is get your local Safeway phone number and call to make sure. It retails for between 3-5.00.

Cost of Cupcakes at Safeway?

http://www.wednet.com/wedding-cakes/safeway/ you can scroll down to the purple frosting - white cake (but i'm sure you could ask for chocolate) now, there is a small cake on top for cutting purposes (which is nice, because you can still have the traditional cake cutting) and then you can ask for 24 cupcakes for your guests the price of this is approx. $48.00 but you can type in the number yourself when you scroll down. Now, safeway cakes are only available in certain states, so make sure yours is listed there, but since you're asking about the cakes, i'm assuming you live in an area with a safeway bakery! good luck with your wedding! hope i helped!

SAFEWAY OR in N out job ?

I work for Safeway and yes, what you have said is true. But I want to add that there are 3 tiers to the benefits and as a new employee, you will enter into the first tier, the lowest amount of benefits/coverage (no eye or dental) after a year of employment (this time frame would depend on your union contract so it may be different than mine). No benes to spouse or dependents until 18 months. You will have Union dues and an initiation fee of about $200 (might be more now)which they can deduct a little at a time each week. So considering the dues you must pay every week, you do not end up with that $8.50 an hr. And I had an issue that had to go through the Union which seemed to pretty basic and simple, yet took them nearly 4 yrs to take care of it. You have to bug and push them in order to get anything done. Ive been there for nearly 10 yrs so I came in under a different contract. So in all honesty, at your age (and neither job is going to be a career, right?) I would go for the In n Out. Safeway wants you to do major a$$ kissing to the customers. The stores even get mystery shopped once or twice a month (More or less) in order to make sure you are fulfilling all those customer service attributes they require. And trust me...there are quite a few attributes. Miss one, and you miss the shop and not only do your personal scores go down (yes, they keep scores on you!), the whole store score goes down. Good luck to you.

Applying for Safeway online?

Safeway generally doesn't like to hire people short term, since they do a pretty thorough job training you. The applications in store get checked FAR more than the online ones do. Right now in Canada, there is a new system called VE high volume which Safeway will start using in the next year, but for now, it's just the ads you will see on monster.ca Monster.ca Jobpod.ca

Jamba Juice or Safeway?

Jamba Juice is definitly a great high school job, you'll be working with a lot more people the same age and it will be more fun. I had friends that worked at safeway and said that it was alright but the managment sucked. at jamba even the managers are young.

Is Tammimi SafeWay SO necessary To Westernss ?

I cant live without Safeway.. I grew up on Safeway products in USA.. I was so happy to find one here when I got here.. We dont have Danube here in the eastern province, I wish they'd turn the former Geante' that has flopped in the Dhahran mall into a Danube.. (yes,, I even wrote to their headquarters office and requested it, lol ) but there are american products I know and use well in my cooking.. All my quirky mexican foods, french concoctions etc.. I know I probably could make these things by hand, but it takes so long, so I like to find the prepacked things in Safeway.

Do you like Safeways chinese food?

i've never had safeway chinese food. but i'd probably like it. i've had some delicious chinese food from gas stations lol.. safeway is a step above a gas station. i went to a safeway and they had a chinese food buffet going on, it smelt amazing lol =)

does Safeway Market know if employees shop at a Safeway market?

Safeway does know if employees shop at Safeway market if the employee either uses the Safeway discount card, a debit card or a credit card for the purchases. Were the employee to use cash for the purchases Safeway won't know if the person is an employee or not. As for Safeway frowning on employees who shop at less expensive stores there is no way Safeway will know if one shops at another less expensive store unless Safeway follows the person as the person shops. Were you to be employed at Safeway you would only be in trouble with management were you to violate any of the rules Safeway imposes on employees, and none of the rules state Safeway employees have to shop at Safeway stores and not shop at other stores. Were management to learn of an employee shopping at another less expensive store there are some managers who will take it out on the employee because they are of the personality to do so and they don't deserve to be in management and were this to be learned by higher management the management employee will be fired.

What is Safeway?

"Safeway" used to be a grocery store chain. A "Safeway house" is a place for teens to go and find shelter if they feel they are being abused I believe.

Courtesey Clerk at Safeway?Salary?

Feb 6, 2013 – Salaries for safe way.. Courtesy Clerk - Hourly, Safeway Salaries $8.48/hr. $6, $13 Cashier - Hourly Safeway Salaries$11.19/hr. Food Clerk - Hourly, Safeway Salaries $12.62/hr. Deli Clerk - Hourly Safeway Salaries $10.03/hr. Journeyman Food Clerk - Hourly Safeway Salaries $17.69/hr. All Purpose Clerk - Hourly, Safeway Salaries $10.32/hr. Checker - Hourly Safeway Salaries $11.41/hr. Customer Service Clerk - Hourly,Safeway Salaries $9.33/hr. ,$7,$16, Stock Clerk - Hourly Safeway Salaries, $12.28 I hope that gave you the answer you are looking for good luck best wishes

safeway's jalapeno cheese bread?

I have only had the safeway cheese bread once, it is not crusty like I like my breads; like those I make at home. Sometimes I drain the peppers and do not use the juice, instead I put 1/4 cup of sour cream in this bread. If you use a recipe that includes water, you can take 1/3-1/4 of the water out of the recipe and sour cream; this gives you a taste more like Safeway's bread I believe. Be well, Annie Ingredients 3 cups all-purpose flour (or bread flour) 1/4 teaspoon instant yeast (not regular yeast) 1 1/4 teaspoons salt 1 cup cornmeal 1 (15 ounce) jar sliced jalapeno peppers 1 (15 ounce) package shredded sharp cheddar cheese Directions 1. Important: you will need a heavy pot with a lid. A Dutch oven is ideal; I just use a heavy stew pot with thick sides. I start the dough at 9pm if I want it for dinner the next day. 2. In a large bowl combine flour, yeast and salt. Add 1 5/8 cups water, and stir until blended; dough will be shaggy and sticky. Cover bowl with plastic wrap. Let dough rest at least 12 hours, preferably about 18, at warm room temperature, about 70 degrees. 3. Dough is ready when its surface is dotted with bubbles. Lightly flour a work surface and flop dough onto it. Fold it over on itself once or twice. Put some flour on your hands if the dough sticks to them. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and let rest about 15 minutes. 4. Divide the bag of cheese into 1/4s, and divide the jar of peppers into 4 portions, too, taking care to remove any stems or woody bits. 5. Remove plastic and press the dough flat. Sprinkle it with a portion of peppers and cheese. Fold in half, press flat, sprinkle again. I usually only use 3 of the 4 portions of cheese/peppers. Mash it into a ball, pressing firmly to seal the seam. 6. Generously coat a cotton towel (not terry cloth) with cornmeal; put dough seam side down on towel and dust with more cornmeal. Cover with another cotton towel and let rise for about 2 hours. When it is ready, dough will be more than double in size and will not readily spring back when poked with a finger. 7. At least a half-hour before dough is ready, heat oven to 450 degrees. Put a 6- to 8-quart heavy covered pot (cast iron, enamel, Pyrex or ceramic) in oven as it heats. When dough is ready, carefully remove pot from oven. Drop dough into pot, taking care not to burn your fingers. It may look like a mess, but that is O.K. Shake pan once or twice if dough is unevenly distributed; it will straighten out as it bakes. 8. Cover with lid and bake 30 minutes, then remove lid and bake another 15 or longer, until loaf is beautifully browned. This may take as long as 60 minutes total bake time, but mine is usually done by 45 minute total. 9. Cool on a rack. Listen to it crackle as it cools.

SAFEway club card help?

It's very worth it. It's not a credit card so you don't get airline miles. But you do get the sale prices. And sometimes they have a thing where for every $100 you spend you get ten cents off every gallon of gas at a Safeway. Now they have programs where you can load e-coupons right on your card which are automatically used at checkout, and a Just 4 You program where items can be dirt cheap with it. You just load the deals onto your card! For instance, I needed a can of coffee the other day, without the card it would have been $10.99 but with my card it was only $5.99.

benefits: Safeway Starbucks vs. Regular Starbucks....?

I don't believe Safeway Sbux empolyees do. Safeway, along with Barnes and Noble, etc are actually licensed stores. Like if you work for the actual company, you don't get your discount at those places, but you DO get your partner discount at any stand-alone stores wherever you go. Licensed Starbucks and Starbucks aren't the same thing. I used to work at that hell hole for 2 years. And lemme say, we made loads of fun of the licensed stores cos they couldn't do anything right. Apply to a real *$ if you REALLY want to work for them [which I don't get why you would want to.]

is there any safeways in Germany?

Afaik, Safeway only has stores in the US and Canada. You'll find plenty of other supermarket chains in Germany, though. What's so special about Safeway, btw? Edit: I googled it to be sure and yes, only US and Canada. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safeway_Inc.

Is safeway online drivers Ed good?

Hey I just got my permit! I took my course at driversedtogo.com. So easy, took me like 3 days and you get unlimited number of attempts at the final exam. Haha I passed the first time with a 39 out of 40 :) Just borrow old tests from your friends and look up practice questions online to study for the permit test. Don't worry, it's super easy and cheap. Go to driversedtogo.com and use this code to get 3 dollars off :) X46-K66-7M7 Make sure to read the first few chapters thoroughly and you'll be fine. Safeway might not be as good. Driversedtogo is easy :) Good luck!

Power pump Rewards from Safeway?

I shop at Safeway and also buy my gas there. They give you 10 cents off each gallon of gas for every $100 you spend. Once you've spent $100, you'll get your 10 cent fuel discount, which applies to ONE TIME getting gas, whether you fill up, or get 1 gallon. You can save your points and get more off per gallon, say, spend $300 and get 30 cents off. But the points expire at the end of each quarter, so whatever you've accumulated will expire Sept. 30. Then it will start over again and accumulate points according to how much you spend over the next 3 months. The thing I think isn't fair about it though, is that Safeway Card Members always get a 3 cent a gallon discount. But when you use your rewards points, you get 10 cents off, not 13 cents off. Also, money that you spend on gas doesn't count towards building rewards points. Hope this explained it for you! Amy

does safeway courier express exsist?

Safeway was a supermarket chain which no longer exists. Courier Express is a genuine courier company. If you need to ask this is a real company then you are probably being scammed. Are they asking for money before they send you lots of money ?

can a 15 year old work at safeway?

Safeway does offer positions to people as young as fourteen years old in some states. Each state has different minimum age requirements when it comes to how young you can start working and where they are allowed to work. Most states DO allow you to begin work at age fourteen, including at grocery stores like Safeway. However, some other states don't allow kids to begin working until the age of sixteen or seventeen; other states will allow fourteen year olds to work but will restrict where they can work - for example, some states allow you to start work at fourteen, but if you're under the age of 18 you won't be allowed to work in a store that carries alcohol products, such as a grocery store like Safeway, since most grocery stores carry beer (some have wine and other liquor as well). This is something you can find out through your state's local department of labor, your school (ask your guidance counselor) or even through Safeway's career page online. The reason your guidance counselor can be a good resource in this is because in most states, if you're under 16, you have to apply for a work permit before you can start working, and this is usually done through your school's guidance office. They should typically have the necessary forms and information for this. If it turns out you are too young to work in a supermarket in your state, there are plenty of other places you should be able to work (as long as your basic state's minimum age requirement is 14 or 15). Most fast food restaurants, other restaurants that don't serve alcohol, and retail stores (including many department stores) will often hire minors. Here's some information on each state's basic age requirements: http://www.dol.gov/whd/state/certification.htm Here's Safeway's career site, which will tell you what the minimum age requirements are for a job once you begin a search - in order to do so, you need to hit "apply now" and you'll be taken to the search page: http://www.safeway.com/IFL/Grocery/Careers#iframetop

Safeway grocery social responsiveness?

Community Caring At Safeway we care about our communities. Each year Safeway contributes over $82 Million in local support: $20 Million to Education, $50 Million to Food Banks, $3 Million to Easter Seals, $2 Million to Workplace Giving, and $7 Million to Neighborhood Giving. Since the founding of Safeway in 1926, our philosophy and vision remain the same – provide value for our customers and give back to the communities we serve. Established with an initial grant by Safeway Inc. in 2001, The Safeway Foundation follows through on its vision with the creation of the Safeway Foundation. Contributions support hunger relief, education, special needs, and health and human services. The Safeway Foundation is making a difference by improving the quality of life in the communities we work and live. Community Partnerships Our customers are also our neighbors. Safeway has always made giving back to the community a priority. In 2002 we donated approximately $100 million, money as well as merchandise, including $6 million to Second Harvest food banks and $25 million to local schools. Our employee efforts to help the disabled have raised more than $65 million for Easter Seals since 1985. Environmental Leadership Safeway has a continuing history of environmental responsibility, starting with cardboard recycling in 1960. Our environmental policy has included replacing ozone-depleting CFC´s in our store refrigeration systems. In addition our customers have helped us recycle several million pounds of shopping bags. Even more remarkable than Safeway's community leadership and growth to one of the largest food and drug retailers in North America is that it has not come at the expense of M.B.Scagg's vision. His strong sense of customer value that proved so innovative in American Falls in 1915, continues to work successfully in a new century.

interview in safeway?

Hey wafa, I live in Denver, CO and just started working for Safeway about two months ago. Do you know what position you are applying for? I went in there and asked for a courtesy clerk(bagger, cart runner) position. I told him I was hoping for $10.00/hour. He then told me that the starting wage was a little bit over $7.00/hour. I told him it was little low for me, so he then offered me a day stock position, which starts at $9.13/hour. Think about what position you want before going into your interview. Some start a little higher than others. I think checkers and day stockers make more than courtesy clerks usually. But to get back to your original question, they mainly ask you common sense stuff. What makes a good worker, what is an example of good customer service you have given in the past, what do you do if a customer has a question, stuff like that. Don't worry too much about the questions. Be sure to dress nice (not too formal, just a tucked in button up shirt would be good), sit up straight, look them in the eye, and keep telling yourself to be confident (even if you aren't! hehe :) Put yourself in their position, what kind of employee would you want working for you? Be that person. He told me after the interview that I had gotten the job, and then asked me when I could start, so be ready to answer that! Oh and lastly, they do give a drug test. They put a small sponge in your mouth and test your saliva on the spot. If you have smoked recently, be sure to drink plenty of real cranberry juice and water to flush out your system. Hope this helps, good luck! - Jack Rugile

Security cameras at safeway?

I work in retail loss prevention, and the answer to your question is maybe. I would not call the police unless I had some kind of idea who you were ie tag number, name, or a good idea of where you were going. Safeway may have a policy to call the police after a crime, if they do then yes the police were called. They would most certainly review and save the tapes. The results of you being caught would be any or all of the following. arrest jail criminal record probation fines civil demand community service

Safeway job + Wage?

You are lucky that I was searching for questions/answers about Safeway, because it lead me to your question. I worked at Safeway as a courtesy clerk for all of my senior year in high school. I am not sure about they're policy on summer part time positions though. If I were you, I wouldn't mention anything of the sort. They ask you how long you see yourself working at the store, but just tell them 'indefinitely', until you feel the need to leave, whenever that may be. You can always quit whenever you feel like it. You want to look as professional as possible in the interview. Lets see... when I worked at Safeway, here in California, minimum wage was 6.75, and Safeway paid me 7.50 an hour. And now, minimum wage is 8.00, so they pay either 8.50 or 8.75, which isn't bad. You will be a courtesy clerk, as I mentioned, and let me just tell you, its a hell of a job, you are basically, excuse my language, the store b itc h, as mean as that is. It can be a hard job, but it's good for a kid your age. You are always doing something, whether it be cleaning, pushing carts, helping custmores, stocking, packing items, etc. There is never a dull moment where you are able to just doze off and day dream. It is also good on you resume, because it exposes you to such a vast amount of jobs. Take this job, it is good. I'm considering reapplying as well, but as Clerk, only thats a bit boring, so I may go back in as a courtesy clerk, I Don't know. But good luck, if you have any other questions, email me.

is safeway insurance good?

Safeway is a small, A rated insurance company. So they're legit, and offer many, many different policies. Are they GOOD? Well, depends on if you buy the coverage that you need to have, when it's time to file the claim. If you didn't buy the coverage, then you're not going to think they're good. It's really important to read what you buy, and understand it.

Starbucks job in safeway?

Yes you should dress to code. Yes they provide full training. I am not sure if it is good to work there, those little satelight locations are different because you have to deal with the politics within Starbucks AND the politics of the Safeway. Congrats on your new job, good luck! Don't forget your id's, and checkbook if you want direct deposit. Nothing makes a bad impression to an HR Manager like not being able to complete all the paperwork!

why is safeway is so expensive?

Wal-Mart is cheaper because they are non-union. isn't King Soopers a Kroger market? I'd imagine they'd be just as expensive if not more than safeway with the exception of food4less, which doesn't have employes to bag your groceries, All of the kroger Markets I've ever shopped at - Ralphs, Fred Meyer & QFC are all just as expensive as The Safeway company stores I've shopped at and yes, I do shop at Safeway. Not for a regular grocery shop but for a few things here and there that only they seem to carry.

What is the source of safeway gasoline?

Essentially all petroleum marketers buy from whatever refineries are in their area. Gasoline (and diesel and heating oil) are essentially regional products because there is not a nationwide network to move refined product. It is amusing to work at an oil terminal and see 6 or 7 differently branded (Mobil, BP, Chevron, independents, etc) pull up and load up with exactly the same gasoline. Amusing because they advertise so much to try to distinguish themselves - "a tiger in the tank", "the detergent gasoline". All gasolines have detergent in them. No gasoline is made from tigers (duh). There IS separate metering equipment to squirt in a bit of each companies' own additives - "techroline", blah, blah; but what is distributed is already 87, 89 or 91 octane gasoline that meets API standards. The first answer is clearly wrong in that my nearest Safeway gas outlet only recieves product from a Williams refinery (by rail) and mostly from a Tesoro refinery (by pipeline and then tanker truck). Those are the only refineries in the state and no refined fuel is shipped in except for aviation gasoline. Ask at your local Safeway - they may at least be able to tell you which trucking firm delivers it. Or ask an gas station owner operator down the block - they keep track of who buys from who and for how much.

Is Safeway or Sobeys cheaper?

SOBEY'S! safeway sucks so hard. at safeway, prices are often advertised as lower, but you need a "club card"to enjoy the discounts; it's not that obvious until you get to the register and your total is a lot higher than expected. its a total rip off. plus, in banff at least, they freeze the meat before putting it on the shelf. like many other people, i expect to buy meat that i can freeze and thaw for a later date- but if safeway freezes it first, i am tripling my chances or food poisoning. seriously; you would think this is a common sense no-no but apparently safeway isnt that smart

When and Where was Safeway founded?

In 1926 Charles Merrill, one of the founders of Merrill Lynch, was looking to expand his investment firm's involvement in the retail chain store business. Seeing a huge potential for growth in the West, he purchased Safeway Stores, Inc., a chain of some 240 stores founded by Sam Seelig in 1914 that covered most of the West Coast. Merrill had the capital and the stores to do business; all he needed was experienced management. Merrill asked the president of Safeway, James Weldon, who the best man to run the new venture was. Weldon named M. B. Skaggs as his only choice, and soon Skaggs had been persuaded to add his chain of 428 stores to Safeway's 240. The newly expanded venture kept the Safeway name and Skaggs was made president of Safeway's operating subsidiaries in California and Nevada in addition to retaining control over his own stores. Read more: http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/history2/96/Safeway-Inc.html#ixzz0W5uDRvNM

Safeway cupcake and frosting recipes?

Safeway orders their frosting from a company called Brill which is a company who makes baking products for supermarkets. The frosting comes to Safeway in blocks which just needs to have water added to it and whipped up. The frosting is made in very large batches and there would be no way to duplicate it at home. Most supermarkets will sell their icing to you though if you ask them. The blocks from Brill comes in a 23 pound block. You can either buy a complete block from them...or you can buy their icing which has already been whipped. To come close to their icing at home you have to use a high ratio shortening which can only be purchased from bakery supply companies. The high ratio shortening comes in a 50 pound block. Some cake decorating supply stores carry it in smaller tubs...you could check and see. The directions for making the icing would be on the high ratio shortening when you buy it. Two of the most popular brand names of the shortening are: Sweetex and Alpine. The high ratio shortening has emulsifiers in it which combine the fats with the water, by doing this there is no greasy taste like you get when using Crisco. The cupcakes which Safeway uses are also not baked by Safeway. I am not sure which company supplies the cupcakes to them.

If you work at a Safeway...?

Safeway has locations in many states. Not only that, but they are also connected with stores such as Vons and Genuardis. As with many companies, I'd assume that transfers are provided to only management and higher positions. You could probably give notice to your current Safeway employer and if leaving on good terms, be a 'new hire' at a different location. With references and a good job record at one of their own companies, you would probably have an edge over the competition. Companies that I've worked for also let you know when there were openings at other locations, even if you didn't qualify to 'transfer'. Check out their website, as well as those of other companies under the same ownership and give their human resources a call. On the Safeway website, I found the following info in the Employee FAQ (in the Help section), so I assume you can transfer. Go to their website and find the number of the Safeway you work at or are considering working at and phone them to get the number for their HR representative. "I am interested in relocating to another state and would like to continue to work for the company. Who can I contact for more information? Your Human Resources Advisor can provide this information to you. If you are unsure who that person is, please submit an online request and we will be happy to assist you."