Do you think a safety razor is a good investment, as a woman?

1. yes 2. I tried it once, "it" itched and felt like needles were on "it" 3. When the blades are clogged or dull.

which double edged safety razor would be best for the first timer?

why shave? the hairy look is in!

Would leaving my safety razor to soak in oil help the blade last longer?

It does not sound silly,why don't you just give a try:oil can't hurt the blade anyway.I'd go for it. Sky I'm gonna try it myself too.

What is a good safety razor to buy?

Is it better shaving with a safety razor, or a modern razor?

I agree with you.

How do you razor your hair with a safety razor (the ones you shave your legs with)?

You do NOT do that to your own hair!!! that's a good way to look really stupid really fast. If you want a good razor cut go back to the salon!

Is Schick Quattro for women a safety razor? Can i bring that on a plane?

Put it in your check in luggage not your hand luggage also any nail scissors or metal nail files or anything similar.

Where in Connecticut can I buy a traditional safety razor?

I've seen them in Walgreens (in CT). Just ask whoever is working in the cosmetics department.

How to shave face using a safety razor?

- hey bud ! - 1 should change the cartridge at least once a month. - no they don't rust, cuz their made of stainless steal. - 1 should also always rinse their razor under really hot water or in alcohol after every shave. - this prevent the transfer of infections by killing the bacterias. - it what U like best when it comes 2 cream, foam or gel. - their all specifically design for shaving & R pretty much all the same. - hope that help U in some way. - chow

What's a good brand of safety razor to go with, and where exactly do I buy the replacement blades?

Hi, Some of the top safety razor brands are Merkur, Feather and Parker. Ask ten different wet shavers what the "best" razor is, and you'll probably get about ten different answers. The "best" one is the one *you* like. That said, if you are new to wet shaving with an old-school safety razor, then here are a few options you can't go wrong with. 1. Merkur 34C Heavy: I own this one and it is one of the "classics". It's in the $30 - $40 range depending on where you buy it. Online you can find it at 2. Merkur Progress adjustable: This is an adjustable safety razor. You can adjust the angle of the blade, this helps, especially when starting out. You can set the blade to a less aggressive angle which might help out a newbie. 3. Parker 22R: This is a nice, entry-level razor in the $20 range. It gets pretty good reviews at amazon and would make a nice first razor. As far as razor blades, buy one of the variety packs from Then you can sample a bunch of different blades and find the one you like. Each face/beard is different. A blade someone else loves may not be right for you. Test a few out and you will eventually hit on one that works just right for your face. Don't forget to get a good badger hair brush and some quality shaving soap. Here are a few can't miss options: Badger brush: Tweezerman badger brush Shaving soap: Proraso or Col. Conk's Remember, when you start out, go *slow*. Take your time and enjoy the process!