How can I make the saddle of my bike more comfortable?

You can buy a cushioned bike seat-cover. If you can't afford it, try making one yourself, using fluffy cushioned material.

What must be the horizontal distance between the saddle and limb when the ranch hand makes his move?

he is in the air for t sec 4 = (1/2) g t^2 = 4.9 t^2 t = sqrt( 4 / 4.9) = 0.904 sec The horizontal distance is 15.0 * 0.904 = 13.6 m

What color western saddle and pad do you think would look good on a blackish brownish horse?

Light oil (lighter saddles that are almost a skin tone) seem to be the style in western now-a-days. They match all darker colored horses! The only colors you really shouldnt use them on is grey, palomino, or any light color like that. Type in Western Pleasure dark bay on google image search and NONE of the professionals will be using a dark saddle on a dark bay. Too little contrast. Light saddle on bay: Light saddle on bay: Dark saddle on bay: Dark saddle on bay: Lime green really shouldnt be used by itself for western pleasure. It would clash with just about everything such as the color of your tack, the lighter areas of your horse such as lighter brown areas or white markings, it clashes with just about every hair color and skin tone in people. Most people would not use lime green because it is kind of cheap and over flashy looking. Red is ok but you would have to find something really flashy to pull it off because it is so common. What I think really looks good on seal browns or black bays is a light purple or aqua/teal blue. It contrasts just enough between the dark brown and black portions and looks good with just about any colors of brown you could use for tack. They are not very common so even the plain outfits in these colors would get noticed. Other colors that might match could be: baby blue or pink. Something that would go great with a black bay would be one of the above colors with accents of black so that there is a strong contrast then a good match that really draws attention. blue: purple (would need to be a little lighter for your horse): baby blue and pink next to bay horse: Good luck! hope this helped!

Where can I order replacement silver for my Billy Royal show saddle?

You could try contacting Billy Royal themselves and see where they got it, or if it's custom made, try Diablo Silver.

How to prevent the girth leathers on your saddle from breaking?

How much does a size 17 english jumping saddle weight? How much does the average 16 hh Warmblood weight?

depends on the saddle. id say around 1200 lbs for a horse of that height. most horses around here that are 15 hands are 1,050lb so id probaly guess in that most are 1000lb but then again it also depends on the horses breeding.

What is the difference between a Western and an English Saddle?

It sounds like you are not an experienced rider (are you sure you should be getting a horse if you don't know the difference between western and English saddles?). I think the asnswer to this question depends on what your ultimate riding goals are. If you plan to partake in English riding sports like jumping or dressage, I recommend that you start right off the bat with an English saddle. Likewise, if you plan to pursue western sports such as gymkhana/barrel racing/pole bending, I recommend you get a western saddle. If you plan on being a backyard/recreational horseman, it is still important that you learn how to ride well, however. While good horsemanship is possible in either saddle, an English saddle forces you to learn balance more quickly, so I tend to recommend that. Of course, if you are a new rider, it also depends on your horse's temperament. If he tends to be spooky, you might want to start with a western saddle, simply because you'll be less likely to fall off if he spooks. As for the fit of your saddle, there is a lot of advice out there as to how to measure for a correct saddle fit, but if you are confused, it might be best to have a professional fitter do it. There are some good websites online, however:

How do I measure what width of tree in a saddle my horse needs?

Go to this site and download the saddle size guide. That should help you.

What english saddle pad is best to relieve back pain?

Gel pads are really good, but if it is just the clear gel plastic you need to put it inside of a real saddle pad-- You can buy them like this or you can just sew it into one you already own =) Memory Foam is good too but should also be set under or sewn into a saddle pad (you can buy them like this too.) Wintec makes very good therapeutic saddle pads, just make sure that you don't double up! Using two thick pads to protect your horse's back might be too much. You have to cinch the horse too tightly and that's uncomfortable for him. Because the saddle is perched on top of the thick pads, it might very well roll from side to side and not stay stationary in the middle of the horse's back. This, in turn, can cause a sore back.

what can i use to clean my saddle besides commercial products?

Please don't use anything on your saddle that isn't specifically formulated for use on saddles - not leather upholstery, not boots - just saddles. While all leather needs to be kept clean and sufficiently conditioned, tanning methods vary a lot, and the needs of leather boots, for example, are different from your saddle's needs. All your saddle needs for cleaning is a wipe-down with a damp cloth after every use (and wipe down the whole saddle, front and back of the flaps, and the panels). If you do need to clean it, Effax Leather Combi or Leather Therapy cleaner are two outstanding products that are specifically formulated for saddles. Condition lightly every couple of weeks with a conditioner formulated for saddles (again, Effax and Leather Therapy make great conditioners, as does Passier). Don't use oil of any kind, and don't use household cleaning products (bleach, ammonia, Murphy's Oil Soap, dish detergents, etc.). Taking proper care of your saddle will help it have a long, useful life.

What saddle pad is best for the rider if they need extra support on their tailbone?

My friend you can use as protection from those of a foam mattress. You found this product in stores specialist materials for concert sofas. Hug

What is the best way to keep saddle silver shiny and rust free?

When you say "Fake Silver" are you talking about silver plate or chrome. Two BIG differences there. Chrome, WILL RUST. Silverplate WILL TARNISH. For Chrome, there's not a whole lot you can do for it but keep it clean and dry. Eventually it WILL blister, flake off the base metal and the base metal WILL Rust. Silverplate, you can use the SAME cleaner (I used haggerty's on all my sterling stuff and don't buy plate or overlay if I can help it.). Best of luck.

What is the best saddle to use for English Equitation?

Any good close contact saddle Crosby makes on of the best for flat work Since you riding Eq,, it should not be a jumping saddle like in JUMPERS A close contact you can ride not only in eq but also over fences as in hunters try NOT TO BUY any Argentine saddles Just because they are cheap ,, they are not good saddles Blue Ribbon makes a nice saddle for EQ But I would stick to a Crosby No knee rolls !!!and a very very close contact ..

Will white hair pressure marks grow out if the saddle fit problem is resolved?

no they probably won't and the onl;y reason that it would be a problem would be if you showed halter. I own a arabina gelding who when we bought him had saddle rub marks from a previous owner(that was 5 years ago) i als opurchased aWalkign horse who must have done some performance saddleseat in his younger life becasue he has old sore marks all down his spine. now normally a saddle rub will go raw before hair grows back. if you had caught it when she was raw i would have suggested bag balm and tea tree oil which probably would have made the fur grow back to its origional color. on dark horses if they have a area where the skin is broken the fur normally grown back over that area in white(somethign to do with pigmentation of the skin and fur.) i have walkers and ride all of them in Treeless saddles and at first they rubbed and got sore but then we switched girths,and breastplates to keep the saddle from moving as much and it seemed to work. I als onoticed that if get the cheeap treeless saddlethey arn't very good. Id suggest a Bob Marshall or get a custom Treeless. My mother(3 generation riding family) was riding her horse once and he use to do barrelss and granted she isn;t the best rider. anyways he spun on her and she fell off breaking her L3. Well once she healed she ordered a custom treeless for the horse and made sure that it had extra gel, and a VERY deep seat. ut definitly by far the Bob MArshall(wiht bob marshal skito pad) is the best treeless saddle brand right now.

What saddle can I buy to match Honey Brown Brooks bar tape?

Origin8 makes a couple. Nothing is as good as a genuine Brooks saddle though. Links below. Probably available on or your local bike shop.

What are the benefits of a carbon saddle?

carbon would be a core material leather would be a covering carbon saddle could have leather covering though you are prob talking about brooks saddles whose core is also leather anyway light conformable into specific shapes strong wle

What is the best way to clean a western saddle?

My boyfriends Grandpa gave him a saddle in the condition you are describing just a few months back. We took a damp (not dripping wet) wash cloth, wipped the big chunks of dirt off, the cow poo ect... Once it wasn't cover in dirt anymore I used saddle soap & drenched it, wipped it down again with a cloth, then took a tooth brush to get into the groves, wiped it down again; once ALL the dirt was gone we oiled it in the same manner; cloth & tooth brush... let it "soke" for about 10minutes then "buffed" the excess off (if yours is like our's... there will be no excess because the old dried leather will drink up all the oil you can put on it) - two people, two hours each... we each took a side... took it all apart & got to it- We did this twice & now it looks & rides great!

How do I messure my horse for an english saddle without a saddle?

DONT BUY A SADDLE OFF EBAY=) UR GET RIPPED OFF =) the best thing to do if u want a cheap saddle is get a wired coat hanger and mold it round ur horses withers and then draw this to a pieces of card and cut out then go to a horse market and then see what saddles match this =), best way i did it and got a perfect saddle x

What is the best saddle blanket for my horse? contoured (conforms), breathable, and not too expensive. i'm getting one of these.

What saddle to use for my cross country phase?

Any well fitted jumping saddle should be fine for getting started, but of course you will be working closely with an instructor or trainer in a sport as intense, technical, and potentially dangerous as cross country, so this person will be able to give you the best advice on whether your saddle is appropriate or not as you advance.

What is the best brand for a jumping saddle?

I'm a jumper as well and my saddle is a Stubben (Roxanne S Deluxe with Biomex). It's a nice saddle- very durable leather, supports your lower leg very nicely, good for your horse... First off, I highly recommend that you avoid Bates and Pessoa saddles. They're not well made saddles (the older Pessoa saddles were ok, but the newer ones are horrible!). I can't give you reviews on all of them, but most saddles in the $1,000+ price range are good quality saddles- it's just what you like and what fits your horse. "Cheaper" brands that are still OK quality **under $1,000** Collegiate HDR Wintec M. Toulouse **nice saddles, but don't hold up very well to lots of use. If you only need the saddle for a few years and then upgrade, they're nice** Circuit **some people have good luck with them, but I have heard that the dye bleeds** Saddles $1,000-$3,000 Stubben Black Country **custom saddles** Equipe and Vega **these saddles are by Amerigo** Saddles $3,000-$4,000 Prestige Amerigo Bruno Delgrange County **custom saddles** Saddles $4,000+ Tad Coffin Hermes Stackhouse **custom saddles** Hope this helps and have fun saddle shopping!

How can I tell if a used western saddle is in good condition?

check for cracks, tears and mold. check the stirrups (someone once gave my barn a saddle that had the stirrups tied on with hay string. wtf?), and check the underside to see if all the fleece is still intact. give it a good heft and look at the thickness of the leather. if the saddle is heavy and the leather is nice and thick, then it's probably a really nice saddle. the cheap mexican made saddles will have thinner, lower quality leather.

How does different flap lengths on a dressage saddle affect the horse and rider?

I am ony 5ft 1 so I understand your problem. As you are riding a small pony the overall picture will probably be improved by having a shorter flap. You want the saddle to fit the horse not swamp it!! The shorter flap will probably suit you better too. The knee rolls and thigh rolls will be in the right place to help your position and your heels will show a better distance below the flaps

What kind of saddle pad should I get for showing?

Definitely something like this: Make sure it fits your saddle properly, not too small or too big.

How can I measure my horse/saddle with a tape measure so that I can find a saddle that fits?

Measure with your hands.

How do you measure a horse for a saddle?

I wouldn't buy one off the internet personally. I always get my saddles at auctions.

What size english saddle do i need if im a 14 in western?

I ride both english and western, and I use a 18" English saddle and an 16" western, so I'd go with a 16" English if I were you and see if that works. The best way to find out what size gullet you will need is to have a saddler or your trainer come out and measure your horse. I personally like my Stubben saddle, but they are a bit on the expensive side(about $600- $800 new), but a very good brand. A Gatsby is also pretty good, but a little less expensive. Before you buy the saddle ask to try it out for a few days or even a week. That way you can find out if it will work for you and the horse. If it doesn't you can always give it back and try another. Remeber, the horses fit always should come before yours. Good luck and happy saddle hunting!

How to get a saddle up on a horse easier?

Swing the saddle up, but hold it as it comes down so it doesn't slam onto the horse's back. You can hook the stirrup as another answerer suggested, and also place the cinches over the seat so they don't get tangled underneath, then pull the pad off-center when you pull them out. If the horse reacts to the saddle swinging up, then practice with a pad, swinging it up and on. It will also help if you hold the saddle by the horn and one swell or fork. You can't *lift* this way, but you can get a good swing going and then let it settle gently on the horse's back. If there's something about the same height as your horse, you can practice before involving your horse.

What western saddle pad gives good cushion but also good ventilation in summer?

Wool is the best, assuming it is real wool, and not synthetic felt. Sweat happens-- it's when they don't sweat that you should be worried. There is a lot of pressure and friction that occurs under your saddle pad, so most horses sweat there first, and most, as long as their saddle pad allows their back to breath and move. Dry spots are indications of a poor fitting saddle, or in the case of certain types of pads, like foam, they indicate trapped areas of skin that can't breath. In the modern world, we have been taught that wool is 'hot'. It actually isn't-- it is good insulating material, so it keeps you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. I suppose if you could find a nice linen felt, THAT would be even cooler and would evaporate the sweat faster, but I haven't seen those advertised, and I imagine they would be pretty pricey, based upon the cost of real linen in a fabric store.

Can i use a barrel saddle in a western pleasure class for 4H?

You can, but it depends on how competitive it is, if other people will care. Is everyone else using fancy show saddles? What do they wear? Just jeans and a button down, or chaps and a show shirt?

What color saddle looks best on my dark bay paint ?

I find a black or dark brown saddle suits any colour horse, and for darker colours use quite a bright pad/numnah (whatever you prefer to call it). I have a liver chestnut & I use a black saddle with a pink/purple pad which looks great on him. Red pads are nice, I find dark blue ones good aswell, but don't get something that's actually quite similar to the colour of your horse because it won't stand out and if you're doing any competions judges look at what the tack is like on the horse & how it moves so if there's a colour similar to your horse from a distance it could prevent to judges observing you and your horse propery.

What is a good brand used western saddle for trail riding?

Billy Cook is good, but only ones made in Oklahoma, if they were made in Greenville Texas they were made after they were bought out so they are not near the same quality. (I have 2 Oklahoma made one barrel saddle and one flat seat cutter...and one Texas barrel saddle which i hate) (my Oklahoma Billy Cook barrel saddle is my favorite saddle ever and i have over 25 western saddles) TexTan's are good comfy saddles might be a little out of price range though. Circle Y- all of their saddles are pretty good. they can be expensive but you should be able to find one for your price. (have a circle y barrel saddle and western show saddle love them both) Crates saddles are really nice maybe little expensive. (i have two the one i ride most is a flat seat cutter that i ride my little reiner in and the only complaint i have is that it is a slick seat so i tend to slide with our sliding stops lol. ***also try going to a horse auction most of them sell saddles right before they sell horses and that is a good way to get opinions on a saddle and see a variety Hope i helped :-)

Why is the bridge saddle different in electric and acoustic guitars?

You are incorrect. At least on good acoustic guitars the saddle is always intonated. Lowden guitars even come with a split saddle:

What do you think of a treeless saddle and would they be good for a beginner rider?

Yes! I very good saddle to start with!! (tell Ursula hallo from Germany!) is the US seller for my saddle. I have a Lusitano, but have used this saddle on so many shapes and sizes of horses, I've lost count! I even too my saddle to Africa with for a Safari. ;-) If you look at the photos of all the horses wearing the saddles, you'll what I mean. There even more photos at the manufacturer's website, where I bought my saddle. The saddles are great of all sizes of horses and riders. the offer a much more secure seat than most western or English saddles! I'm disabled and can't use stirrups and my barefoot London saddle (I also have the Cheyenne) keeps me secure on my horse, whether we are on trails, jumping, or my horse spooks. The are soft and flexible to instantly change shape to fit each horse. There is a very hight pommel that even fits my horse with withers like a camel. Your weight is not on the horses spine because of the comfort pads on both sides leaving the spine clear. Plus, you can feel every muscle in your horses back moving! I highly encourage you to try one. Ursula at the US barefoot site very nice and helpful. They have a trial policy on their saddles so you can return them if you don't like them! The Arizona model is a nice western saddle. Good Luck!! Here's the info from the website: (better to read on the website itself!) Designed by a German Equine Physiotherapist, the Barefoot is intended to comfortably fit even the most difficult-to-fit horses. No withers? High withers? Short back? Long back? Wide horse? The Barefoot conforms to practically all of them. Barefoot saddles are well-known for quality and longevity. The leather on Barefoot saddles is doubly reinforced in all areas that may carry pressure from the rider (stirrup attachment, saddle flaps and rigging attachment). The saddles come with the standard medium width pommel, but can be interchanged with wide or narrow pommels as an accessory. The anatomically cut cantle is constructed of thick, flexible foam, to avoid pressure points from the rider and therefore allow superb movement and collection of the horse's back. * Flexible in all directions. No hard, smooth leather is used in its construction; instead a vegetable-tanned nubuck leather, which is porous and readily fits itself properly into the shape of the horse’s back. (As they say in Germany, just like a good pair of Lederhosen!) * The feel of your horse’s every movement. The pommel of the Barefoot saddles is filled and stabilized with a fiberglass form, and the cantle is a dense foam, but there is no tree between your seat and your horse’s back. This allows an ultra-close contact so that you and your horse can move freely and naturally together. * Removable pieces for even more fitting options. The pommel & cantle are removable through two zippered openings and can be replaced with soft cloth or material, if needed, to allow even more conformity to extremely hard-to-fit horses. Wider and narrower pommels are available in certain situations, but the standard pommel fits an incredible variety of horses. * NEW! All Barefoot models now have thick, soft foam panels to the right and left of the horses spine for improved spinal clearance and better shock absorption. * Maximum contact. Through these forms and through the positioning of the rider close to the horse, the saddle achieves a very secure hold on the horse’s back and does not tend to slip on even the roundest horses. * No break-in time for the rider. The soft nubuck leather conforms to your body as well as your horse’s, and the fenders flex with your legs. No new-saddle squeak! ***Edit*** To the barrel racing person, did you even read the question? Do you actually know anything about treeless saddles? One, the question is about a Beginning rider looking for info on a Treeless saddle for her Arabian, NOT a QH. She wishes to know IF a treeless saddle bought for HER Arabian could also be used on her Friend's QH once in a while. You did not answer any of her questions at all! First, she is a beginner. She needs a good versatile (different horses, different styles) comfortable saddle that is affordable, easy to care for, and offers her a secure seat. Billy Cook and Circle Y are very expensive and will fit only one horse. She's tried many western saddles, likely most in her price range with little success. Arabians are bery hard horses to fit! Second, she's a beginner!! (again) She's Not barrel racing. Your comment about A (ONE) treeless saddle is like saying "ooh my treed saddle rubbed my horse's wither raw, so they are ALL bad, never get one." Black and white. When I was still using stirrups and jumping, I took my treeless saddle level 3 speed trial competitions over jumps and obstacles, top speed wins. I won all of them, largely because I had better communication with my horse with no tree, and could ask him to leap and spin in the air instead of taking the time to spin or circle tightly around an object. A treed saddle would have caused my horse pain to do this and not have bent WITH him. Even the judges wanted to know more about it, and of course my odd horse who needed a new home anyway. This is all beside the point since the person asking the questioner is still a beginner. If you want to discuss safety and security, I'll gladly go out and take a photo of my galloping my horse at top speed in the field tomorrow, in the rain and snow, in my treeless saddle with no stirrups and next to no muscles working in one leg. I've got a nice one of me doing this in the treed saddle I sold because this one is better. LMK. If she likes a treeless saddle at all (she must try one) she'll find a secure seat (and a nice warm one in the winter!!) in this saddle. Last, the particular treeless saddle I use conforms to and fits and horse you set it on. It's a bareback pad with a solid pommel and cantle. There's no hard parts to give pressure or need moving. Even the stuffing in the wintec will conform to one horse, despite the move-able gullet which is a very good invention. YES, this saddle will fit the Arabian and the QH, and even a little pony. They feel different and take a little getting used to, more so for English riders (which I was). Western riders seem to find even my new treeless dressage saddle even instantly comfy and secure. I know the barefoot saddle company has a trial policy for their saddles. She can order one, try it a few days, hate it, and send it back for a full refund. No harm in that!!! Yes, you can show in them too.

What is the difference between a gaited horse saddle and a regular western saddle?

If you are buying a saddle instead of just trying to make due, then absolutely get a gaited saddle. There are several saddle makers with online websites, such as Timberline, Dixieland, and Crestridge, who offer saddle fitting advice, and many makers will even send you forms to determine what tree will best fit your gaited horse. In order to gait, a horse has to really move and use their back, shoulders, and hips. Conventional saddles don't work with the horse as well, and I've already had three gaited horses who didn't gait as well when wearing conventional western saddles, but gaited nicely once switched to a gaited western saddle. I would not recommend buying a Big Horn gaited saddle unless you can actually see it and try it on your horse. Big Horn in the last few years has begun to make a broad selection of saddles-- some are top quality, and some are absolute junk, with bumps and thin padding on the underside of the saddle. You can easily tell which ones are good when you touch and handle them, but buying online, you just can't tell. My current favorite saddles are Crestridge, but they are pretty expensive to buy new, and hard to find used. I have heard several people who advocated buying Fabtron or Abetta gaited saddles, so if you can't spend very much, those two brands would be preferable to Hilason (barf!) or another knock off brand.

How do i attach my saddle bags to my saddle?

If your barrel saddle has d-rings for the breast-collar, or has the d-rings that a billet strap attaches to, you can tie it off of that. Also, you can figure out how to rig them so they go over the saddle horn.

How wide should a saddle stand be if it bears an English saddle with a medium-wide tree?

If the saddle is fully padded (including the tree) probably a 2 inch bar. If the tree is not padded, measure the gap and make your bar about a half inch smaller.

What is a good treeless saddle and would it be good for my horse?

Barefoot makes a couple of western models, namely the Arizona which has western rigging, and the Sierra which uses English billets and a dressage girth. They have a couple of other models, but I've been told by Brita (one of the US Barefoot distributors) that the Arizona and Sierra are the best ones to consider for a short backed horse. I just demoed a Sensation Western sport. It doesn't have a horn though, I'd consider it to be more endurance-type, and I really like the twist (it's quite narrow compared to other treeless saddles) and of all the saddles I have tried, treed *and* treeless, the Sensation is the one that puts me in the best position. It's definitely NOT a cheap saddle (costs about $1325 in Canadian dollars) but it's a very nice saddle with definite quality to the leather. I'm just about ready to order mine. The Sensation slogan is "Love at first sit" and it definitely felt good. I had a Barefoot saddle. I went for the cheapest model, so I suppose you get what you pay for, although it's still a nice economy treeless saddle. It just didn't work very well for me because my Haflinger is so wide, the Barefoot seat is rather flat, and there's not much of a twist which can stretch and torque your hips out if you have a wide horse. Bob Marshall is also suppose to be a pretty good saddle. I never tried it myself, so I couldn't say. In my opinion, if you're looking for a good quality treeless saddle, Sensation and FreeForm are probably the best, followed by Bob Marshall, and then the Barefoot. Most distributors will ship a demo saddle to you if you request it, you usually get a week to try it, and then send it back. It's a great way to see which treeless works for you without going broke buying one and returning it if it doesn't work out Your mare might work treeless. Most treeless saddles aren't meant for horses with prominent withers, but medium withers might be all right. The most important thing to remember with treeless saddles is getting the proper pad. Skito makes a really nice treeless saddle pad with memory foam inserts that help support the rider's weight. These links might be helpful for you: (I demoed the Sensation western sport from her!) Hope that helps. P.S. Stay away from Hilason treeless saddles. They're cheap junk!

What is the difference between a hunter saddle and a close contact saddle? And which kind do I need?

Alice was 100% right with the differences so I'm not going to rewrite the same thing lol. As for which one it is 100% preference. I have a close contact saddle that I jump in all the time. I love, love, love it! If you get a close contact saddle you can also use it for flat classes which is really nice, and will save you some cash. Ask your trainer before you do anything. Good luck!

Whats the difference between a Barrel Racing saddle pad and a regular saddle pad?

Hi Cowgirl, A barrel saddle pad is much lighter weight and fits just the saddle without any extra pad hanging off. It offers much less resistance, for better speed as you are racing. You can use a regular pad, but for the die hards in this sport, they preffer the barrel racing pads. Good luck

What kind of saddle do i use for trail riding if my horse prances?

I personally am more secure in a Western saddle when things get rough, especially when trail riding. Not everyone feels the same way, though. So I guess you need to ask yourself what saddle you feel the most stable and secure on if your horse starts to really act up. The disadvantages to an English saddle during a crisis are 1)the stirrups swing more and give you less stability 2)you don't have a horn to grab onto if necessary. So I'd suggest a good Western saddle, but make sure you're comfortable in the arena Western before you head out to the trail. I would also consider what bridle, bit and rein type will help the most with this specific horse. In most cases I trail ride with a snaffle bit. I'm not sure if that's the best choice for your horse that wants to prance, or not. A leverage bit might make her feel too contained and trapped and make things worse, or it might give you a bit more control. One thing I really do prefer when trail riding is a comfortable mecate rope rein, the type with a loop (so you don't drop the rein if your horse trips or jerks it out of your hand) and the extra piece which is handy if you get off and lead. I use split reins often, but if things get tricky I'm always aware that they can be easily dropped if my horse bolts, stumbles or throws his head. Good luck and keep safe. I'd recommend a helmet at all times, too, especially if your horse is a prancer.

What is the best leather saddle conditioner or oil?

i think this stuff is the best: it makes your saddle clean and smells good! just make sure you read the instructions before hand... or else you will have a big noticable black spot on your saddle... not the best thing for apperance

What is the difference between a steer wrestling saddle and a roping saddle?

A saddle specially adapted for steer wrestling is disclosed. Instead of having a symmetrical cantle having a central point and two cupped side sections, the present invention has a cantle with a straight portion to the dismount side of the saddle to enable a smooth and fast dismount of the steer wrestling competitor.Ans A roping saddle is a type of western saddle. A good roping saddle is sturdy, has a thicker horn for securing a rope, a low cantle, and a slick fork that allows rider to dismount quickly. A quality roping saddle has a deep seat and horns and trees that are extra strong to take the force of the pull. Generally suede padded seats are preferred to get a better grip. The swells of the saddle are kept reasonably low so that the leverage of the rope on the horn is minimal. But what i think is best is english saddle. One of my friend bought new english saddle from , when he used this new saddle he was impressed with the quality and comfort.

What saddle cleaning products work best?

L'Apogee makes their own oil and conditioner. Hope this helps.

What brand of saddle seat saddle is of the highest quality/most comfortable/better good for the money?

The best made and finest quality saddle seat saddle is made by Barnsby. They are very expensive, but well worth it.<yp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&_lwgsi=y This is a great price. Finding them used is tough, but worth looking.

What color saddle and saddle pad would look good on a dark buckskin horse?

black saddles always look good on buckskin horses because they match the mane and tail, they often look good in rich royal colours such as dark (amethyst) purple, dark blue or emerald green avoid orangey/yellow or cream/gold colours as these can make them look coppery instead of golden coated :) hope i helped x

What saddle pad is best to use when jumping?

You can use any saddle pad, but I would recommend also using some sort of "bump" pad or gel pad. The sheepskin half pad would work well for this, but my personal favorite is a ThinLine pad. It's very thin so it doesn't interfere with your feel to the horse, but it has amazing shock absorbing ability.

How is a treeless saddle fitted on a horse?

A treeless saddle just means instead of the tree, there it is replaced with rubber or someother material. I'm not sure if English saddles have any "treeless" saddles, but I know western does. Any "treeless" saddle will fit any horse. I will tell you, they are the best saddles I have every owned and will not go back to a wooden tree, but they are not cheap saddles! The tree alone is $1000, so you are looking at at least $1200 when bying a one, even if you are buying one used. I would buy a like new one though. If you use a rubber tree enough, the rubber will eventually mold to fit your horse 100% perfect. I have one for sale if you are interested in it. I have a 16H horse and it fits him perfectly. There is more information I can share with you but I dont want to bore you, so let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Here is a photo of a rubber tree for a western saddle. Email;


Saddlers frequently mmove, remove or add flocking to leather saddles. I am not sure of the price because I do not have a horse, but the saddler would need to come out from the work shop, check the fit, watch the horse move etc and then do the job, so I am thinking that would be about right. Pretty much fine fitting is not good enough. It has to be a perfect fit! You cannot compromise, but there is some leeway to adjust it as I have stated above. How hard the seat is might be to do with the style. It is not possible to tell you without seeing the saddle.


A dressage saddle is an english saddle, I use both dressage and all purpose saddles and always ride in a 17" it shouldn't make a difference to the horse either, the way you sit might be a little more upright in a dressage saddle but not enough to make too much difference, I prefer to ride in a dressage saddle as it puts me in the position that is most comfortable to me (even out trail riding LOL). A western or stock saddle could be a smaller size for you, i generally ride in a 16" western saddle. Good luck with your dressage hope you have fun. Cheers Sandi