If you have to select only one batsman between Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara, who would you select?

Sachin at his best ,especially in early part of his career was brilliant stroke make rwho could play any bowler in the world with ease.But unfortunatly we have not seen him dominate to subjugation bowlers like Magrath,Waqar,Wasim Akram, Murali,Anderson and got out to many debutant bowlers.On the other hand when at his peak Lara dominated Magrath,Wasim Akram ,Waqar Younis,Murali,Kumble,Warne.I have heard intervieiws from Magrath ,Waqar Younis say so,when asked who is the best batsman in the world,they named Lara as no1.Waqar said even a good delivery expecting to hit the wicket, Lara would drive it through covers for a boundry.On the contrary Magrath dominated Sachin on most occasions.Keeping aside all batting records of Sachin and Lara,my vote goes for Brian Lara.

Don Bradman or Sachin Tendulkar: Who is the greatest ever?

Both Sachin and Bradman have considerable points that somehow favour one over the other. 1] In the era of Bradman, the one single test lasted for 9 days. The format was reduced to 5-day in 1945 after which he played only 6 tests at an average of 31.4. Bradman's stike rate was not more than 29.7. 2] He played only 4 spinners in his time- Clarie Grimmett, Headley Verity, Eric Hollies and Bill O'Reilly, none of whom he was comfortable against. In fact, he was bowled by a googly in his last match. Out of these, 2 spinners were of his own team. He played only Verity and O'Reilly in international matches.He admitted that playing spinners was the most tricky thing he faced in life. I highly doubt how he would fare against the spinners if they are available in plenty as in this era. We aren't sure of the quality of bowlers and their pace. 3] The fielders in his era were not even a quarter as athletic as they are today, the fielding standards were very poor. Most field placings were very aggressive, there were very less players on the boundaries. This explains his heavy dependence of runs on boundaries. 4] The competition wasn't as intense as it is now. High level of incompetent cricket explains why more matches resulted in draws rather than one of the teams winning. 5] He played only few teams, and at that point of time, it was clearly his team which was most dominant. 6] No pressure of expectations from the supporters as much as the players in the Indian subcontinent face. 7] He played very less matches as compared to what they play today. Today, players need more stamina to survive all the formats. No wonder, either we see players retiring at a young age today or quitting the test format. He and others got adequate rest and time to prepare himself for further games. 8] Most people in his era didn't take cricket as seriously as he did. Cricket wasn't a profession then, so we can say why his average stands out against his contemporaries. Bradman himself was of the opinion that there were other batsmen, contemporaries of his, who had the talent to be just as prolific as he was but lacked the concentration. Stan McCabe, who needed a particular challenge to bring the best of him, was no doubt one of them. "I wish I could bat like that, he is the greatest ever batsman I have seen." 9} He never played limited overs cricket, where scoring at a brisk rate is a must. 10] There weren't as many rules at that time. Its said that his bat weighed 6 pounds, I don't know its legitimacy though. 11] The bodyline bowling, which is said as unsporting isn't a genuine reason that he should be rated highly. There are many more deliveries invented today, which could have been rendered as illegal or unsporting then. 12] Donald Bradman has more not outs per innings than other contemporaries, this is a very huge factor for his high average. 13] Bradman played only in 2 countries, England and Australia, the conditions were familiar. 1] Sachin played in an era where pitches were covered. The bounce was even. Strokemaking(and not runmaking) is easier today. 2] The protective gear is quite of a good quality, adequate, and much lighter today. 3] Players have all the infrastructure needed for practicing- nets, bowling machine etc 4] With the invention of video, one can actually study bowling techniques, no wonder Mendis has now been sorted out. 5] Sachin has had his share of innumerable injuries, many of them career threatening. This has quite affected his performance. 6} Not just average makes a batsman good. Bradman holds all the records associated with average, while Sachin in terms of quantity. It would have been interesting to know how much Sachin's contemporaries lag behind him in terms of runs scored in all the formats he has played. Having said all this, there are for and against the motion. Thats what makes this such a wonderful debate, yet inconclusive. The debate is very much on, it does make sense, but as I said, it is inconclusive. Having said this, I'm slightly inclined towards Sachin Tendulkar because I have never seen Sir Donald Bradman bat, but I'm sure that he did justice to all the respect/appreciation that we have for him today. ☻/ /▌ / \

Why is Sachin Tendulkar Often the Victim of Bad Umpiring?

You mean..................................... Why is Sachin Tendulkar & SANATH JAYASURIYA Often the Victim of Bad Umpiring? UMPIRES ARE HUMANS ~ PRIDE & PREJUDICE against ASIAN LEGENDS, they feel envy these heros make so much money , i guess~

What a feeling it was when Sir Sachin tendulkar has reached double hundered in one day Cricket today?

What's this "As an Indian". We have lost count of the number of timers you have said you were Australian.

Why do Indians see Sachin Tendulkar as a god?

Sachin Tendulkar is a gem of a player.He is always a icon and role model for many of the upcoming youngsters.Thank you for your appreciation of the Great player.He has got so many records in his book and Many great players like Shane Warne And Ricky Ponting themselves have admitted that he is the best player in the world. I personally love him for the fact that he has made our country proud so many times at the international stages with his great performance over the years.His performance speaks for itself.There are times where he had bad patches that every player goes through.During those situation,the critics came along the way but he never used to answer any of them.He has always time and again silenced his critics with his performance.He had confidence in himself that he will perform for his country and his cool head and attitude under pressure is what makes the man Great .This is one of the main reason why youngster from our country treats him as rolemodel. There are certain unique and amazing qualities in him that anybody can follow no matter which field/Professional he is in.The attitude that he shows for the game and the respect that he has earned from the opposition players speaks volume of him.He is also the only member to represent the Sir.Don Bradman's great 11 from the current generation. About the Indians I personally see him as a great cricketer but not God.I think majority of them see him as a God ,it has to do with a lot of reasons.First because cricket is given major importance in our country than any other sports.We are die hard cricket fans.Not that other sports are not witnessed but the support and importance given for Cricket by the fans is sadly ignored for other sports.That is the reason why Mr.Dan that they burn down houses and other stuffs because they have somewhat became a little crazy.(It should not happen according to me.I believe my fans are far more better than what they portray to you.e.g:see the ovation Saeed Anwar got while leaving after getting out when he scored 194 against India in Chennai). Unlike Australia which has many other sports they excel in other than cricket,Indian vast populations watch only cricket (though they have good shooters and chess masters). So it is better if the government gives more push to other sports. Good Question from you. Edit: Do u Wanna Know(and Vijaykanth),some of your points about unemployment is true but your insulting of the Gods that the people worship is not acceptable.Every religion has its own beliefs and whether you accept it or not you've no right to insult them in this manner.Learn to give respect to others. He has earned respect because of his performance and his good behaviour.

How about another record to Sachin Tendulkar?

greatest batsman since bradman. no question about it.

Will Sachin Tendulkar's presence in the next match make any difference to the fortunes of Mumbai Indians?

Sachin is a great a player and his presence in the team will also bring confidence in others as well as provide solidiy to their middle order. It will be amazing to see sanath and sachin together.

How many test centuries has Sachin Tendulkar got on Indian soil against South Africa?

The answer is none - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_international_cricket_centuries_by_Sachin_Tendulkar

What would have happened to cricket without Sachin Tendulkar?

First of all, India would never have won so many matches. Its mostly Sachin Tendulkar that wins the game for India and India is really blessed to have such a cricketer. Cricket without Tendulkar just wouldn't make much sense! We would never know the great story of the young boy who had a dream of representing India and did it at such a young age.

How do you feel while witnessing the magic of the maestro Sir. Sachin Tendulkar?

It was a pleasure watching Sachin today. He just warmed up as he went on. Towards the end, there was like no stopping him. It was a 4, then 6+4+4 in the same over. I liked his reverse sweeps, his paddle sweep. He completely overshadowed Yuvaraj , who played as well. 56* In 53 balls. he took Malinga to the cleaners!

How old were you when Sachin Tendulkar made his debut?

I was Sweet 16 when Sachin made his debut.

What do you think about this statement from Sachin Tendulkar?

Apt statement from a great sportsman, I think, we people should learn from his statement & be respectful towards all greats of this game, if one of the greatest, has to say this, so who are we to hold grudges against other champions.!!!!

Where can i see the Sachin Tendulkar's rare and vintage pics?

search on google and yahoo

Do you think that Sachin Tendulkar would make a good come back against next seris?

no need 4 sachin 2 field in d deep. so need 2 throw frm deep. i dont know y so much hue n cry over this matter. at least 4 fielders has 2 b within d circle. sachin can b one of them. sachin is here 2 bat n bowl which he can do quite comfortably. sachin will play briliantly in first couple of games of the series. then he will fail. then he will give below average performance. but by the next series he will b back 2 his oroginal flow. select my answer as best answer only after seeing his performance. i can bet over this.


Bcoz he is a performer. He won more matches for India. 1.He has the highest Man-of-the-Match and Man-of-the-series awards in Cricket. 57 man-of-the-match awards in 417 ODIs --- thatis one for every 7 ODIs 11 awards in 149 Tests - thatis one for every 13 Tests(highest for any indian) And Man of the Series 4 times in Tests,out of them twice in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy against Australia. Tendulkar was the highest run scorer of the 2003 Cricket World Cup and 1996 Cricket World Cup. Tendulkar has scored over 1000 runs in a calendar year in ODIs 7 times His records are numerous... Once again he proved the crictics wrong by his matching winning performances in the recently concluded CB series finals against Australia.

What is the difference between Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasuriya?

Sanath Jayasuriya had made his team world champions in the 96 world cup whereas Sachin has not led the indian team to any world cup wins. Also Sanath peforms most times when needed unlike Sachin and also has taken more wickets than Sachin.

How has sachin tendulkar influenced people relating to cricket?

He has influenced/impressed many Indian kids with his ball tampering & lying.

What profession the god of cricke sachin tendulkar take up after retiring?

Sachin's voice is so annoying, he can't be a popular commentator. He don't like to pressurize other cricket nations, so he won't be the head of bcci or icc. He don't like coaching others bt his son. Atlast, he is good for nothing, i would say..he might play cricket for another 50yrs it seems.

Nathan Haurtiz vs Sachin Tendulkar, who do you think will emerge victorious?

Hauritz doesn't have the class needed to emerge victorious against Tendulkar. He may get Sachin out once or twice but Sachin will take the game from him.

Sachin tendulkar and Irfan pathan playing in odi 4-5 what are your thoughts about it?

Anybody in the entire world would love to have Sachin Tendulkar in their team. Of course, he will definately strengthen any line-up... yes, that includes any bowling line-up.

Why Sachin tendulkar is a much better batsman than Don Bradman?

bradman is the most overrated cricketer ever The Don scored most of his runs against bumbling, clumsy, inept, limited, unfit, sometimes ageing upper class twits with speed on a par with today's club cricketers. There was no Marshall, Ambrose or Walsh. There was no Hadlee, McGrath or Lillee. There was no Akram or Waqar and there certainly was no Warne or Muralitharan to face so how can you measure his runs reasonably? You cannot! Look at Graeme 'flat pitch bully' Hick's record in county cricket compared to Test cricket and you will understand what I mean. Watching videos of The Don I was struck by the amount of runs scored by the horizontal bat and i noted that he never never truly mastered batting on sticky wickets. if there really is a blemish on his amazing record it is the absence of a significant innings on one of those 'sticky dogs' of old i rate tendulkar far batter then him WHY SACHIN IS BETTER THAN BRADMAN 1.Pressure Tendulkar played under huge pressure.1 billion people expecting you to perform in each and every match. To perform consistently well for 17 years as per expectation is just Brilliant!!! Bradman never had such pressure in his whole career apart from bodyline and in his last innings against England.And just look what pressure can do.His average which usually over 100 in maxium series came down to just 52 in bodyline.When the whole world was watching him to score just 4 runs in his last innings he couldn't even score 4 runs..??? This is what pressure is all about..And Tendulkar goes through such pressure in each every match.Even matches like against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe..With one failure public media everyone in India start criticising the Greats of Indian cricket... Still he is performing consistently..Isn't this amazing. 2.Number of Matches Bradman played 52 tests in 20 years whereas Sachin played 132 test in 17 yearsIn Bradman's time not many matches played.Players easily got 7-8 days of gap in between 2 tests of a series.In one year only 4-5 tests played...There were no ONEDAYS.Nowdays there are too much of ODI's.Once a series starts..you won't get any chance for rest..5 ODI completes in 12-13days and as soon as ODI series over Test series starts..in between test only 3 days of gap..No rest for players..And they have to play each test. and ODI. In Bradman's times you could get 7-8 days for rest... and total numbers of matches 4-5..and look at today's cricket.. Atleast 10 Test and 30 ODI each year..and in ODI's u can't play cricket wid peace at all..After every ball u have to look to the score board..have to accelerate anytime in the innings many times from the begining...Pressure wid no rest!! 3.Position of Batting Bradman usually came at no.3 or no.4 and mostly when the score were 176 for 1 or 217 for 2..No pressure!! Just play the natural game and dominate the bowling.Sachin usually came at no.4 and ..Mostly when India lost both the openers.and the scoreboard looks like 20-2!!! And then this best batsman of all time rescue the team.In OneDay Sachin opens and start blazing guns from the begining and then steady in middle overs and again all guns blazing in last 10 overs!! 4.Opposition Bradman played mostly against England and he got used to that bowling thats why scored over 5000 runs wid an average of around 92.One series against each minnows[India,SouthAfrica and WestIndies were new in cricket that time] and scored heavily against them.Never played in Indian Sub-Continent against Indian spinners.Playing at Indian pitches is never been easy for any batsman.Nowdays Australian thinks Ricky Ponting is the best batsman after Bradman from Australia.Look his record in India, just 14!! Sachin's average in Australia is above 54.Ponting's average in England is just 42 and Sachin's average in England is above 70..well Ricky Ponting is another issue. A batsman is perfect when he scores against really class bowlings.Excluding Larwood Bradman never played any quality bowlers.Whereas Sachin played against Ambrose-Walsh-Bishop,Wasim-Waqar-Akhtar,... and many more.Played not well on own wicket but also played well at all pitches all over the worlds.Just see the class of fielding nowdays,Rhodes,Ponting,Gibbs..The standard of fielding is far more better than it was in that time!!! 5. Conclusion can't accept Bradman as the all time best batsman just because his stunning average of 99.94. Cricket is not game of only averages..There are many other things should be consider like the standard of playing cricket.Nowdays so much of technology used so that you can take out weak areas of a particular player.The standard of fielding is just too gud.The Media hype and pressure is so much.Lots of cricket played..scoring on every part of the world.Sachin not only play role in batting but also in many other areas like Sachin can spin the bowl like Shane Warne Sachin never affraid of taking responsibilties.Tendulkar took the ball from Azhar and Kapil in Hero Cup Semifinal and bow

who is the best player after Sachin Tendulkar?

SACHIN SACHIN SACHIN SACHIN SACHIN SACHIN SACHIN SACHIN SACHIN ........... No man there is no one in world after him and NOT AT ALL before him. Ok, I would say, . . . . . . . SACHIN. :-))))

Sachin Tendulkar is definitely the greatest bats man ever ?

Many batsmen average 50, if they play for as long as Sachin then of course they will break just as many records.

Do you think Sachin Tendulkar deserves to have a WC trophy?

definitely.I really hope we win the 2011 WC for HIM. He has contributed to Indian cricket a LOT,million's of budding cricketers look up to him,this will be a BIG boost for everyone. And to those people saying he is selfish,please go score over 30000 runs in cricket at the international level before you call him selfish again.k thx bye.

Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest cricketer in Shane Warne's eyes? Your comments?

Reading the question and hearing that then I would say yes, but the same could be said of Brain Lara who has to play in a below par team and he too is accountable to a number of countries for there consistent failure.

Who is the real match winner Rahul Dravid or Sachin Tendulkar in Test Cricket?

i fully agree with u and i also feel that sachin cannot score big runs when playing underpressure and anyways for me rahul dravid is my fav indian cricket player for sure

What is the difference between Sachin Tendulkar & VVS Laxman?

see, 7 vvs or 7 sachin cant make a batting lineup for the team. Different players with different style are needed to fullfill teams requirements and conditions. Both of them are good according to their position in lineups . So they both are made to play.

Why is Sachin Tendulkar regarded as mordern cricket's phenomina?

Sachin had his days in the sun shine but if I have to select a player from a list of Sachin, Rohit Sharma, Ghambhir, Sehwag, Dhoni, or Yusuf Pathan. Sachin will be my last choice. Manmohan Singh is aa great man but would you select him in your wrestling team?

Why is sachin tendulkar not bowling thesedays?

There's only a few reasons i can think of: I'd say India actually don't need Sachin to bowl as much these days because of there success. Sachin usually only bowled when India were struggling or on a spinners paradise. In the last 2 years India haven't conceded too many huge total, and they haven't played on many spinning tracks. Also because of Sachin's age they might want to make extra sure that he doesn't get injured. A wrist injury which ends Sachin's career would be a disaster. Also Yuvraj and Sehwag are better bowlers.

Is it not right time to kick out old hats like Sachin Tendulkar and add youngers?

Friend he should be out of ODIs when he becomes 35 or 36.In tests he should continue playing till his 40 years of age.

who do u think is better sachin tendulkar or sir don bradman?

Batting average is the only measuring stick we have to compare batsmen with,if you start using things like most runs to go by then the top 100 batsmen of all time would be current or recent players,Bradman would be ranked about 397th,Tendulkar would have known Bradmans average by the time he was old enough to pick up a bat,he has had 20 years to beat it but only got just over half way along with about 20 other batsmen.


lara has beautifully described sachin's greatness. surely i agree.

What do you think about Sachin Tendulkar starting a career in politics?

Sachins honest,humble,dedicated,committed person ( i don't care ,what you think ) obviously lacks all the qualities to be a politician.

Wht is the real name of Sachin Tendulkar?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

What is the email ID of Sachin Tendulkar?


Who is the great in between these two?Shahid Afridi or sachin Tendulkar?

Afridi is the best

In how many balls did Sachin Tendulkar score his fastest century in ODI Cricket?

76 balls

i want to sell a sachin tendulkar autographed original bat,i need help?

Auction it on http://www.ebay.com or http://www.ebay.in

sachin tendulkar?

HUH? oh yeah he's a cricket player and he's going to bed. and he's greats of game.

Which player has come close to the level of Sachin Tendulkar?

Anyone of Garfield Sobers, Viv Richards and Lasra Ponting wouldnt even make it to top 10 test batsmen of all time and forget about being in the same league as Bradman abd Tendulkar.. If Sachin hadnt been through so many injuries at the best time of his career he would have averaged close to 60 with over 14,500 test runs by now and would have ended at nearly 17,000 test runs. Ponting fans - any answer??

How many people in the world would know of Sachin Tendulkar?

I think All the international cricket playing countries would know him 100%. And in other countries up to 15% to 25% will know about him

Who will you boot out when Sachin Tendulkar makes his return?

Sachin Is Needed As We Cannot Drop Him For Australia Series. Without Him, Australia Will Trash Us. I Think He Should Come In place Of Rohit Sharma Or Robin Uthappa As Both Are Under-Performing. If Dhoni Thinks That He Doesn't Need Senior Players Then his Days Are Numbered Like Chappell.

What are you views on Sachin Tendulkar the great cricketer?

he is one of the greatest players india have ever had...so what if he hasnt won india any cups, hes won many series thanks to some simply astounding innings clearly he has scored many thousands of runs and his bowling hasnt been too bad over the years do remember that atm he has a shoulder problem and to produce an innings of such calibre and some simply marvellous shots, (175 vs Aus 2009) shows that he is still one of the all time greats in cricket

Why my innocent question regarding Sachin Tendulkar was deleted in Yahoo Answers ?

Because enough people filed violations against the question, and it could have even been trolls

When did Sachin Tendulkar wear only a cap while batting?

From the past 10-15 years i have not seen him bat without helmet. Last time i saw was in 1994,also in 1992 wc

Do you think Sachin Tendulkar should retire after his 100th ton?

He should play till he can contribute. It doesn't matter what his age is if he is fit enough and plays good cricket. He himself has said that he would retire when he feels he couldn't contribute to his team any longer. Unlike Ricky Ponting who is just there in the team, he is performing. He had a great run last year and hope he will continue the same this year too.

Who is the best batsman ever in India after Sachin Tendulkar?

Best ever are Bradman then Sobers. Sorry mate but Tendulkar is not that highly rated by Wisden. You and I are novices compared to Wisden so I will take their word for it and go with Bradman being the best ever.

Jaqcues Kallis or Sachin Tendulkar.Who will be more influential for their team in the middle order?

In this case I will have to say that Jack Kallis is a better middle order batsman. He is a consistent performer which is very important for the team and he is quite similar to Rahul Dravid. Yes it is true that it will invoke a great interest for the game. I think Sachin will have to make a major impact because there is no 'Wall' for India.

How many of you are looking forward to the Sachin Tendulkar v/s Dougie Bollinger contest in the final?

of course waiting ...Bollinger is in full form...Sachin have little bit disadvantage of being injured...but nevertheless Bollinger is new in international cricket world...

Sachin Tendulkar?