Is the new Sacha baron cohen movie, bruno, made with real people or actors?

its supposed to be unscripted, but i have a sneaky suspicion that, judging by the trailer, some of it might be scripted

Jews: Do you know if Sacha Baron Cohen kept the Sabbath during the filming of "Borat" and "Bruno" :]?

I am pretty positive that he is non practicing :p I think he is hilarious [and I really find him attractive... I don't know why]. Me and him share a perversion trait, haha.

Is that Sacha Baron Cohen's actual p***s in Bruno?

Probably (or not), he is a crazy MoFo! lol

Why would anyone be dumb enough to not know that the Eminem/ Sacha Baron Cohen skit was staged?

Because they have the ability to watch MTV long enough to see that event unfold....their brains are already gone.

What do you guys think about Sacha Baron Cohen retiring Borat and Ali G?

Yeah shame that, rumour has it he going to fight anthony 'the man' mundine, now that would be funny. mundine is a mouth. tries to copy yhe loud mouth show ponies that come out of America.

Is Sacha Baron Cohen making more characters?

Bruno. Ever heard of him? Look him up on youtube. Funny stuff. Although Bruno is an already long established character, Cohen will be depicting him in a mockumentary (similar to Borat), scheduled for release in 2009. Having said that, no actual further characters have been developed by Cohen since. As well, there has been no detail on the possibility of any new characters. Bruno is just the only character that remains to be seen on film. Get pumped for it brah

sacha baron cohen and star of bruno?

Yes. Sacha Baron Cohen is Bruno. He was also Borat, and Ali G A lot can happen with makeup.

how sexy to u think sacha baron cohen is?

Definitely unconventionally sexy!

Do the character's created by Sacha Baron Cohen reflect the negative stereotypes Americans have on foreigners?

it might to some...depends on your perspective, i suppose. it's pretty exaggerated to me

How do gay men feel about Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno'?

nope... it's just another silly stereotype same as ali-g that's what i think i feel about it i don't has i have no feeling about bruno as it's a caricature of what he would consider that imaginary person to be it means nothing 2 me

When does the movie "Bruno", starring Sacha Baron Cohen, start playing in theatres?

Check here

Was the episode with Sacha Baron Cohen and Eminem planned?

It was definately staged, Eminem (tuff or not just sat there, not even moving) Also, MTV panned to Eminem's face several times even before Bruno landed on him. What great marketing though, "the homophobe with the new album is 69'd by the gay model with a new movie on the way". Marketing ploy for sure. What's worse is now we have to hear all of this silly controversy, which is exactly what they wanted, and people really believe it to be real. And for those who think only one party had anything to do with it your wrong, both were a part of this scam. Now with all of this silly hype, we will be forced to watch it on VH1 countdown shows (MTV's grave yeard) for years to come. MTV is such a joke... P.S. - Even Eminem has the acting skills to act mad and walk out. (remember 8 Mile he was pissed that entire movie)

How is Sacha Baron Cohen feeling right now that Michael Jackson died?

I know what you're talking about. There's a scene in his new movie that has his sister La Toya in it. I understand that it is going to be removed now that Michael has died. Apparently, there's some material there that could now be considered to be in poor taste in light of what happened.

Where does Sacha Baron Cohen Currently live?

Does anyone actually give a toss?

Do you think Sacha Baron Cohen will make another Ali G movie?

No, Ali G is too well known, everybody will recognize him and he wont be able to trick people.

Is anyone excited for the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie Brüno?

I honestly think it will be really stupid and offensive. I'm sure a certain group of people will be highly insulted by it.

how many people think Sacha Baron Cohen aka Bruno and Borat is funny?

Yes, he's very funny... You missed out Ali G

Is Sacha Baron Cohen / Borat banned from Kazakhstan?

The Kazakh government was VERY unhappy about the Borat movie when it first came out - comments from their ambassador in the UK, full page newspaper ads & TV adds on CNN (giving a better impression of Kazakhstan), were just some of their responses... But, as you mentioned, once tourism inquiries increased dramatically - the government there made an offer for Sascha Cohen to visit. And his brother, who composed the music for the Borat movie, was contacted by the West Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra to compose a piece for them, which he did (entitled 'Zere'). It was later performed in both the UK and Kazakhstan. So although they were initially angry about the movie, I think the government came around and actually like all the attention... although I've seen posts online from people who say Cohen would be assaulted by regular Kazakhs if he ever set foot in their country! LOL Hope that helps answer your question! :-)

Do you think Sacha Baron Cohen should do another movie considering he got married.?


What ever happened with the "Brüno" film by Sacha Baron Cohen? When is it going to be released?

You people are crazy. It's out on July 10th. It was supposed to come out in May but it was moved to a quieter location. It's not because it was offensive. It'll be on DVD in November.

What's your opinion of Sacha Baron Cohen being cast as Freddie Mercury?

I hadn't heard that and now I want to kill myself. I've never enjoyed Cohen in anything he's done. He frequently seems to be in it for the shock value, and although Freddie was eccentric he wasn't a hack out for cheap laughs. Cohen has the appearance, but not the soul. Steve Coogan might be an ok fit, but I don't know about the resemblance.

Does Sacha Baron Cohen do the voice of King Julian in The Penguins of Madagascar?

No not on the cartoon only in the movies. Danny Jacobs is on the cartoon.

Why in the world are people willing to give their money to that idiot Sacha Baron Cohen?

yeah, I wasted money on Borat. That was enough for me. The irony is that he was actually good in Sweeney Todd and might actually be entertaining in real movies. But, I guess he prefers ambushing the average joe and making a fool too prove that everyone is a fool but him. pfft...

How does Sacha Baron Cohen keep all his movies secret while he's filming them?

There are always people who are out of touch with the rest of the world and those are the people he targets with his jokes and pranks. The racists he poked fun at in Borat probably have little contact with anyone other than their fellow racists.

What did you think of Sacha Baron Cohen landing right in Eminem's face?

I reckon Eminem was in on it as well. Why would the camera have shot to Eminem and no one else just before the fall? Plus his reaction wasn't that bad- he didn't get violent, he didn't completely go off the wall, just shouted a bit.. here ya go reef

Will Sacha Baron Cohen replace Benjamin Netanyahu in the Knesset?

After Borat and Ali G etc, it's far, far too late. Can Cohen be taken seriously? Seriously?

Do you think the new Bruno movie with Sacha Baron Cohen will be funnier than Borat?

It looks even more politically incorrect than Borat so I think it'll be great! :D I can't wait til it comes out either!

Has Sacha Baron Cohen offered a formal apology to those he has insulted in his movies ?

Why would he? Do you not understand sarcasm and irony?

Do you think that Sacha Baron Cohen is funny or a complete idiot?

I think he's very funny, and very clever considering the variations between the characters he does. However, sometimes it is the reactions of the people he is interviewing or communicating with that are the funniest.

How does Sacha Baron Cohen really do his work?? What are the legal aspects?

I wonder the exact same thing?! Bruno deffinatly crossed the lines at some point. All I know is that he is an epic genius haha

Why does Sacha Baron Cohen choose the most accepting and tolerating country on Earth to film his movies/show?

Very good point. While the United States is not perfect, it is the most tolerant country out there. America is still the only country where someone can truly make something of themselves. You don't see Americans flocking to move to Mexico or Sweden or anywhere else. America is superior to all other countries.

What do you think is the next character Sacha Baron Cohen will be playing?

You may be living in the new millenium, but you still know nothing. I own the complete Ali G show on dvd, and own both Ali G in Da house and Borat. Bruno is the final trilogy to his original characters. He's not going to do an Ali G movie, because he's already done it. He will move on to other side splitting comedic roles, like the ones he had in Talladega Nights: Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and Sweeny Todd.

What do you think of Sacha Baron Cohen playing Freddie Mercury?

I think we should give him the benefit of a doubt. He's much more brilliant than a lot of people give him credit for. He's a great contemporary satirist, and I think he's more than capable of taking a role seriously and shocking the people that write him off as nothing but a dumb comedian.

What does everyone think of Sacha Baron Cohen playing the role of Queen's Freddie Mercury in a new movie?

He's perfect.

Where can I buy a Bruno (as in Sacha Baron Cohen Bruno) fancy dress kit?

theres a great one at . its the only place ive seen one. and its the whole deal, hat, wig etc etc. Theres more than one kit though, i'll link both for you:

How does Sacha Baron Cohen really look like?


Do the people in the Sacha Baron Cohen movies really not know that the situations are fake?

I'm sure that some of them do know, or eventually catch on to the fact that they are being set up, but let me put it this way: I've lived in New York City my entire life, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing that surprises me anymore. You wouldn't believe the funny/absurd things that take place on the subway alone. My point is that there are all sorts of bizarre people out there, and if you come from a big city you would probably be less likely to assume that you're being "had" rather than just thinking to yourself, "ah...another looney tune in action".

How is it legal for Sacha Baron Cohen to use non-actors in his films?

It's not illegal, but he can be sued (and is being) by anyone who did NOT sign a release. However, it's not required to have a release if a person is filmed in a public place, or with their approval.

What do you think about Eminem getting stinkfaced by Sacha Baron Cohen?

lol yeha it was fake, LOL eminem "ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOAU FUCKING SERIOUS?" Then he leaves. LMAO

What are your thoughts on the Eminem-Sacha Baron Cohen incident?

I thought it was disrespectful , personally if I was Eminem i would have flipped out , & yes i read it was staged but eminem should have been fully disclosed on the SPECIFIC DETAILS of how the staged prank was gonna happen, and on the flip side he should have made sure himself that he knew exactly how it was gonna go down ... so you can say mtv was at fault for not fully explaining the prank to him or eminem for not asking enough questions ... eminem was the perfect target for that kinda prank considering the fact that everyone knows about his distaste for gays.. i found it to be HILARIOUS i was literally ROFL when i saw that video lol ... but apparently he didn't find it so funny

What's next for Sacha Baron Cohen? He's already played his 3 characters in movies, so what's next?

Well he has been in other movies playing roles.... so he will probably keep up with that... I'm sure he probably has another character in development... I don't think he is going anywhere he is too funny

who is more messed up micheal jackson or Sacha Baron Cohen?

Michael Jackson is way creepier, no doubt about it.

Is Lady Gaga actually Sacha Baron Cohen?

No, never, nil, nope. THat's my answer

Sacha Baron Cohen make a good Freddie Mercury?

That's so amazing that they're making a Queen movie! :) I can't wait to watch it! Freddie was an exciting performer! He was flamy and zesty, so I think Sacha Baron Cohen will do a great job acting as Freddie! It'll be a great movie! I can't wait to see it :) Thanks for letting me know about it!!!

why did Sacha Baron Cohen make such a fool of himself on borat?

Making a fool of himself is what he does best.

Who do you think is Sacha Baron Cohen similiar to in American history?

Jeff Goldblum

If Sacha Baron Cohen was to play one music star in a biopic movie who do you think it would be?

Frank Zappa

What was the name of the song that played when Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen) came out during the 2009 MTV movie..?

It was Sadness by Enigma.

Are there any videos of Sacha Baron Cohen messing up as one of his characters?

It's pretty hard for SBC to screw up without making it look intentional. The man is a genius. He just goes from one person to another so easily, it's amazing.

What does Sacha Baron Cohen look like normally? He was born in London <333