where are some places that sacagawea helped lewis and clark.?

After reaching the Pacific coast in November 1805, Sacagawea was allowed to cast her vote along with the other members of the expedition for where they would build a fort to stay for the winter. They built Fort Clatsop near present-day Astoria, Oregon, and they remained there until March of the following year. Sacagawea, her husband, and her son remained with the expedition on the return trip east until they reached the Mandan villages. During the journey, Clark had become fond of her son Jean Baptiste, nicknaming him “Pomp” or “Pompey.” And he even offered to help him get an education

Does anyone think that Sacagawea gets too much credit for what she did with Lewis and Clark?

Evidently not, since I don't even know what she did.

What key role did Sacagawea play in the expidition of lewis and clark?

she was the translator par excellence and on some occasions, served as a guide too. i'm sure your textbooks have many more detailed accounts of her contributions to the expedition.

How did Sacagawea's actions contribute to making her legacy?

She led to men who had no idea what they were doing with a baby on her back across the country

Who would be a person Sacagawea would like to meet?

Shoshana Tillman, who is a member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and lives on the Wind River Reservation. Shoshana is a descendant of Sacajawea.

How were Napoleon, Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewiis,Will Clark,& Sacagawea important part of Lewis & Clark?

well Napoleon was important because he was causing French financial problems with his war so they sold the Louisiana territory to the US. and lewis and clark were the ones who went on the expedition, and Sacagawea was their guide. and thomas jefferson had asked congress for an expedition of america to the pacific

How did sacagawea learn how to do things as an indian girl?

From her parents and the other elders in her tribe, I would guess. Good luck

What are three positive contributions Sacagawea made during her life?

She provided her personal beads for Lewis and Clark to trade for some Sea Otter furs.

Did Sacagawea work or have a job in her tribe?

What is an artifact I can do on Sacagawea?

you could make a cradle board that Sacagawea used to hold little Jean Baptise,,(her son.)

Can you pay for purchases with sacagawea dollars or susan b anthony dollars? Or are they no longer accepted?

Yes, even though the Susan B Anthony dollar is probably better to be kept, they are to be destroyed once you've spent them.

Why do people call her Sacagawea?

Calm down buddy. Nobody really cares, even fewer know who she is and what she did.

How would history and today be different if Lewis and Clark had not met Sacagawea?

Jefferson sent Lewis and CLark. She helped with translation and directions. Without her, they'd have got lost or been killed. Probably both.

Where can i get dollar coins with sacagawea on them?

The Bank, just hand them 25 dollars and ask them for a roll of them. It's that easy.

Can I still pay using a Sacagawea dollar?

they should it is u.s. curency if they dont just complain to the manager

Sacagawea coin with no year and edge lettering?

I think the date would be on the edge as well. Your one dollar coin is worth... one dollar.

How many coins left? In my purse I had some pennies, dimes, and Sacagawea dollar coins, total 16 coins...?

I'm assuming you had exact change to pay for the candy. This is actually an interesting problem in mod arithmetic. The numbers 1, 10, 100 (corresponding to penny, dime, and dollar) all equal 1 in mod 9. So, with 16 coins, the mod 9 total of your coins is 7. Now, 36 = 0 mod 9. So after buying the candy, the coins in your pocket will still total 7 mod 9. Since you can't still have 16 coins, the number left is 7, as this is the only number less than 16 which is 7 mod 9 .

what happened to lissette the daughter of sacagawea?

she most likely died of a young age. While her mother either died at the age of 24 or 96

What is the true value of a Sacagawea Dollar?

Unless the coin is in mint-state condition with a good golden color, or it's a proof coin, or if it's verified as being of a particular variety, it's not worth much more than face value, due to the abundance of them in circulation and the low demand thereof.

How did Sacagawea and her fur trading husband help the expedition?

Sacagawea turned out to be incredibly valuable to the Corps as it traveled westward, through the territories of many new tribes. Some of these Indians, prepared to defend their lands, had never seen white men before. As Clark noted on October 19, 1805, the Indians were inclined to believe that the whites were friendly when they saw Sacagawea. A war party never traveled with a woman -- especially a woman with a baby. During council meetings between Indian chiefs and the Corps where Shoshone was spoke, Sacagawea was used and valued as an interpreter

why was Sacagawea important on the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Sacagawea (also Sakakawea, Sacajawea; see below) (c. 1788 – December 20, 1812; see below for other theories about her death) was a Shoshone woman who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, in their exploration of the Western United States. She traveled thousands of miles from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean between 1804 and 1806. She was nicknamed Janey by Clark No she wasn,t a guide---- she was wife to Charbonneau , the guide & translator hired by Lewis & Clark. The Lewis and Clark expeditions Sacagawea was pregnant with her first child when the Corps of Discovery arrived near the Hidatsa villages to spend the winter of 1804-1805. Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark built Fort Mandan and interviewed several trappers who might be able to translate or guide the expedition further up the Missouri River in the springtime. They agreed to hire Charbonneau as an interpreter when they discovered his wife spoke the Shoshone language, as they knew they would need the help of the Shoshone tribes at the headwaters of the Missouri. Lewis recorded in his journal on November 4, 1804: "a French man by Name Chabonah, who speaks the Big Belly language visit us, he wished to hire and informed us his 2 squars were snake Indians, we engage him to go on with us and take one his wives to interpret the Snake language…" [sic] Charbonneau and Sacagawea moved into the fort a week later. Lewis recorded the birth of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau on February 11, 1805, noting that another of the party's interpreters administered crushed rattlesnake rattles from Lewis' specimen collection to speed the delivery. The boy was called "Little Pomp" or "Pompy" by Clark and others in the expedition.In April, the expedition left Fort Mandan and headed up the Missouri River in pirogues, which had to be poled and sometimes pulled from the riverbanks. On May 14, 1805, Sacagawea rescued items that had fallen out of a capsized boat, including the journals and records of Lewis and Clark. The corps commanders, who praised her quick action on this occasion, would name the Sacagawea River in her honor on May 20.By August 1805 the corps had located a Shoshone tribe and was attempting to trade for horses to cross the Rocky Mountains. Sacagawea was brought in to translate, and it was discovered the tribe's chief was her brother, Cameahwait. Lewis recorded the reunion in his journal: "Shortly after Capt. Clark arrived with the Interpreter Charbono, and the Indian woman, who proved to be a sister of the Chief Cameahwait. The meeting of those people was really affecting, particularly between Sah cah-gar-we-ah and an Indian woman, who had been taken prisoner at the same time with her, and who had afterwards escaped from the Minnetares and rejoined her nation.And Clark in his:"The Intertrepeter & Squar who were before me at Some distance danced for the joyful Sight, and She made signs to me that they were her nationThe Shoshone agreed to barter horses to the group, and to provide guides to lead them over the treacherously cold and barren Rocky Mountains, where they were reduced to eating tallow candles to survive. When they descended into the more temperate regions on the other side, Sacagawea helped to find and cook camas roots to help them regain their strength. While Sacagawea often appears in romantic depictions as a guide for the expedition, she provided direction in only a few instances. Her translation efforts also helped the party to negotiate with the Shoshone. However, her greatest value to the mission may have been simply her presence, which indicated their peaceful intent. While traveling through what is now Franklin County, Washington, Clark noted "The Indian woman confirmed those people of our friendly intentions, as no woman ever accompanies a war party of Indians in this quarter" and "the wife of Shabono our interpetr we find reconsiles all the Indians, as to our freindly intentions a woman with a party of men is a token of peace

Do you think that the value of the Sacagawea golden dollar will ever go up?

The proof Sac & SBA's have already gone up. I doubt that circulated ones will ever go up but some of the low mintage ones in mint state will and some have. As time goes by some of the older $2 notes in crisp uncirculated will go up, but in circulated grades it may take a good many years. Series 1976 and up will take some time to have extra collector value.

Have you seen the sacagawea dollar coin with a reverse rotation?

yes i have one in my hand right now they are worth one dollar and are in cirrculation

Can you tell me the three main important events of Sacagawea's journey?

- birth of her first child Jean Baptiste Charbonneau on February 11, 1805 - On May 14, 1805, she rescued items that had fallen out of a capsized boat, including the journals and records of Lewis and Clark. - August 1805 trade with the Shoshone for horses to cross the Rocky Mountains - As the expedition approached the mouth of the Columbia River, Sacagawea gave up her beaded belt in order to allow the captains to trade for a fur robe they wished to return to President Jefferson. - showed them the way to GIbbons pass at the return way.

Do you believe that the Lewis & Clark Expedition would have been as successful without Sacagawea's assistance?

yes i do, Sacagawea knew the land better and showed them around. didn't she create peace between them and the indians? idk i learned this so long ago. just look in ur history book.

How was Sacagawea treated in the Louis & Clark Expedition?

What are 3 risks that Sacagawea had to take in order to assist the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Well she was pregnant so i guess theres one.

How much are the Sacagawea dollar proof coin worth? I have some 2000 D and a lot of 2000 P?

Sorry but the proof 2000 Sac dollar coins were minted in San Francisco and so have an S mint mark. The ones you have are circulation strike coins not proofs, that were minted in Denver and Philadelphia. The P ones had a mintage of 767,140,000 and the D 518,916,000 so they are not rare or even scarce. The proofs were available only in proof sets and there were 4,047,904 minted. Your coins are not proofs but may have been polished by someone.

Will the sacagawea dollar coin work in coinstar?

why wouldnt you go to a bank?? coinstar charges a fee. Anyway, it will accept the coins.

what was the only request sacagawea made during the lewis and clark expedition?

She constantly asked them to stop so she could use the bathroom.

what impact did Sacagawea have on history and would history of been different with out her?

Sacagawea allowed the Expedition to move much more smoothly in several ways: 1) Because of the presence of her and her son, the tribes they encountered knew immediately that the Expedition wasn't a war party and became easier to deal with 2) She allowed the Expedition to get much needed supplies (such as horses from her own people) that allowed them to cross the Rockies with greater ease and with fewer problems 3) Her familiarity with edible plants allowed the men in the Expedition to have much more variety than they would have had 4) Her and her son's presence in the Expedition had a "calming" affect on the men and helped to keep things a bit more relaxed The idea that Sacagawea was a guide for the Expedition is not accurate. Most of the land they traveled through she was completely unfamiliar with except for when they entered the land of her people, the Shoshone. Even then, she couldn't tell them exactly where to go because she had been so young when she'd been taken. She did, however, remember some landmarks which was useful. History could have been vastly different because there were other countries also looking for a more direct route to the Pacific Ocean. If Lewis and Clark hadn't been as successful as they were, another country, such as Spain, would have been able to lay claim to some of the land instead of the United States.

What if Lewis and Clark were betrayed by Sacagawea and both killed by Native Americans?

It would have delayed the journey across the land by three or four years at most. It was considered of great importance to know just what lay beyond what was then the western borders of America, and had Lewis and Clark not successfully completed the task, others would have been sent straightaway. The mantra was "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again".

How much is a sacagawea 2011p coin worth ?

It's a dollar coin. Go spend it. Because of inflation, it will buy less in a year than it will today. It won't have any extra value as a collector coin for a long, long time, if ever.

What is the difference between Sacagawea and Pocahontas?

Sacajawea helped Louis and Clark on their expedition for the Louisiana Purchase and was carrying a baby with her during that time. Pocahontas was very important because she was involved during the time when Europeans were moving to the us. Pocahontas is better remembered because she has a movie and she was a person during a very important time in american history.

When did Sacagawea join lewis and clark for there expedition?

When they built Fort Mandan in North Dakota they realized one of the French trappers wives there could speak English. She wasn't raped, her husband wasnt killed. She joined the Corps of Discovery as an interpreter and they left the fort, she gave birth to her son on the expedition and died many years later back with her original tribe the Shoshone.

Sacagawea Dollar is it legal tender in the US?

The Sacagawea Dollar is minted by the US government and is legal tender. A shop *could* choose to refuse it, just as they could refuse to accept dimes, $100 bills or any other denomination. But there is no reason to think that it would in most cases. Most cash register tills do no have a tray space for dollar coins, so I can imagine that they would refuse to accept 200 Sacagewea dollars to settle a hotel bill, for example. But ordinarily, it should be fine.

What could I call my Sacagawea research paper?

Could Lewis and Clark have succeeded without Sacajawea?

What do I do with this 4 oz 2000 Sacagawea gold plated silver proof?

It has a very fine layer of gold on top that is at best worth a dollar or two. It is not a coin but a medal and is not a U.S. mint item but from a private mint. It is only worth the value of the silver in it minus a percentage so the dealer can make a profit when it is melted. They are a hard sell to a coin collector for they are not a coin but a gimmick. You will not get the $100 unless silver goes back up. This is not the time to sell silver but to buy it, for silver has come way down. Sorry about the bad news, silver is a little over $11 an ounce the last time I checked.

Why do you think Sacagawea did not stay with the Shoshone once she reunited with them?

She was married to Toussaint Charbonneau and had a child with him. Sacajawea was dedicated to the relationship. There is a theory that she was not of the Shoshone tribe, but of the Hidatsa tribe.

How were you taught to pronouce Sacagawea and what is the proper way?

Most historians and linguistic experts have gone on record saying that the correct pronunciation is Sah-cah' gah-we-ah (as it was written in the journals by Lewis and Clark who tended to write things down phonetically. Additionally, Sacagawea is not a Shoshone name, but was given to her by the Hidatsa nation after she was captured.

When was Sacagawea born and when did she die?

Sacagawea (Sakakawea, Sacajawea, Sacajewea) (c. 1788 – December 20, 1812; see below for other theories about her death) was a Shoshone woman who accompanied the Corps of Discovery with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in their exploration of the Western United States, traveling thousands of miles from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean between 1804 and 1806. She was nicknamed Janey by Clark. Early life Sacagawea was born to the Agaidika ("Salmon Eater") tribe of Shoshone between Kenney Creek and Agency Creek, near what is now the city of Tendoy in Lemhi County, Idaho.[2] However, when she was about twelve years old, she and several other girls were kidnapped by a group of Hidatsa in a battle that resulted in the death of four Shoshone men, four women and several boys.[3] She was then taken to their village near the present-day Washburn, North Dakota, and was raised in their culture. At the age of about thirteen, Sacagawea was taken as a wife by Toussaint Charbonneau, a French trapper living in the Hidatsa village, who had also taken another young Shoshone named Otter Woman as a wife. Charbonneau is said to have either purchased both wives from the Hidatsa, or to have won Sacagawea while gambling. Later life and death Charbonneau and Sacagawea spent three years among the Hidatsa after the expedition, before accepting William Clark's invitation to settle in St. Louis, Missouri in 1809. They entrusted Jean-Baptiste's education to Clark, who enrolled the young man in the Saint Louis Academy boarding school. Sacagawea gave birth to a daughter, Squanto Lisette or Lizette, sometime after 1810. According to Bonnie "Spirit Wind-Walker" Butterfield, historical documents suggest Sacagawea died in 1812: "An 1811 journal entry made by Henry Brackenridge, a fur dealer at Fort Manuel Lisa Trading Post on the Missouri River, stated that both Sacagawea and Charbonneau were living at the fort. He recorded that Sacagawea "…had become sickly and longed to revisit her native country." The following year, John Luttig, a clerk at Fort Manuel Lisa recorded in his journal on December 20, 1812, that "…the wife of Charbonneau, a Snake Squaw [the common term used to denote Shoshone Indians], died of putrid fever." He went on to say that she was "aged about 25 years. She left a fine infant girl".[7] Documents held by Clark show that her son Baptiste had already been entrusted by Charbonneau into Clark's care for a boarding school education, at Clark's insistence (Jackson, 1962)."[8] A few months later, fifteen men were killed in an Indian attack on Fort Lisa, located at the mouth of the Bighorn River.[7] John Luttig and Sacagawea's young daughter were among the survivors. Some say Toussaint Charbonneau was killed at this time; others say he signed over formal custody of his son to Clark in 1813. As further proof that Sacagawea died at this time, Butterfield says: "An adoption document made in the Orphans Court Records in St. Louis, Missouri states that "On August 11, 1813, William Clark became the guardian of "Tousant Charbonneau, a boy about ten years, and Lizette Charbonneau, a girl about one year old." For a Missouri State Court at the time, to designate a child as orphaned and to allow an adoption, both parents had to be confirmed dead in court papers. "The last recorded document citing Sacagawea's existence appears in William Clark's original notes written between 1825-1826. He lists the names of each of the expedition members and their last known whereabouts. For Sacagawea he writes: "Se car ja we au- Dead" (Jackson, 1962)."[8] It is not believed that Lizette survived childhood, as there is no later record of her among Clark's papers.

What is the value of a One Dollar Sacagawea coin from 2000?

1 dollar.

Will uncirculated rolled sacagawea gold dollars be valuable in the future?

They are not going to be a great investment, but then again they are not going down in value. http://cgi.liveauctions.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&viewitem=&item=280246241829&salenotsupported this is an eBay listing 4 of the coins sold for $6, a slight profit. If you had your funds in Freddie Mac of Fannie Mae what would be the result??? I prefer coin investing over bank deposits any day. If you invest a few hundred dollars each year on mint rolls you will find the portfolio increasing in value each year.

How much should I sell 49 Sacagawea coins for on ebay?

I honestly doubt you could sell them for more than $49. I can just go to my bank and pick them up. Try and sell them, though, you never know. Just put a reserve of $49 on them and you'll be covered. good luck

What did Sacagawea do to become famous and what did she accomplish?

Sacagawea is historically famous because she was the primary guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition which was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson in 1804. Without her those two guys would have been seriously lost. She knew the best routes to take that eventually led them all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Check out the sources below. They should help. This is an important part of American history because the lands of the Louisiana Purchase would later become future states of the union.

How much would a mint condition Sacagawea coin from 2001 be worth?

The value is going to depend on a couple of things. The first is that not all uncirculated coins are created equal. After a coin is minted, it's dumped in a hopper with a bunch of other coins, they go through a counting machine and are dumped back into a hopper, then dumped in big bags. Then the bags are loaded onto a truck and driven to a bank, and from there they might be transferred to other banks before being rolled and sent to your bank. All that time, the coins are banging into each other, and acquiring what are called "bag marks". The fewer of those a coin has, the more it's worth. The other possibility is that you have what is called a "proof" coin. These are specially minted for collectors, and are handled much more gently. A proof is easy to distinguish--the "fields" of the coin will be like a mirror, and the design parts of the coin will look "frosty". Also, proof coins are made in San Francisco, so they will have an "S" mintmark under the date. If you've got an uncirculated coin, it could be worth anywhere between about $2 and $20, depending on the condition. If you've got a proof, it's probably worth $15-$30.

How much would a 2000 Sacagawea gold dollar be worth today?

There were several hundred million 2000 dated Sacajawea dollar coins produced - so many, in fact, that most of them haven't entered circulation yet. There simply isn't enough demand for them. There is actually talk about discontinuing the Presidential series dollar coins because there is already such a huge surplus of 'golden' dollar coins sitting in vaults, unwanted. Thus, it is unlikely that your Sac dollars will ever be worth more than face value. By the way, Sacajawea dollars are still being produced (in very limited quantities, for the collector market). You can order 2011 dated Sac dollars by the roll from the US Mint web site.

Has anyone seen a Sacagawea coin with the reverse side printed upside down or otherways?

U.S. coins are minted in coin rotation. That is if you take a coin and flip it over bottom to top the reverse is then upright also. In Canada they use medal rotation that is if you turn the coin over from right to left or left to right the reverse goes the same way and is upright. If you turn a U.S. coin from left to right the reverse is upside down. I have not hear of any Sac dollars that have a rotated reverse that is off more than just a few degrees. Dies in high speed coining presses can become lose and move but usually only a little. Back in the old days they could move a lot but pins these days stop that. there has been no articles in Coin World or Numismatic News-Weekly coin magazines about what you say. I am sorry but some of the so-called education channels get things wrong. Most of the secrets of the mint happened before the 1940's, they pulled a lot of things back in the 1800's.


(c. 1787 – December 20, 1812;


I know that either Clark or Rogers (I forget which) served as guardian for Sacagawea's children, Lucy and Jean Baptiste, after her death. But there is no proof of the romance.