What part of Kruger should we visit besides sabi sands(leopards)?

It all depends what you want to see. Most people plan their routes around the camp(s) they are staying in. Don't be fooled, the park is huge you cannot drive from one end to the other in one day. You have to drive slow (very low speed limit). I have been very lucky I have seen all the cats and the big 5 there. The only thing I have not seen there yet is wild dog:-(

What do you think wabi sabi really is? Really important poll, i need to know?

i have no clue,i wish i knew.....but it sounds like a hot sauce or something.lol♂ + ♀ = ♥

What is the philosophy of "Waba Sabi" and how did it develop?

Wabi sabi. it's like 'simple is best', developed in 15 or 16th century, from tea ceremony... and buddhism also. there was a tv programme on BBC the other night. it was interesting!

What is the art definition of wabi and sabi?

Wabi - An aesthetic term which, like sabi, has multiple definitions, but generally indicating a pleasurable response to austerity, simplicity, and even poverty. Like sabi, it often suggests a reverence for things that have stood the test of time. more options: http://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGLS_enUS305US305&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=define:+wabi Sabi - An aesthetic term with many definitions, but generally referring to the conditions of aging, both visual (patina, the accidents of time) and psychological (loneliness, serenity).

Can some one tell me what De sabi twa means?

It sounds like "déshabille-toi" (take off your clothes in French) I can't see what it could mean in Spanish...

What is the principal of wabi-sabi and how can we benefit from using it?

Wel you learn something every day - I though it was Japenese horseradish and I was going to suggest that you put it on your sushi!

What is the english translation of the tagalog sentence sabi ko na nga ba eh?

It`s more like "That`s what I thought!" and could also mean something like "I told you so!"

What is the english translation of the tagalog sentence kamusta raw sabi niya?

He/She is asking how you are. How are you, He/She said. kamusta-how are you (a way to know someone's condition or health) sabi-say,tell niya-he/she

How to write the name 'Sabi' in hindi?

सबी That's if the name is said Sabee. In hindi you have short and long vowels. The A in Sabee as I wrote it before would be said like the U in the english word "sun". If it's said "Saabee" (with a long A, something between the english A in "cat" and in "fast"), then you write it like that: साबी Hindi also have long and short I. I assumed this name is said with a long I, and that "Sabi" rhymes with the english word "See". But if it's said like the I in "baby", then it should be written साबि (long A), or सबि (short A). I love you is: Main tum se pyaar karti hoon मैं तुम से पयार कारती हूँ That's if you're a girl. If you're a boy, you say "karta hoon" at the end: कारता हूँ

What is the etymology of the terms Yahud , Sabi'en , Nasarah ?

Yahud=Jews Sab'ien=Sabathians(Not exactly sure of the name. Its an old Monotheistic). Nasarah=Christians(not the ones these days because they believe in Trinity which is great Shirk).