Should I start Matt Forte or Ryan Torain?

I'd go Forte. He probably wont have a breakout game, but he's a better option than Torain.

Should I start Peyton Hillis or Ryan Torain in Week 16?

Peyton Hillis. Hillis is the better start, but this is a close choice. Hillis has better stats, but Torain might have close to the same if he played more. However, even when Torain plays he is not catching the ball as much as Hillis. Torain only has three good games (Colts, Bears, and Bucs) and only the Bears can actually play defense, so Torains stats are kinda overblown. Torain got hurt in last weeks games, a hamstring injury, and that can really hurt a running back. Hillis is going against the better defense, but he ran all over them last time so he might do it again. I think the only way Hillis has a worse game than Torian is if the Brown start to get blown out AND the Redskins blow out the Jags. The Brown have a good chance of getting mollywhopped by the Ravens BUT the Redskins are playing for nothing and the Jags need this game to stay alive so the Jags will probably win and Torian won't touch the rock alot since he can't catch the ball in that offense. and also, I am your older brother so pick Hillis 'cause I said so.

should i start Cedric Benson or Ryan Torain at my flex play spot on my fantasy roster?

Cedric Benson. I don't know why people are going crazy about Torain's big game vs. THE COLTS. Everybody runs all over the Colts.

Should I start Darren Sproles or Ryan Torain As my week 7 Flex option?

Its PPR so you definitely have to stick with Sproles. I have him and my league is PPR and he's a top 10 back right now.

Should I drop Jonathan Stewart for Ryan Torain?

Yes! The washington backfield will probably be unpredictable all year but as long as he's the guy he will put up huge numbers

Should I trade Greg Jennings and Ryan Torain for Calvin Johnson and Ricky Williams?

no Ryan Torrain will most likely get more touches then portis VERY soon and greg jennings is still amazing.

Should I drop Ryan Torain and pick up DeMarco Murray?

short term- Yes Murray has a great matchup this week & will get the bulk of the workload, but only till Felix returns long term- Torain, would currently not start him. But there is a chance he could get the lead back role eventually, who knows with Shanahan really depends on you lineup, but I would take the bigger short term upside of Murray over the questionable antics of Shanahan

Should I start Ryan Torain for a guy I have on bye?

The Eagles have allowed more fantasy points to opposing RBs than any other team. Torain will be a very good start this week. The only risk is that Hightower's shoulder has healed enough for him to play and Shannahan shares the carries between the 3 RBs. I'd be very comfortable playing Torain this week.

Ryan Torain?!?

Potentially huge. Teams steered away from his transfer status and late injury. He's the perfect fit for Denver, hard to bring down and a between the tackles runner. 222, not too tall at 6'1". The guy reminds me a lot of Terrell Davis, right down to the injury history he had at Georgia. I only saw one game with him at ASU, but he tore through the line every time he got the rock -- ripping off big yardage. If he can pick up pass protection duties and protect Cutler, he could win the job, or a lot of carries. I've always thought Young was a change-of-pace back...

Is ryan torain worth a shot for a start against the eagles next week?

Definitely worth a try if you need bye week help. Torain made a big impact last year and had a very good game last week. The Eagles run D has also been bad.