How good is the Mock Draft 4.0?

Not too bad. But I don't think Richardson is going to go that high, especially in a pass first NFL. Same goes with Kendall Wright after running a slow 40 time at the combine, and certainly not ahead of Sanu and Jeffrey. Kirk Cousins will also likely be draft a lot sooner than the end of the 2nd round, same with Dwayne Allen.

How good is this Mock Draft.?

2- i dont see the rams trading down for a 4th round pick to give to the browns who also need a wide receiver. reguardless, 1 of them is getting jb 5- i can see the redskins trading up because they have the budget to in order to get rg3 9- i see the panthers going for trent richardson 10- bills will most likely go for a corner 11- chiefs- i dont see much to improve on. they just had their 3 best players get acl injuries 14- cowboys have to draft a safety in the 1st round 18- chargers just need someone who wont underachieve thats all i really see though. im also not too familiar with the names or player nor am i draft analyst, but im decent on knowing what a team needs and the things i pointed out above are whats glaring to me.

2012 NFL Mock Draft- Including trades that may occur?

the panthers need a CB not a DT they have a really good line they lost two starters before even the first game a lot of people don;t know that ron edwards tore his triceps

Your 2012 mock draft?

Hey, you put a lot of thought into this it seems and I can't really contest any of it. I can only comment on the rams as that's the team I follow. But, they need a WR first especially with guys like blackmon and jeffery there. Rams have literally lost their top 3 corners all early in the year to injury, hence the weakness in that area

How good is this NFL Mock Draft?

Whoa dude, you have a linebacker going to Carolina, when our needs are D line and secondary in that order. Couples, Barron, or Kirkpatrick will be drafted by Carolina. Jon Beason is our pro bowl ILB.

True or False: Nfl teams reach for QB's to much in the draft in the 1st round?

I think they do and they don't MOST teams with the first few picks in the draft have multiple needs, the QB is usually one of them. In this years case, take alook at St Louis...they have a 2 round pick, but don't need a they are trading down to someone who does. Teams that not only need a QB but need a starter will typically draft that person in the first few picks The reason they go then, is they are in fact the keystone....and there might be other teams that don't necessarily need one, but are pretty well set and can switch to the m ode of drafting for the future. So the QB's that are "hot" will be gone first round. There will always be a couple of teams out there that are able to draft for future and not present critical needs. And then you have the boneheads who ALWAYS have a philosiphy of taking the best player on the board regardless of needs. Oh and Washington needs a QB bad. If you are an NFL franchise and Rex Grossman is part of your competetion for the starting roll.....youhave problems. If he WINS the starting roll, you are screwed. Moving on

Do you think that the Cleveland Browns should use its 2 first round picks for RGIII?

I think your logic is sound, but there's no way RGIII will be around at 4. If there's less interest in him than expected, I can see the Redskins giving up on Flynn and going for him. And Blackmon would be a great complement to Little. They do need to make sure they upgrade at QB, however, which might mean trading up in the second round. Tannehill is making waves and if this continues, they may end up having to take him at 22. The quick emergence of guys like Newton is making teams QB hungry, and I can even see a team like the Cowboys grabbing him.

Should LSU leading rusher Stevan Ridley have his eligibility reinstated for the Cotton Bowl?

I am a Die hard LSU fan if the player can't pass he can't play no matter who he plays for. And if players sell their stuff and get caught they shouldn't be able to play for the Bowl game either aka Ohio State Players. Is the NCAA wanting Ohio State to Beat an SEC team that bad to put off sanctions until next year? Terrell Pryor will go pro how in the Heck will that affect him? Be real lots of attention to undermine rules this year. But don't count on Ohio state Beating Arkansas with all their player eligible.

If you were a GM of a team in need of a QB?

I guess there is a few ways to look at this. Flynn is young and has a little experiance.He can be bulit around.If ya can sign him and draft a line to protect him he could be a great pick. Manning would be for a team that is well established.Whoever gets him knows the risk and will have to contend right away.Even if he is 100% he is not young. Luck well lets face it we are pretty sure he is going to the Colts who would have to be overwhelmed by a trade to accept it.(if something does come up the Colts would be nuts not to listen.they have problems besides QB) Griffen is like Flynn he might be able to play right away depending on what is being asked tradeing both Flynn andup might be a wise move.He looks like a guy to bulid around.Either Flynn or Griffen would benifit from a veteran backup.

Out of these players who do you want and think your team will draft?

As a Rams fan we are either going to draft Trent Richardson or Justin Blackmon. It's pretty clear cut imo.

Thoughts on my 3 round NFL Mock Draft?

I like it but you have Brandon Boykin and David Wilson going too low. If Zebrie Sanders isn't taken in the first round the Lions will take him in the 2nd. Really wouldn't surprise to see them go Jenkins, Sanders, Robinson/Vernon.

Post your NFL Mock Draft Picks 1-10?

1. Luck-Obvious 2.Griffin-Obvious 3. Khalil - pretty sure 4. Richardson- I hope im a browns fan, theyd be stupid to do anything else 5. Claiborne- even if hes retarded 6.Blackmon pretty easy pick 7.Fletcher 8 Tannehill- I dont like him but I dont think they could afford passing on a qb, if their smart they trade down 9.Coples stays near home 10. De'castro

wuts going to happen?

I heard the Browns are giving serious consideration to drafting Tannehill at number four overall. That sounds like a reach, but it's fact he's not getting past the Seahawks at number 12. That could force their hand. Personally, I think Cleveland should go after Alabama RB Trent Richardson in the first round, then go after a QB like Michigan State's Kirk Cousins with their other first rounder (22) or in the second.

How does this NFL mock draft sound?

This looks very crisp. I have been constantly saying the Browns will make that trade, and further more take kendall wright at 22nd overall. Im not sure about the jaguars taking wright, i think if michael floyd is available, he is a better prospect,both faster and taller. But apart from that, this is spot on. Good work, well done, a pat on the back is due. The redskins are reaching for Tannehill at 6, he will flop if care is not taken.

Top 10 NFl mock draft?

From a mock draft prospective it looks reasonable, Blackmon should go to the Rams? here's how I think they should go (remember should not will) #1Colts - Robert Griffin III QB Baylor The best QB grade I have ever given to a college player, that means you go #1 #2Redskins - Andrew Luck QB Stanford Not sure if I would have traded up for him, I don't think he is the best player left, but giving up 3 firsts for any other position doesn't make sense #3Vikings - Matt Kalil LT Southern Cal Elite pass and run blocker, he is a perfect prospect, the Vikings need him. #4Browns - Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina Ingram is a beast, this guy could very well be the next Julius Peppers, there is only 4 or so complete prospects in this draft, if you can get one take him. #5Buccaneers - Morris Claiborne CB LSU Bad Wonderlick score doesn't matter when you just play outside on an island all day. His lack of preparation for the test is what worries me. #6Rams - Justin Blackmon WR OSU Lucky lucky Rams, they pick up all those picks from Washington, and still get the player they wanted. #7Jaguars - Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State Best DT in the draft, he will bring back memories of Stroud and Henderson in Jacksonville. #8Dolphins - Courtney Upshaw OLB 'Bama Time to get another pass rusher in that 3-4 set if you ask me, Upshaw is pretty good value. #9Panthers - Michael Brockers DT LSU Brockers is rated just below Cox on my board, the Panthers could really use him. #10Bills - Cordy Glenn LT Georgia Pass protection is key, Glenn is a good run blocker, and his footwork is better than people think, I don't think he will be a guard in the pros, he looks like a LT to me, the Bills need that with the loss of Demetrius Bell. Here's why some of the players you picked dropped out of my top 10. Trent Richardson - Love the guy, but running backs come a dime a dozen, I'd consider him in the second half of the first round if my need is big enough, but a two running back system works better now, you don't draft a RB this high to only get 15 carries a game. Riley Rieff - Awesome run blocker, but he doesn't have the footwork to play LT, just like a guard should never go this high a RT shouldn't either, his positional value is not big enough for him to get drafted this high. Ryan Tannehill - Team player, but the tape I watched with him he looked terrible, I wouldn't draft him in the fifth round. Quinton Coples - He doesn't process elite power or speed to rush the QB, on top of that there is personality concerns, is he a hard worker, I wouldn't look his direction for a pass rusher. Jonathan Martin - He could be a pretty good LT, he is perhaps a slightly better pass blocker than Glenn, but he is not much of a run blocker, he should go in the top 15 though. @AD problem is how much does it help you having a star RB, Maurice Jones-Drew and Adrian Peterson are both star RB's but their teams don't win. The Giants finished 32nd in average per run and won the Super Bowl, the positional value for RB is simply too low, that is why taking a RB this high doesn't make sense, you would never take a punter this high either, even if you knew he would be a great punter.

Miami Dolphins' 2012 Draft?

@Sports Pro They're definitely not going to trade up as there is not a huge dropoff in talent at WR in this year's draft. It would be wise if they traded down. Joe Philbin has already said they are in a sort of a rebuilding mode to replace some weak offensive lineman. Trade down, acquire more picks, and put the best talent on the field.

Predict the teams these QBs end up on...?

RG3- Browns Ryan Tannehill- Skins Matt Flynn- Fins Chad Henne- Jets Jason Campbell- Skins Kyle Orton- Chiefs Vince Young- Seahawks

who will Seattle most likely draft?

Of the two, I believe that Kirk Cousins will be drafted by the Seattle Seahawks, if he is available in the later rounds. However, I do not see the Seahawks drafting either. Ultimately, what I think will happen is that the Seahawks will draft Robert Griffin III with the #2 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Seahawks do this by making a trade with the St. Louis Rams.

Rank these quarterbacks by who you think would be the best option for the upcoming season? Long Term?

Upcoming season: 1. Manning 2. Orton 3. Flynn 4. Luck 5. Campbell Note: The reason Orton and Campbell are as high on this list as they are is because they are veterans which gives them a leg up on all these young QBs. Long Term: 1. Luck 2. RG3 3. Flynn 4 Tannehill 5. I'll take Cousins, but for 4 and 5 there is really no clear cut choice in my mind.

seattle to reach for a QB?

No, the Seattle Seahawks will not draft Ryan Tannehill in the 1st round. Ultimately, what I think the Seahawks will do is draft Robert Griffin III, with the #2 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Seahawks do this by making a trade with the St. Louis Rams.

Dolphin fans: Whats wrong with matt moore?

I don't think anything is wrong with Matt Moore. I was all for going after Manning, because Manning would bring instant offense. I was all for going after Flynn, because I think Flynn has a big upside, with hugh potential. But I thought talking to Smith was ridiculous for the Fins to do. Moore is every bit as good as Smith if not better. David Garrard seems to be a lateral move for the Fins to make at QB, so I'm not for bringing in Garrard. I think Moore is a good QB and with some good pieces on offense he could lead a team to the postseason. If Moore started from the very start last season then just maybe the Fins would have had a chance to make it as a wild card team. I think Moore deserves more respect from the Fins front office, but it's not wrong for the Fins to want to get that great QB who can be a franchise QB for years to come. I'm not sure if Ryan Tannehill is that QB, nor do I think the Fins should draft Ryan Tannehill with the 8th overall pick. But I do think it's a good idea for the Fins to draft a QB who can be a franchise QB.

who are these future rookies compared to players in the nfl today?

Who will start for the Miami Dolphins?

David Garrard he has the most experience and has been a better QB then moore. Garrard is a pro bowler and has been to the playoffs and won before. With Matt Moore you know what you're going to get moore went 6-6 with B marshall but now you don't have B marshall. Garrard has had practice playing with no recivers in jacksonville and still doing great. He's the guy for this year. Ryan Tannehill has only been playing QB for 19 games He's a ok reciver but he's not a good QB, if the fins draft him it would be the worst decision since pat white. In all Garrard will start they wil go 8-8 and Garrard will have 3,224 yards passing 21 touchdowns and 11 INTs

Could Morris Claiborne slip to the Cowboys at No.14?

Where will these QBs fit in (potentially) from the 2012 draft?

Luck will go to the Colts Otherwise its a toss up, Weeden might go high because hes like 30 and should have good leadership skills Wilson could be the first UW QB drafted in a long time

Who is the best QB from Texas A&M to ever play in the NFL? +BQ inside?

Stephen McGee, 1-0 with 3 touchdowns and no picks lol As long as Tannehill starts, he'll be the best A&M QB ever by default.

Which rookies do you think will have a productive first nfl season?

Richardson, Dre Kirkpatrick are a couple of my choices....

How come Luck and RG3 are getting all the attention?

Just because luck got the hype and rg3 got the heisman. I think Moore will be a good one too, as well as Kirk cousins, but all the hype and media are surrounding luck and rg3

If Ryan Tanehill plays against Oklahoma like he did against Tech do we have a chance tobeat Oklahoma next week?


Just how stupid are the Washington Redskins?

Typical redskins. Shhhhhhh, they're taking over that constant stupidity spot that my Raiders have held for years!!

Who are your college football teams to watch for next season?

Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State. Texas A&M, Florida St.

If Quarterbacking doesn't work out, should Ryan Tannehill convert to WR?

No way! He'll be a top five pick at QB.

Top 5 qbs in the draft? mine are: andrew luck, robert griffen lll,kellen moore,ryan tannehill, brandon weedon?

Mine are Luck, Griffen, Weedon, Tannehill, and Keenum! I think Kellen Moore is to small to play QB in the NFL. Look for him to be a solid back-up

Should the Browns draft Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M or give Colt McCoy one last chance to prove he can play?

Doesn't really matter between McCoy and Tannehill if there isn't any weapons around. That's like having a cannon with no ammo

Is Tannehill good enough for a 1st round pick?

Tannehill is a STUD the browns will get him 1st round 4th pick.... jk maybe like 2nd rounder

Do you think that the Browns should draft Ryan Tannehill, and will he be successful on the NFL level?

I still think the top 10 is too early for Ryan Tannehill. If the Browns don't intend to draft Trent Richardson or Morris Claiborne, then I think they should just trade the pick. They could easily find a better quarterback in the 2nd or 3rd rounds with Russel Wilson, Kirk Cousins, or Brock Osweiler. Tannehill made too many mistakes in big games. They missed a perfect opportunity to get Robert Griffin III.

Should the Cleveland Browns trade the #4 and #22 picks to the Vikings so they can draft Ryan Tannehill?

It would look pretty bad if they did.

Why is Ryan Tannehill not in the race for the Heisman?

Because not being able to keep two double digit leads against Oklahoma State,and Arkansas in back to back weeks took him out of the race. Only scoring a total of 12 points in the second half in two games,is not Heisman worthy

If Ryan Tannehill starts next week against Oklahoma and plays like he did against Texas Tech....?

There is a big difference in the TT defense and and Sooners. If Tannehill passes for 449 yards against OU they will probably win but I don't see that happening. It should be a good game.

If Ryan Tannehill plays against Oklahoma like he did against Tech dowe have a chance tobeat Oklahoma next week?

Anything is possible, I would love to see the sooners go down again!

Can we safely say that Ryan Tannehill has comparable skills to the Easter Bunny and that he is a Hall of Famer?

Is Ryan Tannehill the next Peyton Manning or the next Brady Quinn?

Brady Quinn I still cant believe I paid a $100 for an autograph football

What if the Colts take Ryan Tannehill over Luck from Stanford and that Black QB thug from Baylor?

Will Ryan Tannehill at 6ft 4 230 lbs be like Big Ben of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

He will be like Big Byron from the Pitsburgh Steelers: On the bench.

Will the Cleveland Browns draft Ryan Tannehill with their first pick in the draft next month?

I would MUCH rather prefer it if they took Justin Blackmon, Trent Richardson, or Morris Claiborne. I'm willing to go as far as saying that Tannehill would be even worse than McCoy with the Browns.

Let's say that Matt Flynn signs with the Dolphins should the browns draft Ryan Tannehill or get a Free Agent?

I say draft Ryan Tannehill if you can get him in the second round. I would not draft in the first round, instead I would get a receiver (Blackmon) and the best available Running Back in the first round.

Do you think that the Cleveland Browns will draft Ryan Tannehill instead of Trent Richardson?

While that seems to be a considerable suggestion, the Browns have a slightly bigger need at RB now that Peyton Hillis has left them. Hardesty, Brandon Jackson, Chris Ogbonnaya are the more familiar other options at RB, but Hardesty has a better hand with the starting job with Ogbonnaya as a player in position to fight for that starting job. but regardless, I think Trent Richardson will be a better choice for the Browns. Not because I think Tannehill is not a great prospect, which he is... I think not because McCoy is still young and can develop

Why would the Dolphins trade up to get Ryan Tannehill?

Lol, I dont know how Tannehill has become such a cant miss prospect. After his injury and his natural skillset, he should just be projected as a 2nd or 3rd rounder. I am not saying he wont be good, I am just saying he is a project and a project isnt drafted in the first round. That should be a rule lol.

If Ryan Tannehill is taken in the top 10 of the draft, will he be expected to be a starter immediately?

I'm sure he will be drafted in the top 10 because Cleveland and Miami really need a QB. And because so many teams need Qb's they are pushed up higher then they normally would be drafted. As we saw last year with Locker, Ponder and Gabbert. But 2 answer your question No he will not start immediately probably by mid season.

Do you think Ryan Tannehill will be a first or second round pick by the Cleveland Browns?

They already did it with Brady Quinn and see how it ended up. I think they should just wait for the 2nd round and take the best available.