What hours is Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM on the morning and what days?

He is on 5 days a week 5 am-9am I think. On Sundays he hosts the Top 40.

Is it just me or does the guy from the ShamWow commercial look like Ryan Seacrest?

I don't think he does. The metroboy/in-the-closet Ryan would never look as untidy as ShamWow guy looked in his mug shot after wrestling with the tongue-biting prostitute. On the contrary, ShamWow guy resembles a younger, skinnier, rode-hard-and-put-away-wet Simon Cowell!

What time does the Top 40 Countdown with Ryan Seacrest play in St.Louis?

Breanna Ryan Seacrest | The Latest Ryan Seacrest News Jun 25, 2010 ... American Top 40. Listen each week as Ryan Seacrest counts down the hottest .... St. Louis Patricia Stevens College 330 N. Fourth Street http://www.ryanseacrest.com/blog/news/ ~ Don ~

Can someone tell me why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie didnt give Ryan Seacrest an interview?

How should we know? Its between them

Can some one fill me out on the whole Bradd Pitt/Angelina Jolie and Ryan Seacrest incident?

Brad and Angelina ignored Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet when he approached them for an interview and said "Brad? Angelina?". The reason they "dissed" him is because in 2006, when Angelina's mother was on her deathbed, Ryan claimed that she was "ice cold and unresponsive" to him when he attempted to interview her on the red carpet of the Golden Globes that year.

What time is "ABC's Rockin' Chilean Miners Rescue Special" hosted by Ryan Seacrest?

I'm breaking out my Rainstick and fryin' up the Sopapillas!

Is it fair that Ryan Seacrest will get 15 million dollars per year?

Well i totally agree with the person above me first of all.And the people on the hills do Not get 15 million! Where do you get your info that the people on the show the Hills get 15 million??

How tall is Ryan Seacrest? I think he is no more than 5' 4 1/2" Any thoughts or facts out there?

He is 5'8, actually. I thought he was shorter...hmm.. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0780435/bio

If Ryan Seacrest replaces Matt Lauer I will stop watching The Today Show?

You should. He's the reason the Kardashians are famous. I'd rather let Carson Palmer replace Matt Lauer. At least Carson Palmer is more entertaining than Ryan Seacrest.

Would American Idol be more successful if Ryan Seacrest spoke with a fake British accent?

Yes, although an Irish accent would be truer to his Leprechaun heritage.

Any body know can i get the ryan seacrest hair style?

Hello I am a hairstylists , just tell them u want a really textured razor messy look ok that should work if not i would be happy to do 4 uDebora

Is Ryan Seacrest to blame for the Kardashians?

lol how could he do this to us i hate people like the kardashians!!!!!!!!!!!

Should Ryan Seacrest just come out already?

He is annoying me this season.

What if Batista returns with Ryan Seacrest as his manager ?

Batista vs Cena for Seacrest

What does Ryan Seacrest say at the beginning of American Idol?

he introduces the judges and says and here's our contestants and then just like you said

Does your gaydar go off for Ryan Seacrest?

Sooner or later I think he will admit it, just like what Ricky Martin did

What is it that corporations pay ridiculous wages to people like Ryan Seacrest, a man with no background?

Because they like him and they think he deserves the pay.

Who thinks Ryan Seacrest and Bikini girl have a thing?

probably. I think the bakini girl has a thing for everyone. WhOrE!!!

What did Ryan Seacrest mean during the American Idol Finale when he told Katrina Darrell ..?

coz he saw that she recently got a boob job lol.

What do you think of Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough? They were together at the Golden Globes?

First, even if he was gay that doesn't mean he isn't cool. 2nd, it's a well known fact in Hollywood that a lot of couples purposely get married to hide their homosexuality. 3rd, it wouldn't surprise me in the least bit if they did get married, it really isn't anyone's business to the purpose behind it.

What time does Ryan Seacrest go to sleep?

Let me ask Justin Timberlake he would know!

How do I break into Ryan Seacrest's house?

Fucking weirdo...

What did you think when the bikini girl from American Idol kissed Ryan Seacrest?

i think he did felt weird about it. right when someone comes out he normally stands right by the door,but when she came out,its like he was hiding..i felt so bad.he looked uncomfortable.but kinda funny when she came outside looking for him.

Was the brawl between Ryan seacrest and Jeff probst real or fake?

it was definitely and act... a funny one too though

Things to make fun of Ryan Seacrest for?

Making Justin Beiber look tall.

On American Idol result nights, does Ryan Seacrest know before the show actually starts who is going home?

I've heard him say on the radio show that he does indeed know beforehand and therefore, he makes sure not to see anyone before they all go out on stage on elimination night. He said the pressure is really hard, for him to know...but its the way they do things.

How Can I style/cut my hair like Ryan Seacrest?

the best bet would be to take a pic of the hairstyle to the stylist when you go to get your hair cut . .

how do you spell that word that Ryan Seacrest asks count chocula on Robot Chicken zombie idol?

gauche gauche   /goʊʃ/ [gohsh] adjective lacking social grace, sensitivity, or acuteness; awkward; crude; tactless: Their exquisite manners always make me feel gauche

Who thinks it was weird how John Cena was booked on Jay Leno the same night as Ryan Seacrest?


Girl next to Ryan Seacrest during New Years Eve?

I think it was Demi Lovato...

Is Ryan Seacrest in the latest Burger King commercial?

no but haha. that commercial's pretty funny i love anything with the big king costume though.

Is Ryan Seacrest smitten with Did Benami?

Yes, absolutely! Last night on the results show, he reached out to hold her hand before giving the verdict. He didn't do that for anyone else. And for weeks now, he's hugged or held her every time they've interacted. I'm only surprised that more people haven't picked up on this.

Which episodes of American Idol was Ryan Seacrest wearing glasses?

he wore them for a short while in hollywood week.

Ever been released from a Mental Institution even though you are still a danger to yourself and Ryan Seacrest?

Just make sure that he says "Seacrest, out" before you do him in.

How much does it cost to go to Ryan Seacrest's "Rockin' New Years Eve" in Times Square?

The event is Free. But it does mean you'll be standing on the sidewalk for 12 hours or longer with 250,000 other people gathered in Times Square to see the ball drop. The biggest expense will be hotels and food once you get to NYC. A decent hotel in a good area will cost you $250 a night.

What kind of sunglasses is Ke$ha wearing during the interview with Ryan Seacrest?

I think it was prada or channel

Why did Brad and Ange diss Ryan seacrest?

I feel it was rude as well- And I'm a huge fan. Maybe they were busy or "not focused" but they still didnt have to ignore him! I feel like they need to publicly apologize. Why even go to an event like that if you arent going to talk to the reporters?

How does Ryan Seacrest get a Star before Barbara Walters?

More to the point: "How does Ryan seacrest get a star at all?" The guy is just a host. I could think of thousands of other actors who deserve it before him. Even the judges could've gotten it before that guy. I mean, years from now, when american idol loses fame, people will look at the barbara walters star and remember why she was famous. They will then come across the ryan seacrest star and say: "who?" "what?" "what did he do?" and the answer my friends is nothing.

Ryan seacrest?

I think he's gourgeous! One of my celeb crushes LOL♥

Do joel mchale and ryan seacrest really hate each other, or are they secretly friends?

I don't think they hate eachother. They probably do it just to be funny.

Who is the women Ryan Seacrest was talking to from Plattsburgh, NY?

Melissa Leo. She's nominated for the film Frozen River which was shot in Plattsburgh.

how can ryan seacrest juggle e news! live and american idol live on the same night?

He loves to be busy and he loves himself and therefore he will do it.

How to be a Reality TV host like Ryan Seacrest?

To be in any type of position like that, it's just more of being in the right place at the right time. Before they take a hosting job, they are usually television or radio personalities, which are jobs filled mainly with Communication majors. Although I would not say that major is a necessity, if you wanted one that gave you the best shot at doing that, I would certainly go with that one.

can someone PLEASE send me the link to where i can listen to ryan seacrest interview the backstreet boys?

HEY HEY HEY!!! IT TOOK ME A WHILE BUT I FOUND IT FOR YOU!!! http://www.backstreet.net/www.cgi?x=show&d=news&i=070810-2143-01 PS I HAVE LOVED JORDAN KNIGHT!!! SINCE I WAS IN THIRD GRADE!!!

How does Ryan Seacrest broadcast from Chicago and do American Idol in the same night?

Ryan's Radio show is what's called Syndicated. Meaning that it's either taped and broadcast on stations all over the country, or done live and aired in different markets. Ryan is in Los Angeles and does his show there. He's on a local PA station at the same time as well.

How do you make a wind-blown effect hairstyle like ryan seacrest?

put gel in your hair while driving and stick your head out the window.

What do you think of Brangelina dissing Ryan Seacrest at the Golden Globes?

I agree with you 100% I hate Brad Ugly and Angelina Wh*re stuck up white trash I don't see what's so "beautiful" about them

What time does on air with Ryan Seacrest start?

No one knows or cares....

Ryan Seacrest?

knocked up

ryan seacrest?

Because he wears makeup, admited to being a metrosexual and likes chick flicks. but i love him anyway!