michael phelps vs. ryan lochte?

Actually, coming into the Olympics, Phelps and Lochte SHARED the world record in the 200 IM. Phelps did improve and Lochte had a bit of a slower meet in the IM races. He did, of course set a world record in winning the 200m back about 10 days ago.

Do you think Ryan Lochte can beat Michael Phelps in the 200 m individual medley?

I don't think he will. Lochte always comes pretty close to Phelps in this race. Lochte has said to beat michael he would have to have a perfect race, but he thinks he is capable of it. It could happen, but I def don't think it will, and I SURE hope it doesn't. Plus I think Phelps is great because he makes things happen when it's important. He wants to win, but more than that he cannot accept a loss. I think he would kill himself before he let his friend lochte beat him at the olympics. Then again we need to consider how often he is swimming, it's got to be taking a toll. I'm with you on being too involved in the races, lol. You would think I was friends with him or somthing. I can't take the anticipation, and the anxiety gets to me!! haha!! I don't know if I will be able to take it if he doesn't win ..... Here is a website that lists Michaels race times. It only lists the final not the heats, but it's all i could find. http://www.azcentral.com/sports/olympics/articles/2008/08/07/20080807phelpssked.html

who is the better swimmer micheal phelps orr ryan lochte?

phelps is better but lochte is very good. wat team is it?

who is hotter ryan lochte the swimmer or jonathan horton the gymnast?

lochte!!!! horton just seems like the little brother type cause hes soooo small. but yeah definitely lochte. he's like a greek god.

Ryan Lochte, China Gymnastics???

i love lochte. and he has a gf, caroline burckle. and yes those lil girls look 10. they are cheating, no matter what the results are.

Who do you think is hotter - MICHAEL PHELPS or RYAN LOCHTE?

Phelps might have a great looking body, but Lochte wins by a mile in my opinion. He has amaing eyes!!

Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte?!?

The other women need GLASSES! Michael Phelps is a better swimmer, but Ryan Lochte is far and away better looking!

Who is hotter Micheal Phelps or Ryan Lochte?

ARE YOU KIDDING!? Lochte is my desktop :) http://www3.pictures.gi.zimbio.com/Olympics+Previews+Day+1+-_85Ys2cNupl.jpg http://msnbcmedia2.msn.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photo/_new/080807-phelps-hmed2-1215a.standard.jpg no doubt.

Who is Ryan Lochte's girlfriend?

He is not single I am pretty sure he is still with that Burckle girl at least that is the impression I got at Olympic Trials when I saw both of them, also in this recent interview he hints at having a girlfriend... http://video.accesshollywood.com/player/?id=285341

Who is hotter, Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte?

ARE YOU JOKING??? Ryan Lochte by FAAAAR is hotter than Micheal Phelps. As much as I love Phelps and will always be rooting for him and his 8 gold medals this olympics, Ryan is just perfection. Gorgeous. OMG He is soooooo FINE. Even if he can't beat Phelps in swimming (for now at least), Ryan is just sooooo manly perfection gorgeous. His hair his abs, his tatoo, his swimming, his bod, OMG he's a freaking dreamboat! :) :) :) :) I'm sorry, but I'm a RYAN LOCHTE FAN FOR LIFE!

Who's hotter? Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps?

Idk, i like michael phelps, but i think ryan looks more handsome

What meet is Ryan Lochte swimming in this weekend?

he is swimming in the 2008 Short Course National Championships in atlanta, ga

just wondering how many people know who ryan lochte is?

ya i know who he is. hes a swimmer. hes a backstroker and IMer. has world record holder in one of the backtrokes. none of my non-swimmer friends know who he is so. i think hes only known around the swimming world.

Poll: Who has a better body, Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte?

OOOOh definitely Ryan lochte. I always liked him more than michael :) P.S. Message me! I'm the girl who asked the teacher question and I want to talk with you haha. Sorry I couldn't pick you as best answer, for some reason it would only let me vote for best answer, not pick best answer. But I did vote for you!

Who do you think is hotter? Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps?

Ryan Lochte! But with short hair! Not all that curly stuff. Look online at pics of him w/ short hair & w/ his grill in he is so gorgeous!

has anyone ever met ryan lochte?

he's my neighbor, we hang out on friday nights!

Does Ryan Lochte have a fan e-mail?

I love Ryan Locthe i told my parents that i want to be a professional back stroke swimmer just like ryan lochte they where ooh please he is a boy and u r a girl i was like does that make difference if i was a chick. Any way i got this of his site u can't send e-mails but u can send mail here is the fan address Ryan Lochte c/o USA Swimming One Olympic Plaza Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5760 http://www.ryanlochte.net/info.php and here is the web if u have any other question. I wish u good luck on that letter to Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps?

Def Ryan. While Phelps is cute, you are right he has something going on with the mouth. It is his teeth.. they make his mouth look weird..of course Phelps is rocking the olympics though!!

Where can I find the part of the 'today show' from today when Ryan Lochte talks about how his shorts came off?


how can i meet ryan lochte?

This weekend brings us the next stop of the USA Swimming Grand Prix Series to Columbia, MO. The 3rd Missouri Grand Prix will get underway on Friday, February 13th and run through Monday, the 16th at the University of Missouri Aquatic Center.

do you think Ryan Lochte is a great swimmer?

Yea...he's a pretty awesome swimmer. It's too bad that he's overshadowed by Phelps in the Olympic games. But he's a great swimmer and will go far...he already has four Olympic medals (two golds)!

I want to know about 'jeah'~ Ryan Lochte?

it means good. it's just a thing he says. like, he likes rap music so they say "cheah," and i guess he made his own word-- jeah. but yeah, it just means good. haha, yeah. he's pretty cool.

Does anyone know of any pictures of Ryan Lochte with his hair braided?

Ryan's hot!! Lol. he's braided his hair before? If you know he has had them, than you could probably find some by searching on yahoo or google.

I have this school project and i have to find either Tyson ritter or Ryan Lochte's home address or mailing?

What kind of project is this? Is it for Stalking 101? Ryan Lochte 120 Brookside Drive Port Orange, FL 32128 USA

Do you think this is true about Nastia Liukin and Ryan Lochte?

wow if they were any closer u would think they were married with twins

Do you think that Ryan Lochte will beat Michael Phelps in the individual medley?

nope, no chance

when is Ryan Lochte comeing to virginia to sign autographs and take pics and stuff?? thanxx :]]?

only he knows

How to meet RYAN LOCHTE?

he lives in gainesville. sometimes he comes to the port orange ymca to see his dad, i've seen him there about 3 or 4 times once doing like a photoshoot or something but i never actually talked to him.

who do u like better Ryan Lochte or Micheal Phelps?

i personally love ryan lochte sooooo much more than micheal phelps. Ryan seems to be less cocky and more down to earth. He is a great swimmer with better technique than micheal. Micheal Phelps is also pretty stupid to get caught doing drugs after becoming a role model for so many young kids. In terms of hotness I would pick lochte's curly hair and sweet smile over phelps' weird nose and double jointed feet!

Would you rather play soccer with Cristiano Ronaldo or go swimming with Ryan Lochte?

Well, this is interesting. I'm a horrible swimmer and I hate soccer... But I'm even worse at soccer so I'll swim with Lochte.

What swimming events are Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte best at ?

Michael Phelps is a great butterflier. 1) 100 Fly 2) 200 Fly 3) 200 IM 4) 400 IM 5) 200 Free (not the best though) Ryan Lochte is a great backstroker. He also swims the IM, though he loses to Phelps (but sometimes he wins)

Where can I find a Ryan Lochte poster?

There is not much out there. Wait until after the London Summer games as I’d bet Lochte will emerge as a STAR … maybe not equal Phelps’ 8 gold performance, but due to his personality and very good looks, he’ll become a real ‘poster boy.” I know nothing about iceposter.com. http://www.posters555.com/Ryan-Lochte/ http://www.amazon.com/LOCHTE-SWIMMING-GLOSSY-SPORTS-ACTION/dp/B005FCGFZC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1332890022&sr=8-1

Picture of Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte (I think)?

I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about. What came to my mind was the Men's Journal photo shoot. Here are the links: http://www.mensjournal.com/cover-story-outtakes.html Great pics...enjoy :)

When did Ryan Lochte start swimming?

His NBC profile says his dad was his first swim coach when the family moved from upstate NY to Florida when he was 12.

Who is more rude, Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte?

Michael Phelps is kind. I've met him. He even signed his autograph and gave it to me. Ryan Lochte is rude. I've met him also and he didn't even sign his autograph (I told him soo many times please but he didn't listen).

Who thinks Ryan Lochte is a hottie?

I completely agree...Ryan Lochte is way too cute to even be compared to Michael Phelps. His hair is amazing....it makes you just want to curl up your hands in it. His eyes and his body is amazing, too. He seems like a cool, laid-back guy....and he's a GREAT swimmer. Basically, he's pefect.

Whos The Greatest Swimmer Phelps or Ryan Lochte?

Michael Phelps is the faster swimmer. Phelps has been breaking age group records since he was younger than 10 and broke a world record at age 15. However, I personally think that Ryan Lochte is a good swimmer. He isn't as genetically gifted but he trains hard and knows that the only way to beat Phelps is if he really focuses on one stroke.

Were is the Ryan Lochte video with his Family?

I just searched it on Youtube, its there. The high quality one is the 5th result from upwards, not from down. The first result you get is a low quality one and the sound is all poor. Its the 5th one.

What time does Michael phelps and Ryan Lochte go head to head pacific time on NBC ?

When is Ryan Lochte swimming in the Beijing Olympics?

i hope this can help you http://sports.yahoo.com/olympics/beijing/USA/Ryan-Lochte/221213

why ryan lochte is less known than micheal phelps ?

First off, there's no accounting for other people's taste in who they find attractive, and you can't dictate to others who they should be attracted to. I personally prefer Matt Grevers, it's all personal taste. I knew who Lochte was back in '06, but you're right about many not knowing him and/or focusing on Phelps. In fairness, Michael is the greatest Olympic athlete (currently) to have ever lived, and that's out of all sports fields, not just swimming, you can't discredit him because he's been sub-par lately, he'll bounce back by time the Olympics roll around and even if he doesn't that won't change what he's already accomplished. Lochte has long been in Phelps' shadow, always second best. Do you know what being second best to the world's greatest athlete makes you, it makes you one of the greatest. I'm glad for Ryan, he's stepped up his training and even changed his diet, now he's giving Michael a run for his money, I always knew he had it in him, it was all a matter of whether had the conviction and the desire. And by the way, Michael is really nice, I have no idea why you're insulting him - his looks, his personality, his kindness - he's a great guy. If you're going to be so critical of Michael, I may as well say that I hate listening to interviews with Lochte - he's always saying exspecially, exspecially's not a word, and though I know he has a college degree, it makes him sound stupid. See, doesn't feel so nice to have people insult someone you're fond of and who you know doesn't deserve such censure. Try keeping your biased opinions to yourself and not insulting others who don't deserve it. Besides Ryan and Michael are actually really good friends.

What is the song in the Gillette commercials with Ryan Lochte and Tyson Gay?

Does anyone know where i can find out where Ryan Lochte will be in 2009? like swim meets or signings.?

Try his website....

What goggles was Ryan Lochte wearing at the 2012 US Olympic Trials?

Ryan Lochte and michael phelps only against eachother in 2 events?

Well, Lochte did beat phelps at trials, but it was close, and you never know. They are both AMAZING swimmers, so it could go either way. It will probably come down to who is better prepared mentally on race day. And ikr! It seems like there'd be more!

Where can I find a Ryan Lochte Poster?


Where can I find the barrel that uses Ryan Lochte to train?

Uh, that's a keg, a pony keg. Beer comes in them. Your local ABC store probably has them.

How much is a cap signed by four olympic swimmers worth:Michael Phelps,Cullen Jones,Katie Hoff and Ryan Lochte?

a lot.


Check ebay would be the easiest.

Ryan Lochte?

Um... Ryan Lochte may be phenomenal, but he isn't "the best breaststroker ever." Here are his results from the 2007 long course nationals: 400 IM - 1st - 4:13.55 200 Back - 4th - 1:59.11 800 FR - 6th - 7:32.16 100 Breast - 9th - 1:02.39 200 IM - 1st - 1:56.95 Below is link to video of 200 backstroke final from 2007.