What was Ryan Howard's character supposed to be dressed up as?

I think he was supposed to be Justin Bieber.

Is Ryan Howard currently the most overrated baseball player?

Nope, Derek Jeter/A-Rod/Texiera are all really overrated, and so is Barry Zito. As a Giants fan he has no right earning close to $20 million to be sub par.

Do you think Ryan Howard in the world series 2009 was the biggest under achieving player in baseball history?

Ty Cobb, 1907 Regular season: .350, 212 H, 28 2B,14 3B, 5 HR,119 RBI. WS vs Cubs: .200, 4 H, 0 2B, 0 3B, 0 HR, 1 RBI. Ted Williams, 1946 Regular season: .342 176 H, 37 2B, 8 3B, 38 HR, 123 RBI. WS vs Cards: .200, 5 H, 0 2B, 0 3B, HR, 1 RBI. Two of the greatest hitters in the history of the game. I think their World Series collapse outdid Howards. Sarge

What do Adam Dunn and Ryan Howard have in common?

1-2 in strikeouts and 2-3 in home runs.

What are the chances that we see Albert Pujols traded for Ryan Howard straight up at the trade deadline?

0. I know that this was mentioned as a trade rumor before last season, but it was never anything serious. It was more like something that a Phillies executive mentioned during a brainstorming session when an ESPN reporter happened to be present. First and foremost: the Cardinals want to keep Pujols, and I am almost certain they will. Even if they want to unload him, this is not a realistic trade. First of all, teams usually don't trade one hitter for another of the same type. Both are power hitting first basemen. Neither would fill any sort of different niche that either team lacks. Second, it would be silly for the Phillies to give up a guy they just signed to a 5 year contract extension for a guy who will be a free agent after this year. Likewise, it would be silly for the Cardinals to trade away Pujols for a guy who is getting paid $25 million per year anyway! Most importantly, if Pujols does get traded (and he won't) it would be for prospects. A lot of them. It is extremely rare for one veteran to get traded for another veteran star.

Did you know that the average number of pitches it takes Ryan Howard to strike out is 6 pitches?

No. That's more than I thought.

Why does Ryan Howard get the all star game when Votto is better in every single category?

Ryan Howard got into the all star game over Joey Votto because Charlie Manuel (Phillies manager) picked Ryan Howard in his selections for the extra spots (backups) for the team after the fans voted in the starters. To be honest, if their was a first half MVP for the NL, it would be down to Joey Votto and David Wright. Ryan Howard name wouldn't even be mentioned. Don't blame the fans. The fans voted for Albert Pujols, which was a good decision. Blame Charlie Manuel, the PHILLIES manager who picked the PHILLIES first basement Ryan Howard over the REDS first basement Joey Votto. For anyone who thinks Howard deserved it over Votto, look at these stats (Yes, I did post these stats for another question, but I'm just showing it again since some of you Ryan Howard lovers didn't see it) Joey Votto: .313 average Ryan Howard: .296 average Joey Votto: 57 RBI Ryan Howard: 58 RBI Joey Votto: 53 Runs Ryan Howard: 52 Runs Joey Votto: 7 SB Ryan Howard: 0 SB Joey Votto: .414 OBP Ryan Howard: .353 OBP Joey Votto: .574 Slugging Ryan Howard: .506 Slugging Joey Votto: 19 HR Ryan Howard: 15 HR Joey Votto: 46 Walks Ryan Howard: 26 Walks

What really happened with Phillies Ryan Howard to make him that upset?

There is only so much BS you can take. He's probably frustrated with himself for not performing, frustrated with his teammates for pulling stupid moves like getting picked off second base, and frustrated with the umpires for making some EXTREMELY questionable calls. If I were Howard, I probably would have done something that would earn me a very long suspension. After that first call, when he puts his hands on his hips, you can see Howard tells the home plate umpire "I'm mad at myself". But then Scott Barry had to start mocking him... Second call was bullshit. He didn't swing and everyone in that ballpark knows it. And I don't even understand why he got thrown out, honestly. He threw his bat, big deal. Since when does that deserve an ejection???? http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp Every time I watch this video, I get pissed off.

Ryan Howard?

Doubt it.

ryan howard?

Well he came into the season with some pain in his leg, which he admits has been affecting his batting. So he was put on the DL after a .200 batting average yet 9 HRs. He returned recently and there are signs that show he has returned to his old form. Such as hittign the ball in the opposite field and moving well at first base. He also has been getting simple base hits and you can see his average start to rise.