What do you think about these names individually?

i love Cohen Fletcher...it's different, but not weird! Graeson Carter is nice, but i would spell it Grayson.

Why are so many junior players using this racquet?

its from roger

How would you rate these names?

I like them (also just answered your other question) Owen Isaac Ryan Harrison Harrison Robert (Can be shortened to Harry like you other sons names can be Tim and Max) Violet Sabrine Violet Claire :-)

What do you think who is the potential "new Federer"?

federer is highly overrated. he ruled the era in which he had little competition against lacklusters like hewitt and roddick and an aging andre agassi. the moment he had a challenger in the form of nadal he literally got OWNED. nadal is arguably the greatest of all time. Not to forget the likes of Sampras,agassi and borg who played in a much tougher era than federer.

who would be the next upcoming federer/roddick and sharapova?

Nadal is the new Federer (world #1s) Djokovic is the new Roddick (both ignorant and funny) Safina is the new Sharapova (not the looks cuz Safina is ugly just their game and talent) =]

which of these sounds nice with the last name harrison?

Michaela Alice and Riley Floyd

which ones of these names goes well with harrison?

Violet Stevie and Riley Floyd are the cutest in my opinion thanks and have a lovely day hun. good luck love jenna

What's your favorite movie starring Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks?

Harrison Ford - Star Wars Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump

Besides Harrison Ford, who has played a character named Jack Ryan?

This has been a pretty popular character name. Ben Affleck (Jack Ryan) . . . Sum of All Fears, The (2002) Alec Baldwin (Jack Ryan) . . . Hunt for Red October, The (1990) David Bradley (V) (Jack Ryan) . . . Cyborg Cop II (1995) Matt Dillon (I) (Sgt. Jack Ryan) . . . Crash (2004) Harrison Ford (I) (Jack Ryan) . . . Clear and Present Danger (1994) Harrison Ford (I) (Jack Ryan) . . . Patriot Games (1992) Harrison Ford (I) (Jack Ryan) . . . Secret World of Spying, The (1992) (TV) Philip Holder (Jack Ryan) . . . "Sun on the Stubble" (1996) (mini) TV Series Jack Kirk (I) (Jack Ryan) . . . Terrors on Horseback (1946) Jared Marshall (II) (Jack Ryan) . . . Quotient of all Anxieties, The (2002) (V) James McCaffrey (Jack Ryan) . . . Florentine, The (1999) Dennis Moore (Detective Lt. Jack Ryan) . . . Master Key, The (1945) Jean-Pierre Moulin (Jack Ryan) . . . Théâtre de la jeunesse: Les indes noires, Le (1964) (TV) Ryan O'Neal (Jack Ryan) . . . Big Bounce, The (1969) Owen Wilson (Jack Ryan) . . . Big Bounce, The (2004)

what do you think of the roughting the passer calls on James Harrison?


Who should I start week 1; Jerome Harrison or Ryant Grant?

Harrison went from sharing time to be THE featured RB for the Browns....I have him in my flex slot and I believe he will deliver as much catching the ball out of the backfield as running the ball.

if i leave the 95 and dan ryan train at 8:10a.m what time would i get to the Harrison stop?

If the red line is moving like its supposed to around 8:30-8:35am. The good part for you is that those hours are considered early morning rush still so the "el" should be moving with no problem.

Have you seen the new sex tape with Elliot, Midnight Rambler, Harrison Ford, and Ryan B?

Harrison ford-you just said that you and Ryan b are same person?forreal or you were just taking the piss?

No, but Mr. Grimm once claimed that we were.

Olivia Ryan from (The Clique book series by Lisi Harrison) quotes please?

In Best Friends for never during the halloween party-"Die Mortals Die!" and "You mean how they are all red, yeah what's up with that? Do you think there is something wrong with his computer?" "How awesome" "Hope your words were totally unfair" "how cute of him" that is all i got time for post more later!

Ryan Torain or Jerome Harrison to start?

Anyone on the Waiver Wire? If you have to choose between only those two you should go with harrison.

Do you think Ryan B. and Harrison Ford are sucking each other off on Y!A?

Funny how you mention this http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AvwFX4ntpLPm4aJwKc_puRPsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120626024433AAdfE7l

Matt Ryan, Hightower (or McFadden), and M.Harrison for BWest?

Unless he is an idiot, he will not take that trade....Matt Ryan, Hightower, and Harrison are all FANTASY GARBAGE!!! Well Ryan is OK at best.,...but he has FAVRE AND WARNER....All 3 will ride pine on his team all year, while Westbrook will play EVERY WEEK IF HEALTHY ADVICE TIP #1 WHEN OFFERING A TRADE, LOOK FOR THEIR NEEDS....NOT YOUR NEEDS for example....If a team is loaded at RB and weak at WR........if hes a braylon edwards owner, he will not trade him for a guy like Turner...even if turner is playing better....even though turner is having a better season, IT DOES NOT SUIT HIS NEEDS!! TIP #2 QUALITY IS BETTER THAN QUALITY In fantasy, would you rather 3 different people that score 7 points a week, or someone that scores 21 points a week yeah exactly....if I offered you Tyler Thigpen, Dominic Rhodes, and Hank Baskett for MJD???? Would you take it???....thats pretty much what you are offering him....not to mention that he would have to drop 2 players....maybe that are more valuable than hightower, ryan, and harrison

Who would you start, Torrain or Jerome Harrison?

Jerome Harrison - Jahvid best is not an every down back and Harrison should get some touches. Torain is 3rd, technically, on the depth chart with a busted up hand so I doubt u will see him get any carries.

Ryan Grant, Jerome Harrison, or Steve Smith (NYG)?

I'd play Grant + Harrison. Harrison has a great matchup against the Buccs.,and Grant is thee featured RB for an explosive offense; The only way I'd play Smith over 1 of them is if you're in a PPR league. g@()D)_Uck

Is Carson Palmer and Jerome Harrison for Ryan Mathews and LeSean McCoy a good trade?

If he accepts this trade, you have pulled off a heist. Palmer is a shell of what he used to be. Harrison will be solid but unspectacular. You would be getting Matthews who WILL get a lot of work and has a chance to be special and another solid RB in McCoy. With Brees as your QB you dont even need to worry about a backup minus Brees week 10 bye.

who would you play ryan grant or marvin harrison?

hell no they are both screwing me try to trade them to a sucker hopefully they will start them and get screwed over cause of it .

What should I name my son? Harrison Hunter? Or Ryan Hunter?

Harrison Hunter sounds like the name of a fabric pattern or a line of menswear. The alliteration of the "H"s is annoying and reminds me too much of Johnson's VP: Hubert Horatio Humphrey. Ryan Hunter sounds like a real, live human being. If you're quite besotted with Harrison, use it in the middle...doesn't sound bad there.

would you trade marvin harrison and marion barber for ryan grant and colston?

Boy, that's a tough one. the catch is "Is Harrison going to be the Marvin he was"? I don't know. The trade is a good one and really doesn't benefit either side. I'd probably do it in hopes I don't regret it. Harrison, I think, is a HUGE question mark.

Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan or Matt Damon as Jason Bourne?

Jason Bourne.... most definitely.

Han Solo vs. Indy Jones vs. Jack Ryan...Which Harrison Ford character is the action king?

Oooh....good question. I'm going to have to call on Indy here. He's got a lot of experience in jungles & running from cannibals, so that'd be my choice. (Especially if his father can come along with him. ☺)

What can I learn from Harrison Ford and Ryan B?


Jason Snelling, Ryan Grant, Jerome Harrison, Fred Jackson. Two start. Which two though.?

Harrison and Grant

Jack Sock or Ryan Harrison?

Harrison has more talent but is too flashy he may grow out of it so we have to wait a year or two.

If Ryan B and Harrison Ford have a baby. What would they call it?

Doesn't matter, child protection services would certainly take it from us within the week.

Whats the film with Meg Ryan and Harrison Ford?

I don't think they've been in a movie together but if you are mistaking Meg Ryan for Melanie Griffith then it would be "Working Girl".

Anybody out there agree that they need to bring back Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan?

I do. He's perfect for the role. I love Tom Clancy books and the best movies are with him as Jack

Who played Det. Ryan Harrison on Another World and is he married?

The character of Det Sergeant Ryan Harrison was played by Paul Michael Valley. He was in the series from 1990 - 1995, when the character was killed off (shot by his own brother.) He did come back the next year as his own ghost, though. Paul Michael Valley was born in Wisconsin 1965. He married Lisa Karmen in Oct 2003 and they seem to be still together. In 2005 he stopped work for a while and went to the American University in Washington to finish his degree in theatre. As far as I know he is still there. He has appeared in several other TV shows including a drama called "The Guiding Lght" in 2001. One piece of trivia: he is allergic to cats!

Who agrees with me that we should bring back Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan?

I do! Harrison Ford is incredible in that role!

Have you seen the new Harrison Ford sex tape featuring Ryan B?

Is Ryan Harrison playing the Us Open?

He is gonna be playing in the qualifying draw. I think he should have gotten a wildcard. Let's hope he qualifies.

Can Ryan Harrison upset David Ferrer?

Hell yeah! Go Harrison Go!!!!! Oi Oi Oi!!!!!! Let's go Ryan! As a born Aussie I want him to win! As a proud American I hope he wins!

Who is better Harrison Ford Ryan B Spiffy Mordecai Thrasher Girl or Butch Moon and Frank Smalls?

Dat boi Mac Miller is dey best

We are expecting a baby boy, what name is best between: Jameson, Harrison, or Ryan?

I really love the names, Jameson and Ryan. Jameson: I prefer it spelt Jamison, but its still a great name either way. I think this name is masculine and classic. I also like that you can get the nickname James. Harrison: I don't care for this name. It's not really my style. It sound old fashioned and I don't like that it could be shortened to Harry. Ryan: Love this name. I like that it can be shortened to Ry and that its a modern name. However, it is kind of common. I would choose the name.... JAMESON

Has anyone heard of Ryan Harrison?

Harrison is notable for being the third youngest player since 1990, after Richard Gasquet and Rafael Nadal, to have won an ATP level match, defeating world #130 Pablo Cuevas in the 2008 U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships. Entering the tournament as a qualifier ranked #1000, he was only the tenth player in the history of the ATP Tour to have have won a match before turning 16.[1] Although the match was played on a clay court, Harrison considers his best surface to be grass. On the junior circuit, Harrison's highest ranking position has been world number 7, which he achieved in April 2008. He reached the semi-finals of the junior competition at the 2008 Australian Open. Harrison began playing tennis aged 2, and is coached by his father, Pat Harrison, who had a brief career as a professional, playing predominantly Challenger and Futures events. Harrison has a younger brother, Christian, who currently plays tennis on the ITF juniors circuit. Harrison is currently signed with IMG Academies.

What type of racket does Ryan Harrison use?

he uses either Microgel Prestige MP or Flexpoint Prestige MP

Should I start Jerome Harrison or Ryan Torain in my flex spot?

Of these two, Torain who is at least seeing increased playing time. Harrison is practicing to a limited extent and may be available to play this week. One guy you might want to keep an eye on is Thomas for the Saints. If he doesn't play this week, Betts will start and he should be available as a FA.

When will the Ryan Harrison vs David Ferrer match continue?

Harrison vs Ferrer is the **second** scheduled match on No. 2 Court. The first match is a Ladies Singles Match: Wozniacki vs Razzano [2nd round], which is scheduled for 12:00 noon London time. Eastern time USA is 5 hours behind London time, and Pacific time USA is 8 hours behind London time. 12 - 5 = 8am Eastern time USA, or 12 - 8 = 4am Pacific time. Depending on how long Wozniacki vs Razzano takes, that will signal the beginning of Harrison vs Ferrer [suspended]. Wimbledon's Home page ----> http://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/index.html ...... has a cool little mini-app from Rolex that allows you to see your time as well as London time. It's on the right side of the page, with a green background and a Rolex watch with its sweep second hand rolling along. Click on "London" and "Your Time" and watch the clock change times :-)

Why did Ryan Harrison's ATP ranking drop today?

Last year was his big breakout at Indian Wells. He beat Chardy, Garcia-Lopez, and Raonic before losing to Federer in the 4th round. So he needed to get where he got just to not lose points. He did successfully defend all of his points though. So it isn't so much that he went down a spot. He stayed even and someone lower than him gained points and moved past him. Still a very good result for Harrison. If you're looking for someone to blame, blame Go Soeda of Japan. He shot up 10 spots (including jumping Harrison) not because his results were better than Harrison's, but because Soeda's 2012 results were much better than Soeda's results from 2011.

Advice on a trade, someone offered Jerome Harrison & Johnathan Stewart for Ryan Grant, should I take it?

☆┌─┐ ─┐☆  │▒│ /▒/  │▒│/▒/  │▒ /▒/─┬─┐  │▒│▒|▒│▒│ ┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●2 POINTS!!●● │▒┌──┘▒▒▒│ └┐▒▒▒▒▒▒┌┘ ♕  └┐▒▒▒▒┌┘

Is Ryan Harrison playing in the Olympics?

Yep! Four singles players: Roddick, Isner, Harrison, Young EDIT - Yeah he's still physically unable to compete. He has a real condition ... unlike Rafa

Is Anyone as Impressed With Ryan Harrison as I am?

Too bad he lost to the 10th seed from Taipei. Had he won it would have been a great Final to watch him take on Bernard Tomic the European born Aussie wonder kid who was ranked 5th and has made it into the Final. But yeah very impressive being so far from home and so young to make it so far. Hopefully he can build on it in the next major that he plays in.

Is Ryan Harrison the next great American tennis player?

Currently ATP #48, First ATP ranking in November of 2007, at 1330 20 years of age $878,344 in career prize money $337,808 prize money in 2012 No tour-level singles titles yet. 2 tour-level doubles titles. ***How high up do you think he can get?*** Very impressive to have made it into the top 50 at age 20. At #48, he is already better than 97% of the [current] 1912 players who are ranked by the ATP World Tour. That's quite an achievement in itself. This is a harder sport than many people realize. At some point, if he wants to be among the top 20 or top 10, he's going to have to win a tour-level event. Once he does that, wonderful things can happen :-)

should i start ryan grant or marvin harrison at the flex spot?

RYAN GRANT! Marvin Harrison is done, enoguh said. Anthony Gonzalez has been averging about 70 yards and a td per game, and Reggie Wayne is Reggie Wayne. Ryan Grant, although playing Dallas, will still put up solid numbers, and Harrison is tooo risky

Is Ryan Harrison the next American hopeful?

maybe...he has had better results than Donald Young (another young American several years ago) but that can be debatable