Who are your top 5 game changers?

1. Clutch Hit- Derek Jeter 2. Hitting a Home Run- Albert Pujols 3. Stealing A Base- Jose Reyes 4. Making A Great Catch- Jim Edmonds 5. Striking Someone Out- Mariano Rivera

is freel a good option at 3B?

Freel is starting everyday at center field. What can you expect? 40 stolen bases 285. avg 10 homers 70 runs 45 rbis Is he a good option at third base? He's okay.

wat is the list of cincinnati reds players at bat music ?

Jeff Keppinger uses "T.N.T." by AC/DC Joey Votto uses "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. (I've also heard him use "Black Betty" by Ram Jam & "Tom Sawyer" by Rush) Jay Bruce uses "Don't Bring Me Down" by Electric Light Orchestra (I've also heard him use "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath) Brandon Phillips & Corey Patterson use hip-hop songs and I hate hip-hop so I can't tell you what in the hell they are Edwin Encarnacion & Francisco Cordero use Spanish language music that I don't know I've heard Aaron Harang use "I Disappear" by Metallica before, I've heard Gary Majewski use "Livin' On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi, and I've heard Ryan Freel use "Tom's Diner" by Suzzane Vega before Hope this helps, if I think of more, I'll post 'em!

Which Team for Fantasy BAseball is better?

Team 1- Will have many stolen bases with Pierre,Beltran,Freel and Tavarez. It will lack home runs and rbis and with the pitching staff the era will suffer but it is a descent team Team2- My favorite because even though it lacks big names it will still get a .300 or above average and all of those pitchers will rack up strikeouts wins and a low era. Team 2 has a better chance of winning

How's my fantasy baseball team?

your pitching is poor and your hitters are inconsistent good luck

Injury to Freel opens up a trade offer?

Having Peavy, Johan and Sheets in your rotation is unfair. do this in a second and don't worry at all about the other players involved. But if you really want to think about it, Reynolds is still very unproven despite a hot start, and Weeks is killing people's averages. Zito is not very fantasy-worthy, especially in your league.

What do you think of my Fantasy team?

i like your team. you have a lot of very underrated players in freel, bill hall (who will be eligible for OF by the end of the week) and willingham. your pitching staff is stacked. dempster will bounce back this year b/c he has a manager that has his head on his shoulders, not up his ass and can handle a pitching staff. i dont know if you will take first going into your playoffs, but you should make it to the championship week and its a coin flip from there. good luck. you should do just fine.

any suggestions on my fantasy baseball team?

lopez (2nd/ss) for the reds holliday (of) of the rockies, blake (3rd/of) of the indians, willingham (of/c) of the marlins, or swisher (1st/of) of the athletics

Should I make this trade in fantasy baseball?

no deal

How far are the Reds away?

I'm a life long Reds fan (man 1990 seems like a LONG time ago). But, I'd say we're closer to long odds than short odds to win the division next year. However, if two things happen, then we CAN definitely be in the mix and challenge for the division title. First, Griffey HAS to stay healthy and play about 150 games. Second, someone other than Harang or Arroyo must emerge and contribute solid innings, something like 13-9 with a 3.75 ERA over close to 200 innings - because our bullpen isn't good enough to be expected to bail out 3 of our 5 starters for 5 or 6 innings the whole year. As far as Dusty is concerned, I'm not necessarily for or against him... yet. And I stress "yet." I'll be watching very closely how he handles things the first month or so of the season. Is Votto or Hatte gonna play 1st? Who's gonna lead off? Who's gonna play center field most. Does pull Dunn in the 7th inning with a 1 run lead for a defensive sub? etc. etc. I'll predict 83-79, which may or may not be good enough to win the central, but I guarantee that won't be good enough for a wild card, b/c the Mets/Philly loser pretty much already has that wrapped up. 2 or 3 years though, if Bruce/Votto/Bailey really are the goods, and we keep Harang around that long, then we should have a shot at the division every year. "...and THIS ONE belongs to the Reds!" - Marty B. @ the guy who said it was a bad move to trade Hamilton: No, it was definitely NOT a bad move. We had: Adam Dunn, Ryan Freel, Norris Hopper, Jay Bruce, Ken Griffey Jr, and Hamilton. All fighting for 3 spots in the outfield. Well, I can tell you right now Dunn and Jr are starting, so that leaves 4 guys fighting for 1 spot. We NEED pitchers!!! So, which OF are you gonna trade? I'd trade the one we got for basically nothing and is a 5 time drug addict. Let some other team deal with whether or not he picks back up the nose candy. Meanwhile, we make off with Edinson Volquez, the Rangers #1 pitching prospect, and still have Jay Bruce/Freel/Hopper in center. Great move I think.

Can someone rate my fantasy team and tell me what changes can be made?

infiled needs really bad work 1st base 2nd base 3rd base OF DETROIT OF CIN

Who has played 3rd base for the cubs in the last two years?

Besides those three... 2009: Bobby Scales (8), Ryan Freel (5), Jake Fox (3), Aaron Miles (2), Koyie Hill (1) 2008: Mark DeRosa (22), Ronny Cedeno (7), Casey McGehee (6) 2007: Mark DeRosa (37), Ryan Theriot (8), Ronny Cedeno (4)

Does any body think Ryan freel will be traded?

i doubt it

Please rate and give suggestions on fantasy baseball team?

i like it you have spped rbi's and hr's. Looks like a good year if everyone stays healthy

If you could make any changes to your teams roster what would they be and why?

As a Reds fan, we have a lot of problems (aka need to make a lot of changes) and a lot of options so we can improve. First change: trade Ryan Freel. He tries hard, but he makes too many errors and mental mistakes to be playing on a team that wants to win the division. All I want is a prospect for him or maybe a #2 catcher. Second change: trade Griffey for a setup man. Griffey is past his prime and isn't really helping our team. His 30 homers, and somewhere between .252 and .277 batting average (BA from 2006 and 2007 season) isn't going to help this team win this year. The Reds are a young team that is trying to build, so let's keep trying. Griffey is also in the last year of his contract, making it wise to trade him before it's up. Weathers (current setup man) is not a guy that can consistently put people away. I want Health Bell (SD) or Rafael Betencourt (CLE) to improve our team. With Griffey's run for homers (closing in on 600) and his past make him a valueable trade option and we could get 1 or 2 good prospects with a great setup man. Third: trade Dunn for Russell Martin (or another young catcher with upside). We currently have nothing at catcher. Dunn is also in a contract year and we can neither afford him nor his batting average (which hurts the team). Dunn isn't quite declining like Griffey, but I'm sure someone competing for a title this year wouldn't mind giving up a prospect at pitcher and an elite catcher for someone like Dunn. Basically, I want our defense to be Patterson (RF), Bruce (CF), Keppinger (LF), Votto (1B), Phillips (2B), Gonzalez (SS), Encarnacion (3B), Martin (C) with Hatteberg making spot starts. Keppinger may not be able to play the outfield, but if Gonzalez is going to start, he's going to have to play there. I wouldn't mind keeping Keppinger at short, putting Votto in the outfield and starting Hatteberg too. and our starting lineup being: Patterson, Martin, Keppinger, Phillips, Encarnacion, Bruce, Votto, Gonzalez, Pitcher. Yeah, they might not make the playoffs with this new team, but this team at least has a lot of promise for the future (Harang, Volquez, Cueto and Arroyo have a lot of potential) .

who should i trade to get a decent closer?

I am going to agree with whomever said to trade Carlos Lee, I don't think he is going to be a TOP OF this year, but if you can find a guy willing enough you could yield a top closer for him. Don't trade Nick Swisher, he put on 20 pounds of muscle this year and was tearing the ball up in ST, I think he could have a monster year.

How's my fantasy baseball team?

Get another closer, helps keep your era low.

Need some help with my fantasy baseball team?

Yes you DO NEED HELP WITH YOUR TEAM. Fantasy baseball is not easy and it takes a lot of startegy to build a succesful team. It all starts in the draft, and to me it looks like you did not do to well. I'm guessing you had the number 1 overall pick too. Lets start with the goods. Albert Pujols is slumping but is still probably the best player in baseball. Edgar Renteria is a solid shortstop. Jermaine Dye is your best outfielder. Unfortunately that is about it. You always have to have closers on your team and it looks like you have 0. That right there is an automatic last place in the saves category unless you pick up some closers (which most are taken by now.) Ideally a team should have at least 3 closers. 3rd Base is a position where you need a pure power hitter which you do not have. Freel can be used in the OF for SB's but should not be in at 3rd base. Crede is struggling but he might be your only choice since you are going to need to make so many changes. Drop Erstad, he is not worth anything in fantasy baseball. You really need help in your OF. You have 1 good outfielder and 5 bench worthy players. Try to make some kind of trade for some outfielders. At least pick up 2 solid OF's. Definitlely find a way to get closers, like I said earlier. Your starting pitching is your strength of this team. You don't need to make any changes there. I think your best bet would be to trade one of your best players, maybe Albert Pujols and get 3 good players in return. That is really the only way I can see you even coming close to making these improvements. Do I see you contending for the championship this season? No, probably not, but you can use this season to get a feel for fantasy baseball and see what strategies other players use. I think you should try to get out of last place though. Hope this helps and good luck in fantasy baseball.

How can I improve my team?

I agree with the last answerer. You need another OF. I'd keep both your Catchers, as injuries seem to creep up for them fairly often. Frank Thomas would be a great player to trade. I can't think of any scenario where you'd start him over Konerko at 1B. I also don't know when you'd ever start Tracy over A-Rod. There are plenty of good free agent 3B's out there you could pick up in the event of an A-Rod injury, so maybe package Thomas and Tracy and see who you can get. If you want a little more frill, throw in one of the outfielders you're trying to replace. Someone in your league might value quantity over quality and give you a stud for 3 mediocre players.

What are all the players on the Chicago Cubs Baseball team-2009?

Chicago Cubs 40-Man Roster: Pitchers 58 Jose Ascanio 60 Mitch Atkins 64 Justin Berg 33 Esmailin Caridad 48 Neal Cotts 46 Ryan Dempster 44 Chad Fox 22 Tom Gorzelanny 43 John Grabow 63 Kevin Gregg 37 Angel Guzman 40 Rich Harden 22 Kevin Hart 47 Aaron Heilman 30 Ted Lilly 49 Carlos Marmol 45 Sean Marshall 54 David Patton 29 Jeff Samardzija 52 Jeff Stevens 51 Luis Vizcaino 43 Jason Waddell 36 Randy Wells 38 Carlos Zambrano Catchers 55 Koyie Hill 18 Geovany Soto Infielders 28 Jeff Baker 13 Andres Blanco 17 Mike Fontenot 4 Ryan Freel 5 Jake Fox 25 Derrek Lee 7 Aaron Miles 16 Aramis Ramirez 24 Bobby Scales 2 Ryan Theriot Outfielders 21 Milton Bradley 21 Tyler Colvin 1 Kosuke Fukudome 27 Sam Fuld 4 Joey Gathright 6 Micah Hoffpauir 9 Reed Johnson 12 Alfonso Soriano 99 So Taguchi

Does anyone have the list of the 79 players who declared free agency today?

Here you go. Potential Free Agents for 2010 The following players have contracts expiring or should have the six years of service necessary to become free agents after the 2009 season. * - current contract includes 2010 option (A) - projected as Type A free agent (B) - projected as Type B free agent Player Club First Basemen Hank Blalock TEX Russell Branyan SEA Carlos Delgado NYM (B) Nomar Garciaparra OAK Jason Giambi COL Ross Gload * FLA Aubrey Huff DET (B) Nick Johnson WAS (B) Adam LaRoche ATL (B) Kevin Millar TOR Robb Quinlan LAA Matt Stairs PHI Mike Sweeney SEA Jim Thome LAD Chad Tracy ARZ Second Basemen Marlon Anderson NYM Ron Belliard LAD (B) Jamey Carroll CLE David Eckstein SD Orlando Hudson LAD (A) Akinori Iwamura * TB Omar Infante ATL Felipe Lopez MIL (A) Mark Loretta LAD Placido Polanco DET (A) Freddy Sanchez * SF (A) Shortstops Orlando Cabrera MIN (A) Juan Castro LAD Alex Cora NYM Bobby Crosby OAK Adam Everett DET Alex Gonzalez * BOS Khalil Greene STL Ramon Martinez LAD John McDonald TOR Marco Scutaro TOR (A) Miguel Tejada HOU Jack Wilson * SEA Third Basemen Adrian Beltre SEA (B) Geoff Blum HOU Craig Counsell MIL Joe Crede MIN Mark DeRosa STL (B) Pedro Feliz * PHI Chone Figgins LAA (B) Troy Glaus STL (A) Jerry Hairston NYY (B) Mike Lamb MIL Melvin Mora * BAL (B) Juan Uribe SF Catchers Rod Barajas TOR (B) Josh Bard BOS Michael Barrett TOR Henry Blanco SD Ramon Castro CWS Ramon Hernandez * CIN (B) Jason Kendall MIL (B) Jason LaRue STL Victor Martinez * BOS (A) Chad Moeller BAL Benji Molina SF (A) Jose Molina NYY Miguel Olivo * KC (B) Mike Redmond MIN Ivan Rodriguez TEX (B) Brian Schneider NYM Yorvit Torrealba * COL (B) Jason Varitek * BOS (B) Gregg Zaun * TB Outfielders Bobby Abreu LAA (A) Garret Anderson ATL (B) Rick Ankiel STL Rocco Baldelli BOS Jason Bay BOS (A) Marlon Byrd TEX (B) Mike Cameron MIL (B) Frank Catalanotto TEX Endy Chavez SEA Coco Crisp * KC Carl Crawford * TB (B) Johnny Damon NYY (A) David Dellucci CLE Jermaine Dye * CWS (A) Darin Erstad HOU Cliff Floyd SD Ryan Freel TEX Brian Giles SD (B) Ken Griffey Jr. SEA Vladimir Guerrero LAA (A) Eric Hinske NYY Matt Holliday STL (A) Geoff Jenkins * PHI Reed Johnson CHC Andruw Jones TEX Gabe Kapler TB Austin Kearns * WAS Mark Kotsay CHW Hideki Matusi NYY (B) Jason Michaels CLE Xavier Nady NYY (B) Magglio Ordonez * DET Scott Podsednik CHW Manny Ramirez * LAD (A) Dave Roberts SF Gary Sheffield NYM Fernando Tatis NYM (B) Randy Winn SF (B) Starting Pitchers Brandon Backe HOU Josh Beckett * BOS Erik Bedard SEA (B) Daniel Cabrera ARZ Bartolo Colon CWS Jose Contreras COL Doug Davis ARZ (B) Justin Duchscherer OAK (B) Adam Eaton COL Kelvim Escobar LAA Jon Garland * LAD (B) Tom Glavine ATL Mike Hampton HOU Rich Harden CHC (B) Livan Hernandez WAS Tim Hudson * ATL Randy Johnson SF (B) John Lackey LAA (A) Cliff Lee * PHI (A) Braden Looper * MIL (B) Jason Marquis COL (B) Kevin Millwood * TEX Brett Myers PHI Vicente Padilla * LAD (B) Carl Pavano MIN (B) Brad Penny SF Odalis Perez WAS Andy Pettitte NYY (B) Joel Pineiro STL (B) Sidney Ponson KC Jason Schmidt LAD John Smoltz STL Tim Wakefield * BOS (B) Jarrod Washburn DET Brandon Webb * ARZ (B) Todd Wellemeyer STL Randy Wolf (A) Relief Pitchers Luis Ayala FLA Danys Baez BAL Miguel Batista SEA Joe Beimel COL (B) Joaquin Benoit TEX Rafael Betancourt * COL (A) Chad Bradford BAL Doug Brocail * HOU (B) Kiko Calero FLA (B) Elmer Dessens NYM Brendan Donnelly FLA Octavio Dotel CWS (A) Alan Embree COL Scott Eyre PHI (B) Josh Fogg COL Chad Fox CHC Ryan Franklin * STL Gary Glover WAS Mike Gonzalez ATL (A) Tom Gordon ARZ John Grabow CHC (A) Kevin Gregg CHC (A) Eddie Guardado TEX LaTroy Hawkins HOU (A) Mark Hendrickson BAL Matt Herges COL Trevor Hoffman MIL (A) Bobby Howry SF (B) Jason Isringhausen TB Masahide Kobayashi * CLE Brandon Lyon DET (B) Ron Mahay MIN Gary Majewski WAS Guillermo Mota LAD (B) Will Ohman * LAD (B) Darren Oliver LAA (A) Chan Ho Park PHI (B) Troy Percival TB J.J. Putz * NYM Juan Rincon COL Fernando Rodney DET (B) Duaner Sanchez NYM Scott Schoeneweis ARZ Brian Shouse * TB (B) Rafael Soriano ATL (A) Russ Springer TB (B) Brett Tomko OAK Jose Valverde HOU (A) Claudio Vargas MIL Ron Villone WAS Luis Vizcaino * COL Billy Wagner BOS (A) Jamie Walker BAL Jeff Weaver LAD Kip Wells CIN Jamey Wright KC

When is Jay BRUCE going to get called up?

I would think really soon. I have been scouting him for a while now too, and Corey Patterson has gone a whopping 0 - 7 so far in today's long game against the Padres. The Reds have been acting ridiculously with this Jay Bruce situation, and I think the time has come where Bruce has completely forced his way onto this team now. This can't go on much longer. UPDATE: JAY BRUCE WILL BE CALLED UP BEFORE TOMORROW'S GAME ON MAY 27!

Who is Starting For the Cincinati Red's at Center Field?

Looks to me like Patterson gets the bulk of the ABs in CF, with Freel serving as backup there and elsewhere. Freel is very valuable in his super-sub role, and should see plenty of playing time at any rate.

im not doin to good with my fantasy baseball team how do i get more points?

WELL, if you want my opinion..... OK?

What is your fantasy baseball draft strategy in a normal 5x5 league?

This is my strategy, I'll use the draft I did a couple days ago as an example: I think hitting over pitching is the only successful way to go. Even if you have second pick, with Johan ranked on Yahoo! as the second best player overall, you still should take a hitter. I never take a pitcher until round 5 or 6. One thing I've done lately is that I take a good starter round 5, a good reliever round 6, and then another good reliever round 7 to assure that I can win saves multiple times. This strategy ended up getting me Billy Wagner and J.J. Putz along with the starter I took in the 5th round, Brandon Webb. I think I am to stick with that startegy. As for the first 4 rounds, never take more than 1 outfielder in the first 4 rounds because that position has the most depth obviously and valuable OF's can still be found in rounds 8-15. For example, I got Andruw Jones round 3, Corey Patterson round 9, and Nick Swisher round 13. I love this outfield which furthermore makes me love this startegy. Now, what about those other 3 first 4 round picks? One I used on Andruw Jones (duh) and the other I used on infielders, considering there are only 4 or 5 reliable ones for every infield position. My first pick (I had the 10th pick out of 12 teams) I took Chase Utley because I think 2B and C are the hardest positions to fill. My second pick I took Derek Jeter. Third obviously, Andruw Jones, and my fourth pick I took Victor Martinez. So I stick to this gameplan: -NEVER take a pitcher until round 5 -NEVER take more than one outfielder in the first 4 rounds -Use an early draft pick on an upper echelon 2B or C because I feel they are the hardest spots to fill -Rounds 5-7 take 1 SP and 2 RP - From there, fill in the gaps with guys who can help in particular stats -You hit it right one the head, never blow off any category. It only takes 1 guy sometimes like a Chris Duffy or a Chone Figgins to win SB's or a good week out of Robinson Cano to lift your team .avg slightly over your opponents This is how my "strategy" played out: C- Victor Martinez 1B- Gary Sheffield 2B- Chase Utley 3B- Bill Hall (Glad I got this guy) SS- Derek Jeter OF- Andruw Jones OF- Corey Patterson OF- Nick Swisher Util- Ryan Freel B- Ryan Shealy B- Chris Burke SP- Brandon Webb SP- Freddy Garcia SP- Mark Buerhle RP- Billy Wagner RP- J.J. Putz P- Jose Valverde P- Takashi Saito B- Tim Hudson B- Gil Meche (I know it was stupid, but I thought, the Royals must see SOMETHING in him) If this team doesn't win me the league, I'l be stunned. I think I'm probably weak in SB's and my SP could use some improvement, but I love this team and plan on sticking to this strategy. Feel free to use!

Where do you realistically expect your team to finish in 2008?

My Team: Cinicinnati Reds Finish: 3rd in NL Central Reds have always had a strong batting lineup. Features Scott Hatteburg, Ken Griffey Jr., Adam Dunn, Ryan Freel and Brandon Phillips. I expect that to only get better. What will keep us from the playoffs is our pitching. We have 2 strong starters in Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo, but have no legit presence behind that. We got a good pickup in closer with Francisco Cordero form the Brewers, so then we can move David weather to a setup role which should improve our bullpen significantly. But as is, I think we will need a Colorado Rockies-like streak to get into the playoffs.

Michael Bourn is killing my BA, should I drop him?

i'm with the guys above.. need more info. But without the info, I've gotta say.. Just bench the guy. Freel and Aybar are weak options. I'd find it hard to believe you wouldn't have a more suitable option already sitting on the bench. But again, I don't have your roster info, so I can't really give any advice here.

How does my fantasy baseball team look? Suggestions?

Well your team looks pretty good but i do see one thing that might be a problem. I see a lot of injury prone players on your team such as (Harden, Pettitte, Weeks,Thomas). If they stay healthy you should definately compete in your league. You might want to add a couple more starting pitchers and drop a couple of your bench players like Iguchi and Durham, i think they are the weakest.

Can you please tell me what you think of my Fantasy Baseball Team?

well the categories are kinda strange to me and as a result ur team looks overall good...seems to me that u want more relief pitchers than starters, so shields is great..i would look up craig henson from boston if he begins to shine through as he could end up takin up the closer spot or at least get a lot of holds..... u have a lot of speed which is great for the categories that are in place in your league but, should prolly try to trade a freel or pierre for a guy that bats in the middle of the lineup and can get u hrs, rbis, and bbs

Why the hell is Ryan Freel not starting for the Cincinatti Reds?!?!?!?!?1?

Don't worry, he's supposed to get a lot of playing time anyway.

What do you think of my fantasy team?

It's alright

Your thoughts on former Reds player Ryan Freel committing suicide?

Do you think the Reds wil be good this year?

We can only hope. I say trade Griffey for a couple of good hitting prospects and go and get a bullpen. and please move Dunn to firstbase.

What do you think of my fantasy baseball team?

First thing first Liriano needs to go he had Tommy John Surgery and is out till 2008. Next your batting avg is weak I believe Mulder is out till July and Edmonds is starting the season on the DL. The good: Starting Pitching is good Schmidt will do good in Dodgers staduim and Smoltz, Bonderman will get you K's, Patterson if healthy could be a nice surprise(2005stats:31 starts W/L9-7 K's 185 ERA 3.13 Whip 1.19 2006 injuried) K-rod, Jones good closers. Its a good starting point but id say some work is need.

Can Ryan Freel help the Cubs?

He could potentially be a GREAT Trade.His defensive versatility could help the Cubs a lot.He could play 3B today and RF tomorrow.He also hits for a decent average and is a good base runner.

Can you help improve my last place team?

Well one move I would make is to add Javier Vasquez, and drop Chien Ming Wang. I have Javier asquez on my team and he has performed well.So far he is 2-1 with about a 3.5 ERA. He will probably end up with 200 k's.Chien Ming Wang was a fluke last year. He can't put up 15 wins again with only striking out 75 batters ni a seasin. Vasquez is much more valuable for fantasy baseball. Also, if you take out Freel at third base and put in Scott Rolen your lineup will be mch more productive.

Do you think the Reds wil be good this year?

I'm a big Reds fan as well but I dont think their best time has come. I think they finish about the same this year.. maybe a few games over .500. But despite this I think they look really good for the near future... hopefully we can get Homer Bailey and Joey Votto a lot of playing time later this season and the current team has plenty of young talent as is.

How does my fantasy team look?

Looking at your team I must say that I am quite impressed. It is obvious to me that you must be very experienced and possess a great deal of baseball savvy. Your team is among the finest that I have seen this season and I commend you on your choices. You have assembled a team with a great mix of speed and power, as well as a very solid pitching staff. Although there may be some injury concerns, the depth that you have built into this team is extraordinary. You appear headed to victory and a very satisfying season. If you haven't done so, I suggest that you look into the possibility of making this more than a hobby. You certainly have some keen insights on the way a baseball team is assembled. Good Luck

How is my fantasy baseball team? Is this a team that is capable of a championship?

I think you have more than good chance to win. You have power with Pujols, Lee, Swisher, and Giambi. You have average with Pujols, Renteria, and maybe Pierre. You have great starting pitching. The only thing I would worry about is your saves. You don't have a lot of potential saves on your roster.

How would u rate my Fantasy baseball team in 1-10?

okay bro check it..... c- Michael Barret....Barrett hit 16 HR for the third time in three years, though he did it in just 375 ABs in '06. He also had a career-high .302 average and .885 OPS. A foul ball off his nether-regions ended his year on September 2, but he'll be okay for spring. In a league bereft of consistent fantasy catchers, he's solid....good for 15-20/70/.300 which are rather excellent numbers for a catcher.... 1b- Richie Sexson.........How'd this guy hit 34 HR and 107 RBI last year? Better yet, how'd he hit .264? Sexson struggled through a terrible first 2.5 months, hitting .205 on June 18. Thereafter, he hit .311 with 23 dingers. Seattle tried to trade him, but he's still a slugger, with an .842 OPS in a bad year. He's always a good value in the long run.....saying this the seattle offense has improved some what and sexson is poised for another really good year so he shouold get you about 40/120/.270 and thats good enough..... 2b- Howie Kendrick.....Kendrick is as swing-happy as Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice, but he has elite B.A. skills, solid power and some speed. He's hungry, hard-working, and he has the Angels' starting job.....expect to get 20/70/.310 and 16 stolen bases as well..... 3b- Ryan Freel.....Freel gets on base and steals a lot, but he has very poor power for an outfielder in shallow leagues. He's past 30 and he is somewhat brittle, so what you see is what you get.....and what you will end up getting is about 6/30/.280 and close to 40 stolen bases.... ss- Edgar Renteria.....As long as the Braves don't return to Boston, Edgar's bounce-back is for real. Count on him for numbers across the board, but don't expect elite levels in any category. .....20/80/.300 and 15 stolen bases as well for renteria who has a resurgence since playing out in boston......... of- Juan Pierre....Speed kills when you don't have it. Pierre offers elite SB and solid BA every year, and his runs bounce back after a season on the jinxed Cubs of '06. As a mid-tier OF1 in NL, or OF2 in Mixed, he guarantees you can ignore steals for a while. May be undervalued after perceived so-so year.......last year had 203 hits and dont expect those numbers to go down either.....look for him to give you numbers in the area of 3/40/.295 and get ya around 55 stolen bases as well..... of- Wily Taveras.......Steals make Taveras a more valuable fantasy commodity than his hitting might otherwise indicate, but then, he's also a really good defensive centerfielder. A lock for at least 40 SB, Fast Willy needs to improve his career OBP of .329 to climb out of the Scot Podsednik school of ugly leadoff men.....saying that...look for him to give you 3/50/.270 and steal ya about 56 stolen bases as well out in colorado..... of- Carlos Beltran.....Beltran is one of the top power/speed players in the game and in his prime. Even with Shea's negative effects, he will hit better at home this year than last so expect a slight rebound in BA. He's also announced to the world that he'd like to get back to his old base-stealing habits for the run-happy Mets. adn he has the same protection as right hitting in frotn and behind him so sees alot of good pitches to hit...so you should get thse kinds of numbers out of him 35-40/110/.290 and 30 sb this year...... util- Travis Hafner.....Pronk can anchor an offense, but is oft-discounted for his lack of positional eligibility. Feel free to take advantage. He has 50 homer, 150 RBI upside, and no, two consecutive seasons ended by errent pitches do not make him injury-prone....and he is hitting in an extremely young extremely underrated lineup out in cleveland so expect him to really produce this year and he could be mvp as well...so he should get you about 45-50/140/.315 on the year... bn- Pedro Feliz.....do you think pedros batting eye getting worse? Success is based on how feared Barry Bonds is by opposing pitchers. Since the answer is Kinda, expect right at 20 HR and a terrible AVG....he is still good due to eligibilty at multiple positions so that raises his value and the fact that he hits 20+ is good look for him to go 20/80/.250 on the year with san fransisco.... bn- Aubrey Huff.....Huff will provide some value in '06 because he'll start with position eligibility at 3B and OF, and play 1B, too. His days as a 30-HR man are frozen in time back in 2003, and his long, loopy swing has always scared people. An .800 OPS season with frustrating slumps is likely.....look for him to contribute to your team about 25/90/.270 and 5 stolen bases as well.... bn- Luis Castillo....At a position with only one truly elite player (Utley), Castillo is part of a large upper-middle class. He's a solid contributor in terms of runs, BA and steals, but he won't carry you in any of those categories. Castillo is like ordering salmon in a nice restaurant. Guaranted to be good, almost impossible to be great.....look for him to give you 3/50/.295 and steal 20+ as well.... as for your pitching rotation...... sp- Jake Peavy.....Bounce-back player of the year candidate. After pitching in the WBC, he never seemed to find his rhythm all year. Watch for renewed focus, especially with Yoda Maddux nearby. SP1 with 200 K in all formats....lol...so saying that means watch him contend for the cy young this year....look for him to post a 14-11 record and era around 3.50 and 210+ strikeouts for him out in san diego with the padres... sp- CC Sabathia......He's been around forever, but he's only 26 and primed to have a career year or two sometime soon. Can anchor a staff, ravage a buffet table and, with better run support, contend for the Cy Young....with a revamped bullpen in clevalend is on tab to win 17 games this year with an era around 3 and a half on the year sp- Barry Zito....Remember how everyone treated A-Rod after his contract was signed? Zito doesn't have the makeup to handle that type of criticism. What's more, his numbers won't be that much better than Matt Morris.....look for his record to be about 15-11 with 170 strikeouts and era around 3.90 for the entire year in san francisco..... rp- Ryan Dempster....All that money the Cubs spent everywhere else, and this guy's still blowing, er, closing games for them. Don't get us wrong: Dempster's accomplished a lot with what he's got. But his career WHIP is 1.55, he blew nine saves in '06, and was replaced down the stretch by Bob Howry. The leash is short....look for him to give you 25 saves and an era around 4 and a half....thats not what you want out of a closer.... rp- octavio dotel is on the dl as of right now....Being the closer for the Royals means few save opportunities. Coming back from Tommy John means ups and downs. The two together mean Dotel should see 20 saves, but you'll hate yourself in the morning.....expect almost exact numbers as dempster right above except even fewer saves.... p- Joe Blanton.... The A's are upset that Blanton has put on weight. We're upset that his repertoire has gone from that of a power pitcher in college, to that of a roto bench player. There's more in the tank for Blanton -- he's got fantasy #3 starter potential -- but draft him as a #5 or #6 fantasy starter in '07.....look for him to give you about 13-12 and era around 4.30 and 160 strikeouts as well.... p- Nate Robertson....Whatever it was that infected Detroit's pitchers in 2006, Robertson had it too. He posted his best major league season, not an unlikely feat at age 29, and offers wins and strikeouts without posing much of a risk to the ratios. Don't reach for him, but he's good middle-of-the-rotation filler......expect the same numbers as joe blanton but a lower era as well.... bn- Claudio Vargas.....Vargas will benefit from getting out of Arizona. His road WHIP in '06 was 1.21 (1.63 at home); his road BAA was .243 (.303 at home). He struck out 123 in 167.2 IP, and is a flyball pitcher, which made him a bad Diamondback. He's Milwaukee's fourth starter, but he could have a surprisingly good year......look for him to have a 10-9 record and k around 150 on the year and era around 4........... bn- Oliver Perez....The Mets may be desperate enough to let Perez try to reclaim his past form while starting for them, but you aren't. The Ks aren't worth the Jon-Favreau-Post-Swingers-sized ERA and WHIP....not even worth putting up numbers because he wont do good at all... dl- Freddy Garcia....Drop in K's and rise in hits over last three seasons, but the move to the NL should fix some of that. Freddy wins, slots in as the Phillies No. 2 , and is worth owning in all formats. But unless the K's come back, he's a weak SP2 in NL, decent SP 4 in Mixed. Look elsewhere for ERA and WHIP strength.....16-9 150k and era around 4 for the year overall your lineup is FAST and has a good mix of power as well i think....you knwo your going to get sb out of kendrick, freel renteria, pierre, taveras, beltran, and castillo and thats more than plenty and you will get the bulk of your power from sexson, renteria, beltran, hafner, and huff, and most of your hitters hit for a good average as well..here is a list of sleepers if you do indeed want to put someone else on your bench... c- iannetta who could have breakout year 1b- adrian gonzalez who will hit around 30+homers 2b- ty wigginton who can hit the deep ball and is eligible at multiple positions 3b- iwamura who will hit for average ss- troy tulowitzki will as well have a breakout year at ss in colorado of- chris duncan will hit around 30 homers this year of- jonny gomes will hit alot of hw as well if healthy of- brad hawpe is good for around 20 homers in colorado util- nick markakis is going to have a stellar year for baltimore this kid is here to stay and as for your rotatoin you have 3 aces on that staff and the rest are quailty decent starters...as for your rp( theyr non existent) that to me looks like your most glaring weakness......here is a list of sleepers if you want to improve your team Sp- Jason jennings is going to have a very solid year in houston proving that on his first outing sp- chuck james who has kept his era this spring around 1 in 5 starts will be stellar in atlanta this year sp- clay hensley who has a good k rate should do fine in sd if healthy rp- dan wheeler could close out the year in houston if lidge cant go.... rp- torres could shock alot of people has kept ball down this yera and could save around 30 games p- wainwright who also has kept era around 1 this spring....... p- jeremy sowers who proved he could pitch in cleveland last year shall repeat again thsiy ear p- westbrook is consistent as they come overall this team needs more rp but other than that quality team hope i helped goodluck and have fun!!!!

Out of these players, who will hav the best season?

Melvin Mora, he is a great fielder, and has a decient bat. He should have a great season this year

How does my fantasy baseball team look?

It depends on how many people are in your league. If it is more than 10 then your team looks good.

The Dodgers and Padres have an interest in Adam Dunn. How should the Reds treat this?

Good deal for the Reds, but there's no way the Padres give up Peavy for anyone, especially a guy who will be a free agent soon enough. The Dodgers are a more likely candidate, because they have plenty of pitching to deal and have looser purse strings. I'm sure they could part with a starter, and they desperately need some power in that lineup. The Reds need pitching badly, and they have to get a #2-3 starter in return for Dunn.

Can anybody tell me how to improve my team?

The only suggestion I would have is you might need another closer to get you some saves.

How is my fantasy baseball team looking heading into the playoffs?

your team is full of a lot of role playing baseball athletes those who just blend in with the rest there is no great player on your team who can put up great daily numbers these are who you would love to have together on a real baseball team not a fantasy but no doubt about it your team is pretty good so good they got you to the playoffs thats two thumbs up for you and good luck peace .

What do you think of my fantasy baseball team?

good team u got some nice balance their

Can anyone tell me when was the last time a player banged out two triples in the same game?

Rollins Triples Twice As Phillies Hold Off Giants POSTED: 11:29 pm PDT May 3, 2007 San Francisco, CA -- (Sports Network) - Jimmy Rollins hit two triples, drove in two runs and scored twice as the Philadelphia Phillies held on for a 9-7 victory over the San Francisco Giants in the opener of a four-game set.

Do you think the injuries are hurting the Cubs on offense?

Theres still 130 games left, no need to panic yet. You need to put things into proper perpspective. Aaron Heilman, however, now there's a problem. He's going to cost you game after game after game after game after game....I think you get the picture...

Why is corey patterson still playing on the reds major league club?

Dusty will stick with Patterson through thick and thin, he did it with the Cubs, now he's doing it with the Reds, Corey will be out there until Dusty or he leaves the team.

When is Jay Bruce being called up to the Bigs?

soon if Adam Dunn, & Corey Patterson keep playing the way they are