Who will be watching the NFL scouting combine this weekend??

I will be watching Ryan, Dorsey, and McFadden. i am a dolphin fan so i know they a whole lot of help. Colt Brennan will not have a successful NFL career. Do you remember Timmy Chang?

Atlanta Falcons Fans: Do you want Dorsey or Ryan?

Dorsey, to protect people like Ryan...

Ryan, Long, Dorsey, Henne?

it shouldnt be long probally when they get signed or the first one get signed

Do you think Matt Ryan will be this years dropper?

i think ryans stock is so high, he is likely a lock for the top 10. i really dont see the ravens passing up on him. atlanta does have a lot of holes but they have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds so they can still address their needs in the 2nd round.
now to address your mock:
-i think ravens take matt ryan
-panthers could go a # of ways, if ryan is there, they should take him. but if he aint, they could go for RB since foster left. they can take a guy like mendenhall or felix jones.
-bears are a mess, they have tons of holes, RB is one but i think they need OLine more. i think they go with chris williams
-i think the cards take either a RB or CB. id go with talib or mike jenkins or jonathan stewart
-skins could go for calais campbell
-boys should go for CB/WR or RB with their first 2 picks
-you have derrick harvey twice, i think you mean james hardy for the titans, good pick possibly go with sweed if available or manningham.
-jags need a DT after losing stroud.
-9ers go for either cherilus or Groves
-packers go for cb since woodson/harris are getting older.
-giants go for phillips or connor
pretty good mock, cant argue too much and you are 100%, there are a lot of good QBs that can behad in the 2nd through 4th such as joe flacco, brian brohm, booty, woodson, brennan, henne and ainge

Who do you think the top three draft picks will be???

Matt Ryan, Glenn Dorsey, Darren McFadden

Should Atlanta Falcons Choose Qb Matt Ryan or DT Glenn Dorsey?

Matt Ryan. They need a quarterback.

What Madden rating should Matt Ryan, Glenn Dorsey, D. Rogers-Cromartie, Jake & Chris Long be?

-AWR 70
-THP 70
-THA 85
-AWR 65
-SPD 60
-TKL 75
-AWR 80
-SPD 64
-PBLK 83
-RBLK 75
-AWR 80
-SPD 90
-CTH 70
-TKL 68
-AWR 75
-SPD 70
-TKL 87
-TKW 85
-AWR 87
-SPD 85
-JMP 80
-ACC 90
-BTKL 70

Atlanta Falcons; Matt Ryan or Glenn Dorsey?

should take dorsey, a qb in round two.

Rookie of the year this year? Matt Ryan, Glenn Dorsey, who?

I think it's going to be Desean Jackson if Mcnabb is healthy. He's been really good in preseason so far filling for Curtis. If McNabb is not healthy, then I would say Glenn Dorsey.

Should the Dolphins draft Matt Ryan or Glenn Dorsey?

the phins need to trade the top draft pick they have too many holes to fill. i am still thinking parcells will work a deal with jerry jones to get the cowboys 2 first round 08 picks and maybe their 2009 pick. he knows how badly jones wants mcfadden. the falcons might work a similar deal with dallas as well
if you said i must pick between the 2 dorsey and ryan. i take dorsey and draft a qb in the 3rd round or later. look at how many of the better qb's in the league brady, romo, bulger, brees, montana, etc are late round picks who could develop without the pressure of living up to a high profile draft pick.. as important as QB is to a team success a great defense will bail out an average qb. example giants, ravens, bucs won the sb with avg qb's. the best qb cant win with a a bad defense