how is ryan braun doing in spring training and will he have another good year?

Pretty good. 3R HR off Peavy today. Look for 320. BA 40+ HR, 120 RBI. This guy is Pujols-type material. And playing outfield will reduce hsi stress level.

Is the Ryan Braun extension the nail in the coffin for Prince Fielder leaving the Brewers in Free Agency?

no way does prince stay in the offseason... especially with what free agents are being paid these days

When will the Cubs realize that they are not better then the Brewers and Ryan Braun?

lol well Braun is pretty good but I think you're giving him too much credit. the best ever? hmmmm

Would you trade Lincecum for Hanley Ramirez or Ryan Braun?

In a points keeper league, you can't trade Lincecum for Braun. I love Braun, I would draft him higher in a draft... but Lincecum is a stud, and in points leagues SP are more valuable than OF because it's easier to find a OF who can give you points. In a roto league, you might make the deal... in a points league, you can't. However... if your SS is weak (say, you're starting Aybar, Scutero, etc), then yes, I would move Lincecum for Ramirez. SS is a much harder position to find points scorers at than OF, and Hanley is hands-down the best option at SS. You could make a major upgrade in points by making the deal. However... if your SP is weak, I wouldn't make either deal. As I said... SP is a very important position in points leagues, especially if you deal with negative points. I would rather load up with aces on offense than hitters... most points leagues reward a great pitching performance more than they do 5 days of solid hitting performances, and Lincecum is easily the best long-term keeper option possible at SP.

Would you rather have Grady Sizemore or Ryan Braun on your fantasy baseball team? Why?

I would say it depends on your other rosters. Braun can provide you bit more in power categories while Sizemore can provide more runs and SBs. But in general, I would choose Sizemore over Braun. If you look at their 2008 statics, their numbers are almost identical when it comes to hits (170/174) and Ks (129/130). What Sizemore has over Braun is hard to come by. Power hitter with great speed. Sizemore is more of well rounded athlete and he had a bad season privously. In my opinion, Sizemore second most well rounded player right beneath Hanley Ramirez.

Who Is Better Mike Lowel or Ryan Braun for a H2H Fantasy baseball league with 12 teams?

Based on H-2-H scoring, I'd keep Braun. Lowell is hot right now, and has a decent history for putting up good fantsy numbers, but Braun is predicted to one day be a top-10 guy. If he shows any of that this year, (and he already has with a HR and 2 SB in his first few games) he'll be more valuable to you. He's got 5 catagory impact potential.

Which is a better baseball card: a 2009 freddy sanchez topps relic card or a ryan braun upper deck spectrum?

The Braun spectrum card is the better card but neither one is a high dollar card. Don't let him screw you over. Braun is the better player too.

How much $ can I get from a signed baseball by ryan braun?

Without a certificate of authenticity or some other proof its his signature, you can get as many $ that someone is willing to give you. Braun should be happy his gesture of taking his time to sign your ball will help the economy.

ryan braun?

due to the signing of centerfielder Mike Cameron, Ryan Braun will start at leftfield this season as Bill Hall will reclaim his third baseman starting position after playing centerfield last season. Corey Hart will start at rightfield in Yahoo, Ryan Braun will have to start only five games to get his OF or LF eligibility this season.

Ryan Braun?

keep Ryan Braun!! he is amazing!