What do you think of Russell Crowe's quote on abortion?

Whose a better actor Denzel Washington or Russell Crowe?

Denzel any day of the week.

Why is ugly fat slow Russell Crowe the new Robin Hood?

The real question should be: Why is there ANOTHER Robin Hood?

What is the song in the South Park Comedy Central advert with Will Smith and Russell Crowe?

Suede - Filmstar

Anybody else think Russell Crowe is a stupid choice for Robin Hood?

Russell Crowe = No Johnny Depp = Yes Yes, I would like to be Robin Hood...I have a broken bow and two beat up arrows. Favorite: Robin Hood - Men in Tights ~ Cary Elwes. (He was in "Princess Bride").

Which Russell Crowe movie should I watch tonight?

I'd go for A Beautiful Mind or 3:10 to Yuma.

In the south park episode with Russell Crowe in it, whats the meaning of the joke?

Well Trey and Matt usually focus on current affairs for most of their episodes and I think at the time Russell Crowe was in the media's limelight for assaulting various photographers and I think he even arrested for it at one time too. He eventually became portrayed as being arrogant in the media so much so South Park decided to take advantage of it and do it as a parody in one of their episodes!!!

Where can i find the video of the patriots path to perfection narrated by Russell Crowe?

go to www.nflfilms.com...I think they sell them right off the website

How old was the real Robin Hood and how old is Russell Crowe?

No one knows if Robin was real or not. I suspect his legend is an amalgamation of stories about several different real life outlaws in the middle ages. In some stories he was actually quite old when he died (some say 80!) but this would have been a great age for that era,when the average lifespan was around 40. Arthritis from heavy work afflicted most medieval people and for this reason I'd say most of Robin's activities would have to take place when he was under 30. In most of the more recent Robin Hoods (the tv ones) they have had young Robin Hoods, meant to be early 20's. Crowe is 46 and a bit of a worn,podgy looking 46, he should have played the part of an aging RH not one just beginning his outlaw career!

What was the computer program Russell Crowe was using to write his document on "Body of Lies"?

Usually movies use video mockups of actual software, very rarely do they use anything real. Having said that, there are speech recognition software packages out there and when I tried them many years ago they were pretty accurate and fast too! For Windows I've used Dragon Naturally Speaking and for Linux, Sphinx. For more info, check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speech_recognition