What is the blood rush feeling in the chest?

you better consult an expert!

When does east bound rush hour traffic start in the los angeles LA area in the afternoon?

Generally by 2:30pm the afternoon commute has begun. After 3:30pm, it's getting thick. But you should be all right heading out at 2:00. And after you're familiar with the route itself, your drive time will lessen too. Make a note to have an alternate route as well, for those unexpected heavy delays just to be on the safe side. I've been driving throughout Los Angeles since I got my first permit license (we're talking ancient history and it was a challenge way back then too), but haven't had any serious accidents, road rage, only 2 tickets (both for "no right turn on red"), carry Auto Club for roadside emergencies (it's a lifesaver and worth every cent) and never drink and drive or let a friend do it. I know that my history isn't real common, but all my family are native Los Angeleanos with the same luck except for one. But she was on a mountain road in the snow, not on the freeway. Good luck, be safe!

How will Rush Limbaugh lead our party back to controlling the government of the USA?

Rush Limbaugh sucks, and the republican party sucks i hope they never get control of the government, they have done enough. Rush limbaugh is a dickhead

Will Rush try to force the markets down if they start to recover?

Nah, he will just tell you that it is all a fabrication of the extreme left. Just as he said that the failing of the markets was a fabrication of the extreme left while bush was in office

What good will it do for Rush Limbaugh to leave the United States if we might still have to listen to him?

You should listen to Rush and you would learn a thing or two , which you seemed to have missed hanging out at the bong shop, maybe you should leave your moms basement

How do rush tickets work at San Francisco Symphony?

Try SFS's link.. http://www.sfsymphony.org/ Good luck! tucomena

How was the Alaska Gold Rush similar to and different from the California Gold Rush?

Similarities - Both Alaskan Natives and California Natives were attacked, slaughtered and pushed off of their lands by travelers. Differences - Alaska Gold Rush was more significant because there were very few people that left with less than $5,000... some even became millionaires! Also, Alaska's gold is still being mined! In fact, my grandfather and family still run a wealthy gold mine every summer. In California most travelers left with very little more money than they arrived with. However I'm not going to do all your homework! Do some research you'll appreciate American History more! Have a good day!

Rush fans: Please explain what Rush is doing with op chaos. How is it a good thing to do?

Rush is the Rev. Wright of the Republican party. He lies, distorts the truth, is insulting and thinks he is God's appointed judge and jury of all mankind (it's easy to think that when you're REALLY WASTED all the time!) Unfortunately Republicans think that's OK (besides he's on their side). I am a conservative by nature but can't stand the overwhelming and omnipresent hypocracy of the party in the last 8 years.



rush ?

Not sure bro they just finished their Snakes and Arrows tour. So it may be a while