Power Metal Quality with Running Wild?

Great band. Gates To Purgatory is a killer album

If a man wore clothes and starting running wild through a nude beach, would he be apprehended?

It's their policy in that situation to eat him for dinner... (He failed to notice the word "Cannibal" in front of the word "Nudist" when he passed the entrance to the colony...)

my kitten is always running around wild at night and lazy and sleepy during the day how to change it?

they always do that. once our cat scared everything out of me. there was a HUGE shadow coming towards me, but then I saw it was just our cat wanted to be caressed. most animals does that cause darkness gives them a feeling of safety or another animals hunts at night to catch those animals that goes out at night. but you could keep playing with your cat and give treats during the day.

Did anyone else notice that the Thumbs down trolls were running wild in the tattoo category last night?

I was wondering if it was just me. I got a number of thumbs down on things that completely confused me. I'll admit not all of my answers were as well thought out as I'd like, but geez, was I really that bad? It doesn't really bother me if it's just me, but it sucks to hear about everyone else. Addendum: In retrospect, I am partially to blame. When I see an obviously ignorant and/or incorrect answer ("tattoos give you AIDS!"), I tend to give it a thumbs down. It's wrong to spread this disinformation. People do base their decisions on what they research online, and I feel we have an obligation to point out provably wrong assertions. I apologize to those affected if my actions here caused them strife.

Ok, since "PalinMania" is still running wild, what's your favorite Sarah Palin moment?

My favorite moment will be when she goes away for good and everyone forgets her and her family. When she becomes a nobody like she was before the election, then that will be my favorite moment.

My emotions are running wild,is it because I'm a teenager or something more.?

Has anything else been going on in your life that you are upset or angry about? If there has, then it could be the thing has affected your behavior because you've kept your emotions bottled up inside about the thing. If there hasn't, it could just be mood swings. Mood swings are typical and teenagers, and some teens get them more often than others do. They feel irritated by every little thing that bugs them that they can usually ignore. You could focus on doing something you enjoy to do alone, like drawing, listening to music, or going outside when it's nice. Teenagers need their alone time too, and if you haven't got any, then you should try getting some :]

how to tranquillize your mind that is running like a wild horse, without medication?

Meditate. I suggest prayer and yoga - you Will feel better. Ease your mind - remember, fear is a lie - don't give in to it because the more it knows you are afraid, the harder it will try to overtake you. Don't allow that to happen. Exercise. If you are in good physical health, plan an exercise regimen. Exercise releases the endorphins in the brain and gives you a feeling of well-being - and voila, no drugs. Eat right. If you are starving yourself because you're concerned about weight, you're going to have to alter your eating pattern. If you're eating properly, exercising, praying or meditating, you should be feeling better in no time. (NO JUNK FOOD, EITHER - and that includes diet drinks!) When you're having an anxiety attack, do normal things such as washing your hair, taking a shower or a bath, cooking a meal (a healthy one); anything that will keep your mind occupied and off your anxieties - and keep your mind on what you're doing, the task at hand, not what your anxieties dictate. Do NOT let them win over you. Important: Stay away from alcohol and caffeine. Hobbies are great distractions - you probably have one already - photography is always a joy, so you might want to try that. Take yourself to a local park and photograph wildlife. It does wonders for your spirit. Remember also to have fun! Don't take yourself so seriously - and also remember that whatever problems you're having, including your anxiety, are not new - others have had them, and they PASS - but it takes work - and you have to be willing to do the work. It's a battle, but one you have to fight if you want to win. Don't forget the music - when you can. You might not always be in the mood for it, but when you are, sing along with it - at the top of your lungs! Good luck. ~ Ceci P.S. - Do not entirely rule out medication - when properly administered, it will give you relief - there's nothing wrong with a little help. If you've had a drug problem in the past that might not be an option, but if you haven't, you might consider medicine as well as what I wrote above.

Why is my PC running so wild? It never use to?

The fans are thermally controlled. As temperatures increase, the speed of the fans will increase in an attempt to dissapate the increased heat. You probably have dust build up in the fans and heat sinks, too much dust will become an insulator and retain heat and also restrict the airflow across the fins of the heat sink causing the temperature to rise and the fan speed to increase with it. You can buy a can of compressed air at any office supply or department store electronics department, they're cheap. And when you're done cleaning it, replace the side panel, leaving it off all the time let's more dust into your system. I would recommend cleaning it every 6~12 months depending on how dusty your environment is.

Is your imagination running wild right now?

Nope, not really.

is it true that there are baboons running wild in New Jersey or is it just Christie cutting the budget?

It is too cold in NJ and all the forests have been gone for at least 200 years. So no, there are no baboon habitats in Jersey excpt that of the human variety.

The Quack Attack is apparently back, DAWGS running wild in SEC play...your thoughts on the NCAA day so far?

without reading any of the other responses, THIS IS THE GREATEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In other years, you could miss a week or two and miss NOTHING. But not this year. Ranked teams fall every week!!! I've cleared my calender for Saturdays from a month ago till 2 weeks into December. Watching upset after upset is great. UConn leading the Big East is great, (for now). Sly Crooms guys at MissSt are making waves. This is the season where EVERY GAME truly matter!!

What do you say to people who let their kids run wild at the grocery store?

Nothing that works, safely . . . and just know that THESE are the folks who get in the express line - with 3X the 'allowed' number of items! and the check-out clerk says NOTHING either!!! Solution(s)??? Tell the manager that you are shopping elsewhere Write a letter of complaint to the local paper editor Picket in front of the store, with your friends and neighbors Shop 'after hours', or 'before hours' - when parents/kids sleep

What sends your imagination running wild?

Hot chicks

Phillies Fans: Whatcha gonna do brother now that Yankeemania is running wild on you?

this is not a question, it is a statement, and clearly violates the yahoo terms of use for this particular application. Do you have a legitimate question? or was you're purpose to crow about you're allegiance to a team that does not need, nor deserve another purchased championship?

Have you ever been mauled by a Tiger Prawn running wild in your Wok?

He thought he was a tough guy but was really just a shrimp.

Was there a time when you would see wild poodles running around africa?

Dogs have been 'domesticated' since early man trained wolves to assist in the hunt. Since then, selective breeding (Choosing two particular dogs to mate and produce a pup with characteristics of the parents e.g. hunting ability, sharp teeth, domestic use, gambling, protection ect...) has produced all but a few of the dog breeds today. The poodle is a domestic dog made from domestic breeding and so would not last a week in wild africa. The only dog that comes to mind that isn't selective bred and is natural to Africa is the hyena.

As a teenager your emotions are running wild, How can I get those good times back?

you don't want them back, you can't do anything fun 'til you're 18!

Is running into the wild and living off the land if the swine flu breaks out a crazy idea?

Well if you fall and get a scraped knee with no antibiotics you can get a blood infection and die. Or you could stay in society, get the flu, and be done with it in 3 days to a week and still be in your comfortable house. Hmm.... Well I hate to say crazy, but I would say, pretty impractical.

my cpu is running wild with high spikes and i need help?

why is ignorance running wild in the information age?

Age has nothing to do with anything. There are ignorant elders are decent elders, ignorant teens and children and decent teens and children. Judging based on age is quite ridiculous. And why people in general are getting ignorant? Because this world is following them.

Probability of running on a cobra snake in the wild in the US?

other then johnny's answer the rest where just full of crappy info. the other two people must know very little about venomous snakes. ocimom Cobras are in the zoos - not in private homes? that is not even close to true. there are lots of people that keep venomous snakes at home. And there only may be a handful of people that have special permission to have them outside the zoo and I'm sure they are very heavily regulated. thats also wrong not every state requires a permit to keep venomous snakes and some states do not regulate it that heavily. veritas you kinda said the same thing that very few people are licensed to have cobras in the US. i guess i just wonder how people answer questions with info they know nothing about.. if a cobra got out it would be far from a horror movie they do not go out and attack people they would try and hide before they tried to bite. most cobra are not overly aggressive unless your bothering them. i keep some cobras at home and for the most part they are pretty easy to manage. i also dont need a permit where i live. the person whos said slim to none said it best

What would you do if you found LOVE running wild and free in a vast, open field?

it's either i go out and run with LOVE wherever it goes... and enjoy the world in an endless wandering or i'd just watch and pray that LOVE won't go astray.. and when LOVE goes tired of running.... i'd be here... just waiting

notice they removed the "hulkamania is running wild" from the end of the wwe intro to the world is watching?

Because he went to TNA. Hogan belongs to TNA now. It'd be weird if WWE still promoted him, while he was making money for the rival company. Besides, WWE doesn't revolve around Hogan. Like Vince said, "No one is bigger than the WWE."

Replicating soft tissue: my imagination is running wild?

We already can, its called Stem Cells.

Is it true that Prince Jackson is running wild on the internet from what the media said?

The nanny Grace say on her FB page that Prince Jackson is not even allow to use the internet. Paris and Blanket also are not allow. Latoya and Randy Jackson also say that Michael childrens are not allow to use the internet. So all those Paris and Prince FB, My space pages or other social networks are FAKE.

Why do women want to run out into workforce when kids are running wild?

If it takes two people to make a child, then why is it the woman's responsibility only?

Do you think Hulkamania Is Still Running Wild or is it about time it got a zimmer frame?

Hogan sucks. Hopefully he'll just be forgotten.

Imagine there are clones of Justin Bieber running wild...?

Attack of the Beibers. Sounds like a movie.

What do you think of when your imagination is running wild?

Travelling to distant countries, getting the career I dream of, how I'm going to meet the man of my dreams...anything really! Anything crazy and in the distant future, or will never happen. Imagination is a great way of experiencing lovely things if they never really happen in life :)

How do wild chickens manage to get enough water if they are just running around random yards with no creeks or?

in the monings the plants have dew on them, as well plants have water in them, and there are often puddles here and there.. the insects the chickens eat also have a bit of water in them too.. I have pet chickens who run loose, but we do give them water of course.

Music video with black man with dreadlocks running wild?

could be : sepultura (with the black singer not the white ) skindread sevendust yeah i think its sepultra-bullet in the blue sky

I am 8 months pregnant and my hormones are running wild. I sometimes get so pissy and stressed with everyone ?

There is nothing that can really help your feelings, and I'm sorry for that! My wife would remove her self from public situations when she started to feel irrational. She knew that she wasn't right, but she couldn't shake the anger/emotion/sadness/gladness all at once, so she'd go into our bedroom until the overwhelming feelings passed, which they eventually did. Then she'd come back out and deal with just being pregnant! There's nothing wrong with having the feelings that you are having, you just need to figure out how to control the way that those feelings affect those around you. If that means leaving for a few minutes until you can get a grip, do it! Remember, there's nothing wrong with you! Merry Christmas!

When you are experiencing signs of God, how do you know this isn't just your imagination running wild?

When I was desperate to believe, absolutely nothing happened. So I have a hard time with this idea that any time someone believes in a higher power, it's just shoved in the "Imagination" category without any care to other instances. It's not rational to generalize such things simply because one Thinks the idea is "imagination".

i need to find a word to describe my mind running wild?

Agitated? Unfocused? Anxious? Overwrought? Verblunget?

do you ever dream of running wild and free?

I am right now! I should probably put some clothes on..............

if your period is late for a month does that mean your pregnant or your system is running wild?

it's possible you're pregnant and it's possible that you just skipped a month please answer http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AvzYVaTQEiJziWBpdpharF_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080720175849AAB6NxEr

What to do about my pubic hair styles it's running wild!??!?

Complicated pubic hair styles are hard to shape yourself. It would be better to ask your partner to help you or get a professional to do it for you.

Should we nuke our imaginations since terrorists have attacked it and now it is running wild?

What's your opinion on small children running wild through wal-mart with no parental supervision?

Unacceptable and I can do you one worse, Ross, where every scum bag leaves their filthy children unattended to rummage around on the floor and screech in Spanish and Haitian, meanwhile the men's section is located directly next to the toy section and teeming with leering perverts. But, I guess it's more important to try on cheap clothing with the dressing room doors open and scream into your cell phone than care about the kids you sh*t out for welfare benefits. And I am supposed to feel sympathy for the "mother" when one of the children she neglects gets snatched up and she is crying on the news and holding a dollar store candle with a picture of her kid pinned to her chest. DCFS should have a f*cking employee in every Ross, Marshall's and Walmart and take those babies away from the skank gutter pigs they were cursed with for mothers.

Is God like a benevolent, but powerless president, and Satan is like mafia or terrorists running wild?

It's not the RIGHT TIME yet. Only the Father in heaven knows the hour of when Christ will return with power and glory and take back this world for His very own. Forgive others as I have forgiven you. I’m not here to win a popularity contest, but to witness to and speak the TRUTH.

Is there wild animals running around in South Africa?

Dude don't know how I lost your E mail but i need it ASAP

Are Egyptians running wild through the streets looting a destroying reason enough to keep Egyptian artifacts s?

The Egyptians are so passionate about change, they are destroying valuable artifacts that have nothing to do with their current woes. See that? Thats what liberals do.

What do you think of families with 5-8 kids all running wild at the supermarket?

they have so many because they want that much, more than likely. or, they never bothered with borth control. as far as the child behavior-i am a firm believer that if you cannot handle your children, you don't need to have them. you are the parent. they listen to you. it's not the other way around. the parent just doesn't put in the effort to supervise their children. if a child runs over me, or is yelling at me or just bothering me and the parent is watching but not doing anything, that's rude. i WILL tell that child that they need to stop being disrespectful and to go with their parents. i DARE the parents to say something to me. they will get told off in the worst way.

What breed of huge, short-horned cattle was imported from Africa and is now running wild in Texas?

Zebu (Brahmas) are from India not Africa.

is it ok to keep a dog that was running wild outside?

yes, after you post flyers that you found a missing dog and if nobody calls to claim you could keep him or find a shelter.

Swarm rabbits and bunnies running wild in my dream ?

or it can mean what Vanessa Carlton portrayed her newest album to mean. Rabbits on the Run. look it up.

how can i stop my cat running wild at 2am in the morning?

I wouldn't suggest microwave treatment. You first need to realize that cats are nocturnal animals. They usually have a lot of energy at night because they sleep all day! However, I would say that it sounds like your cat is bored out of it's mind. No worries, help entertain and your cat will be calmer. I found a really cool toy that my cat loves. The only problem is it makes a little noise. It's called a Star Chaser. It's shaped like a racetrack with a rolling ball on the edges and lights up when the cat hits it around the track. It has a scratching pad in the center with catnip. Anyway the point of this toy is to give your cat a workout, stimulate your cats mind so it feels like it has accomplished something and get rid of some of that boredom. Try letting your cat outside, even if it's on a leash for a short amount of time. I know that sounds crazy but my sister put's their cat on a leash and I think it mellows the cat out. Good luck with your stair climber kitty. :)

My 18 month old daughter is running wild, What do I do?

She's not a wild child; she's trying to tell you something. She's upset with you and this new baby because she feels like the baby is invading her space and taking away her mommy. It is 100% normal, and should be expected, for children to regress when a new baby is born. Remember, ANY attention is good attention. If you are focused on the baby and not her, she will do anything to get you to pay attention to her. She may have found that negative attention gets you to focus on her better than if she behaves. She doesn't have the words to tell you what she is feeling or what she wants, so she acts out. She's frustrated. Maybe when her daddy comes home, he can take over with baby duty and then you can spend some one-on-one time with her. Maybe get out of the house, do an activity or art project, something away from the baby. Focus on her and reiterate to her that you still love her. Having a new baby come into the house can be extremely overwhelming and scary for some kids. They may feel like they aren't as important or are being replaced.

what do you think the panda mount will be and is it unfair that worgen get running wild for free?

1.)What do you think the Pandaren mount will be: I honestly have no clue...but i actually hope the mounts don't turn out to be a bear mount or some kind of other furry creature...i believe it would clash together and it would look a bit awkward. 2.Do you think it is unfair the Worgen get running wild: No i don't think it is "unfair" they are well in a sense wolves and wolves run almost everywhere they go and they pick up quick speed its in there nature...and it would just look odd on any other race..you do know they run on all fours when doing that action. now imagine a Dwarf running on all fours...would look quite silly,no? so no i don't think its unfair it is meant for that race. and every race gets its own personal bonus. Like how the undead have the ability to last under water longer i think like 230 times the normal rate.