How good is this Mock Draft?

As usual, I have something to say about the top ten. I think Poe should go at #9 instead of Cox. His stock went up because of his measurables at the combine.

How good is this Mock Draft?

why do you have coples going to the jets they run a 3-4 defense also why do you have the eagles selecting a qb in the 2nd round

How good is this Mock Draft.?

2- i dont see the rams trading down for a 4th round pick to give to the browns who also need a wide receiver. reguardless, 1 of them is getting jb 5- i can see the redskins trading up because they have the budget to in order to get rg3 9- i see the panthers going for trent richardson 10- bills will most likely go for a corner 11- chiefs- i dont see much to improve on. they just had their 3 best players get acl injuries 14- cowboys have to draft a safety in the 1st round 18- chargers just need someone who wont underachieve thats all i really see though. im also not too familiar with the names or player nor am i draft analyst, but im decent on knowing what a team needs and the things i pointed out above are whats glaring to me.

How good is this Mock Draft?

I don't see the Seahawks taken Kuechly I see the Eagles taking him I don't understand the Lions two picks. I see the Lions picking Mark Barron Bama' SS to secure their secondary and when Brandon Carr from the Chief's is in Free Agency that can pick him up to make the defense really good also their 2nd pick could be Mychal Kendricks, ILB, California to back up Suh and Fairley. But other than that I like it

How good is this Mock Draft?

I actually kind of like it this is probably the only draft that didn't screw over the eagles I hope it happens just like this, but actually the the pick selecting vinny curry I would probably want to change but your mock draft is great

mock draft do you agree?

Switch number 4 and 5 around the browns will go all offense in the 1st round and theirs no way they pass on Richardson Claiborne would just be a waste they don't really need him

How is my 2 round NFL mock draft?

Not bad, two rounders are always hard. I just finished making my second round. I don't see many picks that look too crazy, but Alfonzo Dennard is not a first rounder. Other than it looks pretty good.

How good is the Mock Draft 4.0?

Not too bad. But I don't think Richardson is going to go that high, especially in a pass first NFL. Same goes with Kendall Wright after running a slow 40 time at the combine, and certainly not ahead of Sanu and Jeffrey. Kirk Cousins will also likely be draft a lot sooner than the end of the 2nd round, same with Dwayne Allen.

All Bias Aside, Which School had the Best Recruiting class this year?

LOL LSU has another Russel QB. Maybe this is a good sign. As usual, USC got the best players. They had the best recruiting season.

What do you think of my 21-32 Mock picks and my Mock 2nd round?

I dont like it for my Browns but by the sound of it this is the way their going go, I would rather they add some defensive help

How good is this NFL Mock Draft?

Whoa dude, you have a linebacker going to Carolina, when our needs are D line and secondary in that order. Couples, Barron, or Kirkpatrick will be drafted by Carolina. Jon Beason is our pro bowl ILB.

How good is this Mock Draft?

i think its a joke. the rams traded to the browns, so where was the extra pick the rams received? or are we to believe it was an even trade? youve been watching too much tv. any mock draft done before the combine is worthless and most of them done after the combine are just as worthless.

Any news on rueben randle and auburn?

I haven't seen anything on him visiting auburn. According to rivals he's already visited OU, and visits scheduled for LSU on the 16th and Ala. on the 23rd. I think his top 4 is lsu, ala, ou and miami.

Rueben Randle a future football hall of famer?

Only if he goes to Alabama with him on one side and Julio Jones on the other they could break all the records.

What school will Rueben Randle committ to?

Doubt you'll get someone from the inside close to him here on the Answers, and even if they do come here, they won't be giving out private information like this. Here are a couple of recruiting sites you can look at to keep tabs on all the top players: