What happened to Houshmandzadeh and Rudy Johnson?

Houshmandzadeh is on the Seattle Seahawks and Rudy Johnson I believe is out of the league.

What was Rudy Guliani thinking by blowing off all the other states and focus mainly on florida?

Rudy was worried about how to fund his campaign. He didn't have enought funds for all the primaries. However, he figured that no leader would emerge before Florida. If he could just win Florida, he would emerge as the GOP's leader, and funding would be so much easier.

How does Rudy Giuliani make being a classless douche look so easy?

He had years of practice being a classless douche as mayor of New York. He also got to practice in his free time, cheating on his wife in public. I know he was hoping to be McCain's VP pick but even Republicans don't like him. How many times does this douche have to lose badly before he finally goes away?

How come Rudy Giuliani is absent from presenting any opinion on the debacle at Columbia University today?

It is such a non-event, why bother?

Is Rudy Giuliani White enough to get the Republican nomination for president?

Interesting question. I think his ethnicity is irrelevant, but his pro-abortion and anti-gun stances will cost him Republican votes.

do u think Rudy Fernandez is the next Ginobili?

Rudy can do a lot of things that Manu does, but I don't think we should label him the next Ginobili. Let him be his own man. I think he has a lot of potential. He just needs to bulk up, drive more to the basket, and defend better. If he does that, he'll be a perennial all-star in the NBA.

How much does Rudy Giuliani charge per conference?

Who wants to hear him put 9/11 into every sentence?

How damaging is Bernard Kerik's indictment to Rudy Giuliani's campaign?

I hope it is C, but my money is on B because most people aren't paying attention to the things that are important. I hope that conservatives will wake up and vote Huckabee!

Who was that little Asian girl who played as Morgan. As Rudy's friend In The Cosby Show?

Me Me. (That's seriously her name.)

Who felt Rudy Fernandez got cheated in the dunk contest?

He could probably get a 50 if he did it on his first try

Why is the Asian Ginger Rudy asking Football questions?

the real rudy is off duties at the moment, so the black and asian rudy is filling in his position part time, btw what sorta asian has ginger hair, 1 strange rudy

Rudy Giuliani wants to censor the Internet. Does this make him unfit to be president?

why wouldn't he since it implicates him directly in the destruction of evidence at the WTC after 9/11- he would censor free speech too no doubt (for the same reason)

If you had to pick between Evan Byah and Rudy Gulliani, who would you vote for?

I live just outside of NYC. Giuliani wasn't that great. Here's one part of his legacy. The WTC was bombed in 1993, the year prior to Rudy coming into office. Where does Rudy place the emergency headquarters? In the WTC. He did this because some of his campaign contributors owned the offices there. Evan Bayh

Ron Paul supporters dont really like Rudy going against him, if Rudy gets the nod, How will Paul ?

Voting for a neo-Conservative like Giuliani would be like saying yes to the same bad policies that we now have. I want to see real change for the better. If in the unlikely event Ron Paul doesn't win the GOP nomination and drops out of the race, I would likely vote independent / 3rd party.

Is this a good trade : Tyson Chandler and Rudy Gay for Richard Jefferson and Samuel Dalembert?

It's tough because Dalembert is bound to get hurt this yr, but Chandler isn't exactly invulnerable himself. So if they cancel each other out, it's down to two questions: Does Gay improve this year? And does RJ stay healthy? I think I'll go with RJ this year if only because there's no Pau Gasol on his team to take away touches.

Do you think Rudy and Hillery are cast from the same mold?

I live in NYC. Besides 9/11, Rudy is an evil, mean and dishonest man. Since he has been campaigning he has lied about lots of things he did (or rather didn't do) as mayor. He built the city's Emergency 'bunker' in the World Trade Center even though it had already been a terrorist target on 2/26/93. He put the 'bunker' on the 17th floor because he wanted a nice view. The reason he built the emergency unit in Bldg 7 was because the owner, Mr. Silverstein asked him to. The basement was filled with a huge amt. of emergency diesel fuel, which is probably the reason the building blew up. The only reason he was at the WTC on 9/11 was because he was going to the bunker. This left the NYPD & the NYFD without adequate communications & no command center. 343 firefighters were lost...their radios didn't work...a longtime problem that was never fixed. He did not make 23 tax cuts. Only 11originated from his office. The others came from the City Council or the State. He cost NYers $990,000 fighting the First Amendment! He LOST 21 out of 23 cases. He wanted to stay on as mayor after 9/11 because he felt an election would cause too much chaos. We have term limits and his was up. His oversight of the police dept. included a time of increased racial conflict; police going wild (shooting innocent "suspects" with 47 bullets; police sodomizing & torturing suspects...does the name Louima ring a bell). He's trigger happy. He was disdainful of the press. He had 2 affairs while still married. The 1st was Christyne Lategano to whom he gave the position of president of a public/private org. called NYC & Co. Then broke up with her. Next was Judy Nathan (Now his wife). He notified his wife of their divorce during a press conference. As soon as he left office he took all his mayoral papers and locked them up with guards overseeing them. Those papers are public and belong to the people. He has refused to release them. His advocacy for and close relationship with Bernard Kerik should indicate to you how "honest" he is. He took Kerik into his consultant firm. His consultant firm has clients like Qatar while they were giving safe haven to the 9/11 mastermind. The clients of his law firm in Texas are large corporations, including oil companies, private security firms (like Blackwater), etc. This would cause conflicts of interest for him if he were president. Citizens of NYC overall do not feel favorably toward him. Read Wayne Barrett's article about him in "The Village Voice" (a nyc paper owned by Ruppert Murdoch).

why did rudy giuliani make fun of obama at the republican convention?

Because he's a Republican. And that's why they do. They can't talk about issues so they resort to chararacter assassination of their opponents. How dare he and Sarah Palin make fun of an honorable profession? They truly disgust me.

Why did Rudy do so poorly in the primaries?

He skipped campaigning in the the first five small states (Iowa, NH, NV,MI SC) ....he thought he couldn't win in those states (so he didn't want to waste his money there) and only campaigned in the first big state he thought he'd win for sure which was Florida (which was the 6th state to hold its primary). By the time it came around to Florida, John McCain had practically came back from the dead (before the NH primary, McCain was in dead last place) and he got the momentum from the first small states...and eventually won Florida. If only Giuliani didn't skip the first 5 states, who knows what could have happened! Even though those 5 small states may not add up to many delegate votes at the end, media coverage starts there. If you aren't seen for the first few weeks, then people forget about you. So that's how it happened. Giuliani was my first choice too! He'd be cleaning out DC if he was the president now.

Is Rudy Giuliani the first presidential candidate to have marched in a Gay Rights parade?

Now, now... there's a saying about walking a mile in someone's stilettos before passing judgment. Besides, Rudy can't help that he looks better in drag than he does in man-garb.

Is Hillary Clinton taking advice from Rudy Giulliani on how to run a campaign?

I agree, I think this spells disaster for Clinton. It is identical to Rudy's tactic which was due to his lack of finances. I think between her 5 million dollar loan and this new tactic it is evident that she is running out of money. Being a Republican I hope she does win because that spells victory for Republicas, she is simply unelectable.

episode on the cosby show where rudy goes out to a nightclub?

Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause a Meltdown Season 8, Episode 181 Description: Anxious to see a famous rapper, Rudy and her friends lie to their parents in order to get into a club for 16 year olds and up. Cliff and Clair secretly send Pam, Lance and Charmaine to keep an eye on them.

What's with the guys trying to look like Rudy Fernandez at Blazers games?

brandon roys better and a better role model, shows blazers fan are insane in the membrane

What would Rudy from the movie "Rudy" do if he got shorted a chicken select at McDonald's?

He would create havoc and mayhem

What is your reaction to this quote from Rudy Giuliani about Hilllary Clinton?

Greetings. why that is just plain horrible. I much prefer how Giuliani and the other Republicans spend it on their fellow war criminals and unjust wars. Spend hundreds of billions of dollars on America? that is herecy under the republican government we are subjected to now. What in the world would they do with money invested in our country instead of into bringing death to others? horrible things like homes for the homeless. college educations for our qualified youth that don't come from wealthy families? Medical care for everyone? other equally incidious horrors like that? Glad we have the Giuliani to protect us from such evil things.

Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani wants a national ID for all foreigners, what do you think?

Giuliani is treading water and trying to hang on with his fingernails, but his stupid remarks aren't going to get him into the White House. What he did during 9/11 as mayor of NYC is about the same that anybody who was mayor would have done...his job. Outside of 9/11, he doesn't have much experience under his belt to be President. To the poster who believes we need illegals, you are so wrong! Maybe your activist organizations are pouring that into your head while they are using all of you as their slaves to go protest here, march there....see how far it's gotten you? NOWHERE. Can you tell me what THEY have given you being they are on your side? Probably NOTHING, right? The American citizens are tired of paying to support your butts, you don't belong here, go home and fix your own country. No we don't want to give you anything, not an ID card, food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, or JOBS. Even Bush is starting to turn against illegals now, so he doesn't want you here either... say hallelujah America! Here's something we might give you....How about a free flight back to Mexico...your choice: with or without a parachute?

Would Notre Dame students have protested against Rudy Giuliani making a speech there instead of Obama?

That really is a good question. I assume that some of the same students would and other students that didn't protest Obama would protest Giuliani for other reasons. The do have that right..

Are there simularities between Rudy Guilliani and the Rudy from the football movie?

yes! they have the same first name

Misfits UK: Do you think that Rudy is good enough to replace Nathan in Season 3?

Rudy is trying to be the new Nathan but the first episode was good. It really isn't the same without him though but I'll keep watching as Kelly has become my new fave.

What did Keshia Knight Pulliam/rudy huxtable do to her hair?

well me being a hair stylist this is how she did it, ITS A WEAVE! it is not her real hair you can tell. black people have a specific hair texture compared to those who are not black. she has the not black people hair in her head. besides that is what all the celebs (mainly black ones) do nowadays, they get weaves and try to fool the world. i know i put them in my clients hair daily for a living.

Why does anybody think that fringe candidates such as Rudy Giuliani or Fred Thompson have a chance to win?

I think Hillary has already been picked to win this one. You're absolutely right about Ron Paul being the only candidate that can beat her. But look at the media black out surrounding Ron Paul, look at the way the Neo-Con reporters on Fox News disrespect and disregard him. This looks like it's being set up for another Democratic lay-up for the presidency, kind of like when the Republicans ran Bob Dole against Bill Clinton, gee wiz , I wondered who was going to win that one. The presidential elections are a side show, a ruse to give the public the idea that they have some hand in things. We will continue the Bush/Clinton dynasty, unless Bush calls for martial law first. If you haven't seen the HBO special "Hacking Democracy" then I really recommend it as soon as possible. It makes a great case that it really doesn't matter who we pick, only who gets to count the votes.

Who deserved to win the Slam Dunk Contest? Did Rudy deserve a better mark?

No brainer Rudy deserved to win! He was amazing, I knew he would be from the get go, thats why I voted four him not just because im a hugh blazer fan but the blazer fans knew what he can bring. He better be in the dunk comp next year for he can show whats he's made of.

Who would you like to see replace Rudy Gay in the Slam Dunk Contest?

Andre Iguodala - he was robbed before give him another chance.

Is Rudy Giuliani now being a Red Sox fan going to hurt him in New York?

Any Yankees fan will tell you you can root for only 2 teams... The Yankees and anyone playing the Red Sox. I guarantee you if he has the balls to attend another Yankee game they will boo him out fo the stadium. The Bronx Cheer is nothing compared to the various things that will be thrown at him. And besides, anyone who lived here while he was mayor will tell you that he is scum bag to the fullest degree. Its a joke that he's running on the 9/11 platform, since if you ask the FDNY they'll ask what it was he did that was so heroic besides posture in front of the cameras.

Has Rudy Giuliani made a fatal error not campaiging in Iowa?

no. IOWA matters very little. If it mattered, he would be there. The guy might not be our favorite choice, but he isn't stupid and either is the person running his campaign. You all are applying your personal feelings to the question and that isn't what the person asked. He has known for MONTHS that he wouldn't finish well in IOWA. Does he look worried about it? HUCKABEE is on a roll and dropping Rudy's #'s, but RUDY doesn't need a good finish in Iowa and could care less. But the dirt is getting out on HUCKABEE now so we will see how he fairs. You always get knocked when you are at the top or on your way there.

How big of an impact will Rudy Fernanadez have on Portland?

if you saw how he played at the olympics and how he played their first pre season game you will be amazed! the trail blazers doesn't have any plans of making him a starter cause his only position is sg and well you can't really take brandon roy off the line up but if fernandez does play along with roy, rudy will play sg and roy at sf

What are the chances that both Rudy Fernandez, and Larry Hughes end up with the Celtics?

A good chance. After this season is done and behind us, the Celtics will look to add younger players to their lineup. They have a team that is too old and they can't play forever. They need to build a team around Rajon Rondo, Glen Davis, Nate Robinson, and Luke Harangody. There last main title run will take place during the 2011-2012 season because each veteran on the team have a 2 year contract besides Paul Pierce. If they add Rude Fernandez and Larry Hughes they would just need to add a few more role players to have a contending team.

how is it possible that "frontrunner" rudy g has yet to win a straw poll anywhere across america?

Don't worry. Giuliani is a joke, he won't win. I don't think Ron will either.

Now that he is no longer a presidential candidate, will Rudy go back to his coffin?

Thanks for the laugh!!

How do you feel about Rudy Guiliani as a Presidential candidate?

CON - Quite possibly the world's UGLIEST WOMAN, in drag...... .

Why did Rudy Giuliani spin the information regarding his mistresses' police protection?

i saw this interview and felt this question really blew it for him. he said something along the lines that he decided security is necessry for him and anyone he loves ... then he said something along the lines that his security decides who needs security .. well ... a half a million would have helped a lot of families struggling in NYC after 9/11. i was outraged. came across as very dishonest.

What are some differences and similarities between the movies Rudy and Invincible?

movies/entertainment ---->

How well could Rudy Giulaini have done in 2008, if he had not dropped out after Florida primary?

He still would not have gotten the nomination.

Will Rudy Giuliani continue to pimp out the 9/11 victims for political gain after he loses the election?

Absolutely - he's made a cottage industry out of it - why stop now, especially if he can make a buck doing it! I can't believe anyone would vote for this guy based on a couple of sound bites from 9/11. He should share in the responsibility for the disorganized situation encountered by first responders because he insisted on putting the emergency response HQ back in the Twin Towers after the 1993 attack and after he was advised by numerous people not to! He also never fixed the problem with the radios not communicating which was uncovered years before. He is not an effective leader and no way should be considered presidential material!

Who else agrees that it is good that Rudy Giuliani is campaigning for Mayor Bloomberg?

"Kill ehm Rudy" is an insignificant have been. I don't think, anybody cares about him. Other then to rough up bums and send them to Florida on Tax payers expense, he has never done a productive thing. But if you like some more wars and double the deficit again, like Bush, go ahead. I just hope, that 51% of the electorate will keep a cool head for the next couple of years.

How much time did Rudy Giuliani actually spend at ground zero?

9/11 is the only thing he has to run on. If 9/11 had never happened, you can bet that Guiliani would not be running. It has been slipping out little by little on certain newscasts that he wasn't there nearly as much as he says. And since the sick rescue workers are backing Hillary because she tried to make sure they got proper medical care, 9/11 may end up helping her and be Rudy's undoing.

Why did Rudy Giuliani drop out in mid-race when he was running for NY Senator against Hillary Clinton?

You've got that right. He couldn't win then & he won't win this time either. I used to think that Obama could be a good VP for Hillary, but now, after seeing & listening more to all the contenders, I'm begining to think a Clinton/Richardson ticket might be better. Keep your eyes on the ball, folks!

What will happen to the Republican Party if Rudy Giuliani wins the Republican Presidential nomination ?

Nothing short of a miracle will get any republican elected in 2008 and you can thank Pres Bush for that!

What is the difference between Rudy Giuliani and my cat?

Your cat looks sexier in drag (lol...see the clip of him on youtube - but to be honest I think it shows a good sense of humor on his part, I don't think less of him for it)

Is Rudy Giuliani considering or ruled out the possibility of running for President during the next election?

I don't think he'll run and if he does, I don't really see him having any chance at all. I still assume Romney will run and win the 2012 nod.


Yes . He has good leadership qualities as well as an outstanding record as mayor of N.Y.