How does the RPI rankings work?

iTs a unIVerste IN RodE ilaNDE!

Can someone legitimately explain to me why Clemson can be 9-0 and 2nd in RPI yet still not top 25 in polls?

Biased polls fpr the most part, this early in the season the poll means nothing. They are just out of the top 25 in the latest poll, so unless they lose this week they will be in it next week. I wouldnt worry about it though.

Which is the best for Aeronautical Engineering: MIT, RPI, or Embry Riddle (or some other college)?

I did some research, and Embry Riddle is on TOP For Aeronautical Engineering!

How do they figure basketball RPI?

whats RPI?

What college is better: NYU or RPI?

Neither are particularly noted for medicine, but both are fantastic schools. RPI ranks among the top 50 national universities in the United States according to US News & World Report. [45] The same source ranks RPI 24th for "Best Value" in undergraduate education.[46] In 2005, the School of Engineering was ranked 18th in the nation for undergraduates, and 34th in the nation for graduates. Four of the graduate engineering programs are ranked in the top 20 (electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering), seven of 11 are ranked in the top 25, and all are ranked in the top 40 in the nation. U.S. News also put the graduate applied mathematics program at 20th. [47][48] The Lally School of Management and Technology’s entrepreneurship programs ranked 21 in the nation, and its technological entrepreneurship program was ranked sixth by Entrepreneur magazine.[48] The Lally School's corporate strategy program was ranked 1st in the nation by "BusinessWeek" magazine.[49] The Electronic Arts program is one of the highest ranked departments at RPI. For four years in a row US News ranked the iEAR program 8th in the nation: 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.[48] - wikipedia NYU Regarding academic disciplines and programs, NYU is ranked #11 in the social sciences among Shanghai Jiao Tong University's world's top 100 universities.[44] NYU is ranked #1 in Italian, finance, mathematics, and theater in the U.S. by the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, which uses data, such as faculty publications, grants, and honors and awards to rank 104 doctoral programs in 10 academic disciplines based on the research productivity of faculty members.[45] Vanderbilt Hall, NYU Law SchoolNYU's Stern School of Business undergraduate program is ranked among the top five in the U.S. Stern's MBA program is ranked among the top 15 in the U.S. and worldwide: #10 in U.S. News,[46] #8 in Financial Times 2007,[47] #14 in BusinessWeek,[48] #8 in The Economist,[49] and #2 by research contribution.[50] The School of Law is ranked #5 among law schools in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report.[51] The law school is particularly noted as the nation's top law school in tax law, international law, and jurisprudence (philosophy of law). NYU's law school is noted, among other achievements, for the success of its alumni in obtaining prestigious clerkships on the Supreme Court of the United States. Although none of NYU's alumni have been appointed justices of this court, NYU's alumni have served as judges of the International Court of Justice.[52][53] NYU's law school has a jointly offered Osgoode-NYU LLB/JD degree with the prestigious Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in Toronto, Canada allowing students to obtain both a top tier American JD and a top tier Canadian LLB in only four years. NYU's philosophy department is ranked #1 among 50 philosophy departments in the English-speaking world.[54] NYU's economics department is ranked #10 among 200 economics departments worldwide.[55] NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development has one of the top 15 education programs in the U.S.[56] NYU's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service is ranked 10th nationally by U.S. News and World Report. In addition, several of Wagner's public affairs specializations are ranked in the top 10.[57] The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences is ranked #5 in citation impact worldwide, #12 in citation worldwide,[58] and #1 in applied mathematics in the U.S.[59] The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences is also known for its research in pure mathematical areas, such as partial differential equations (Professors Peter Lax and S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan won the 2005 and 2007 Abel Prize respectively for their research in this area) as well as applied mathematical areas, such as computational biology and computational neuroscience. And still more info: Top 10 medical schools (research) 1. Harvard University 2. Johns Hopkins University Washington University in St. Louis 4. Duke University University of Pennsylvania 6. University of California San Francisco 7. Columbia U. College of Physicians and Surgeons 8. Stanford University University of Michigan Ann Arbor 10. Yale University Top 10 medical schools (primary care) 1. University of Washington 2. Oregon Health & Science University 3. University of California San Francisco 4. Mich. State U. Coll. of Osteopathic Medicine 5. University of Minnesota Duluth 6. University of California San Diego University of New Mexico University of Wisconsin Madison 9. University of Iowa (Roy J. & Lucille A. Carver) University of Minnesota Twin Cities University of Rochester

What GPA is needed to get into RPI?

i think you need a 3.8 or higher

What does RPI stand for in NCAA baseball?

It stands for the Ratings Power Index....It is used to help select and seed teams for tournaments.

What is a basketball team's RPI mean?

RPI basically means a team's strength of schedule. RPI is determined by the relative record of the team in question, and the records of the teams of which they play. I believe the exact acronym translation is: Relative Power Index

how does college basketball rpi work?

Nope. The RPI is always calculated based on current records, not date-of-game records. Therefore, Duke doesn't get the credit for playing a Top 10 Georgetown earlier this season since G'Town is no longer currently ranked in the Top 25.

I want to go to rpi but its $50,000 a year and i only get about$10,000 in loans. Can i still go there, and how?

You can apply and see what kind of financial aid you get. If you have really good grades, you should get some merit based aid. But you should apply to a variety of schools, including community colleges and public universities, and see what kind of financial aid you get. You will complete the FAFSA the January before the fall semester you plan to start to see if you qualify for any need-based aid, and the school will decide if you qualify for additional aid. You should not take out more than the subsidized loans you qualify for. If the school is still too expensive, find a cheaper one that offers the same degree.

What is RPI in college basketball?

What up Chuck, The RPI is the Rating Percentage Index, and is kind of like "strength of schedule" in college football. It's something that really only comes into play when the committee gets together to select the teams for the NCAA tournament. They'll look at quality wins, the strength of conference, and the quality of opponents (it's a crucial stats) for teams on the bubble and often mid-majors who don't get as many teams in as some of the major conferences. It can sometimes propel a smaller team into the tourney if a major conference is having a down year. Nickster

Im startinfs High school and i want to Go to RPI so i can be a doctor?

Well, the best advice I have is that you need to proof read things after you write them. You spelled "starting" wrong, like this: startinfs It is a problem because your question is relating to "education", and further more, becoming a doctor! Both of those things command spell check. Thanks for the "Understanding" remark you left on my question. I was only trying to help, maybe next time you will proof read and I have reported you to Yahoo with the correct evidence of abuse. oh, yeah, one more thing...fine doctor you'll make with that attitude.

What does rpi me in college basketball?

"RPI" is the Rating Percentage Index and this is based on each teams strength of schedule against other ranked NCAA teams. The harder the teams on their schedule the higher RPI i.e. North Carolina would most likely have a RPI in the teens. RPI also plays a big part in whether a team should be presented with a bid for the NCAA Tourney in March. The stronger RPI plays a big factor, when the committee has to decide between two teams with similar end of season records.

How does the RPI figure into the pairings for the NCAA Tournament?Shouldn´t #1 and #2 in RPI be so in the?

Exactly! I was thinking that!

What is meant by RPI in college basketball ranking?

I think RPI means Rating Percentage Index Rating Percentage index comprises a team's winning percentage (WP) = 25%, its opponents' winning percentage (OWP) = 50%, and the winning percentage of those opponents' opponents (OOWP) = 25%. The exact formula for determining the RPI of a team at any given time is as follows. RPI = (WP * .25) + (OWP * .50) + (OOWP * .25) G0t it? Go0d!!!!

What is Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) known for?

Engineering in general, no particular speciality.

How is Strength of Schedule determined in the RPI?

It also goes by what division you play in. Tennessee plays in a much harder division, that's why their RPI is 2.

What does RPI mean in college bsketball and if they say it is important why is dayton 32 and not in the tournt;_ylt=AkOVY.cXkwxZb4oouUeJuCDsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080316145352AAaBghq i got the same question

What does everyone think of RPI rennesealer Polytechnic Institue.?

I think it's great..

What are the fraternities at RPI like?


Which Conference has the best overall RPI ranking?

The ACC.

Is it possible I will get accepted to RPI?

You definitely better re-take the SAT as soon as possible.

What does rpi mean in college hoops and what does rpi stand for?

RPI actually stands for Rating Percentage Index. And it is figured by the team's strength of schedule, their oppenent's schedule, and their oppenent's schedule. Kind of confusing. Supposedly this helps the selection committee when selecting teams for the NCAA tournament. But as we saw with Missouri State last year, with a RPI of 21, it meas jack/.

What is RPI in college basketball and how is it determined?

Ratings Percentage Index The basic formula for computing the RPI is 25% of a team's own winning percentage or WP, 50% percent average opponents winning percentage or OWP, and 25% average opponents' opponents' winning percentage or OOWP. The following is the formula for computing a team's own win percentage; 1.4 times the number of road wins plus neutral court wins plus .6 times the number of home wins. The teams loses are computed in the reverse; .6 times the number of road wins plus neutral court wins plus 1.4 times the number of home wins. The two numbers are then divided to obtain the RPI win percentage for a team. Confusing, huh?

who was the lowest RPI team to make the NCAA men's basketball tournament?

Jackson State was the lowest with an RPI of 168, they won the SWAC and played Florida as a 16 seed, and lost by 43. FAMU was a close second (or second to last) with and RPI of 166 according to ESPN's InsideRPI. They played in the play-in game versus Niagara.

What does RPI ranking in college basketball mean compared to the AP ranking?

The RPI ranking is determined by a formula that uses strength of schedule, wins, losses, etc. The AP ranking is a survey of writers/coaches.

How inflation is measured through CPI RPI SPI?

Inflation is the creation of money; creating more money will ultimately lead to increases in prices for various goods. You can use various formulae to measure the cost increases and each formula will have its advantages and disadvantages as they are made up of different variables. You can use wiki to read about these various inflation measures but keep in mind the formula for the CPI for example has been altered several times. While economists officially state that changes have been made to better reflect inflation it is naive to think that the CPI for example is accurate as the yearly 1-3% inflation rate does not reflect reality. Oil and Real Estate greatly increased yet the CPI did not reflect such drastic changes. The Government can greatly benefit from keeping official inflation numbers low as many payments such as Social Security are adjusted to inflation, adjusted to inflation as per the CPI numbers.... Keep the official inflation number low and you can limit and save on the cost for such programs.

Does rensselaer polytechnic institute (RPI) require guidance counselor evaluation forms?

No, they do not require one. As stated on their website: "Please request a letter of recommendation from a counselor OR teacher. A recommendation provided by a math or science teacher is preferred." You can see the full list of required items at

Why does the government use the CPI instead of the RPI?

You have answered your own question----because inflation causes our American Government to pay more interest on like--I bonds---and to raise S.S. and other payments based on inflation. Accounting methods that our Government uses puts people in the private sector in jail----but apathy abounds and we the people get shafted.

What is the best college for engineering out of these choices- RPI, RIT, VT or PennState?

They're all about the same stature, and all are very good. RIT may be a little less prestigious than the others.

What is the pet policy in RPI dorms?

Are there any schools in the US that are similar to RPI in course requirements?

I don't know for sure, but you might do best by looking only at schools that are also primarily technical schools, as RPI is. So I might have you look at places like: Worcester Polytechnic, Kettering Institute, MIT, Rose Hulman Institute of Tech, SD School of Mines and Tech, Webb Institute, Cal Tech, Illinois Institute of Tech, Michigan Technological U, Harvey Mudd, Cal Poly SLO, Cal Poly Pomona, Embry Riddle, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Wentworth Institute. I am not sure which of those even offer a math major - you'll need to check - but they're a good place to start looking, because their emphasis is on tech, not on liberal arts.

Do I have to move in completely on the exact date given for RPI Dorms?

Of course! My dad is bringing up my bike and everything the next weekend because... well... Mondays are a bad day to have move-ins. They know stuff like this will happen. They are just trying to have people move in in shifts where possible. As long as you are in the room and checked in and everything, though, they won't know or care if you move more in on another day. They may simply think you forgot something.

what does RPI stand for in college basketball ranking?

RPI, or Ratings Percentage Index, is simply a measure of strength of schedule and how a team does against that schedule.

wat does rpi mean and is wisconsin goin to make the ncaa turnament?

The basic RPI formula is 1/4*(Winning Percentage) + 1/2*(Opponents' Average Winning Percentage) + 1/4*(Opponents' Opponents' Winning Percentage Rpi is The Rating Percentage Index is a mathematical measurement of a team's strength. The Rating Percentage Index is a mathematical measurement of a team's strength.The NCAA tournament selection committee uses it to help determine which 34 teams will receive at-large bids. The formula consists of a team's winning percentage against Division I opponents (25 percent), the opponents' average winning percentage (50 percent) and the opponents' opponents' average winning percentage (25 percent). Road victories are multiplied by 1.4 in the portion of the formula that deals with a team's winning percentage, while home victories are multiplied by 0.6. A team with an RPI that is in the top 40 is in fairly good shape to earn an NCAA tournament invitation. A team with an RPI that is 50th or worse is in danger of being excluded.

In men's college basketball, the NCAA uses RPI and SOS ratings. What are they and what are the formulas?

Commonly known as RPI, the Ratings Percentage Index is one of the rating systems whereby NCAA basketball teams are ranked. This system has been in use since 1981 to aid in selecting and seeding of the teams appearing in the 65-team men's playoffs (see also, March Madness). It has also been used to aid in the selection and seeding process for the 64-team women's tournament since its inception in 1982. The Index comprises that team's winning percentage (25%), its opponents' winning percentage (50%), and the winning percentage of those opponents' opponents (25%). Some feel that this heavy emphasis upon strength of schedule unfairly advantages teams from major conferences. Teams from "majors" are allowed to pick many of their scheduled non-conference opponents (often, blatantly weaker teams); but, teams from "low-major" conferences may only get one, if any, such chosen-opponent "slot" on their schedules. On the other hand, some "mid-major" conferences compel their member-teams to regularly schedule opponents ranked in the top half of the RPI, which could eventually boost the strength of that conference and/or its tougher-scheduling teams. The Missouri Valley Conference has successfully done this: It has become one of the top-rated RPI conferences, despite having very few of its teams ranked in the two national Top 25 polls. [1] For the first time, in 2006, the NCAA decided to release their RPI calculations weekly starting in February. Independent sources, such as ESPN or CNN/SI, also publish their own RPI calculations, which are updated more frequently. The RPI was updated in 2004 to account for differences in home and away games. A home win now counts as 0.6 win, while a road win counts as 1.4 wins. Conversely, a home loss equals 1.4 losses, while a road loss counts as 0.6 loss. The strength of schedule can be calculated in many ways. Prior to American football's Bowl Championship Series (BCS) removal for the 2004 season,[1] the SOS was calculated as follows, where OR is the opponents' record, while OOR is the opponents' opponents record.[2] Other calculations include adding the opponent's power ratings and multiplying them by the number of games, or a modification by assigning weights (higher weights for "stronger" teams).[3] Furthermore, several more factors maybe added, such as the position of the team in the league, the strength of the team's division or conference, which game counts in the formula and which doesn't (vital in the Bowl Championship Series), the location of the game (see home team and home advantage) and others.

Whats the oregon ducks basketball RPI after beating Arizona?

they are ranked 53 with a .5736 RPI so i would assume they will make the NCAA instead of the NIT

What's the difference between CPI and RPI?

CPI is for all consumers (including business) Retail is for end users

How many wins and what kind of RPI will a Pac 10 team need to get into the tourney?

The RPI is mostly irrelevant here. There is a bigger emphasis on how one performs in the last 10 games than the RPI ranking. Generally, 12 Pac-10 conference wins will cinch a NCAA tourney bid. Arizona is 64th in the RPI rankings at this moment. A top 40 RPI ranking is usually a safe pick for a NCAA at large berth. Being ranked 40-50 in the RPIs doesn't guarantee an NCAA tourney berth. Dutifully note that USC is #39 in the RPI ranking and is considered one of the last teams to make the NCAA tourney at this point. In Arizona's case, I would have them out in this moment. They are 0-6 on the road this season. The NCAA tournament selection committe does play a sharp focus on the road won-loss record since all games in the NCAA tourney are considered road games. They are also 1-4 vs. Pac-10 teams w/ a winning conference record so far this year. You are correct to point out their big wins. But they need to improve on the road and win at least a couple of other games vs. quality foes before they are seriously considered a tourney quality team.

In college basketball what is better a high RPI or a low one?

the smaller the number, the tougher the schedule

In basketball do you believe in the RPI rankings?

No, RPI is over use and under use, they should just throw that RPI equation away. Every committee is using a different formula to how each team got in or how they got a certain seed. I think the strength of schedule is a better formula and road win against a top teams.

What are my chances of getting into RPI with no extra curricular activities?

GPA and SAT are the two most important admission factor to any colleges.

Do college basketball fans understand what the RPI means?

RPI was created so that if you 24-0 and NCAA tournaments are being selected, the make sure all the teams you beat were not 0-24 or if you had teams that ha 23-1 records that their 23 wins is not against 0-24. Another words, if you win the game, what was the record of the team you beat, and also who did your opponet beat or lose to to have that record. Short answer, wins against cupcakes does not count. In the case of Mephis, it means they beat good teams who have beaten other good teams.

How does the RPI rating in college basketball work?

RPI of 1 is best.

What does QWF & RPI mean in terms of college basketball stats?

RPI is Ratings Percentage Index. It's used to rank teams, and in really comes into play when teams are being selected for the NCAA tournament. QWF is Quality Wins Factor. It's another ranking system, not used as widely as RPI. Once again, it comes into play when the tournament committee is deciding which teams to invite to the NCAA tournament.

What does RPI mean for college basketball?

rating percentage index. it's how the teams are ranked

What do I need to get on my SAT to get accepted at RPI?

This is what Princeton Review says about SAT and ACT scores for RPI: SAT - Critical Reading Middle 50%: 580-680 SAT - Math Middle 50%:640-740 TPR Projected Range SAT Writing: 630-720 ACT Composite Midldle 50%: 25-29 I'm currently a junior at RPI and I will say that they definitely consider your standardized test scores pretty heavily in conjunction with your GPA. When you apply, make sure that you demonstrate that you've done community service as well, as I know that helped me out a lot. National Honor Society is a great thing to have, I was a member, and it really looks good as both an academic asset and a service asset. Keep in mind that these are averages for the middle portion of the accepted students, and there are a great number of scores higher and lower. If you want the truth, my scores weren't too fantastic, but I really emphasized community service, extracurriculars, work experience and academics (class rank, grades). Good luck!! I really hope you get in, it sounds like you're on the right track! If you have anymore questions, let me know! I would be more than happy to help you out!

What is the difference between RPI ranking and the other ranking on NCAA website?

The RPI is a calculated ratings index based on team stats. The ESPN ratings are votes from panels based on who they think is best. In the end, neither matters since Softball plays tournaments to decide the championship.

In college Basketball what is RPI defined as and what is a good score?

RPI stands for Ratings Percentage Index and rates every men's college basketball squad on a weighted scale. The ONLY reason anybody cares is it is used to select the teams in the NCAA tournament. For teams without an automatic invitation by winning their conference an RPI below 40 is usually needed. The team with the lowest RPI does not always get invited but it is important.

What does RPI mean at the University of Texas Stadium on the East Stands?

I am a huge Texas fan but I dont know this hopefully I can figure it out if not I sure hope you can let me know.