For those who saw the royal wedding of prince william and kate in the tele or wherever?

The *speech* you refer too wasn't a speech at all but a reading from Roman's - Catherine's brother did the reading - not a speech Speech's are left for the reception - not the wedding

How long after the Royal Wedding will Kate Middleton announce that she is pregnant?

The day after the wedding!

What's the difference between an ordinary and a royal wedding?

MONEY! lol watch any disney princess movie and you'll see a royal wedding.

How is the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate important to the whole world?

It's not and it doesn't. Their wedding is just as important as a wreck on the interstate. You don't know them, don't know anything about them, and will probably never meet them, but you just HAVE to stop and take a look. It's a spectacle.

When does the royal wedding start in chicago?

Ceremony starts 11 am UK which is 5 am American Central Time. Coverage starts well before that as the royals and other guests arrive, check your tv guide it's on all the main networks.

Why is America covering the Royal Wedding so heavily?

Cause americans are sheep to the slaughter kissing the royals asses usually.. in fact they buy anything the cia controlled media has to say.Hell i bet they would buy hans underwear and jump like monkeys if cnn told them to.

How much of the Royal Wedding will be shown to the public?

Too much of it.

royal wedding?????!!!?

Try this list:

The royal wedding - any one fancy a slice of the cake for 133 dollars while we wait for an operation?

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ROYAL WEDDING ..................?

Me! Its tax payers who have payed for it Just because they are royal, its on TV In a few years time, Friday 29th will just be another day of for school kids with no meaning Why not make every wedding that happens a bank holiday? Its overated, the countries in trouble, and then there's a wedding on TV which no doubt, cost in the millions. It makes no sence! Its going to be history? So how about people who haven't got much money... is there's going to be history too. Yes, they are Royal, it doesn't make then any more special then everyone else, as we have all earned a way of life! Just because they CAN afford to make a big deal and buy expensive things for the big day, but I wonder how they got the money! In my opinion, something that's giving to some one in need, such as DIY sos, The secret millionaire, are much more deserving to someone, that a wedding that will be 'history'