Royal Pacific Hotel, Orlando, Florida, Luau question?

I recommend the Luau at SeaWorld or at the Polynesian Resort instead! You can get cheap tickets to the one at SeaWorld at I personally think the one at SeaWorld is best, but the one at Disney's Polynesian Resort has the better food, but the show sucks... eh for a dinner show I want the best quality show.

How far is the Madrid Ocean Front hotel in wildwood nj from the Royal hawaiin?

Madrid Ocean Front Hotel (NJ) to Royal Hawaiian (HI) is 4948 miles. News from Wildwood, NJ: "Ocean City voted best beaches" and "Bars crack down on underage drinking/fake IDs."

Hotel Royal @ Queens, Singapore - is there a swimming pool, and if so where is it located in the hotel?


i was wandering whether gmex royal hotel is genuine they are recruiting but i cant find then on the internet?

Not legitimate. Avoid any "job offers" from them. They will ask you for money to process your application.

need phone number for a hotel in salt lake city utah X Royal Garden Inn?

Royal Garden Inn Hotel Salt Lake City Utah 154 West 600 South • Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 Phone: (801) 521-2930 • Fax: (801) 355-0733 Toll Free: (800) 521-9997

I also recieved an e-mail regarding job vacancies at Omni Royal Hotel in Canada. Is it real?

It's a scam. There are always 2-3 questions on here at a time about the "Omni". Nothing but a scam. Sorry.

Royal Palms hotel in Laughlin how is it?

I stayed there three years ago. It was Ok. Laughlin in general was pretty boring. *

Hotel Job Offer at Mount Royal Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario?

This is a big, big BIG scam. It started with claims that it was from a Montréal hotel but now it cites hotel origins from other Canadian cities. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY!!!!!!!!

Universal Studios Florida Hotel? Pacific Royal Hotel?

Sweet! Actually, it's the Royal Pacific Resort. All resorts on Universal property are Loews owned/operated. Loews, if you don't already know, is all about deluxe accommodations. I won't detail all the +'s about the resort. Go here instead... You'll be upgraded to an Express Pass for the Studios & IoA. This is included w/your hotel booking for "free". You can walk to CityWalk, but it's kinda a long & curvy walkway. You might want to water-taxi or shuttle over to the on-site parks instead (all complimentary). Seaworld & Wet 'n Wild shuttles are also free. Other destinations (e.g. Disney, airport, etc.) are NOT complimentary, but guest services/your concierge can set this up for you.

is the hiring of employees for posting at Regina Royal Hotel Canada real?

No it's a scam.Don't give them any personal info like your name,last name,your phone number,your address etc.

Does anyone know the email address for The Royal National Hotel, Russel Square, London ?

Royal National Hotel Bedford Way, London WC1H 0DG. Call: + 44 (0)20 7637 2488

We will be at London staying at Royal National Hotel near Russell Square for 1 night with only 200 pound?

Try lilse street pica dilly lots of cheap restaurants there . Save your 25 pounds on the tour and use the bus/ tube. To museums, tower of London ect

im want to know more about this regina royal hotel opening job? that i think also it is scam, but we already?

It's a scam hope you didn't give your phone number and address where you reside

Does anyone know if the Royal Inn Hotel in Clearwater Florida has changed its name, or it is gone completely??

no i think that it is toatally gone i was just down there in florida and i didnt see it sorry about your luck and may i ask why

Is it true that there is Royal Regina Hotel in Canada & they are hiring for various positions?

No, no, no. You sent your papers - I assume that's a copy of your've likely just become a victim of identity theft. Do NOT send them any money. Legitimate employers do NOT recruit people blindly by email.

Does the Royal Pacific Hotel offer free breakfast?

no. None of Universal's "on-site" hotels offer free breakfast. They also don't have free parking or internet. But you can get free wireless internet by the pool and in the lobby. A breakfast buffet would run you about $13 a person but its worth it and the food in excised at all the on site hotels. During certain days they will offer you a free breakfast in bed but if they don't then I would not pay for the breakfast in bed only because it can get a little pricey. But if you have the money to be frugal with then it wouldn't harm to pamper yourself a little. One room you can get at the royal pacific is called a Club Level Room. The club level room does allow you to get free breakfast and other goodies through out the day. I don't recommend the Club Level Room unless you are going with 4 or more people or if you can get the room at a discounted price. And don't forget, you are going for Leakycon 2011 and it's still to soon to know for sure but The Loews hotel may have complimentary breakfast during the event. Also, we will be eating breakfast at the 3 broomsticks one morning and it will be on the house of Universal! And heres a tip if you want to save a little more $ during your trip. Become a Loews hotel member. It's free!

How's Ramee Royal hotel next to Maktoum bridge in Dubai? Has anyone there?

its far from the main city better check Phoenicia hotel at nasir squire atmosphere it gets warm in the day time chicks no way bar and discos in some hotels good luck

Has anyone stayed at Royal River Hotel in Bangkok?

My wife has stayed there while attending conferences. It's a decent hotel 3 star. But it is not located close to the major shopping centers, but you can take a boat from the hotel to the sky train and go up to the shopping centers. Here are some reviews from other people who have stayed there.

Dauphine Orleans or Omni Royal Crescent Hotel?

The Dauphine Orleans. It is beautiful and right in the French Quarter but not where everyone partys at night so you can have a peaceful night.

Does anyone know a discount code for Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath?


I am going to Miami and staying at the Royal Palm, can I use other Hotel Pools?

how funny same thing happened to me i was at the crappy royal palm and tried to go use the loews pool but someone came to my lounge chair and tossed me even tough i had bough a drink so be prepared to be embarrassed. the rate difference at those two hotels is quite alot. i found the royal palm to be run down we had an ocean front view and all those rooms had nasty black mold on the roof of the rooms and the front desk said yep they are all like that! you can use any hotels bar and restaurant but not their pool area unless you are a guest, it is considered trespassing

How do I get from Bloor & St.George to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel on 100 Front Street?

Take the south-bound University line subway to Union Station, and there is a direct indoor link to the hotel. Before you go, check out the Duke of York pub and restaurant around the corner - 39 Prince Arthur.

i want to know is there gmex royal hotel in canada please confirm?

No doubt they are offering you a job at a good salary, all you have to do is send them your personal information and/or a payment to cover the cost of the work visa or similar document. And amazingly enough, you did not even have to apply for it. To put it in one word "Scam". Do not click on any links in the email, delete it. The Gmex Royal Hotel scam has been circulating for a while now and has been around in various ways for a number of years. They are all similar, you receive an offer of employment, generally at a good wage, and all you have to do is send them your information and possibly a small payment to cover the various application fees. On some occasions they use the name of a real hotel and I have even seen phony websites setup to make the hotel look real. A few notes to help recognize these: - No hotel or other business will send out unsolicited emails offering a job - Gmex posts job offers on many free job websites so remember to always check out a job posting before you apply when they are on these. Instead search the web for the hotel's website. Any hotel will have a link to jobs on it's website (which Gmex does not have at the moment) - Check into the hotel using the internet, do not click on links embedded in the email itself but use one of the search engines. - Contact the Better Business Bureau in the city they are claiming to be in if possible. - Make use of accommodation websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, and the various city tourist sites as any hotel big enough to higher internationally will be listed here. - Be wary of any large businesses that make use of free email sites such as yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc. - If you find a website check it out carefully, as I said, I have seen phony websites set up for some of these "hotels". Hints of a phony site, external (and in some cases internal) links do not work, phone numbers have different area codes, room styles vary quite a bit, outside photos do not represent the actual area the hotel is supposed to be located in, etc.

is there a Regina Royal Hotel in Cananda?

The question about the Regina Hotel has been asked three separate times in the last week.

I have a friend received email from Regina Royal Hotel in Canada i don't know if this is true please advice as

It's 100% SCAM Do not reply and / or give any personal info such as your name,phone number,address etc simply IGNORE it

Im going to London and I will be sleeping in Royal National Hotel I have some questions.?

Hello This can help you to find nice hotel deals.we can check and compare current hotel prices along with reviews at “hotels combined” ------------------- ------------------- good luck!......

how is travel lodge kings cross royal scott hotel?

Travelodges are pretty much the same nationwide, the rooms are functional to the same design. Yes, I have stayed at a London travelodge and have no complaints at all. Kings Cross is not, however, an area I would choose to stay in.

What is the large complex of pink buildings on a hill on Oahu. Not the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.?

Yes, the large complex of pink buildings is Tripler Army Medical Center. The story goes that due during the construction they wanted to make use of the wind so they situated the complex to catch the afternoon breezes off of the mountains. But since the soil is red, iron compound due to the volcanic nature of the island, the building soon turned red. So in order to hide the red stain from the soil they decided to paint the whole complex pink/salmon color. The other story is that the contractor who built the building was the same contractor who built the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. It was his favorite color and we guess the rest is history. Which one is true? We don't know everybody takes sides and we guess it is the one you want to believe in. Just another local,

what is the distance between the golden sands apartment and the Le royal Meridian hotel in dubai?

Walking distance

is the royal regine hotel in canada hiring i already pay 300euro to process my papers but when i read from ?

It's a scam....don't give away your personal information

How is the Travelodge Kings Cross Royal Scot Hotel in London?

Not sure about the travel lodge but I stayed at the Comfort Inn in King's Cross. I'm guessing that the hotels in the area are pretty much the same. The rooms are VERY small, and have small bathrooms too. It's enough if you just want a place to sleep and change each day. I had a double room (even though I traveled by myself) so two people sharing it might get in each other's way. The price is what will get you though.

How long it will take from Kuala Lumpur Park Royal Hotel to KLIA?

hi there, Normally, it takes1 hour (Average speed 60km/H) to reach KLIA from Bukit Bintang area. But, we advise you to estimated 1.5 to 2 hours minutes for safety reasons. There possibility for the trip to get delayed due to unexpected traffic jam.

i also sent a application form and resume to regina royal hotel, they say it is scam.?

The problem with these types of scams is that the scam is not occurring in Canada, but really elsewhere. Many of the scammers are operating out of Nigeria, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, and other foreign countries which do not have policies about internet fraud, or may even have government officials getting kickbacks to look the other way. Here is how it works: 1) They create an email address on a valid mail service in North America, like or 2) Use a mass email utility to send emails offering jobs to 100,000 people that were listed in a mailing list, or found on a website like eBay or 3) Some of these people are looking for jobs, so they answer the message by sending their resume. 4) The con artists get in touch with you by phone or email and tell you that the hotel is interested in hiring you, but you have to pay $125 to process the paperwork. They tell you NOT to send the money to the hotel, but instead send it to this Paypal account, or to a Western Union office, or something like that. 5) They take your money and then call you back and say there was a problem, the hotel likes you, but one of your forms was not accepted and that you will have to fill it out again, and you have to pay another $125. 6) They keep doing this until they think you have contacted the police, or they realize they will not get any more money from you, then the abandon the email address, open a new email account, and start all over again with a new set of people. Unfortunately, it gives Canada and its hotels a bad name in the world because it makes it look like Canadians are corrupt, and yet if you actually look at the email headers, you would see they do NOT come from the actual hotels, but a made up name on some foreign email service. Example: I received an email recently showing "From:" offering cheap pharmaceuticals. When I looked at the email headers, it says it is actually from an IP If I go to a "whois" server and try to find that IP address, I find that the owner is actually a regional ISP from Mexico: ------------------------------- OrgName: Latin American and Caribbean IP address Regional Registry OrgID: LACNIC Address: Rambla Republica de Mexico 6125 City: Montevideo ------------------------------- Internet analysts have estimated that 90% of the emails that are sent each day are spam, and until they can figure out a way to reduce this or prosecute those who are sending it, you should always follow this advice: "...If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is..."

Is there really a Gmex royal Hotel in Canada?

It is possible that there is such a hotel in Canada, but they are not the ones who sent you that email offering jobs. Those emails are coming from criminals who are trying to steal your money or your personal information. If you send them an email back applying for the job, they will tell you that you have been accepted, but that you must send them back a fee of US$100 or more to process the paperwork. They keep asking for more money until you give up or threaten to go to the police. Then you never hear from them again. If you send them personal information like your passport number, home address, bank account info, etc, they simply steal your identity and use the passport number to make a fake passport for someone. Sadly, you could end up on an international no-fly list and labelled as a terrorist all because you sent someone your name and passport number. These groups often operate out of Nigeria and other law-lacking countries, and they use fake accounts with Yahoo or Gmail to get you to believe they are located in a country like USA or Canada. The easiest thing you could do is delete the email and ignore it. Otherwise, just let all your friends and countrymen know about this scam. The only reason they get away with it is because they prey on unsuspecting and honest people who are just looking for a job and don'ty know how things work in other countries.

has anyone ever stayed at the omni royal hotel in new orleans?

The Omni Royal Orleans Hotel is in a fabulous location in the middle of the French Quarter. It is extremely nice and not "stuck up". The hotel also has a roof-top pool & bar, which is great during the summer.

i just would like to know for sure if there is a hotel named Gmex Royal Hotel in Toronto Canada?

This is a scam that has been circulating under many names for a number of years. I assume that you received a notification by email saying that you were eligible for, or were being offered a job, at this hotel. You do not say so but I am going to assume that you had not applied for any job with this hotel prior to receiving an email (or else you would not be asking this question). However the GMEX Hotel "job offer" has taken it to the next level by posting job offers on free employment websites. There are obvious clues though that this is a scam. The jobs are all posted on free job posting websites, email addresses are through free email websites such as yahoo, addresses may exist but they combine US and Canadian together or are for a hotel with a different name (and no, it is not this hotel), and, of course, the website, where listed often does not exist or is on a free hosting website. Where a website exists your will often find that only certain pages work, links are broken, and phone numbers either do not work or belong to different businesses. Room pictures may show a variety of room styles (as they are often stolen from legitimate hotel sites) and pictures of the area around the hotel may show scenery not consistent with the location of the hotel. If possible you need to cancel or change any personal information sent to them and you can notify the RCMP in Canada

Has anyone stayed at the Marrakech Pickalbatros Royal Mirage Hotel?

I've been to the Royal Mirage - but not sure it was the Pickalbatross Royal Mirage - think they're all 4 star? Have stayed in several 4 star hotels in Marrakech and they've all been nice, but personally I don't think you can beat a riad for atmosphere and getting a taste of Morocco. They come in all price bands, and there are so many in Marrakech, it's usually easy to find a good deal. Enjoy yourself, it's a wonderful place (and I go every few months)

Is there really a hotel in germany name Omni Royal Hotel Germany?

You are right to set the alarm bells ringing as false job offer scams are rife these days Just type "Omni Royal Hotel" and "scam" into google and you will see the entries pop up! and most interesting - the same contact name as yours and reading this, here is the scam part "Applicant will be responsible for the cost of Immigration Clearance Certificate ($215) at Canadian Immigration Bureau" (although yours will probably be the German Immigration Bureau" If you reply yes, they will ask you to send this sum of money to them via Western Union/Moneygram (as there is no recourse with these methods). They will of course state that this is non-refundable. In fact they will probably ask you for more money for other reasons until the point where you refuse........... and then "Sorry but the visa was refused by the immigration bureau", and then the "job offer" and your money is gone for good Any reputable hotel will have an Email account with their own domain name so e.g. it would be and not a freemail account like yahoo which she is using and which anyone can register So do not answer them, and please do not send any money to them at all. If you have answered then, then take care as you can expect more "offers" coming your way

If hiring in regina royal hotel is scam , what should I do if I already gave my resume?

Dont stay in contact with them. Try going to small claims court to get your money back.

How to get from the BOS airport to the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center?

Call the hotel directly. Ultimate Livery has shared van service for around $60 per person, but the hotel will have a better idea.

Has anyone been to the Royal in Cancun hotel?

The Royal in Cancun is one of the newer hotels in Cancun. It opened about 2 years ago. We were there to visit family and all though I never went pass the lobby area it was beautiful. My sister and her family stayed in ocean view room and have plans to return this year. My sister has told me the food was the excellent point as sometimes an all inclusive hotel will skimp on food, here no. Second said she the service was over whelming at times always someone there to help, get something for or just there. They offer 8 different restaurants and 6 different bars. You could eat in a different restaurant every night. The Royal also offers 24 hour room service for both drinks and food. The front of the hotel leading to the beach is gorgeous.The Royal is part of the Real family of hotels and is one of the best operated chain of hotels here in Mexico. It is located on marker 11.5 on Kukulcan Blvd. This Blvd runs the total length of the Isla de Cancun and is marked in kilometers from north to south. Marker nine. Punto de Cancun and the Plaza Forum by the Sea here you will find the hot spots, Coco Bongos, Señor Charlies, Hard Rock, and many shopping areas. You will not be disappointed if what you are looking for is excellence in hotel service.

I need a telephone number for the Royal Park Hotel in Elenite, Bulgaria?

The number is +359 554 69211 Of course you have to have an international access code before this, but it depends on which country you are dialing from e.g. from the UK then the number would be 00 359 554 69211 from the US then it would be 011 359 554 69211 You can get the exact codes here

Has anyone stayed at Royal Park Hotel in NY?

My friend, check the link below. It is a review from previous guests who have stayed at the Royal Park Hotel. Good luck Native New Yorker

Does anyone know what the mall beside the royal plaza hotel called in hong kong? the royal plaza hotel is located upstairs of the Mongkok Train Station. rite next to it wil be the grand century place / a shopping mall. below is their link. the htl & the mall r linked w/ @ other.

Does the Charoensri Grand Royal Hotel in Udon have Internet connectivity in the rooms?

the royal grand is an over priced hotel, it is a bit run down. you are better off staying at city lodge, or the irish clock, the irish clock has wifi downstairs for free. try take a look at for better hotels to stay at, I would NEVER stay at charoensri. further out of town is the president hotel, it may cost the same, but is brand new.

How much does it cost to rent the ballroom at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel?

Contact the Banquet Manager at the Royal York. Jim B.

Facts about the royal hotel in scarborough?

The Royal Hotel Scarborough offers a standard of accommodation and quality of service that has attracted many distinguished guests over the years including Winston Churchill, Charles Laughton and Alan Ayckbourn, all of who have suites named after them in honor of their visit. Hope this helped

Please can someone give me 10 or more interesting facts about the royal hotel in Scarborough?

Try Googling it - but be warned, I stayed there once and it was nice but not particularly fascinating

How much does it cost to go from Brussels Central Station to Raddison Blu Royal Hotel?

I recall that hotel being quite close to the station. It's at 47 Rue du Fossé aux Loups. I ran that trough google maps and it's about 500 meters walk which should take no more than 10 minutes. If you cannot or will not walk then take a taxi, should be no more than 10 euros and that's $14 (

How old is the Royal Hotel in Scarborough?

The Royal Hotel in Scarborough was built in the 1830's and it has 118 rooms. I have included a link to the history of the hotel.