How is the Royal Caribbean Western Caribbean cruise?

We just did a 7-night western Caribbean on the RC Liberty of the Seas and it was awesome!!!!!!!! From the website, it looks like you are going to Labadee, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We did the exact same trip, except we were in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We had a great time on our first cruise and I would do it again tomorrow!!!!! We had an incredible time and it was a fabulous ship!!!! Enjoy your cruise!! I know you me!!!

What kind of discount does Carnival/Royal Caribbean cruise lines give to prior cruisers?

You will receive a magazine from them giving special offers for past members. It is not a fixed percent for all cruises. They offer certain dates with special prices or room upgrades. ɦəlʞɹɐq

If going on a Royal Caribbean cruise in August how much should we try and save?

I Looked At Some Prices,$779.56 Inside Dexlue Balcony,$1034.45 Balcony Full Suite,Itts Alotta You Donnt Wnna Knoww Da Others.

How to get the Best prices for a Royal Caribbean Group Cruise for 2010?

Totally use an agent. Then you have one person keeping track of everything and everyone plus, an agent is free and can get you special rates and extra bonus items. I am a cruise specialist and would love to help you.

What are the perks for honeymooners on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

OMG I love Royal Caribbean!!!! I have been on 3 of there cruises! Gift Baskets Maids Free bar service for honeymooners

How much should i save for a Royal Caribbean cruise?

You will need at least $10 PER DAY just for TIPS at the end of the cruise. As to how much money you need, that all depends on YOU.. how much shopping you plan to do and how many times you plan to eat out in the Ports... $100 a day will keep you going unless you like VERY expensive watches and perfume

What would be the best Royal Caribbean cruise ship?

I would say any of their Voyager class ships--these include the Explorer, Adventure, Navigator, and Mariner of the seas. Also I heard the Freedom is great. I have been on a 7 cruises and the Adventure of the Seas was favorite, however it sails the southern Caribbean out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The best thing to do is find a destination you want to go to and go from there.

Royal Caribbean cruise transportation from Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral?

We did this is February and will be doing it again in April. The shuttles are expensive upwards of $100 each way. We rented a car at Orlando for $30, dropped it off in Port Canaveral and took the free shuttle to the ship! It was easy and cheap. We used Enterprise and had no problem. We did the exact reverse for our way back. A huge benefit of having a car is you can stop at the store get a few things for the cruise, take your time etc. We had a lot of time between the cruise getting in and our fight out so we drove around the Canaveral Area, spotting great wild life and beautiful beaches. This is the cheapest way to go, maybe not as convenient as a shuttle but much more flexible too. You can e-mail me if you need to.

Is Royal Caribbean a good cruise to go on for a fiffteens?

Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean cater to families and the ships will generally have a mixture of kids and adults, mostly ages 20 to 4o but also a few older. The major difference between the two is Carnival is the budget cruise line for first time cruiser and young folks who want to party. Both have programs for teens and areas of their ships where teen scna hang out together. Royal Caribbean, however, has the most activities on its ships for kids. Things like ice skating, rock climbing wall, basketball court, roller blade track, and on the new Freedom class ship a surfing simulator called the ":Flowrider". But not all ships are the same and they do not all have all of these activities. You should go to the Carnival and RC web sites and look at the features of the ship you are considering. The very best ship to go on if you want alot of things to do on ship are RC's Freedom, Liberty and Independence of the Seas (;jsessionid=0000jgQm3vOi9MjTX2oyxaO88sK:12hbiocus?shipClassCode=FR&br=R )and its Voyager Class ships ((;jsessionid=0000jgQm3vOi9MjTX2oyxaO88sK:12hbiocus?shipClassCode=VY&br=R). The RC ships have a area called Adventure Ocean that has a teen club called Fuel where you can hang out until about 2:00 AM every evening. Carnival ships also have something similar. Normally if your cruise is going to the Caribbean there will be plenty of teens.

Royal Caribbean?

Outstanding. The service was impeccable. We cruised on the Freedom of the Seas to the Western Caribbean and it was an outstanding vacation. Highly recommended.