who is better for fantasy. tyson chandler or roy hibbert?

Roy Hibbert

Who's better defensively, Roy Hibbert or Dwight Howard?

Roy Hibbert no question! This is NOT the same Howard from Orlando who was a beast & healthy. This modern Howard is still recovering his back injury & who knows he will ever be the same since Orlando.

Who's better, DeMarcus Cousins or Roy Hibbert?


If roy hibbert can do a lot of damage from the heat, what will duncan do to the heats defense?

Roy gibbards been great but Tim Duncan has been here before and isn't going to be intimidated by anyone in the league. Its not just Duncan, the spurs bigs are collectivley good and better than the heat. This is a matchup nightmare for the heat as the spurs Ayers play there roles better, are smarter, deeper and far more experienced than the defending champs. Should be a great series but the heat are overmatched. S.A is a team who knows how to play collectively with or without their best players. The heat only beat you by overwhelming you with talented individuals. When you can defend that you will beat mia. Duncan gives you the intangables that Hibbard hasn't developed yet and that goes a long way. Hibbert had a great year stat wise, but he does not play the role Duncan has this year. Experience is the key, hibbards getting his now. For Duncan though, its just another day at the proverbial office.

Is Roy HIbbert the next shaq?

Roy has the potential to be the best center in the league, but he has the ability of kwame brown, so no. Potential means nothing if you don't act on it

Why was Roy "I recently destroyed Melo's dunk attempt" Hibbert on the bench?

Roy hibbert is not quick enough to guard a switch. There was only 2.2 seconds left if hibbert was in the game he would of been guarding bosh and If bosh set a pick or recieved a pick from a player hibbert could not defend it. Like if bosh set a pick for ray Allen and they switched Allen could use his quickness to separate and drain a shot. But if you do the same play and play small and put west on bosh and they switch west is quicker and can get up in Allens face theres only 2.2 seconds so theirs only time to make a dribble and shoot.

should i drop roy hibbert and pick up hansbrough?

if you are in a 12 team league your best bet is to keep hibbert, at least i would. just remember if you do cut him loose, he's gone. someone will snatch him for sure. plus it's only a matter of time before hansbrough's value is gone. i mean c'mon.... tyler hansbrough? the bigs in the nba will not let him get away with that kind of play for long. if you are in a small league and you have a good feeling you could pick hibbert back up, then roll the dice and play hansbrough's hot streak. otherwise i would just stick with hibbert.

NBA: Is Roy Hibbert top 5 center in the NBA?

Sure he's a top 5 now. I would say 4th. 1. Dwight Howard 2. Andrew Bynum 3. Al Jefferson 4. Roy Hibbert.

Why was Roy Hibbert on the frickin' bench??!!?

Critical mistake by coach to take Roy Hibbert out.

NBA: Should Greg Monroe be an all-star over roy Hibbert?

No cause Hibbert plays on a top 5 team, Monroes team sucks Hey dumbass y do u have a bieber pic? LOL

Sure or Sell: Roy Hibbert will be a Celtic this Fall?

Lol these people don't understand that Roy Hibbert doesn't have to stay with the Pacers.. I'm sure he would rather get dishes by Rondo...

is Roy Hibbert going to the NBA?

good job, bud! i'm a Heat fan i want them to take Hibbert. i think he will be a special player and continue the Georgetown tradition of great bigs (Ewing, Zo, Big Deke). mark my words.

Nuggets could get roy hibbert in draft?

Dude if they got Hibbert they should move Camby over to the Power Forward position and play them next to each other. Along with Carmelo at the three they would have a very big frontline. Nickster

Do you think Roy Hibbert is better than Joakim Noah?

I think Roy Hibbert will become a better C than Noah over the next few years. For now, Noah is more proven and a greater asset to a contending team. Have to respect his hustle too

roy hibbert 3rd best center?

yes Dwight Howard Andrew Bynum Roy Hibbert Edit: Ibaka is Power Forward.

Buy or Sell: Roy Hibbert is the best center in the NBA?

Dwight Howard??? He is the best Center of today's game but I give mad props to Hibbert. I like his game but I would put him as the 3rd best center behind Dwight and Tim Duncan.

Does anyone else agree that Roy Hibbert is becoming dominant as of late?

Pacers definitely have the talent to do some serious damage come playoff time. As I see it, it is going to come down to the Pacers and the Heat in the Conference Finals. They have a to of offensive firepower and if Roy Hibbert can continue being a beast on the Boards and block shots like he has all season, the pacers can beat the Heat. His offensive game as of late has really picked up. Especially in the post.

Roy Hibbert and Eric Gordon for Dwight Howard and Jamal Crawford?

It's close but I would keep Howard and Jamal. I have Roy Hibbert and I'm so happy I drafted him so far*. He is owning when he's not in foul trouble.

Fantasy basketball- should I drop Roy Hibbert and pick up JJ Hickson?

No, there are hardly any good centers, and Hibbert is a rising star on the Pacers. You need big men, but centers are hard to come by.

Is Roy Hibbert Overrated?

yes, joey dorsey on memphis shut him down completly. Hibbert was taken out of his game just from someone 5 inched shorter than him bodying him a little bit. hibbert is a big goof

Who's better, DeMarcus Cousins or Roy Hibbert?

Demarcus Cousins has better offensive ability because of his scoring outside the paint as well as inside. He is a better rebounder and passer out on the block. Hibbert is a much superior defender and anchors a defense better. Right now Hibbert is slightly better but Cousins might pass him this year as one of the best big men in the game.

What is wrong with Roy Hibbert!?!?! Will he ever come out of his slump?

Hibbert claims he is slumping because of his weight. According to ESPN's fantasy info card he is 7'2" and 248 pounds, tall for a center, but also light. He really can't throw his weight around to get rebounds or fight his way through contested shots. Whether or not that's the case, he's been missing quite a few games, and the ones he has been going to lately he has been preforming mediocre. I don't think he will come back to the levels of his December performances any time soon.

Roy hibbert vs Jason thompson?

Robert Hibbert, he reminds me of a young Mutombo, the guy who can block shots and has decent offensive game. So far, Hibbert averaging 11 PPG 10 RPG 2 blocks per game and shot 50%, while PLAYING only 26 minutes per game, how amazing is it?

Roy Hibbert or Dwight Howard?

I don't even like the pacers, but i thinki roy hibbert is better than dwight

on fantasy should i trade demarcus cousins for roy hibbert?

Tough choice... Cousins still seems to be slightly better than Roy Hibbert, but you never know when Cousins low maturity level will get him benched for a game. Hibbert has been balling it up recently though. I'd say if Cousins is absolutely wrecking your fantasy then team trade him, but seeing as how these are identical players, you might as well stick with Cousins. Hope this helps!

roy hibbert or tyler hansbrough?

Tough choice. You know that Hansbrough can get anything done. Roy has a great advantage of being very very tall. His skills have refined, so it's no doubt that both are great players. However, they play two different roles in their systems so it's really hard to compare it so simply. If I needed someone that was a monstrous defensive presence that defenses collapse around, I'd take Roy. If I needed someone who was a playmaker who could drive down the lane powerfully, Hansbrough is the better choice. Edit: After watching the two games today (Georgetown v Notre Dame and UNC vs Maryland)... I think that clear choice is Hibbert.

Will Miami Heat draft Kevin Love, Roy Hibbert, or Tyler Hansbrough?

I would draft Michael Beasley or Kevin Love. Rose won't come out. They have the games best suited for the pros. Hanbrough will be a successful player through sheer determination but I do think he will struggle in a starting role to maintain intensity for 82 + games per year. He reminds me of Joachim Noah. Hibbert? too many question marks to go top 3-- maybe 5 or 6 if you need a big man.

Chris bosh or Roy hibbert?

Hibbert. He changes the way the other team runs their offense.

Should I waive Roy Hibbert for Luke Ridnour?

I'd keep Hibbert, unless you're really in need for some assists. Hibbert's an excellent source of blocks, a decent source of rebounds, and not a bad source of points for a center. Ridnour's only good for a few assists (a 3 here and there, but not a consistent scorer for a guard).

Why are the Heat making Roy Hibbert look like Hakeem Olajuwon?

The Heat are too small to guard him. Their center is a soft 6'11 power forward who shoots threes, and forces a 6'8 Udonis Haslem to guard Hibbert. Hibbert is just too big, that's why he is beasting on the Heat. Shaq would average 30 and 15 AT THE LEAST against this small Heat team.

Will Roy Hibbert be a Blazer next season?

It looks like Hibbert will be joining the Blazers they offered him a huge contract that the pacers won't match, but i'm not too sure because I haven't heard anything about the Pacers saying they want Hibbert back for next season.

1 on 1 when healthy: Roy Hibbert vs Dwight Howard?

Basketball isn't about 1 on 1. It's about team. Dwight could be better Roy but Roy may be a better team player. You can't win games with only 1 person playing. Basketball is a team sport. If 1 person on the court doesn't do what they are supposed to do it doesn't matter which player is better than the other.

RECIEVE: Ricky Rubio, Roy Hibbert, Andre iguodala for GIVE: Cousins and Rondo?

Jump all over that! Just don't bank on winning FT% because out of the guys you are getting Roy is the best and when your C is shooting better FT% that can be rough. I personally think Rondo is going to cool down once Pierce gets back into shape. Roy has been playing awesome this year (from gaining that weight over the off season). Cousins i just can't stand because of his attitude and TO issues, but he has been playing great since the new coach. I can add more things if you like, but in conclusion take the trade now!

does anyone else consider roy hibbert a top lottery pick?

The answer is yes before last November. In certain extent I agree Hibbert looked a bit less motivated, and actually 12 months ago he was a pro-ready product (certain with some flaws). Hibbert's basketball IQ is way more prominent than his size. He is kind of less-skilled Tim Duncan and a comparison to Greg Oden is valid. In NBA draft potentials mean more than need, so Hibbert would at most be a late lottery, but he should be a good pro for a long time.

Javale mcgee or Roy Hibbert for fantasy + BQ?

I like McGee. I see his minutes increasing drastically. He could turn into a shot blocking Carlos Boozer. BQ: Stuckey BQ2: I like Beaseley over Thorton. Thorton's minutes will be halted by Fredette. BQ3: I like Gordon and Beaseley. Curry is money in fantasy but he just tweaked his ankle again and HIbbert is not consistent enough and the Pacers dont seem to want to play Hibbert for more than 30 minutes a night. You can find other centers who can put up 12/7/2 for cheaper.

RECIEVE: Ricky Rubio, Roy Hibbert, Andre iguodala for GIVE: Cousins and Rondo?

Probably not....Rondo is pretty beast at every category, so he's an idea fantasy player. And Cousins is a pretty good PF. Andre Iguodala isn't having the best season, cousins Hibbert has been average, and Rubio hasn't had spectacular fantasy numbers. I'd keep Rondo and Cousins good luck Does the guy above me know that Hamilton/Manu are injured?

Is Roy Hibbert the next Dikembe Mutombo?

I am sure Roy Hibbert will be way better than Kevin Duckworth or Erick Dampier or Olden Polynice. He has a little Tim Duncan and looks a little of Greg Oden, but I hope he would soon develop a game similar to Marcus Camby, which I think he is capable to do so, and it is for sure that he will be no Dikembe Mutombo coz he is not such an extremely annoying defender.

Could it be said that Roy Hibbert outplayed Greg Oden?

Not really, they hardly played each other during the game)G-tow vs. Ohio) due to foul trouble, Greg sat out most of the first, and Roy sat out most of the second. If you look at the boxscore w/o watching the game you'll most likely believe Roy outplayed Greg. Roy: 19 pts.(I think, close to twenty, I know that)-6 reb., Greg 13 pts.-9 reb. Greg for his part put him more stats in fewer minutes and changed the game more with his D. Overall, the game was good but the hype surrounding the battle of the bigs was a huge gas.

Do you think the Spurs can get Roy Hibbert?

Hibbert will probably not still be on the board when the Spurs are choosing. I would expect them to take a young player with potential. Maybe they would even take a foreign player that they could keep oversees and develop to bring over in a few years. Maybe Nicholos Batum or Serbe Ibaka. As for the Nets, they have promised Gallinari that if he is still available, they will take him. Even if hes not, I dont think they would take a point guard. That is the one position they have secure with Devin Harris.

Fantasy Basketball: Drop Jermaine O'Neal for Roy Hibbert?

wait until hibbert has another game. he has been strong the last 2 but before that o'neal has been better i would do it because hibbert has huge potential as the starter, and o'neal is basically out of juice, but so far has been good i would take hibbert but would wait until their next game

Is Georgetown's Roy Hibbert still in the NBA Draft?...?

According to rivals.com, Roy Hibbert is going back to school next year and will not be in the draft. "Two of the bigger beneficiaries concerning players who pulled out are the Big East and the Big Ten. All-Big East first-team selections Roy Hibbert of Georgetown and Dominic James of Marquette chose to return to school and immediately make their teams contenders for conference and national honors. The Hoyas, however, did lose Big East Player of the Year Jeff Green early to the draft." http://collegebasketball.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=684751 Georgetown will be a team to watch next year.

who should i drop for Roy Hibbert?

Hibbert was dropped for a reason, he's on a cold streak. I personally wouldn't drop any of your guys, but if you were to drop someone, I would say drop Gordon or Afflalo.

Who should i drop for Roy Hibbert?

Hibbert was dropped for a reason, he's on a cold streak. I personally wouldn't drop any of your guys, but if you were to drop someone, I would say drop Gordon or Afflalo.

Do you think Roy Hibbert will get much playing time today for the Pacers?

Roy Hibbert has been working hard during the summer and during the preseason, he looked good. However, the Hawks have a frontcourt of very athletic big men so I see Jim O'Brien going with Murphy and Hansborough. Note: Danny Granger is questionable for tonights game, if he doesnt play, I see Hibbert getting at least 30 minutes tonight

Is Roy Hibbert up there with Dwight Howard?

Hibbert can get the blocks, but he can't score better or rebound better then Howard. Hibbert has struggled on the Offensive end this year only making 38% of his shots as a Center. The only place Hibbert would beat Howard is at the Free Throw line. Howard is the best Center in the NBA while Hibbert is a guaranteed top 10.

Why do people think Roy Hibbert is good?

Roy hibbert is a good center he is inconsistent one day he will give you 18 and 15 next game 10 and 8. Also Al horford was injured this season (and Andrew bogut as usual) thats why hibbert was an all star. This offseason hibbert needs to get some post moves so he can be conssistent all year long. @d wade said 1)Dwight Howard 2)Andrew bynum 3)Al Jefferson 4)Marc gasol 5)Demarcus cousins

is Roy hibbert underrated?

Hibbert is a little overrated as of now. He has a nice touch on inside shots/rebounds, but his defense is a bit streaky. At times he doesn't even put his hands up, which gets frustrating for me and I'm not even an Indy fan. Funny thing was, Hibbert became absurdly underrated to insanely overrated in a matter of weeks. Before he faced Miami, Hibbert was actually playing against legit bigs in Tyson Chandler/Al Horford. During that period, He averaged 14.0ppg and 9.6rpg on .473%. Now lets fast forward to the ECF. His stats jumped from very good to just flat out astounding. 22.8ppg and 10.8rpg on .547% shooting. The Heat's frontcourt is just THAT bad. Remember Joakim Noah? Just a couple weeks ago people were calling him one of the best bigs in the league. Or what about Marc Gasol, wasn't he the "best bigman in the world" last week? (LOL I still chuckle at that) Realistically he's about 5th or 6th. He's just in the PERFECT series for himself, where everyone is at least 4 inches shorter and/or scrawny. Now I'll tell you who's underrated, That Lance Stephenson kid. His explosion and finishing ability leaves me in awe whenever he's clicking right. It's like watching a young Joe Johnson. The Playoffs- The only time where Tony Parker is a top 3 player in the league/Roy Hibbert is the best big in the game.

Would you trade roy hibbert for jrue holiday?

I say keep Hibbert. Hibbert stats are better. PTS : = Reb : Hibbert+ Ast: Jrue Stl: Jrue Blk: Hibert FG: Hibert FT: Jrue TO: = Hibbert has a big adavantage in rebounds thats difference maker for me. Plus i think need a center more since bynum and bogut are injury prone. I think you will be fine for PGs eventhough rubio is injured for a while. Westbrook, and Lawson are top PGs and vasquez is a good sleeper pick.

Why did the Raptors trade Roy Hibbert?

They did not know roy hibbert was going to develop into the player he is today. At that time they figured jermaine o'neal, who despite not being as dominant at that stage in his career but still was a player who set a name up for himself, would be a perfect match alongside bosh in the frontcourt. That of course turned out to be a disaster as bargnani struggled at the 3 spot and he ended up being traded away anyways. However if the raptors kept roy hibbert, they would not have drafted jonas valuciunas 5th overall in 2011; who already is expected to grow into a dominant center and would have been projected to have gone first or second after anthony davis in the 2012 draft class. He's very versatile for his position and quick off his feet (his pump fake on his shot works on every opponent). So although many believe roy hibbert should have been kept by the the raptors, they thought he wouldn't be the player he is today and figured jermaine o'neal would work best with bosh. But now they have jonas valuciunas who will develop at a faster pace and has better versatility then roy.

Will Roy Hibbert be a good post scorer upcoming season?

Hibbert will be a bust. He's soft, slow, immobile, and sloppy. He'll probably only average 15 minutes a game this year, and I doubt he does anything productive with those fifteen minutes. Hibbert's post game at GU was so decorated because he played as a 7 footer against 6'8 players. His defense was the same thing...Hibbert was able to use his size to his advantage and plant on the zone. GU's offense was a high post. Hibbert was often isolated down low because guys like Price and Jeff Green (when he went to GU) were able to score and slash so well. Hibbert's a smart player and a good passer, though. He's not athletic at all, but I think what he makes up there he can make up with the intangibles and getting his teammates involved. If Hibbert can show at all this year that he can score, he'll play because his post play will draw doubles and leave Dunleavy and Granger open. However, that's a big if that I personally don't see happening. Maybe down the line he'll be a solid 12/9 guy with 2 blocks and some assists, but this year: 3-4 PPG, 2-3 RPG and plenty of fouls in only 12-18 MPG. We'll just have to wait and see, though.