Chelsea youth system?

Sturridge was a man city academy product.

What do you think the England team for the World Cup 2014 will be if we qualify?

That team sucks. England may as well write off 2014 too


Hey I play it most of the time good tactics for Chelsea are. 4 - 2 - 4 The same with the wingers To play Direct To press the ball Man marking To tackle aggressive Also in the match go to "Hassle opponent's" In the managers shouts from sideline bit. Also have you give each player from the tactics indivudal roles to play this helps 100% Like click on Drogba on the tactics where it shows you your team and then put him as "Target man" - Attack. Do this on all players like for Lampard "Attacking Midfielder" Support. Good young players - Sandro, Santon, Kross and inter milans under 20 team has two good players they are the dearest at about 2m each.

Chelsea Team 2010-11?

Go play Football Manager.

Who are some top footballers from the North East of England?

,,,try Paul Gascoigne, Chris Waddle, Peter Beardsley, and dear old Cyril Knowles. Three of those played for Spurs, and the other one played the Hunchback Of Notre Dame!! You didn't say which Era??

Chelsea Team next Season?

Mate I think you've forgotten about Financial Fairplay, it's the REAL DEAL. But if it didn't exist than it's still unrealistic. Roman wouldn't spend £85m on an unproven player and Atletico wouldn't sell Falcao after they only just sold Aguero. Huntelaar could be a realistic deal but I would say at least £20m for him innit. Chelsea should hang on to Lampard and Cole though! AVB said he wanted a goalscoring winger, so obviously Sturridge will be moved to a more central position. Jovetic is a winger and scores goals so maybe he will sign. This is what I think Chelsea's team will be next season; - - - - - - - - - - - Cech -- - - - - - - - - Azpilicueta - Ivanovic - Terry - Cole - - Ramires - Essien - Lampard - - Jovetic - - - - -Sturridge - - - - Mata Other: Courtois, Turnbull, Hilario, Cahill, Luiz, Ferreira, Meireles, Romeu, Piazon, McEachran, Malouda, De Bruyne, Torres, Lukaku

Should Petr Cech continue to keep goal for Chelsea?

Firstly the man has been instrumental in us winning so much during the last few years. The problem is more recent than the head injury He is going through a bad patch BUT the major problem is our defence, its messy and unorganised at defending set pieces. Cech looks uncomfortable with the defenders in general We are really missing Alex, and I worry about Ivanovic. None of our subs are good enough. Lets have a bit of faith in him and maybe concentrate on tightening up the back

Who Will Chelsea Sign In The Summer?

Well im not saying we will sign these players but so far we have been linked with Hamsik Pazzini Aguero Neymar Asenjo Ribery David Villa plus a few others so your guess is as good as mine Bq: We'l have to wait and see tbh , he did pretty well during a lot of games at Middlesbrough , especialy one against Liverpool , and he was in pretty good form before Chelsea stuck 5 past him , then it was on and off.

Chelsea or Inter Milan tonight?

Chelsea 1-1 Inter Milan

What Formation Will Chelsea Put Out Against Valencia?

4-3-3 Cech Bosingwa - Ivanovic - Terry - A.Cole Ramires - Romeu - Lampard Malouda - Sturridge - Mata If only Kalou didn't touch the dam.n ball we wouldn't be in this place.

When will the fee for daniel sturridges move to chelsea be decided by the tribunal, will it be soon?

Have you checked the official Chelsea site?

Who should be No. 1 for Middlesbrough: Ross Turnbull, Brad Jones or another keeper?

Ross Turnbull...

Ross Turnbull has said that he's not content with being Chelsea 2nd choice goalkeeper..?

I don't think he'd get chosen over Cech, even if he was playing well. Only if Cech was injured, etc.

Can Chelsea fans look forward to having Ross Turnbull in goal?

no offense he sucks just like most Chelsea youth.. the only Chelsea youth worth watching are Kakuta and Sturride..ther is also another overarted chap English dude, who plays in the mid.. I forgot his name but some Chelsea fans comapred him to ilshire once and I nearly cried of laug.. EDIT: did i annoy some truth haters, say what ya want about arsenal, we might suck...i will accept..but face it boys ur youth sucks, can`t even beat Ajax..Arsenal`s thumped Stuutgart.. so pls face d truth, I do, but you don`t.. btw, where you lots Fans b4 2005?

Who will start for Chelsea on Saturday. Ross Turnbull or Hilario?

Hilario because he was AVB's choice in pre season.