Was Sarah Palin impersonating Roseanne Barr Wednesday night?

Dead on! I was thinking the same thing so I typed Sarah Palin is Rosanne Barr & sure enough - several comments & blogs popped up. Republicans are immature bullys that can't win on their merits so they have to play dirty - pathetic! They talk a good game but they are the antithesis of everything truly christian. They give Christ a bad name. Shame on John McCain, contradictory to his claim that he puts country first and party second, his poor choice proves he has very bad judgement and dishonestly chooses politics/party first & country second. Of all the republican politicians he could have choosen, he picked Sarah Palin, a trash talking witch. No matter what he says, McCain's record proves that he votes with George Bush 90% of the time and if the Republicans appoint one more Supreme Court Justice, you can say good-bye to women having a choice & control of their bodies. I heard a McCain converted Hillaryite state at the RNC that the Democrats have been holding women hostage for years by claiming that the Republicans will overturn Roe vs. Wade but they haven't yet so now she will vote for McCain to spite Obama. Have they lost their minds? McCain is a Republican and he will do everything the Republicans have been doing for the last 8 years. This country was founded by our forefathers that came here seeking on religious freedom and separation of church & state but the Republicans have done everything in their power to take us back a few hundred years. Just imagine how much more damage can they do in the next 4 years to our national security, standing in the world, economy, health care... Obama wasn't my first choice but I will vote for him because of his character, tempermant, and intelligence, and we need damage control.

Who would you rather have Sleep with: Hillary Clinton, Roseanne Barr, or Ann Coulter?

the earth has been saved! there is only one and that is ann coulter.she is the only one i could stand to be in the same room with and would be more than happy to make with her.what a babe!beautiful and smart as opposed to those other two.

Is it true that Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold used to be crack addicts?

I know that he wasn't a good influence on her & he had a drug problem, but not sure about her.

What do you think about Roseanne Barr running for president?

I think Roseanne Barr is a very very funny person.

What movie did Roseanne Barr and Courteney Cox star in together in 1985 or 1986?

I just looked through IMDB and don't find anything that they were in together. Either you have one of the actresses wrong or we need more details to help - like a plot.

How do you feel about Roseanne Barr?

I love her! Of course I love comedy. I watch re-runs of her show almost every evening. She has that quick come back type comedy. One thing I liked about the show is that the actors genuinely seemed to enjoy working together, they just clicked. Check out the blooper clips on you-tube, too funny! The show centered around a lower middle class income family who dealt with a lot of money and family issues, but did it with humor and never took anything too seriously. Roseanne herself could come across a bit harsh at times but the longer you watch the show the more you will see how important her children and family were to her. She may put them down one minute but she will be fighting for them with all her might the next. I love to laugh and this show was one of my favorites (and still is).

What is the story with Roseanne Barr's pregnancy bed rest during the 7th season of Roseanne?

It is true, I saw her talking about it on Oprah

Would you legally change your name to Roseanne Barr for two thousand bucks pay?

I would do it for exactly $372.55 (or higher). That's my price. I'd be reasonably OK with it 'cos I think it would be funny, since I am clearly not Roseanne Barr. Oh, but I'd expect my legal fees to be covered if she sues me. Roseanne was OK for a sitcom, good for its time... Is it still going? We had it in Australia about 15 years ago...

Is the Vegas trip advertised by Roseanne Barr on the radio legit?

Ivgeno had it - its a timeshare "scam". The scam part is they provide the bare minimum of what they advertise but pretty much the whole trip you can expect someone from Tahiti Village to be using very hard and aggressive sales techniques to sell you a timeshare. about.com has some tips on the timeshare freebie routine: http://homebuying.about.com/cs/timesharebasics/a/free_vacation.htm I'd be very careful.

Roseanne Barr?

In 2005, she returned to stand-up comedy, touring the world. Her first kids' DVD, Rockin' with Roseanne: Calling All Kids, was released in February 2006. She has stated that she is working her way up to another HBO comedy special. In February 2006, Roseanne performed her first ever live dates in Europe as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival in Leicester, England. The shows took place at De Montfort Hall. Roseanne will open for Cici Pham during Pham's comedy tour of Asia.