What lot has Motorcycle parking available at the Rose Bowl?

Sorry William, today is the 4th and no definate answer to your question. I guess you will just have take your chances or use another mode of transport. Good luck and enjoy your game!

how does the automatic bid for the rose bowl work?

If Oregon State wins next week they will be in the Rose Bowl against Penn State. If Oregon State loses, then it will be USC vs. Penn State. If USC doesn't make the Rose Bowl, they still have a shot at one of the at-large bid for the BCS bowl games. Oregon State holds the tie-breaker with USC in the Pac 10 since they beat USC and because there is no conference championship game.

How do I watch the Rose Bowl in Puerto Vallarta?

Rose Bowl also have a lot of Mexican fans, maybe it'll be broadcasting in Spanish in the local channel or UNIVISION, if you want for the original English broadcasting, ask to your concierge in the CONDO or look for some Bar , maybe a taxidriver can help you, enjoy it!!!

How late is the Rose Bowl in Pasadena CA open each night for running walking and jogging around the stadium?

You know it's not IN the Rose Bowl, it's AROUND the Rose Bowl and the golf course, right? It's around the outside perimeter. Be sure to wear reflective clothing, since you're on the street at least part of the time. This is a pdf that has info from the City of Pasadena about walking around the Rose Bowl, distances of the loops, advice, etc: http://cityofpasadena.net/trans/trafficoperations/pdf/WalkingAroundTheRoseBowl.pdf Walking in Pasadena project: http://www.upandmoving.org/ I'm not sure how late people walk around the Rose Bowl, but I think mostly they stop before about 10pm, not sure because it is likely different now that it is fall, last time I was there was during the summer about 8:30pm and there were lots of people. Have fun!

What is the G thing during the Rose Bowl?

No i though the same thing but i was stumped. A G is a gangster but that wasn't it. it was a COOL commercial though.

Where do I start looking to book a trip to watch the Rose Bowl Parade?

Call a travel agent in your area to lineup your itinerary. It'll be much easier if you have them plan it for free. Then you can have a full cost for the trip so you can save your pennies. Another thing is if you have any desire to see the Rose Bowl game, forget it. You'll have to choose between the parade or game.

What is the US dollar value of an authentic U of M 1987 Rose Bowl Football?

Its probably worth several hundred thousand dollars, but I will offer you $25.

What is so special about the rose bowl from all the other bowl games?

the rose bowl is the original bowl. for many years the rose bowl alone determined the national champion. all the other bowls are copy cats and pretenders to the rose bowl.

rose bowl?

i'm guessing illinois or georgia...but then again, the BCS is weird sometimes...

Rose Bowl?

the rose bowl! 3 hours of football is much better than watching a bunch of mechanical floats covered in flowers driving down a street.