Better Future: Rickie Fowler or Rory Mcilroy ?

According to the BBC (breakfast) Rory McIlroy is returning to the court at 8.20pm huh?

His tee time is 3:20 pm local time for the course.The tournament is near Washington DC, USA, which is 5 hours behind London.

Who's better looking tiger woods or rory mcilroy?

Is Rory McIlroy the next Tiger Woods?

Until McIlroy wins his first major, he's not even the next Shaun Micheel, Paul Lawrie, Michael Campbell or Todd Hamilton. It's all about the Ws in the biggies.

Golf question about Rory McIlroy?

The Race to Dubai winner will receive The Harry Vardon Trophy which is awarded to the top golfer on the European Tour each year. For many years, this golfer was also known as the European Order of Merit winner. Whoever ends up winning the Race to Dubai is the European No.1 for 2009. Rory McIlroy is currently ranked second, about EUR50,000 behind Lee Westwood in the rankings, with only two events remaining – Hong Kong and then the season-ending Dubai World Championship. However, whether it is Lee Westwood or Rory McIlroy who leads the Race going into the Dubai World Championship, he will not be guaranteed to end up as European No.1 because there is just so much money on offer for the winner of the Dubai World Championship. It should be a great climax to this year's tour though.

What was rory mcilroy handicap at 9?

Distance off the tee

anyone else think rory mcilroy DOES deserve to be #1 in the world?

Yes, of course!

Why isn't Rory McIlroy or Lee Westwood included on the list for "top 100 "money makers in 2011?

Because they weren't members of the PGA Tour in 2011. They didn't play in enough events unlike Luke Donald.

Will Rory Mcilroy break Jack Nicklaus' record?

Is Rory McIlroy the cutest professional golfer ever?

My Vote- Natalie Gulbis.

if rory mcilroy turned pro in 2007, why doesn't he have points right now in the fedex cup competition?

Sure Josh.......Rory has only played European Tour events....They do not have Fedex Cup points.....All European events count for the Order of Merit and the Race to Dubai. Edit: Ok He is not a member of the US PGA TOUR. Until he joins the US PGA TOUR he will not earn Fedex Cup Points. Instead of being snotty you might read the rules. Sorry if I failed your expectations.

Is Rory McIlroy the next Tiger woods...?

Rory has potential, but he seems to have lost his swing. If he keeps playing the way he's been playing he won't be winning any time soon. I think he just needs to work out a few kinks. He might not be the next Tiger, but i don't see that void being filled any time soon.

Is Rory Mcilroy the best Irish golfer of all time?

I never liked him smug git & he considers himself British as far as I can see even though born in Ireland........ there are far better sports people, what about Sonia O'Sullivan she was fantastic........... that woman could run...........

Is Rory MciLroy GayOr Is He Straight?

Hes Straight and now rumored to be datine Caroline Wozniaki

trademarks of Rory McIlroy?

Well I've noticed whenever he makes a good shot or a shot that he likes, he lets the club slide down his hand in a swiveling motion.

Will Rory Mcilroy be a dominant force on the PGA Tour ? Future # 1 ranking ?

Not until he rejoins the PGA. He didn't want his card this year, preferring more tourneys in Europe, which is his right. I think he has the game, there's just some intangible missing... what it is, I don't know. But winning last year proves to me he's really close.

Is rory mcilroy the future Tiger Woods?

No. Unfortunately, there is too much competition in the wings. Look at Ricky Fowler, Matteo Manassero and even amateur Tom Lewis; they are all brilliant golfers and are more adaptable than McIlroy. McIllroy admitted himself that he can't play links courses and hates playing in wet weather. To be the next Woods you need to be able to adapt. He also doesn't have the mentality for it, his girlfriend breaks up with him and he blows the Masters and the British Open, he needs focus.

rory mcilroy girlfriend - rory mcilroy girlfriend?

here you go rory mcilroy girlfreind

Is Rory McIlroy in Tiger Woods 12: The Masters?

These are the golfers that EA has confirmed are in the game: Tiger Woods Rickie Fowler Bubba Watson Zach Johnson Jim Furyk Rocco Mediate Anthony Kim Boo Weekley Chris DiMarco Natalie Gulbis Paula Creamer Francesco Molinari Edoardo Molinari Paul Casey Ian Poulter Justin Rose Nick Dougherty Henrik Stenson Rhys Davies Suzann Pettersen Adam Scott Camilo Villegas EA can't put whoever they want in the game, they have to get permission. If someone isn't in the game, it could be for several reasons, the most likely being that EA wasn't given permission to do so, or they didn't ask for permission to do so. Just like Michael Jordan can't be put in to basketball games without his permission, other sporting games are the exact same way. Most people will allow their likeness to be added, but if they make money on their image, it is possible they won't let it happen (like MJ). Also, just because a player was in a previous version of a game doesn't mean they will be in the newest version of the game, especially when it comes to individual sports such as golf. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc, they all have unions which speak on behalf of the players. Individual sports don't have unions, so the game developer has to get permission from every player they want to add, which usually includes giving them money as well. Since there is a John Daly golf game, it is possible Rory McIlroy switched games, it may also be possible EA will add him to Tiger Woods 12 in a future DLC.

Do any guys think Rory McIlroy is cute?

Yeah he is kinda cute. But I like his personality better and he carries himself well.

Who should Rory McIlroy play for?

Rory McIlroy is from Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom Northern Ireland does not field a separate team for the Olympics. McIllroy would golf for the UK. The Commonwealth Games are a different story. Each of the countries that make up the UK field separate teams for the Commonwealth Games. Edit: Apparently some people don't know the difference between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Two different countries. One an independent republic (as per somebody's link) and the other part of the UK. Edit #2. For those who still think I'm wrong check the links below. Some people really need a lot of convincing!!

Why doesn't Rory Mcilroy have any FedEx Cup points?

Rory s not a member of the PGA TOUR. He is a member of the European Tour. He can play in PGA events, but he has not joined the PGA TOUR and therefore is not eligible for Fedex Cup points. One has to apply for PGA TOUR membership, pay dues, join the player's union,and play a minimum number of PGA TOUR events.

Which house was Rory McIlroy in when he went to Sullivan?

OK, I've gotta be honest here... what the what what are you talking about?

Anyone know what time Rory Mcilroy is teeing off at the shell houston open?

Tee times for most PGA Tour events are not announced until two days prior to the opening round. So, check the site below on Tuesday afternoon, March 31.

Can Rory McIlroy Keep it Going?

I would love to see him win it. I think he can do it now with a little more experience under his belt. I don't think I even need to look it up to say he would be the youngest to ever don the green jacket.

rory mcilroy girlfriend - Anyone know who rory mcilroy girlfriend is?

Rory Mcilroy girlfriend - Her name is Holly. Just saw a detailed video about Rory Mcilroy girlfriend on the video blog below. Watch it right now after the short quiz.

Is Rory McIlroy the best golfer in the world under the age of 25?

Well this is simple math. Donald was born in Dec 1977, so he is 33 and Westwood was born in April 1973, so he is 38. You could even say as of today, that he is the best under the age of 30. Current would rankings as of today 10/31/2011. Rank Player Pt.s 1 Luke Donald, Eng 10.62 2 Lee Westwood, Eng 7.49 3 Rory McIlroy, Nir 7.33 4 Dustin Johnson, USA 6.15 5 Steve Stricker, USA 6.13 6 Martin Kaymer, Deu 6.01 7 Jason Day, Aus 5.65 8 Adam Scott, Aus 5.52 9 Webb Simpson, USA 5.32 10 Matt Kuchar, USA 5.31

How do you get thru to Rory Mcilroy's website?

Looks like that is his website. That's all it is. Not fully developed yet. Only links to his Facebook and Twitter, that's all.

rory mcilroy girlfriend - who is rory mcilroy girlfriend?

It is holly sweeny :D

why am i so upset that rory mcilroy has a girlfriend?

sorry, but celebrities...ahhhhh its out of your control. i guess you're jealous lol i'm not into celebs, so i wouldn't understand.

Yesterday on NBC their was a thing about Rory Mcilroy being like Tiger Woods and had the song "Duck Sauce "?

The song is actually called "Barbra Streisand" and the artist is Duck Sauce

How badly does Golf need Rory McIlroy to be the next Tiger Woods?

While it would be nice, one underlying factor is that Tiger is much more marketable. Tiger blew up not only because he was dominating every tournament, but because he became a national icon. Rory isn't a very good looking guy and it would be nearly impossible for him to reach icon status no matter how many tournaments he won. It's sad but true, being better looking makes you a bigger deal.

What do you think about Rory McIlroy?

Yes, he will be a threat. His first year (last year) you could say was a wash, but he's getting a TON of experience- the win was definitely a confidence-booster, I believe. I won't say he's the second coming of Tiger Woods (because I wouldn't want him to be like that, if I had a say) but he's going to be a household name. I like the other guys, but Rose and Casey especially. I like listening to Rose's interviews- very intelligent and humble. Casey's "Playing Lessons" is one of my favorites.

How many putts did Rory Mcilroy have in the final round of the PGA championship?

Is Rory McIlroy a nationalist or a unionist?

He's neither but i get the feeling he's a latter day soupy at heart.

What kind of necklace did Rory McIlroy wear during the 2011 US Open?

Look at this link: If you look at the bottom of the page right hand corner, you see it's the icon of Tron:Z and Colantotte which makes the bracelets for energy. Boy will he make some money now, lol. Hope this helped because i wanted to know did some googling.

where can i get the exact same hat Rory Mcilroy wears?

Jumeriah has one similar, but no one has the exact.

Where can i buy the hat/cap that Golfer Rory Mcilroy wears?

I just bought one on ebay! It's absolutely ice cool in white with all the big logos, looks identical to one Rors wears on tour.

How many majors do you think Rory McIlroy will end up with by the end of his career?

Why isn't Rory McIlroy listed in the FedEx Cup standings and in money earnings?

He's only a member of the European Tour, not the PGA Tour. However, he could join if he wants to. The link below is a good Q&A about this subject. It's from 2009 but still holds true.

Why does Rory Mcilroy not have any Fed Ex Cup points?

The reason why McIlroy doesn't have any Fed Ex points is because he is not a PGA Tour professional. Until he gets his tour card, he is not going to get any FED EX points for his performance. He has got sponsorship exemptions to play on the PGA Tour so he is not allowed to collect points.

why is Rory McIlroy not acquiring and points in the Fed Ex rankings?

Only PGA Tour members qualify for the FedEx Cup. McIlroy is only a member of the European Tour. Last year he was a member of both, but but unlike what the poster above me said, he played in enough events last year to retain his card, he simply chose not to because he didn't want to play in the minimum 15 events required of PGA Tour members. As a former member, he is limited to 10 events. In addition to the majors and the 3 American WGCs, his other events on tour this year were the Honda, Quail Hollow, and the Memorial.

How do i become a great player like Rory Mcilroy?

Unfortunately the answer is to be born with world class talent. If you don't have that then be born with good talent and spend 10,000 hrs over the next 10 yrs honing it to world class skill level. If you are unwilling to spend that much time then just enjoy the game you have.

Why has ESPN been acting like Rory Mcilroy is the best golfer ever?

Rory is the flavour of the day. He had an amazingly successful US Open so not only ESPN but lots of other sports reporting agencies have jumped on his bandwagon. Everybody likes a winner, especially a winner who comes across as a very personable and down to earth young man the way Rory does. Don't fault Rory for the notoriety. All he did was win a golf tournament. The press is looking for somebody new to swoon over now that Tiger has fallen from grace.

Is Rory McIlroy a breath of fresh air for Golf?

Rory is a nice breath of fresh air and I think has been for a little while. He has had his ups and downs and seems to learn from them, and goes on to win. He has loads of talent and a decent head on his shoulders (Jack seems impressed) and definitely has youth on his side. My crystal ball is a little cloudy at the moment so it's tough to say how far he will ascend in the game, but chances are he will break some records along the way.

Why were some Americans happy that Rory Mcilroy won the US Open?

Who says American golf fans can't be happy for someone from another country winning a golf tournament? Now that Tiger's game has gone south, American golf fans wouldn't have much to be happy about if they were restricted to only being happy for American golfers when they play well... The golfers don't go down the course waving their national flag and giving the USA flag the finger every time they make a putt. This isn't Hacksaw Jim Duggan versus the Bolsheviks here... And I'm rarely rooting against anyone in the Olympics fwiw. I'd rather see people succeed than fail in the Olympics regardless of where they're from.

How does Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and all the other pros know how far from the ball to stand in the setup?

Kevin, as good as the pro golfers are they still don't always get it right. Most of all it is the distance of the club that determines how far from the ball to stand. Then the personal physic of the golfer (big belly, age factor etc.) that determines other ways to reach the ball. spartawo...

Rory McIlroy What clothing company does he wear and what clubs does he play ?

he plays all titleist clubs and i believe he wears jumeriah clothing which is made by either adidas or taylormade...depends on the day

Will Rory McIlroy break one of Tiger's records this weekend?


What is unique about Rory Mcilroy?? What ball marker does he use, what does he carry in his bag besides clubs?

you want to mimick and own everything unique that he has? how about you yourself just become unique. He is a very talented player, but various things in his bag have very little to do with that. He either carries things in his bag that have special value to him, or are in a sponsorship deal.