Does Ben Bass (Rookie Blue actor) have any middle eastern blood/heritage/ethnicity?

I heard he has slight Sri Lankan ~~

whats song in the rookie blue commercial for global?

The Stills - Being Here

Why was Gail Peck crying in the episode of Rookie Blue "Big Nickel"?

I think it was because Dov hurt her feelings. I think it's because she wants to escape her family ties and let her colleagues see her in a different way. I'm also not sure. Tell me if I'm right.

Who played Dina tonight on rookie blue?

Her name is Samantha Munro

In what city does ABC's new television drama "Rookie Blue" which premiered tonigth take place?

Generic Canadian City, possibly Toronto. The license plates on the vehicles appear to be from Ontario though they are generic.

on rookie blue who was she going to mary?

she was formerly engaged to Detective Luke Callaghan (the tall blonde guy who also works at 15) but then she left him because she found out that he slept with his ex (detective Jo Rosati). after that, he hasn't had much of a role in the show, but he still works at the station.

Anyone else out there going to miss Rookie Blue? What a great show. I will miss it, but understand it will?

Production for the new season has already started and it will be back in summer 2012. The show airs simultaneously in Canada and the U.S.

Type of police officer in rookie blue?

Well, in the show the rookies are basically beat cops. They patrol the streets, make arrests, and fight crime. They aren't specialized or in a unit or anything, (other than their own divisions). The detectives are in a completely separate category. The show is a little exaggerated because rookies do not have as much freedom or say in cases because they are inexperienced, (in the show, the rookie have A LOT of freedoms). They follow orders and try to input their opinions whenever possible. I suggest you try to get into a local cadet program and do ride alongs with other police officers to decide if you want to be a cop. Good luck!

How may seasons are there of rookie blue?

Rookie Blue - What song did they use?

Sick Of Dreaming by Alexander Cardinale

why doesnt anybody like the blond girl on rookie blue?

i watch too lol no one likes here because she is mean and bitch but the black girl should of took the sushi offer

Who played Leslie on Rookie Blue episode "Best Laid Plans"?

Leslie- Kathleen Robertson (formerly of the original "90210") The song at the end is "Nobody's Cryin" originally by Patty Griffin, although I don't think it was her performing this version.

why did dov lie to chris in rookie blue?

yeah i wonder about the same thing!! technically Dov did kiss Gail, he just kissed her hand. and that makes him feel equally guilty. and Gail told Chris "it wasn't even like that" when CHris said that they kissed... so i guess Gail tried to explain but then Chris didn't give her the chance. and then he said that she wouldn't have let Dov kiss her, unless she wanted him to. so I think she's feeling guilty, not because she "went along" with the story, but because she let Dov in. hope this helps.... I'm a bit confused myself

What happened at the end of the Rookie Blue episode "To Serve or Protect"?

McNally's father may be the murderer, Andy and Sam search for proof of his innocence. Andy's dad is cleared when the wife of the deceased confesses to the murder. A "superhero" access information via Diaz and Epstein's squad car. But then he is caught so it is revealed that he has vital evidence that helps towards taking down a major drug ring. Andy tells her dad that she does not want him in her life anymore but he goes and ask for forgiveness. He will do anything for her. At the bar Peck tells Nash that she could not do the intro for her mom's award ceremony. It ends with Andy and Luke hugging and Luke telling her sorry for not believing her about Andy's dad.

When does season 2 of rookie blue come out?

sorry no word yet- this site is excellent to find tv show dvd news

Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 4 Online Signals Crossed?


What song is at the end of Rookie blue, episode 12?

Here is another site for Rookie Blue Music:

when do tv shows: the glades, rookie blue, hung & in plain sight start again?

The Glades (season 2): July 2011 Rookie Blue (Season 2): June 2011 Hung (Season 3): June 2011 In Plain Sight (Season 4): May 1st 2011 With the exception of IPS, the rest are guesstimates based on previous season premiere dates.

Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 8 online?

The streaming is available here:

Does anyone know the link to the show "Rookie Blue"?

Will the show Rookie Blue ever be on again?

ABC picked up season two of Rookie Blue after only three episodes aired. The Sophomore season will premier Summer 2011.

Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 5 Online Broad Daylight?

Have fun http://WATCHROOKIEBLUE20.TK

what happened between sam and andy on rookie blue on season 1?

aww how could you miss that??? so many things happened between them! first they didnt like each other because sam always threw water balloons at andy when he wasnt looking and that can get a bit irritating at times if you know what i mean. Then, one time andy decided to get sam back by making one of those contraptions where paint falls on a person when they walk through the door. so sam began to walk through the door and andy realized that all those water balloons made him fall deeply in love with her and so he pushed a chubby police man eating a donut in front of sam and the guy was covered in yellow paint! sam and andy took him to the hospital because he was seriously injured by the metal can hitting him in the noggin. when the two were waiting for the chubby guy at the hospital (they still never found out his name) they both decided they wanted to start a family together and live as gypsies so when no one was looking they stole few babies and replaced them with bundles of fruit taken from the hospital cafeteria. fortunately the babies parents never realized and happily took home the fruit babies. sam and andy got into andy's car leaving behind the chubby man and a note which read "we are sorry we could not wait for you, chubbs but those doctors were just taking way too long and we had a life to start! hope to see you soon! <3love, andy and sam" they took the car to ireland and became irish gypsies raising their 11 children as such when a few years later a mother and her fruit baby tracked down the family of gypsies. she wanted to thank them for switching the babies because she saved a lot of money on food and diapers and used her savings to buy a large dress with a 15 foot train to wear every day. sam and andy were happy to become friends with this lady, marybeth, and invited her to join their family. eventually andy got a little tired of having sam as his permanant companion and he and marybeth snuck out of their trailor one night. this was the start of an affiar that would last 3 years before sam would find out and leave her family to convert back to the normal non-gypsy life. and thats where you probably are about now in rookie blue!

Release date for rookie blue season 2 in the uk?

According to Universal Channel facebook Season 2 launches early October this year

Does anyone know when the second season of Rookie Blue will go on?

the second season is currently in development

What is the song near the end of Rookie Blue season 1 episode 5 ?

Andrew Austin-Turn Me Over

What song is in the commercial for Rookie Blue?

Blink by Revive

What kinda cops are the cops on the show "rookie blue" ?

I've only see a couple episodes, but I think they're regular beat cops. Officers who patrol and area keeping the peace while waiting for calls.

Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 11 Online To Serve or Protect?

Have fun http://WATCHROOKIEBLUE32.TK

Anyone know the song they played at the beginning of Rookie Blue episode 6?

“The High Road” by Broken Bells

When is Rookie Blue going to be on?

Season 3 has been made and begins in the U.S. on May 24th. As far as season 2 in the UK I can't find official word on that but on the Rookie Blue UK Facebook 2 users said they have the season 2 DVD on preorder which comes out in May or June according to them because Rookie Blue season 2 in the UK won't be shown until October.

When will the SEASON finale of rookie blue be on hulu?

its up on hulu now. but it will only be available for 35 days after it aired. so you have until early october to watch it.

what was the song from rookie blue season finale?

“7 Years” by Cedar Avenue

Will they show another season of Rookie Blue?

Yes, a third season of rookie blue was confirmed, i think they've actually already started filming it :D it will probably start back up again in late june/ early july.

What is the song at the end of Rookie Blue on September 2nd?

Not sure which episode aired tonight but there is a short list of music credits online. But here's the list from the latest episode. If none of these are it, take a look at the link and I hope you find it there :) Episode 110: "Big Nickel" First aired: August 26, 2010 Gobotron, "Never Turn Around" Andrew Belle , "My Oldest Friend" Tegan and Sara, "Hell"

Why all the mystery surrounding the city where ABC's Rookie Blue is being filmed?

Rookie Blue is a Canadian series, shot in Toronto, that follows the lives of five new cops. Shot entirely on location in Toronto, Rookie Blue features a diverse lineup of Canadian actors including Missy Peregrym (Reaper, Heroes), Gregory Smith (Everwood), Charlotte Sullivan (M.V.P.), Enuka Okuma (24) and Travis Milne (My Green House). Rounding out the cast is Ben Bass (Would Be Kings), Eric Johnson (Smallville), Matt Gordon (Rent-A-Goalie), Noam Jenkins (Flashpoint) and Melanie Nicholls King (The Wire). Hope this helps.

what do you think of the shows Rookie Blue and Flash point, asking Americans?


When does Rookie Blue come back?

Season 2 is over, but season 3 starts this June.

In the show rookie blue season 2 episode 11 what song was playing while andy and sam were having sex?

The name of the song was "Ashes" by Andy Brown

Are Flash Forward and Rookie Blue coming back to ABC?

Flashforward was Cancelled last May- Low ratings so it is not returning Rookie Blue was a Summer show and will return Next summer 2011

where can i buy a rookie blue poster?

hello, i had a look around for what your after, and nothing really seems available. but i may have an alternative.. you could make your own. now im not sure what sites you have like this in the US. but in the UK we have Vistaprint. Vistaprint is a kind of custom print business. you can get cups, T-shirts etc.. i had a look on the site and they do custom posters, for around 2pound.. and they are pretty large of size.. so perhaps you should look into that, maybe with an image like: and the right printing place you could conjure up what your looking for. sorry i couldn't be of more help. Duhreds..

What song is this (Rookie Blue advert on Universal Channel)?

Duchess Says - Black Flag I was trying to find out also. I managed to fluke it and guess the lyrics correctly! Stupidly catchy song, weird video.

When will Rookie Blue season 3 start?

Probably next June, since season 1 started in June, 2010, and season 2 started in June, 2011.

Who played Kate and her roommate in Rookie Blue?

Kate was played by Rebecca Williams and her roommate was played by Kristen Gutoskie.

What was the name of the songs in the new episode of Rookie Blue?

I'm not sure which ones you're talking about, but you should try this link! :) ps. I think the one by One Republic is called Good Life

In every episode in rookie blue why does Andy almost die?

Personally, I find it a little ridiculous, I mean the same thing happens in every episode, you would think they could come up with a more interesting and unexpected way to grab the person watching the shows attention. The only reason they make Andy almost die is to add excitement and keep the person watching the show at the edge of their seat.

What was the song at the begging of the 1st episode of rookie blue?

I am pretty sure it is Quinzy- "You and This Terrible Place" You can find all the music listed at the official website below.

What are they shooting into on rookie blue?

I haven't seen the program yet, but it sounds like you are talking about a bullet trap. The device is used where guns are going to be stored. The officer is supposed to unload his gun. poke it into the trap and pull the trigger. The gun is supposed to be empty, but if the officer has been careless, the bullet trap will catch the bullet within the heavy metal of the trap. Here is an example of one. Well, if the guns goes off, that is considered an accidental discharge due to officer carelessness. That would subject the officer to a stiff disciplinary action. Since this show seems to be about rookies, that sort of accident could be a job ender. It would, at least, get the rookie remedial training with firearms. Many years ago a young officer in my old department had just processed a prisoner into our basement jail. He got his gun, a S&W 645 (45 auto), stepped into the elevator, and, as the doors closed loaded the mag into the gun, dropped the slide, chambering a round, and fired the gun. The bullet ripped through the elevator door, bounced off the concrete floor, and into the soda pop vending machine. That accident cost the officer two weeks of unpaid time, the cost of repairing the elevator door and the vending machine, and and additional 40 hours of extra gun training with the department range master. And, of course, he got stuck with the nickname "Boomer" for the rest of his career.

Where can i find the first episodes of rookie blue online?

You can find the entire season of Rookie Blue on Scroll to the bottom of the page and type in rookie blue and it will bring up the list of episodes. Or here's the direct link: LOVE ROOKIE BLUE <3 <3 Especially Sam Swarek <3

Rookie Blue??????????

It is absolutely one of my favorite showS! I love Sam, and I don't think Luke will die because the writers want to keep the romantic tension of the Sam- Andy- Luke love triangle alive. Personally, I don't like Luke as much as I like Sam because I don't think he loves Andy the way Sam does. So, in all honesty, I want Luke to make the mistake of cheating or *almost* cheating on Andy with his ex, so that Andy and Sam can finally be together! I just think Sam made the mistake of telling Andy that he doesn't have real feelings for her, when he really does. I just wish Andy would see how much Sam loves her.! Anyway, I love the show! (-: Ahaha, the show makes me want to move to Canada!