Hair-Bands or Grunge?

I think you got some of your grunge mixed up with your metal hair bands

What was Ronnie best in...?

They were all good bands, but I like Bad Motor Scooter with Sammy Hager singing.

Guitar Players & Rock Fans: Your Opinion Of?

Darth, I've been playing for forty-two years now. None of these guys were on the scene when I started, so you can imagine how cool it has been to see wave after wave of accomplished axemen hit the shores of my aural universe. It did my heart good to see Ronnie Montrose on your list. He's highly underrated and really has signature licks that are his alone. Gilmour, well, there is simply no other guitarist alive today that can get more soul out of a Stratocaster. His playing has been called minimalistic; that's fine with me. I don't confuse flash for tasty licks anyway. The Edge is in that niche as well. Jimmy Page, in my estimation, has his genius in his chordal arrangements and how quickly he can segue from one impossible chord to another. Interestingly enough, those on the inside have said that if Randy Rhodes were still alive today, he would probably be playing classical music exclusively. He was headed in that direction just before his death, and it's evident in his playing style. It's one thing to marvel to all of these players as you listen to them, but when you try to cop their licks - actually play the stuff that they do, you develop an appreciation for the immense talent, inspiration, and hard work that all exhibit. You also get rare glimpses into the worlds that these guys live in. Hats off to you and anyone that bring items like this to the R&P boards.

Have you ever stumbled across an album you hadn't heard in years, maybe forgot about?

About a month ago I started uploading the rest my collection onto my computer and came across a ton of stuff that I hadn't listened to in years. I was actually amazed at how much I had simply forgotten about. One band in particular: The Wildhearts When I found out about these guys I bought up everything I could find, including imports. Probably got about 10 releases in all. Then for some reason I just stopped listening to them. Listening to the albums as I was uploading them brought back alot of great memories.

A friend of mine just reminded me of my roots. Will you take my Blues and Blues/Rock survey?

1. Howlin' Wolf - How Many More Years 2.Son House - Death Letter Blues 3.Skip James - Cypress Grove Blues 4.Rattlesnake Blues - Chalie Patton 5.Cool Drink of Water Blues- Tommy Johnson 6.leadbelly - house of the rising sun 7.Robert Johnson preaching blues (up jumped the devil) 8.'Drunken Spree' SKIP JAMES, Delta Blues Guitar 9.Blind Willie Johnson Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning 10.Bukka White - Mama Don't Allow I know nothing to you Mike but enjoy anyways. take care dave

What Do You Think Of Some Pretty Rare Bands?

hey karl, you know i love the dog! but i don't know these others. let's see airlord - like the instrumentation, vocals a bit weak beckett - got bored gamma - a slowed down 'ride like the wind' joe perry - more disinterest madrigal - i like that no dice - no thanks aviator - never really took off... i guess i'm far too particular in my progness. this is my thing: medicine man - barclay james harvest (1971)

What Song Convinced You That Your Favorite Guitarists Were The Best?

Hi Darth ... You mean links like these : ~~~ Jimi Hendrix ~~~ Rory Gallagher ~~~ Jimmy Page ~~~ Steve Howe ~~~ Uli Roth ~~~ Ritchie Blackmore ~~~ Tony Iommi ~~~ Peter Green ~~~ Robin Trower ~~~ Ron Asheton

The Red Rocker Sammy Hagar?

You made me pull out the vinyl!! Definitely the Montrose Years. Probably the best backing that Sammy has ever had, not to mention the best he's ever sounded. If you don't have it already, get it; for those that have it, put on 1973's Montrose, turn it UP, and enjoy! The disc starts out with One Thing On My Mind, and goes to Good Rockin' Tonight, then the gloves come off! The notorious Bad Motor Scooter amps up starting with Ronnie Montrose's signature lick using an open D tuning and a slide for the original motorcycle rev on guitar. Just when you think the smoke has cleared, Rock The Nation kicks in, plays, and ends with perhaps one of the best endings for a rock song going. The boys must have known your senses would be reeling by now because Space Station #5 accentuates that feeling with a trippy start to a great song. I Don't Want It and Make It Last follow only to have the album finish on Rock Candy, one of the best "attitude songs" in rock, period. Throughout the whole album, Ronnie Montrose on guitar and Sammy Hagar on vocals seem to be inspiring one another rather than competing for our attention. The end result is a kick-in-the-pants rock album of mythic proportions, in my mind.

So I Been Getting Into Instrumental Guitar Rock Lately?

I know you like Mahavishnu of course but if you haven't, delve into some solo McLaughlin. Gordian Knot Planet X (Allan Holdsworth and Al di Meola guested on some stuff from these guys) Dixie Dregs/Steve Morse Band Exivious Shut Up and Player Yer Guitar - Frank Zappa Bundles and Softs - Soft Machine ... The Ventures? :o 8) I'll edit if I think of more you may not have heard.

does avy body have footage of the edgar winter group on the don kirshner's in concert series featuring ronnie

Type Edgar Winter on Yahoo and click on the "video" tab. I just did it and there are too many to look through for ya. I like Montrose though, "Rock the Nation" from his solo album with teenage Sammy Hagar on vocals was the best ever.

Somebody mentioned Montrose on one of my questions - Do you have any favorites By Ronnie solo or in a band?

Same album - Bad Motor Scooter Montrose - Montrose is one the best Hard Rock albums of the 70's also Good Rockin' Tonight

R.I.P. Ronnie Montrose?

Damn, hadn't heard this yet. The good ones always leave too soon! Montrose didn't make a bad song or album, so its hard to narrow down my favorite. Make it Last, All I Need, Twenty Flight Rock, Bad Motor Scooter & of course Rock Candy

Does anyone remember Ronnie Montrose?

I find only here Ronnie Montrose MP3 -