What games have the Celtics fans been watching?

I think they are still watching old video from LAST YEAR...

two questions about stuff?

Rajon Rondo said " I hope its for the best" "Eddie House can drop 20, 30 points off the bench too". Tony Cornheiser was suspended from ESPN for bashing fellow anchor Hannah Storm with rude comments on what she wore..

What if this happened...?

paul pierce would fall to the ground....have a siezure and rose "would' get flagrant....paul unable to continue gets wheelchaired out and then comes back in dramatic fashion and hits the gamewinner

Fantasy Basketball Trade?

decline 7/10

Boston Vs. Chicago was rigged?

i hate rajon rondo! he is such a dirty player!

wow the nba actually admited that they made a mistake?

I remember that game in the Regular Season, Al Horford went straight up and they didn't call an offensive foul on LeBron...are the refs seriously one minded and think they have to follow the "Superstar" rule.

y did the celtics trade lil nate robinson?

Guess he didn't do enough to keep around!He looked like a good spark off the bench.

When will people complaining about all this Non-Suspensions?

Exactly. The NBA just extended the playoffs so that each series is a 7 game series...and for what...$$$$$$$. They also have a stipulation in the TV national agreements that the league doesn't make a penny until there is a 6th game. So look at the history...their have been sweeps and five game series...but for the most part the series have been going to 6 and 7 games. Atlanta & Chicago taking Boston to 7 in the 1st round...very questionable. Someone said that Howard is more important than Rondo. Not true...Rondo plays in Boston...Howard in Orlando...the media market in Boston is bigger. Orlando will rebuild when they can't afford Howard...and then Howard will play somewhere else...didn't Shaq...didn't McGrady...these superstar players left Orlando for nothing else other than money. If Howard was in Boston...Boston could keep him for his entire career. That's another reason why people feel that Lebron James will leave Cleveland...the market is too small. New York is much bigger where he can become a global icon like Kobe or even MJ. He can command more money not just from the Knicks, but from advertisers. The NBA going global is for money not just to play basketball. The international scene is ripe for an NBA market. They are even talking about having a league overseas too...its already in the discussions. Trying to get a league similar to NFL Europe...and its not because of the love of the game...its to make money. Stern has to ensure that the product is good enough for people to want to buy it. If people buy the product then the owners are happy because they are making money. Its a business plain and simple...and David Stern has to do what is in the best interests of that business. Good basketball...long series...well behaved players...large markets...new frontiers...all of these are his responsibilty. Like him or not though as a business man...he hasn't done bad.

i dont hear people crying for kobe suspensions?

Are you kidding Stern would never let that happen? That's his Bi--h

are the refs pissing anyone else off?

yes there pissin me off.

Why does Rando get away with everything?

The one on Miller, if you watched his head you would see that he was in no way trying to hack Miller. The one on Hinrich was more acting than anything. Rondo isn't strong enough to throw Hinrich.

if the bulls do force a game 7?

lol im in man

Chicago Bulls and their fans should be proud?

ayy jade! Although I'm a little disappointed that they couldn't pull it off though, I'm proud of the way the bulls played this series. Q: I loved it when Eddie House made a 3 in front of the Bulls bench, and then got a tech, and the camera immediately went to the bulls bench during the timeout, and Lindsey Hunter was standing there clapping and laughing haha =D Q1: Yes Q2: You know, I didn't realize until one of the commentators brought it up, but the Bulls didn't even have Luol Deng playing in the series. They sure could have used him, but I gotta tell you that boy Derrick Rose is coming up and quickly becoming one of my favorite point guards. He just needs to work on his jumpshot over the summer.

The leaque protecting the Celtics?

Rondo. Not only does he knock Miller's Tooth Out & Bust Hinrich's Eye In Game 5. . . but gets rewarded for it. . . IT SUCKS. . . Then tonight he horse collars Hinrich in the 1st Quarter. . . If he was ejected like he should've been, Bulls would have won much sooner & easier. . .because Ray Allen wouldn't have been set up so well for those shots. If they don't suspend him for game 7, I am protesting. . .the nerve of those refs to call that horse collar a FLAGRANT 1. . .if that's a FLAGRANT 1, what does he have to do to merit a FLAGRANT 2??? Kill Someone??? The TV Analysists have been saying that Rondo probably won't be suspended, because they don't want a foul deciding the series. . .that's BS. . .he shouldn't be out there trying to take people out then. . .KILL RONDO!!!!

Should Rondo be Suspened for Game 6?

First I agree with you Rondo should be suspended for the next game as that was a flagrant foul. I don't care how big Brad Miller is compared to Rondo. It would have been a flagrant foul in the earlier part of the game, why not at the end? Also is Replay an option to find out whether or not a foul is considered a flagrant foul or is it left up to the discretion of the ref? Hope you guys push Boston to a game 7. Go Cavs!

Shouldn't Rondo have received a "Flagrant Stupidity" call?

I'm a Bulls fan, but i'll try to answer to the best of my abilities. Yes, there was something exceptionally stupid about Rajon Rondo smacking Brad Miller. In fact, there were a few things. 1: The size disparity. Do you think that Brad Miller is waiting for the next time he gets Rondo on a mismatch? i do. Rondo is going to get sent to the floor, and he deserves it. 2: He admitted it after the game. If you take a shot at a guy, you don't go and broadcast it on national television. it makes you look bad, it makes your team look bad, and it makes your sport look bad. speaking of making the sport look bad, 3: The refs totally blew it, and the league backed up yet another one of their blown calls. I understand letting them play at crunch time. what i don't understand is Rondo blowing off at the mouth about it and not seeing any repercussions (sure, he may get a fine eventually, which will perpetuate the league looking bad) Points 1 & 2 are really the relevant ones, so by those, YES Rondo should have gotten a flagrant stupidity foul and possibly a smack upside the head from both Doc and KG.

Why are Chicago Bulls fans so hypocritical about hard fouls and physical play?

Hahaha I love these Freakin babies sayin Rondo is Dirty and should be suspended, what have they been watchin the WNBA. I mean give me a break those are true playoff fouls that aren't dirty, yes hard but not dirty. No one should be suspended or anything. I mean people for real have you not watched the playoffs before.........or are your teams just not as physical or are stupid sissys who cry about stuff like this. Edit Sweet Lou: Dude you must be new to the playoffs or the team you like must be real soft. Because the playoffs is harder than the regular season sorry man it just is. They let more things go. Sorry if the Celtics are to rough for you to watch. They are one of the most pationate team we have in the league who let emotions get the best of them. Yes sometimes they need to calm down but they ain't dirty. Plus I'm not a Celtics fan I'm a die hard Suns fan, then a Cavs fan but both aren't playing right now so I'm going for my 3rd Favorite team the Celtics.

whats up with Rondo getting away with murder?

i think he has some anger issues remember he shoved Kobe during the season He is great Guard though

NBA declares no further measures on Rondo but no word on Hinrich's fate. Your thoughts?

I'm so glad Rondo wasn't suspended........this is the freakin playoffs people not the peewee league for ya'll that think he should be suspended. So what, they got in a little "tussle" it happens when emotions fly in the playoffs. And plus who would want to suspend Rondo and ruin the best first round playoffs series ever..........that would just be stupid. The more passionate the guys get the rougher the game will become and the rougher it becomes the more intense and fun to watch it becomes. JUST LET THEM PLAY EDIT: I agree with Mr. T EDIT to SPARKY: Dude I like the Celtics a lot but I'm a die hard Suns fan man. Don't you think I know rules are rules (my guys Amar'e and Boris getting suspended for freakin comin off the bench) I know they have rules for a reason and I respect that. But sometimes you gotta let things go. its suppose to be rough. Everyone knows that Rondo wasn't trying to hurt Brad Miller. If you think so you are absolutly crazy........the foul on Hinrich though was questionable but not suspension material and even you know that.

Do you think Stu Jackson is the worst for NBA ?

I think Stu Jackson gets the job done by suspending the right person who commits the flagrant foul intentionally and the person/s leaving the bench if there is an altercation for both teams. G0t it? Go0d!!!!

Do you think the NBA babies the defending champs?

Bro i hate the Celtics but i hate when people here start talking about conspiracy theories in favor of one team or another.

wouldnt it be unfair for kobe or fisher to be suspended (more inside)?

couldnt agree with u more, rondos a b**tch

Are Bulls fans afraid of a blowout on Sunday?

7th game at Boston? of course they are

What are the chances of chicago bulls wining?

It's going to take a miracle to win against the Celtics during Game 7. I'm guessing but at most 5%.

If there is a game 7 Bulls vs Celtics?

yes refs are acting up

Hahahahaha NBA cant suspend rondo because they like ratings!!!!!!?

lol they love it but its not fair what message is that sending this might escalate

Do you find it silly that some NBA fans are saying Artest should be suspended?

Because of your reputation and past behavior, sometimes any action will cause people to panic and overkill. Dennis Rodman was a prime example of this. They will be watching Ron Artest like a hawk now, when they really should be watching that punk Kobe.

Both Fisher and Alston have been suspended for game 3, your thoughts?

They were warranted. However I'm still miffed that Rondo hasn't been even mentioned by the league as far as to why he hasn't been reprimanded for any of his questionable physicality. Even Artest got the gate for his actions and he didn't even touch Kobe the way Rondo touched Brad Miller & Kirk Hinrich. There is obviously a double standard between large & small market teams. Even Fisher's blow to Luis Scola didn't compare to what Rondo did. You can go as far as to say that Scols even flopped after looking at the replay, but Miller & Hinrich were obviously upset after their altercations with Rondo. Rondo even drew blood, but nothing was called. Fisher, Alston & Artest never came even close to doing that. It seems that the NBA wants a Cleveland/Boston East Conference Final...more ratings...more money.

Rondo's flagrant will not be upgraded for Game 7.?

I for one want Rondo to play, just to keep the series alive. I mean, if the Celtics/Bulls play in Game 7 with the same style they have been laying this whole series (no defense but clutch performances), then this will be the bext first round series in the playoffs.

Which play was worse Rondo or Alston?

Rondo should of got like a series suspension for throwing kirk. Rafer should of just got ejected for the slap in the head.

Will Kirk Hinrich be suspended and fined for Game #7 in the Bulls & Celtics series?

Hinrich was boxing Rondo out and he got a little carried away with it and kept butt checking Rondo back toward the sidelines, Rondo got sick of being pushed and tossed him off of him by pulling on his arm and side stepping him. Hinrich hit the scorer's table and immediately got up and swung at Rondo, as in tried to punch him. Rondo threw his arms up to defend himself, not swing an elbow at his head. Hinrich got angry because his poorly veiled attempt at harassing Rondo with his butt backfired and he looked like an idiot as he got thrown into the table. Throwing a player off of you and swinging at their head are two completely separate things. They are both flagrant fouls, but only one is deserving of a suspension. However, no one will get suspended because Rondo escalated it, but not to the point of suspension. It would not be fair to suspend Hinrich. Anyway, to me, just let them play. Its the playoffs and people get emotional. Howard's suspension was completely different though because there was no reason for him swinging an elbow, no gradual escalation or anything, just Howard being ignorant.

Who thinks the foul by rajon rondo on brad miller should have been flagrant?

HA! Brad Miller didn't punch Glen Davis.

Did Karen Garnett blow off David Stern so Rajina Rondo wouldn't get suspended?

OF COURSE NOT!!! KG Pierce and Allen all did it themselves. =) That's how KG really hurt his leg, and how Scallabrine got his concussion.

If Rondo is suspended?? Game 7 to Bulls?

he is not going to get suspended. where did you get that idea?

Should Rondo be suspended bro?

Yes and no. He made two plays for body instead of ball which in one case it drew blood. For that, he should be suspended, but Davey Stern wants to make series out this so he's not going to allow any more of the Big 3 to sit on the sidelines.

will Rondo be suspended this time for game 7?

dont u mean for the wole playoff, i heard he helped michael vick with the dog case hopefully he will get caught tomorrow night lol

Should Rondo be suspended for game 6?

Hell yea. He never even had a chance at the ball, that was just desperation, do what ever it takes to stop Miller from finishing. A shot to the head, draws blood, knocks teeth out, cheap shot. It could have been more serious if he had caused Miller to loose his balance. The officials should be fined also, for stupidity. Edit: Jcool - I watched this replay frame by frame on my DVD, Rondo was to the side and BEHIND Miller, He had NO Chance in Hell of getting to the ball, NONE.

Do you think Rondo should be suspended? Why or why not?

Not only does he knock Miller's Tooth Out & Bust Hinrich's Eye In Game 5. . . but gets rewarded for it. . . IT SUCKS. . . Then tonight he horse collars Hinrich in the 1st Quarter. . . If he was ejected like he should've been, Bulls would have won much sooner & easier. . .because Ray Allen wouldn't have been set up so well for those shots. If they don't suspend him for game 7, I am protesting. . .the nerve of those refs to call that horse collar a FLAGRANT 1. . .if that's a FLAGRANT 1, what does he have to do to merit a FLAGRANT 2??? Kill Someone??? The TV Analysists have been saying that Rondo probably won't be suspended, because they don't want a foul deciding the series. . .that's BS. . .he shouldn't be out there trying to take people out then. . .KILL RONDO!!!!

Boston Cheatics Rajon Rondo should be suspended?


Is there any truth to the idea that Rondo getting suspended is on the cards?

I havne't heard of anything yet, but I'm all for it. This guy is slowly becoming the John Stockton of the new era. He's showing signs of playing dirtier and dirtier all the time. I still feel he should have been suspended after the hit on Brad Miller in the first place. And then after last's nights game there should be no doubt. It's of no consequence though. Even if they should win out of this series, the road will go through Cleveland. When Rondo attempts to slap at Lebron that way, the freight train will tear his arm off.

Rajon Rondo suspended?

Hell, yes that was a hard foul! He grabbed Miller by the face and yanked him to the court, and he should been called for a flagrant 2 and ejected from the game for that. But of course we all know that these are the defending NBA champs here, and they must of course go to the Finals, because ABC needs the ratings.......so what's a non-call or two when you have ads to sell? Pardon my ranting, but I'm f'ing sick and tired of seeing favoritism played in the NBA. Every game should be called the same, I don't care if it's the opening tip-off of the preseaon, or the last 20 seconds of the finals, a FOUL is a FOUL and should be called as such, period.

how come rondo was never suspended or fined by the league?

Because suspensions in the NBA are inconsistent and arbitrary just like the refereeing.

Who thinks Rondo from Celtics should be suspended from that game of what he did?

I do 100%

Should Rondo be suspended for Game 4?

You must be a troll, if that was anyones fault it was Wades. Rondos a warrior by getting back out on the floor.

How long should Rajon Rondo be suspended for?

he should be suspended for a game, but if they suspend him then it hurts their team and it is amazing that the whole united states of america can plainly see what he did but officials turn their heads, it is unfair and bad conduct to let him get away with it but read below, here a few rules about the nba 1. players can only feud because someone owed the other money or they messed with his girlfriend. 2. everyone has to pretend kobe bryant is a good guy at all times , even if it means lying to family members. 3. the nba doesn't"fix" games per se; the league just "orchestrates" them little referee assignments 4. stu jackson and ahmas rashad must always remain employed with jobs that are well beyond their "means" 5. the last 15 seconds of a fourth quarter or overtime morph into rugby and it's just implicitly understood.

How long Boston Cheatic Rajina Rondo be suspended for?


would it be disapointing if rajon rondo is suspended?

he should be. that foul was brutal this ain't judo

How the **** did Alston and Fisher get suspended, and Rondo didn't even get kicked out of his game?!?!?

I think he should have got ejected. He could of caused serious injury if Hinrich would have hit that table in a certain way.

Why was Rajon Rondo not suspended for the flagrant foul on Hinrich?

He should have been suspended. Especially considering the hit across Brad Miller's face the previous game. However, for a neutral I guess it's perfect. Now the 2 evenly matched teams remain evenly matched and give us (possibly) a cracker of a game.

should Rajon Rondo be suspended for his flagrant foul on kirk in game 6?

Yes, but of course, since he plays for Boston, he won't be suspended.