Does Ron Paul still have a shot at the nomination?

Yes. Winning primaries only binds the delegates for the first round of voting at the convention so if neither Romney or Gingrich gets a majority of delegates via the primaries the delegates can vote for whomever they want in the second and succeeding round of voting. Both Romney and Gingrich are unpopular with large blocs of Republican voters so it's possible Paul could get the nomination as a compromise or possibly even someone else could get the the nomination as either a dark horse or via a draft.

Why do people say Ron Paul is last in everything?

Because he is right on everything. They, the MSM, fear his message. He is the only candidate that makes real sense to change the direction we are heading to.

If Republicans are supposedly consolidating around come Ron Paul just beat him in Nevada?

Ron Paul is the only one who campaigned in Nevada. EDIT: Watching results coming in...

Did Ron Paul really win 2nd place in Nevada, Louisiana and Maine?

I've heard 2nd and 3rd place from Maine - so not sure. Louisiana had a caucus, but I don't think they've had their primary yet. They do it differently, I don't really understand it, but Paul did very well. And yes he took 2nd in Nevada.

Do you think Ron Paul can win the republican convention?

Most of Ron Paul's supporters have not pledged , i know this for I am a delegate and i know whats going on .Sadly i didnt make it tot state for i am a first year delegate and was not informed an important step..i blame my self , by not researching it more , but i also blame the ones who got me to become a delegate to begin with ..i believe they dropped the ball .All my fellow delegates at the convention , would not show themselves so to speak , we kinda just nodded at each other .This convention , should prove to be exciteing , while most people voted for mccain , they left and didnt become delegates . I would love to be there for the march and volunteer at the convention , but alas i cant afford it . People said Ronald Reagan didnt have a chance either .. he did get more media coverage then Dr.Paul, but i guess no one has ever heard or has forgotten about REAGAN RAIDERS..btw Dr.Paul , was apart of helping in getting Reagan elected ...I heard that convention , that emotions were so high, people were throwing chairs and punches .

Ron Paul must be laughing spending 0$ in a winner takes all state! i wonder if Newt and santorum are broke?

If Ron Paul gets 10% of the vote in Nevada will his supporters declare him the new President?

No, they would only do that if he won the election for President. Of course even he did mange to win the election for President the corporate owned lying media would still ignore him I'm sure.

How can the media continue to justify dismissing Ron Paul?

bought and paid for. the 4th branch of government. the military industrial complex. nbc (msnbc) is owned by GE - they just don't "bring good things to light".......they also are a major defense contractor.

Ron Paul is leading McCain in Nevada ... ?

I hope so, and that it's a trend. I don't trust any media outlet during this election, though; they all need to be closely watched, and not just to hear what they say.

Is Fox News the worst news site? Is this why Ron Paul lost? Seriously what is going on?!?!?

Answers to your 3 question: 1) Yes - they are number 1 so people have something to laugh at in this current mess we are in. 2) No, no one who supports the Constitution can win anymore. 3) What is going on is the fact that we need another revolution not just an election to clean up this mess. Big money has put Bushie in power and it shows how dumb big money has become with all their inter-breeding to keep the money to themselves. Freemasons one and all.

Republicans claim that Ron Paul is not a Republican then why was Ron Paul at the Republican debates in Nevada?

Ron Paul is a Libertarian. He and many other Libertarians align themselves with the Republican party because the message is similar and the Republican party gives them the resources they can't get as a Libertarian. Wait until you hear what he has to say about foreign policy or legalizing drugs. That is why he is not taken seriously.

Nevada here we come! Ron Paul 1st win this Saturday! i wonder who will finish 2nd?

Why does yahoo news deliberately exclude Ron Paul from their articles?

There does seem to be a general media bias when it comes to Ron Paul. Too many people are afraid of the truth and want the same old corrupt politicians in the White House again. Shame, shame... RP '08 !

Ron Paul in 2ND in Nevada?

Yes, it's possible. Nevada has a libertarian streak. Note how they have no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, and the property tax rate is very reasonable. I just hope liberals who vote for high taxes in their own state do NOT move to Nevada by running away from their own high taxes they voted for.

Why is nobody talking about Ron Paul doing so well in Nevada?

They're not talking about it because Romney won by a landslide.

will Ron Paul get his 1st win this Saturday Fed 4 Nevada caucus? if so will this start a chain reaction?

What is the Nevada GOP up to at convention, given that Ron Paul beat McCain there, and Romney (who came in 1st

Yep, he won it fair and square. Good link, no wonder CNBC took offas it is rather confusing. i got no idea what they are up to as with 580 there that should have been enough and where in the world were the rest unless it was some spur of the moment, hope you will keep us updated.Thought is something that he and ventura were both on the tube at the same time a while back.

Nevada Prostitutes have officially endorsed Ron Paul. Republicans, does he look better now ?

Ron Paul took second place in Nevada. Is it still fair to call him a fringe candidate?

Ron took second place in a state where none of the major candidates campaigned. The only thing I can think of that is a worse showing is Hillary's getting 59% of the votes in Michigan when hers was the only name on the ballot.

Ron Paul has a suprising 2nd place showing in Nevada why is the media not talking up his comeback kid storylin

Because the media is owned by the elite rich and supported through advertising by the corporate elite and lobbyists. They don't want someone like Ron Paul who their buddies couldn't buy.

Ron Paul will win in Nevada tommorrow?

I hope to see him on top 3. But I don't know. A lot of people have entitlement mentalities everywhere, and are still in the dark when it comes to economics and foreign policy... hopefully, Nevada has more freedom loving and informed people. It will be interesting, nevertheless. It is important to educate the public on economics, foreign policy, taxation, and debt, etc... The revolution is more about information and philosophy than about physical changes. This is a philosophical revolution.

Is Ron Paul's current second place position in the Nevada caucus a fluke or will it translate to the primary?

Did Ron Paul really beat McCain in Nevada!?!?

yes, he placed 2nd . Huzzah ! Gaining momentum. Are the Republicrats scared yet?

Finally the next 4 states Nevada Maine Colorado Minnesota are Ron Paul states,will the media cover his wins?

Ron Paul supporters - do you remember the Nevada GOP Convention? Did you hear what happened in AZ on Monday?

Did this happen this week? Or is this the stuff from before? If this happened and we managed to get around them than there is HOPE! Yea!!!! Have a link? Getting around them may be smarter because it takes lots of money to get on the ballots in each state, And YES Ron Paul is a basic republican with basic Republican theology. If the GOP does not figure that out by 2011 we will be seeing another Progressive Bull Moose Party a split vote, and lord forbid another Woodrow Wilson, (although we may already have worse with Obama, but with an additional 4 years that could be even more disastrous.)

If Ron Paul isn't a top-tier candidate, why does the University of Nevada at Reno think so?

YES! Apparently it does mean he's moving up in popularity, here's why. The school who is inviting the candidates was impressed by Dr. Paul's previously televised debates, as in most peoples minds he was a clear winner, of those debates. The school wants the public to enjoy a spontaneous question answer debate, instead of a "canned" for T. V. audience type of debate. The main reason some debates try to exclude Dr. Paul in the first place is he will answer any question honestly, and not try to give an answer that a puppet master has reviewed beforehand. If Americans want an honest Constitutionalist candidate to bring America back to its senses, support Ron Paul! BRING ON THE DEBATES!!!!! ******************************...

Why did the Nevada Republican Party illegally deny Ron Paul 3 of his delegates?

It isn't a matter of three delegates. That was only the first district voted for. Then the party leadership with Lowden ran out and turned off the lights to destroy quorum because they didn't have enough votes to recess it. In fact, they didn't have enough to destroy quorum initially, but by the time people stopped milling around and tried to call a vote a bunch of Romney supporters who had been voting for Ron Paul delegates had left as well. Had GOP state leadership under Lowden acted in a representative fashion of the state voters and delegates under the rules, Nevada as a state would have voted for Ron Paul. The Ron Paul -- and much of the Romney -- voters will not forget this, and would stay home in an election between Lowden and Reid. Lowden getting the GOP nod is the only thing that can keep Reid in his seat, as I see it.

is it true Ron Paul came in second in Nevada?


who will win Nevada Saturday caucus? Ron Paul or Mitt Romney?

Will Nevada brothel owner's support for Ron Paul be positive or negative?

Negative. As a "religous" society (conservative republicians) and Paul running on the GOP ticket this could tank him within his own party.

Ron Paul - the real winner of Nevada?

they just will not report the facts!

Should the results of the Nevada caucus count if Ron Paul is number one in that caucus?

You have asked some strange questions before, but this one really is. What do you mean? Not that it will happen, just curious as to what his people have sent you to post.

Why is it that Ron Paul doesn't get fair coverage even though he got second in Nevada?

Ron Paul is the best candidate for President since H. Ross Perot, and that's the reason he's being ignored by the mainstream media. The "Republicrats" (including their media friends) will do everything and anything to maintain their stranglehold on the monopolistic, corrupt two-party political system that offers voters no real choice - or voice - the electoral process. If Paul continues to gain momentum, the "Republicrats" will do one of three things: 1. Try to discredit him, just as they did Perot in 1992; 2. If that fails to stop the momentum, "Republicrats" will threaten Paul's family, just as they threatened to disrupt Perot's daughter's wedding in 1992; 3. If that fails, "Republicrats" will see to it that Paul meets with an unfortunate 'accident' or contracts some mysterious fatal 'illness'. There is no way they will allow an honorable patriot win their elections. They will 'take care of it' - at any cost. The only possible way to stop such anarchy is for the American voters to protest loudly and frequently until they virtually force Paul's nomination. Unfortunately, Americans are too apathetic to take on such honorable purpose. -RKO- 01/21/08

Is it still possible for Ron Paul to get second place in Nevada?

Ron Paul is getting the 2nd place in Nevada, but he was 6th in the phone polls?

You cannot trust polls. Polls are a tool used to manipulate you. Its a fancy way of saying everyone else is thinking this so you should too. Trust your own judgment and NOTHING else.

Can Ron Paul win Nevada?

I think it's very possible. Ron Paul has gained a lot of momentum the last 4 years. People are finally waking up to the message he's been preaching for over 30 years. The majority of then American people are disenfranchised with our current political system, and Ron Paul is the only candidate who goes against the status-quo.

Ron Paul won Nevada!!!?

Yes,it is very upsetting. Just goes to show we may think we are picking the next president,but we really aren't. It has all been already decided for us. I love Ron Paul,the ONLY candidate that is offering change. Too bad he wasn't even given a chance. I voted for him in the Pa primary and am proud of the other 128,000+ voters who did the same.

Ron Paul will win Nevada and Lousiana, what do you think?

Hopefully we can get a real american into the white house. Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul wins Nevada, the vote was rigged?

In the Nevada Caucus, is it going to be mainly Ron paul vs. Mitt Romney?

No. With the momentum Romney's got going for him now, he will probably win Nevada again.

How did Ron Paul finish 2nd place in Nevada, without mainstream meadia support?

I live in Nevada, and let me tell you, there was quite a lot of support for Ron Paul. He had back-to-back ads with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama anytime their commercials aired, and there were even spray painted signs on the freeways asking people to vote for him. It was actually really incredible. You would drive down the street, and randomly a 'Ron Paul for President' sign would pop up, whether you were in the farmland in the north or in the middle of The Strip.

How much disarray will the Republican Party be if Ron Paul wins in Nevada...?

Ron Paul will do relatively well, but not win in Nevada. and no one outside Nevada cares about Nevada, anyway

What do you think Ron Paul's chances are in Nevada and Minnesota?

Ron Paul has an excellent chance but Romney will pull his usual dirty tricks campaign.

Will legal prostitution help Ron Paul in Nevada?

Ron Paul won Nevada? I thought it was Mitt Romney?

Re elect Ron Paul at the republican convention,he can still win,heres how

Isn't it funny that Rick Santorum is ahead of Ron Paul in the Nevada Caucuses, are you RPers disillusioned now?

False, Ron Paul is at 21% and Santorum at 11%

Rick Santorum is ahead of Ron Paul in the Nevada polls, should this be a cause of concern for Ron Paulers?

Anybody Heard How Ron Paul Is Doing In Nevada?

I haven't come across any polls for my state to see how he's doing here in Nevada, but he would be a good president.

Can Someone Please Tell The Media That Ron Paul Took 2nd In Nevada?

To the person who said 2nd place doesn't count, I'd ask why they cover Romney or Huckabee or McCain when they finish in second place.

Should Ron Paul Drop Out Of The Presidential Race If He Does Not Come In 1st Place In Nevada?