Did Ron Artest just indirectly tell Lebron he wants to play with the real MVP by signing with the Lakers?

I guess he feels the Lakers have a better chance of winning again this coming year. And who wouldn't want to join a team that just won the 'chip? Besides, he is good friends with Kobe and great friends with Odom.

Does anyone have good articles about the NBA prior to the Ron Artest fight?

google it... i know they stopped selling alcohol after the third quarter

Which NFL player do you think could take Ron Artest in a fist fight?

Elton John could beat the crap out of Ron Artest

Who would win in a fight Ron Artest or Andre Iguodala?

How good are the Rockets going to be now that they've officially added Ron Artest?

As long as we stay healthy then we can get far. The injuries are the problems that we've had for a very long time. That's if everybody stays healthy then we are really a championship contenders team.

How good are the Rockets with Tmac and Ron Artest in the line up?

they should, with injuries permitting.

Why is Ron Artest and the Kings such whining babies?

Dude above me, don't complain about non-calls, look at the free throw disparity for that game. If it wasn't for the Warriors D completely shutting you guys down you would have won, questionable calls have nothing to do with it. And I saw the phantom call on Mikki Moore. What about the phantom on Monta Ellis against Kevin Martin. Believe me it all evened out. But I agree, why is a player not allowed to pound their chest when they are pumped up. I'm a Warriors fan and I didn't take offense to that, and why should I have? It's good to see passion for the game.

How many minutes do you think Ron Artest will get in the season?

First of all, the Lakers are not gonna pay Ron Artest that money for him to come off the bench and work his way into the lineup. It'll take him time but he's smart and will figure it out. The Lakers actually don't run as of the Triangle Offense as they used to. Ron has this summer, training camp and the preseason to get a good idea of what the offense is so I think he'll be fine by the time November rolls around. BQ: He'll do great and will thrive in the Triangle. He's like Rasheed Wallace or Dennis Rodman in the sense that he's a very underrated passer. You might not know it by looking at his apg (3.2 for his career) but you will see how good he is next year. Despite what some people think about him, he's a very intelligent basketball player with great fundamentals. I'm very happy that we have the Tru Warrior on our team!!!

What are the chances that Ron Artest forgets what team he is on and attacks Kobe during the playoffs?

There's an outside shot, maybe a 15% chance. I feel like there's a better chance that Shannon Brown has a flashback from his Cavs days and dunks into the wrong basket (if the Cavs and Lakers meet in the Finals, that is.)

Ron Artest?

you cant you have to trade him