How far to the center will Mitt go when the general election starts?

Does it seem that the GOP candidates spend a huge amount of time doing damage control?

Romney's top adviser demonstrates the height of intelligence, the kind you want to hide from?

Is Mitt Romney lying to the voters now or after he hits the reset button?

Is Romney’s pathological lying a result of his 25 yrs in private sector business?

Does Romney really view a presidential campaign as an "etch a sketch"?

Why does Mitt Romney lie so much, he is like an Etch and Sketch?

Christians, if Mitt Romney had written the Bible would he have used an Etch and Sketch?

Republicans: Has the "Etch - a - Sketch" comment hurt Romney?

etchasketch, seamus, constant flip/flop, blatant lies about his positions, horribly negative ad campaign against his opponents. He's toast in the general. Had the Repubs had ran anybody smart and with a spine they might have had a chance.

Mitt Romney the "Etch-A-Sketch" Candidate?

Quite amusing that Romney admitted he's quite the Etch-A-Sketchy candidate, Don't you think?

How do you like Romney's "etch a scetch" politics?

Do you agree with Romney's top aide, that Mitt Romney is an "Etch-A-Sketch" candidate?

If we shake the Mitt Romney Etch-a-Sketch will he disappear?

If Seamus were alive today, what would his Etch a Sketch of Mitt Romney look like?

Will you vote for Romney on what he says during primary or general election - post 'etch-a-sketch'?