Can anybody tell me the site of Mr Vikrant sharma's dreams, 100days comunity?

Vikrant himself said on TV that we can see his predictions in Orkut website an go to 100days. I too have had no luck in Orkut.The guy seems a hoax as why are people not able to find it in Orkut or google???Let me know if you find it

Hey why Wasim jaffer,Dravid,Lakshman are still in the Team ?I am sure that suresh raina,l.balaji, rohit sharma

I don't think there's any problem with the team composition. Dravid, and Laxman are great batsmen. Questioning their abilities would be foolishness. It was just a bad test match, and India will surely come back. Don't forget this team did really well in Australia. Do not write them off because of one gutless performance.

jadeja or rohit sharma?

Rohit Sharma........ Jadeja better watch R Ashwin.

Rohit Sharma or Suresh Raina?

Suresh Raina Got a lot of Talent. No Doubt in it but the minus point is he is not paitent. He looks to hit a six or a four in every alternate ball. Rohit Sharma He is my pick as he has got a lot of paitence and got a lot of talent.


because presently they are not in good form when compared to others in the present team i think ojha is ignored as we already have harbhajan in the spin dept and piyush chawla is piced coz he can bowl spin as well as he can bat and act as an all rounder .

Rohit Sharma or Subramanium Badrinath?

i think it should be badrinath .sharma has an immense talent but what his weakness is that he will get out playing a very casual stroke.even his form doesnt matter to him...he will play a few delightful strokes and then a horrible one..he needs to show some maturity which badrinath has shown in one dayers against srilanka and also in the domestic 1day series againast A teams of aus and NZ

Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma?

an extremely tough Q both of them will make it big tomorrow, for sure! now, who is better??? I think Rohit Sharma is better.......coz, I believe that Rohit actaully, never plays a foolish stroke, however, Virat, has got out many times due tothe lack of concentration...... both of them are gr88 fielders....awesome fielders in fact, for fielding, I think thatVirat is better than Rohit......... as if now, considering their performnaces in the IPL and the chances they got to represent India, I;d choose Rohit... but I am sure that both of them will scale high peak in their careers :)

do any of u know dhoni's or rohit sharma's e-mail id if u have kindly?

For Rohit, go to For Dhoni: You can leave messages for them

Suresh Raina,Rohit Sharma or Robin Uthappa..............Who is the best??

Suresh Raina He has a great temparament which Uthappa does not and Rohit is not that much matured yet.

Does Robbin Uthappa and Rohit Sharma have a girlfriend??


Rohit Sharma replacing Yuvraj Singh ..?

Rohit replacing Yuvi doesn't mean he is an automatic selection for the playing XI. Chances are Virat will be there. Yuvi should have been given one more chance to prove himself. He has made a comeback after a long time and its obvious he struggled. I don't think Rohit or any other youngster will be able to handle the Aussie pace bowlers in pacer friendly wickets. Yuvi's confidence would have increased had he been in the last test.

Mathews(23),Rohit Sharma(24),Chandimal(21),Virat Kholee(23),Steven Smith(22),Umer Akmal, rate these players ?

Matthews - Good,capable all-rounder....definitely 8.5/10 Rohit Sharma- Rather FLUKIT SHARMA.....the least talented cricketer in the world who gets into the squad with politics.....he is overrated,listless garbage,has no talent whatsoever....down-market batsman in a nutshell ....1/10 Chandimal - Honestly,haven't seen much of him.....but i did see his century against india in zimbabwe and he too like Matthews seems to have a bright future.......7/10 Virat Kohli- Though he's far far better than a flukit sharma,he too is overrated.......his technique and performance are highly overrated since he is highly susceptible to the outswingers and as shown in WI the short ball with good pace.....he hasn't performed in a tough situation against a strong bowling attack....5/10 Steven Smith- Talented....definitely Australia's spin hope.....yet to really announce himself in intl cricket.....7.5/10 Umar Akmal- Good,positive cricketer....Future of pakistan cricket if they have one....8/10

Rohit Sharma vs Virat Kohli vs Suresh Raina . Who is the better batsman?

Virat Kohli Rohit sharma Suresh Raina

Shudn't Rohit Sharma be kept out of the team ?

maybe it is better

Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma, who do you prefer in the first test?

Gambhir & Sehwag are going to open the innings & we need them at the top. I think only one of them would play. They have a good competition going in the 2nd practice match, as both are scoring well, with Kohli already scoring a 50 & Rohit 38 n.o., Not much to choose b/w these 2 bright stars. My choice is RG Sharma, for the consistency since his return. What a great headache to have, 2 future superstars vying for a single spot presently but they will play together, the moment a senior retires, all the best, my vote for RG Sharma..

Who has better technique: Suresh Raina or Rohit Sharma ?

rohit. Raina has real difficulty playing the short ball, and he does tend to hit the ball in the air a lot

who is best fildar in indian team YUVRAJ,KAIF,KARTIK and ROHIT SHARMA and other YOUR CHOICE?

I believe Kaif is a world class fielder but unfortunately he is out of the team due to some egoist selectors who needed a scape goat to fool the general public. I am sure he will make a come back and play for India for a long time. For the record I am not an Indian but i am a great fan of Mohammad Kaif's fielding abilities.

is rohit sharma really a talent or overrated?

He is highly overrated. Rohit is an average batsman with average skill. If he were as good as people say he is then he would be a permanent fixture in all 3 forms of the game instead of his occasional appearances.

Why Dhoni does not think about Mohammad Kaif? except giving chances to players like rohit sharma?

That is not his job. He is just one of the team selectors. But what Kaif has done in the past two or three years,to deserve recall.

Who is a better fielder - Rohit Sharma or Suresh Raina ?

Rohit Sharma has taken 15 catches in ODIs and 2 catches in T20Is whereas Suresh Raina has taken 28 catches in ODIs and 3 catches in T20Is. That proves it. Suresh Kumar Raina is better than Rohit Gurunath Sharma.

Does Dinesh Karthik, Rohit Sharma and R.Jadeja fits into the world cup plan(Desiboy from India)?

people and have been selected form a huge indian country.......... +++

Manish Pandey,Virat Kohli,Rohit Sharma,Robin Uthappa-out of these,which two should be picked for t20 WC?

Pandey n Uthappa

WHO would you compare ROHIT SHARMA to, or who could he develop into the young guy is full of TALENT!!?

Very early to say anything but hope so he will replace Dravid.

Who is the better batsman - Rohit Sharma or Suresh Raina?

They are completely different in style. R.Sharma technically more correct,builds the innings starting slowly picking up momentum gradually.Right handed. S.Raina depends more on reflexes and hand eye coordination.Attacking player.Left handed. Both can be successful in their own way. A team needs both types of players.

Who says Rohit Sharma got back into Form .......?

He always drops a catch

Does Rohit Sharma deserve a place in Indian ODI squad?


Manoj Tiwary and Rohit Sharma -Who is better?

If he is good enough he gets the nod in time. Good Luck to M.T.

Who among Suresh Raina and "The Listless"Rohit Sharma do you people think will make the australian squad ??

raina is a superb batsmen in technic and foot work. he is also a superb fielder. but u remember rohit is also a better player watch the innings of rohit in finals against australia recently raina is far better than rohit but rohit is also a good batsmen

there's this person called rohit sharma on facebook. He posts messages in the rohit sharma fan club.?

Kids do that for their stars and nothing more

Has Rohit Sharma ever scored a century in a T20 game? His cricinfo profile says yes, but against which team?

Rohit Sharma scored a t-20 century for Mumbai against Gujrat.This was before IPL was Launched.He scored unbeaten 101 in 45 balls for Mumbai against Gujarat in Mumbai on April 4, 2007. That tournament was called as Inter-State T20 Championship.

Why is Rohit Sharma selected for the Sri Lankan Series ?

I was gonna ask the exactly same question. I completely agree with you. I think Rohit Sharma is the most overrated cricketer. He may have performed well in the domestic matches but he fails to perform at the international level. He has been given way too many chances. They should have selected Robin Uthhapa or Virat Kohli instead.

Should India bring Rohit Sharma back for the third test?

No, as I think Sehwag and Gambhir will be back opening for the next test (injuries permitting). I also don't think Rohit Sharma is the best option - I have doubts about his technique in the longer format. I would rate Pujara and Kohli as better options for test matches.

Who is a better Match-Winner - Sachin Tendulkar or Rohit Sharma?

Sachin has never been a match winner,... Rohit wins in Ratio Rohit sharma without doubt is better hitter and finisher,.. comparing to this veteran , run accumulating ¢ury searching star .. hope it helped~

Who do you think is a better cricketer:Rohit Sharma or Suresh Raina?

They are two different types of cricketers maybe they are the types that cannot be compared at all.... But considering test cricket I think Rohit Sharma is better by FAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR...... I meant he is able to play the long slow innings and things like that... The only thing i can see Raina doing is firing away until he reaches 30-50 odd and then getting out... As far as ODIs go I think Raina plays only as a hard hitter so if Rohit is given a proper slot, no.3 or no.4 he can play very well better than Raina too. In T20 cricket, I think Raina has a slight edge..... Slight thats all. As far as bowling goes, both are avg, here again i cant help favouring Rohit as he started off as a proper offspinner. ROHIT SHARMA would be my pick edit: @ NANI as consistently as Raina has got, theres far too much shuffling in the batting order.... as for this overrated qns....;_ylt=AnvRuItxGr9B_gtw_a9.EZ_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090415074512AA9LXnQ check this one out

With Rohit Sharma and Sree Nath out with ailments, do you think India can square the series?

It is not Sree Nath but Sree Santh. Sree Nath had retired about 4 years ago. Sree Santh not available because of illness. I expect an interesting match.

rohit sharma prooves 2 b good again, is he reliable n can replace ganguly 2 form a 'younger' n better team?

He has a sound technique, and has a full arsenal of shots. And he handled being in a pressure situation very well !!! The kid's got talent, BUT you need more than talent to succeed in international cricket, you need mental toughness. Has he got that ?? i don't know, BUT he is more than good enough to replace Ganguly talent wise !! i'm not sure the younger team will be a better team, i mean you have to replace Dravid, Ganguly and Tendulkar (that is almost impossoble)

Is this curtains for Rohit Sharma?

Rohit is of course talented, but he seems to be a laid-back sort of a guy which can't really help his cause when the peer competition is becoming tougher and tougher every day in Indian cricket. Both Kohli and Raina have moved miles ahead of him through their performances and temperament...... even between them, there may be place for only one when all regular players come to the party. Yes, Rohit can perhaps bid goodbye to any chances of being there in the World Cup '11 squad unless he proves to be miraculously lucky through injuries to some key players. In the WC squad of 15, there have to be a minimum of 7 regular bowlers, which leaves just 8 places for batsmen including the wk's..... if all are fit, the most likely guys would be.... Sachin, Sehwag, Gambhir, Yuvraj, Raina, Dhoni, Kaarthick and Jadeja/Pathan..... Kohli will be the choice to replace Kaarthick if they consider it wise to have only one wk in the squad.

Will Rohit Sharma be able to prove his worth in test cricket?


is rohit sharma in squad for australia tour?

Yes he is and he made a 50 in the 1st practice match, has made 38 n.o. on the 1st day of 2nd practice match. Hopefully he will get to play in the 1st Test, as he is in great form, good luck to him..

Is Rohit Sharma the most Overrated cricketer ?

he definately is overrated ..ppl asume he would be the person to fill sachin's shoes .. but hes all talk .. he has to improve on his batting or leave giving other talents like kohli,shekar dhawan and rahane a chance ..

Should we play Rohit Sharma in place of Laxman?

Against Australia, I would not even think of dropping Laxman. I agree that he has been disgusting in the last few innings but dropping Virat would be a better option. Just because he is the future of the Indian team, we can't just let him play every game even when he performs badly. He is still very immature even on the field. I reckon he should be sent on abroad test tours with teams like 'India A' where he can get the experience to play tests abroad. As far as Laxman is concerned, I feel, a big inning is just around the corner.

Rohit Sharma is extremely talented,no doubt,why is he a failure most of the times?

It's not lack of talent but it's lack of application when he is batting. Consistency has deserted him in ODI's and he struggled against the swing bowlers in SA series. T20 doesn't take along time and it's a batsman's paradise while in ODI's you need to be more patient,there are times when you can't score runs but still keeps yourself motivated and stay in the crease. He doesn't have the patience and he goes for broke and ends up playing ridiculous shots. Time he needs to learn something from the way Sachin Tendulkar approaches the batting.

Do you agree Indian fans that rohit sharma and suresh raina are still not become men's?

"Do you agree Indian fans that rohit sharma and suresh raina are still not become men's?" Your spelling and grammar suggest that you yourself have not yet 'graduated' from 4th grade.

is it safe to say that Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma will be the backbone of Indian cricket for years to come?

nah the pitch was flat like a plain dosa ,and the conditions suited for the indian batsmen

How come Rohit Sharma did not hit a century for a must win situation exit versus Sri Lanka 2010 Tri-seriesZM?

Hehehehhe, Your je@l0usy and whinging about Tendulkar is 0bvious. Next.!!

How many chances will Rohit Sharma get?

I agree Srini: he must be packed in a water tight container and allowed to float through the Arabian Sea till he reaches Mumbai.

do you think Rohit Sharma get chance in main matches in wc 09?

he will surely make a place in playing 11

What do you people think about ROHIT SHARMA?

he his very talented, but he needs to become a lot more consistent, and perform. granted, know one can make 50s, or 100s every time they bat, not even Sachin, but when you get a start like, 20 or 30, you should try to go on, because you have done all the hard work getting to 20. Talent can only take you so far.

wht do u thinkabout rohit sharma as a batsman?

i agree........ Rohit is R=Rocking O=Outstanding H=Heroic I-India's Pride T=(highly)Talented

Why was Rohit Sharma selected for the 3rd ODI ahead of a Manish Pandey ?

I have similar feelings for Rohit Sharma but I don't know what makes him successful in the IPL....perhaps the money involved. Manish Pandey is a very gifted cricketer and is good at both batting and fielding. He deserves a chance in the side even before the likes of Badrinath or Murali Vijay.