Should I attend Roger Williams or Bryant?

Well, obviously you are not looking for a big time university, which is one of the smartest things one can do. (ironic how its coming from me) but, i believe that Bryant university will be a better choice. Although it costs about 6500 more, it seems like the more reputable school, which may help you in earning a job or getting to graduate school. But, you should also consider your major in choosing your school. And even in that area, bryant is the better choice. In the end, its your opinion, but if i were your, bryant would be an obvious choice for me

describe two ideas that made roger williams appear to be dangerous to the leaders of massachsetts bay colony?

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Why would the American Revolution cause the people of Rhode Island to claim Roger Williams as a hero?

One reasons would be that the United States of America has maintained the reality of separation of church and state which Roger Williams envisioned, and ordained in his settlement at Providence. Perhaps another reason - Williams’ respect for the Indians and his willingness to deal with them on a basis of equality won their lasting friendship.

Roger Williams founded the Rhode Island settlement because?

he was Yankees fan and couldn't live in Boston.......

What influences did Roger Williams have on on his colony?

Your question asks for 3 EVENTS rather than 3 legacies. Wms. is known for his separatist position is regards to the Church of England, his belief in the separation of church and state and his advocacy of freedom of religion (freedom of conscience). The influence he had on his colony would be comprised of these 3 principles. The 3 events are not clear to anyone but the writer of your textbook or someone who read an extensive biography. If I had to guess, I would say 1/ his conversion at the age of 12; 2/ his disillusionment with the Church of England and 3/ coming to America and eventually founding the colony of Providence which later became Rhode Island. It's important to note he was quite learned, especially in languages. He spoke English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Dutch, French and had a facility for the languages of the native tribes in America. He could communicate with them and he and his colony were at peace with them.

info about roger williams in american literature?

Roger Williams did not follow the teachings of the Puritan leaders. He did not believe that anyone could know whether a person was saved (a Saint) or not. That was God's decision, not the Church leaders. He also was the first of the community to believe that church and government should be completely separate. This would develop into the Constitution's provision against having an established church. Because his ideas threatened the power of the Puritan leaders, who were in the minority in the colony, they banned him from the colony and declared him a dissenter.

I'm looking for information on Roger Williams married to Mary Cooper?

Is this them? Name: Roger Williams Home in 1880: New York City, New York, New York Age: 31 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1849 Birthplace: New York Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head) Spouse's Name: Mary Williams Father's birthplace: New York Mother's birthplace: New Jersey Neighbors: View others on page Occupation: Engeneer Marital Status: Married Race: White Gender: Male Household Members: Name Age Roger Williams 31 Mary Williams 30 Percy Williams 6 Anna Williams 3 William Williams 1

is the architecture program at roger williams too difficult?

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What is a better school? Roger Williams University or Coastal Carolina University?

Coastal Carolina actually gets a very creditable "B" rating from the ACTA Education Foundation for Coastal's "General Education" requirements. (Williams is not rated)

What would Which of the following statements about Roger Williams are true?you like to ask?

A, C, E. -- Others are false.