What type of SUV is similar to the Isuzu Rodeo?

Honda Passport

How much can i sell my 2002 isuzu rodeo lse for?

hmmm since you dont trust kbb.com...i suggest that you go to www.craigslist.com click on your local city/area then search up your car. then see what other's asking prices are and may get a sense of hint of how much you should sell your car for. in my opinion i think your car is worth maybe around 4-6000 at max deoending on the quality of your exterior and interior.

How much for houston rodeo tickets under 12?


What does it take to become a rodeo queen?

There is a lot that goes into being a rodeo queen. first you would need to become a member of a rodeo association that has a queen. there will be a contest held annually. most contests consist of modeling, speech , impromptu questions, horsemanship and a personal interview. You have to be dedicated to the association you serve and be willing to be the face of rodeo wherever you go. many times it is required that you go places to promote rodeo and are always dressed in western attire with sash and crown on. It is important that you are willing to put in the time and effort because with most associations you will be considered a member of the board of directors and will attend meetings and be in charge of coming up with fundraisers and activities to promote rodeo. As far as the Horsemanship pattern goes. every pattern is different but most include figure eights with flying lead changes, sliding stops, flag carrying on horseback and a presentation ride( ridding while waving to the crowd)

What time does the performance of rascal flatts start at the rodeo?

I asked myself the same thing the first time I went. First they do all the bull riding, horseback riding etc... The artist doesn't hit the stage until maybe 830 or 9. I've never actually checked the exact time but the artist definitely doesn't hit the stage at 645.

What is the oldest historical evidence relating to rodeo?

stone craving..

Why does my 1995 Isuzu Rodeo have a ticking sound in the engine?

lifters maybe, but a good oil additive can fix that. the 3.2 rodeo and the 3.5 trooper have 2 very common and bad problems with them. both create the noise that you think or discribe as a ticking. it is known to most mechanics to be a very occuring theme with the rodeo and trooper. the timing belt tensioner makes the same noise you speak of, and most of the time under 2500 rpm. and the next thing is that they have a very bad rod to stroke ratio. in a very low amount of miles develope a piston slap (ticking noise) which is where the piston skirts starts to get lose from side load at the bottom of the stroke, and slaps up against the cylinder wall. sorry to be so blunt but the rodeo and trooper motors are junk. i have accually started to refuse to work on them because they are such a POS.

How do i become a rodeo queen or princess in my area?

The NHSRA Queen is selected based on her judged performance in these eight categories: Modeling, Personality, Appearance, Personal Interview, Prepared Speech, Impromptu Speech, Written Test, and Horsemanship. [[NHSRA is national...county competitions may require less]] There are seven events the girls can compete in for high school rodeo. They are barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, breakaway roping, cutting, the queen contest and team roping. here's some sights that should help: http://rodeoroyalty.com/ http://www.missrodeo.com/ http://www.missrodeousa.com/ http://www.queenconnection.com/ http://www.hobbyhorseinc.com/


To want him to get his energy running up that high in less than 2 weeks is not healthy for him for one event. He needs to be built and worked with at least a month or two constantly for it to not be unhealthy for his body. Is that his natural gate? Is he overweight? Any lameness or respiratory conditions that require him to be tired/winded going any faster? Alfalfa pellets won't increase the energy. What you can do is give senior feed and endurance John Lyons feed for working horses. These has extra vitamins, minerals and energy sources to help boost his body to feel good and nutrition. My 28 year old is the same way sometimes. Due to his age is most reason why. However, senior feed and a little of Mare n Foal perks him up. I feed alfalfa pellets as supplement to help keep his weight on.


Hi! I am not a rodeo expert, but I do know that in rodeo they do barrel racing, pole bending, calf-roping, team penning. It all looks so exciting! I would be willing to give it a shot, but I do not have the resources. Good luck and have fun!