Does anyone know where i can get a Director's Cut of Rocky IV?

yea that would be cool...I think they should start production of them right now I bet they sell 1 to you and...well that is about it.

Does anyone know the Workout Sylvester Stallone Does for Rocky IV?

It's not just from 1 movie. It takes years to look like that.

How does Rocky IV have such low reviews?

Rocky IV is a guilty pleasure movie. I LOVE it, but as a film it's not very good. Ivan Drago is probably the most one-dimensional character ever. Which is awesome, but we're not talking Oscar performance here. The movie is pretty formulaic, too. Friend gets killed, guy avenges friend. Theme: Boxing. Don't get me wrong - Rocky IV is one of my favorite movies ever created. "If he dies, he dies" is quoted by me constantly. But it's in there with movies like Tom Yung Goon which has ridiculously fantastic fight scenes, but in the end, has a premise that is so stupid that you have to do a crossword puzzle immediately after seeing it to prevent a cascade of idiocy that would leave you at a 3rd grade reading level.

How do I download Rocky IV for free and burn it onto a DVD?

u should torrent it with frostwire or somthing from a torrent website make sure the file is a dvd rip but if this doesnt work ur out of luck because thats all i got

Can anyone tell me how I can simulate the cake in Rocky IV? The one w/the couple in the boxing ring?

Most bake shops can take a picture and put it on the cake for you. I think they use something like a laser printer, but it is edible. Not a 3D ring and all, but a picture of whatever you want. I've seen near photo quality on cakes.

Rocky IV: Did Paulie's jacket always have a flag on the back?

HI there! I don't know, myself. But, I called my friend, a huge Rocky fan, and read your question. He said he's 99% sure it did NOT say that in the other films, and that what happened was, Paulie got more and more extravagant and stuff with each film. So, it makes sense that by IV, we're noticing something never seen before. Hope that helps.

In Rocky IV Ivan Drago kills Apollo Creed in a boxing match, what would have caused him to die?

I'd say a brain hemorrhage 1 sec, I've wrote an article on this in a forum: there: Fadly Kasim, an Indonesian boxer, was knocked out due to multiple blows. He was rushed to hospital, where he died moments later- June 19, 2006 Record- 0-1(1)-0 Leavander Johnson, IBF lightweight champion at the time, died defending his title against Jesus Chavez. He was also rushed to hospital, where he had several operations. Sadly, he died because of bleeding to the brain, "He fought like a warrior when he was on death's door," - September 22, 2005 Record- 34(26)-5(4)-2 Martin Sanchez, a Mexican featherweight, died one day after being knocked out- July 2, 2007 Record- 13(10)-8(5)-0 Lito Sisnorio, a Filipino superflyweight, died from injuries sustained in his last fight (fight was not approved, nor did he have a licence, with Filipino boxing commission)- March 31, 2007 Record- 10(3)-6(3)-0 Kevin Payne, an American welterweight, died a day after winning a match, due to injuries sustained- March 19, 2006 Record- 14(6)-5(5)-1 Jackson Bussell, an American light welterweight, died after his fight, due to injuries sustained- September 21, 2007 Record- 1(1)-1(1)-2 Samorha Msophi, a light flyweight, died in a non title bout in East London. He fell into a coma after being knocked out- June 30, 2008 Record- ? Choi-yo sam, former WBC light flyweight champion, died from a brain haemorrhage, after collapsing during his fight on Christmas day- December 25, 2007 Record- 32(19)-5-0

what song is playing when drago walks out to the ring to fight Rocky in Rocky IV?

It's called "War". "Training Montage" is good too. Makes you wanna work out.

What is the address of Rocky's home in Rocky IV?

im the biggest rocky fan its 3509 Wiltemont blvd

Rocky IV???

You both are fakin it so it doesnt matter.