Can I use an acoustic-electric guitar to play the game rocksmith?

Yes, you can use an acoustic electric guitar with it. My cousin used mine and I used my electric guitar and they work fine. The game itself is VERY fun, just needs more songs!

Do those video games such as Rocksmith really teach people how to learn guitar? Are they effective?

Edit: Woops, that'll teach me to reed a bit better ROFl. but still, Like I said, you want to stay away from such games for the most part, as a Learn or Teaching Tool. They are great to have a bita fun, but 9/10 times, all they do is build bad playing habits, or are simply not very effective. I'd op away from any game that claims to "teach" you how to play guitar, more so for Rock ones, as Rock in general is not a very good style to learn for someone with little or not experience. If anything, learn country or blue grass, they are a tad hard to start out with as well, but they'll teach you everything you need to know. After that, it's just finding what you like the best. There ARE several "games" that can help you learn the basics, but their result vary widely from person to person. Here's a quick list of some of the more popular ones. The best bet to learn ANY instrument though is to be taught by a real life living person; If you are still in school, see about joining the band (it's a long shot, but some school's allow Guitar), or if not, check your local community College (a possibility even if you are still in school).

What kind of guitar do you get with the rocksmith bundle?

I believe it's an Epiphone Special II. Not a particularly great guitar (even for the money it kinda sucks), but it's not the bottom of the barrel either.

Can I get the guitar adapter for RockSmith without buying the game?

Would my guitar work on rocksmith?

Yea, it will work, as long as the jack is 1/4 , it works on any guitar your acoustic if you have pick up on it (the jack input 1/4) it will work also. Why the fuck did that guy answer your post with out knowing didley squat..

Does Rocksmith actually teach you how to play guitar?

EDIT: Lord, I ended up typing far more than I intended. I'm moving my tl;dr to the top. Yes, it'll teach you guitar. I haven't played it myself so I can only go off of what I hear from other people, hence all the wordiness in here. tl;dr The game is selling itself on its ability to teach you how to play guitar, from any skill level, even those who have never touched one. It's almost certainly a yes. The Rocksmith bundle comes with a real, actual, functioning Epiphone Les Paul Junior. I looked up a couple videos on the internet and learned to read tabs to teach myself how to play guitar, and getting the basics down is easy. I personally would never pay for guitar lessons. I have a friend (who is the frontman for SkAttered Union) who gives guitar lessons and he assured me that there's really not much they can teach you that practice and minimal research wouldn't do for you anyway. Note that I'm not saying this is a fact and that guitar lessons are useless, just that a guy who gives them told me that they are. Back to the main point, though. The game works on real, actual, functioning guitars. It teaches you how to play the real guitar, because that's what you're using as a controller. It'll show you chords, how to hold them, etc. Rock Band pro guitar taught you the names of the strings and which fingers to use to hold down which strings for chords, so I can't imagine Rocksmith would be any less helpful than that considering that you're playing an actual stringed instrument and creating the proper, actual sound out of your guitar at the same time you make the correct sound in game. There's also a mode that allows you to use all sorts of different amps and pedals and it even teaches you how to get the sounds out of those that you desire, both in game and for a real guitar. If it's detailed enough to teach you that, I can't imagine it wouldn't teach you basics. The E3 reveal and the trailers to date all say that it "teaches you" and the creator, when interviewed, specifically said, "Anyone can pick up this game and learn to play guitar from it." There was even a testimonial (might have been staged, because, it's an advertisement) from someone involved who said he'd never played a guitar before and he was feeling like it was something he was going to get very good at because the game had taught him. Research into it yourself a bit more before making the full purchase. If you don't already own an electric guitar, the bundle will set you back $200. I plan on picking this game up to help me advance my skills and also just to have fun with it, so I also have looked into it quite a bit and it seems legitimate. It isn't Rock Band or Guitar Hero; you are playing a genuine instrument, not a controller.

Can i play Rocksmith with my acoustic guitar?

What the person above means is a pickup to plug it into, not a tuner. So if it is a acoustic-electric you can use it. If it's just an acoustic you cannot unless you install a pickup.

What is the downloadable content for rocksmith the game?

Two songs are available for download for now but you need a code that accompanied pre-orders only. Don't know if you can get them without it at this point. Songs: Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird Radiohead's Bodysnatchers

How do you select what song you want to play on Rocksmith?

Are there any stores that sell the Rocksmith guitar bundle in the store itself?

The game doesn't actually come from the company with a guitar, you provide your own. So there will probably be no video game stores at all offering a guitar with the game, and online companies (of course) just grab any guitar and throw it in with the game and call it a "bundle".