where can i get another rockford fosgate HE2 subwoofer?

I think this is what you are looking for-----> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00011FUAI/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&seller=

Is 1100w amp too much for a pair of Rockford fosgate p1 12"?

This one is the best. Rockford Fosgate Prime R500-1 500 Watt Mono Amplifier Technical Details * Mono amplifier delivers 500 watts at 2 ohms, 350 watts at 4 ohms * Variable low pass crossover with 12dB/octave slope and 40Hz to 130Hz crossover point * Punch Bass adjustable bass level control of 0 to +12 dB centered at 45Hz * RCA inputs for signal level input and pass-through jacks for system building * The input gain control is preset to match the output of most source units

how can i get the most out of my 2 rockford fosgate p3 punch subwoofers?

The amp will match what is hooked to. If the subs are it wired to two it will play at two. If the amp is wired at two it will play louder.. 8 softer. find a two ohm stable amp.. maybe a class d for longevity and match to your subs rms.

what type of amp should i get for my rockford fosgate hx2?

What type of amp should i use for a ROCKFORD FOSGATE P2D415 15" 500W 4 OHM DVC?

First, the sub is rated at 250W RMS. The 500W is a peak rating which really has no significance and should be ignored. You have a couple of options since your sub has 2 voice coils. You can wire the sub a few differnet ways: 1) The two voice coils in parallel to present a 2 Ohm load to the amp; 2) The voice coils in series to present an 8 Ohm load to the amp, 3) Each 4 Ohm voice coil separately to the respective speaker outputs of a 2 or multi-channel amp. Your best bet will probably be finding a mono amp that is stable at 2 ohms or a 2 channel amp that is bridgeable and stable at 2 Ohms bridged, thus wiring the voice coils in parallel. Most mono amps on the market today are stable to 2 Ohms. As far as power ratings, any amp that can produce at least 300W RMS @ 2 Ohms will work well.

what amps can i bridge to give me enough power my rockford fosgate P3?

if there is two different models of rockford fosgate subs?

These answers are ridiculous. Don't listen to the above. First off, you cant compare the p2's to the p3's. they look similar on paper but the sound is definitely different. The P3's have alot more control and can pound alot harder without getting distorted. I would definitely spend the money on the p3's. They are louder and sound a whole lot cleaner than the p2's. I owned both as well as installed both into hundreds of vehicles. Trust me.

What amp should I get for 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch P1 12"?

What is the best amplifier to push 2 Rockford Fosgate 150 watt 10" subs...they are 4 ohm punch subs?

kicker zx300.1 would be perfect for them

Can I power two 10 inch Kicker L7's with a Rockford Fosgate Punch 501s 1500 Watt amp?

It's 500w rms. It won't power a pair of 10L7's with much authority, but it will be ok. Hopefully they're dvc 4's. Bridge the amp and do this: http://www.the12volt.com/12voltimages/2_4ohm_dvc_4ohm.gif

Why is it that everyone is always against Rockford Fosgate ?

thats easy. rockford fosgate's equipment is over priced. you can get better stuff for the same money.


a little more power than youll need for those subs rockfords have a great sound but have a reputation for failing under high power... ive seen the wires rip out of the cone, and also the cores work apart

what subwoofers should i get Kicker or Rockford fosgate?

Personally I am a Rockford fan so I would go with the T1's. But Kicker isn't bad neither.

Can you run a Rockford fosgate amp with two JL audio subs?

If pull the correct amount of ohms, then you'll be okay. If you pull 1 ohm and the amp is only good for down to 2 ohms, you'll most likely ruin the amp. Good luck!

Is the new t2500 1bd rockford fosgate amplifier a good amp?

U never go wrong with Fosgate bro

What is a Rockford Fosgate Punch 400x4 worth?

Depending on the shape its in you can fetch upto $300 from a collector but they generally go for around 225 to $275 on ebay About a dollar a watt.....like I said,depends on the shape....a mint one can go for $300 or more To the guy two steps below me in response...I know this BUT this STILL applies for the old school amps...Try finding a power 1000 rockford for 500 bucks....it aint happening...If your lucky you can get them for 799 or in the 800 range...but as I said,when it comes to "oldschool"...which Im from...It averages about $1 a watt.I know this because Im an avid collector of older model amps...of course Im from that era and your probably younger....I miss the good ol days....I still think U.S. amps....the older versions from the 90's are among the best even today ADDITION: LIST it on ebay or craigslist with a $275 OBO

What size amp should I use with one 12 inch P3D4-12 Rockford Fosgate subwoofer?

you need a match for the RMS rating you end up with after wiring them to the ohms load you want that's safe for both the amp and sub its powering.in your case its 600 rms is the rating you should be using.never use peak or max ratings to match up this equipment.use (rf tech woofer wiring wizard) and use there chart to wire your sub woofer.its important.

what is this old rockford fosgate amplifier good for?

if im not mistaken go to www.the12volt.com they have alot of diagrahms there have fun..

what size of amp do i need for a rockford fosgate p15412?

you can get an amp that has around 200W RMS at 4 ohms here's a suggestion: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_17622_Sound-Storm-SSL-F1200M.html or match it with another rockford fosgate http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_21680_Rockford-Fosgate-PRIME-R250-1.html

How can i get the most power out of my rockford Fosgate P3's?

Bridge the subs and also subs are better set in mono not sterio if you have that option. You should have the manual and that should show you the wiring diagram to bridge the subs. I dont like sony amps anyway but I hope that I have helped you.

what kind of wiring kit do i need for the rockford fosgate prime r600-5 channel amplifier?

The manufacturer recommended wiring kit is for 4 gauge power and ground. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_13218_The-InstallBay-AK4.html Many amp wiring kits, like the one linked, will include only a single set of RCA cables. For the amp to have inputs for front, rear, and subwoofer, you need 2 more pairs of RCA cables. If your head unit has only front and rear outputs, you'll also need to "split" one set (most often rear) for channel 5 (subwoofer channel).

What do i need to give my 97' Honda Civic the full Rockford Fosgate sound system?

First your idea of amazing and mine may differ quite far but I will say, I am a big fan of Rockford Fosgate, that's what I have in both of my vehicles (with the exception of Eclipse head units) WIthout knowing your budget its kinda hard to make recommendations, as with any brand Fosgate has several levels of products for a mid level amp and speaker I am quite impressed with their Prime line, if it were me, I would go to Fosgate's web page, ebay or your local Fosgate dealer, even if you dont buy from the dealer, you can hear the different lines on their sound wall and decide on what works for you and go from there.

Will a Rockford Fosgate t400.2 amp push to much power to a pair of Lanzar MAX10D Subs?

No, not at all... your amp is pushing 400 watts RMS bridged at 4 ohms and 800 MAX bridged at 4 ohms. The Lanzar subs are capable of handling 800 watts RMS each and 1600 watts MAX each, so you definetly do not have to many watts pushing the subs.

How would i bridge two amps together to power my 2 Rockford Fosgate P3s?

How big of an amp do I need for a Rockford Fosgate Punch p3D410 Sub?

that is a 4ohm dvc ( dual voice coil ) 400 watt rms sub. you will have a 2ohm load. you can use a Kicker 08ZX4001 400 Watt Class D Mono Amplifier 400x1@2ohm. Check out wiring diagrams here. http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurations.asp?Q=1&I=42. Hope this helps.

What amp kit for a Rockford Fosgate Prime R150-2?

I have always used Kicker equipment. It is competition level. You can get amazing deals at http://www.halfpricecaraudio.com

How would a kenwood 1800 watt amp do with 2 rockford fosgate p3 12" subs?

I installes one of my friends system he had a 1600 watt with 2 p2s sounds real good

how much is my rockford fosgate system worth?

Due to the age of the system and it's current selling prices , I would say you can get $65 dollars a piece for the subs and around $150 for the amp. The wear and the conditions in which they have been kept can drastically cause damage to the coils. I would advise testing the system and then if in good condition selling it for $250 bucks. I know this may sound low, but technology has changed alot and you can get sytems bigger and better then what you ariginal purchase price was.

Are 4 Rockford Fosgate T1 subwoofers better than 2 rockford T2s?

if what you mean by better, is louder, then yes. and you should upgrade the big 3 when you hit 1,000 watts rms. good luck

What amp should I get to power my two 12' inch Rockford Fosgate P2 subs?

Any 300-500 watt amp from a reputable brand will be more than enough to push those cones. Rockford, Alpine are great amps. Personally, I have always been a stickler to running all the same stuff in my cars.

How much can I sell my Rockford Fosgate Punch 75.2 car amplifier for?

What size amp should I use with two 10" Rockford fosgate subs?

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Brady, NEVER look at the "max" wattage on speakers or amplifiers. Look at the RMS power handling of each woofer and amp accordingly. Get a mono block amplifier. I don't know what woofers you have but let's say there 300 RMS each. You would purchase a 600 RMS mono amplifier. Be sure to match impedance from sub to amp as well. If you need help with that look up a wiring diagram so you don't buy the wrong amp!!

where to ground a rockford fosgate amplifier?

Will a Rockford Fosgate t400.2 amp push to much power to a pair of Precision Power PPI PCX102 Subs?

Not a chance. If anything it will be under powered. Those PPIs are no joke.

How can I tell if my Nissan has the Rockford Fosgate sound system?

It should say rockford fosgate on the radio. Also, if it was a fosgate package, you should have an amp or a sub from Rockford fosgate as well. <- I think.

Is this a good Rockford Fosgate setup?

great subs . i have 2 P3 12 inch and there great. but i would not recommend that amp because its too low on power for those subs. i would recommend the fosgate p1000.1bd or kicker zx1000.1 both of these amps are awsome. i own both of these amps and would recommend them to anyone

Should i get rockford fosgate tweeters to go along with my rockford sub in my ford ranger?

This one is better. Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S 1-Inch Tweeter Kit Technical Details * One-inch tweeter kit with 80 watts maximum power handling * 1/2-inch mylar balanced dome tweeter * Flush, surface, or angle mounting options * High sensitivity and smooth, extended frequency response * Frequency response: 2.5kHz - 22kHz http://www.amazon.com/Rockford-Fosgate-R1T-S-1-Inch-Tweeter/dp/B002X786Y0/?tag=knapaaai-20 @@@

How many decibels will my 12" rockford fosgate subs put out?

most subs are around 89 db unless you have a rediculus system

What subwoofers will work with Rockford Fosgate P1000 amp?


Do alpine, rockford fosgate, or kicker make the best subs and which company makes the best amp?

I own a fosgate amp and I love it. I know MANY guys with Alpine amps and they love them too. Kicker makes loudddd loudd woofers and I don't know much about their amps but they ARE cea compliant like the other two brands here so thats VERY good to have. For the subs, Kicker will be the loudest but won't sound the best. Alpine makes a killer sub called the Type-R that comes in 10" 12" and 15". They are a fairly good price and sound nice and hit hard with RMS rated power given to them. Also RF P3's are sick woofers. They hit and sound clean. The Kicker L7 is my favorite though. The square woofer than comes in 10 12 and 15's. 750rms for the 10 and 12 and 1000rms for the 15. They are very very loud and slam very hard but do not but out the "best" sound quality but still, not terrible Sq.

What are the dimensions to build a custom box for two 2ohm 12 inch rockford fosgate p2's?

Hello, You can use this platform for free to find the good answer: http://www.bulkybo.com

what is a better all around subwoofer Alpine or Rockford Fosgate?

The Type R is better but neither is great. If i had to go with one i'd pick the type R.

What two subwoofers would go best with my 800x2 rockford fosgate amplifier?

I agree with the last poster on alot of stuff. One good sub is much better than two cheap subs. The quality is much better and the output usually is at least on par. I try to stick with the same brand when I can, so if you have a RF amp see what RF powers for subs with it. That should give you an idea of what the amp was designed to do. I've also had good luck with JL speakers, especially the W6v2's, the Alpine Type R's, and lots of other good name brand subs.

What is the best amp for a P3D412 Rockford Fosgate Punch Stage 3?

The MB would work pretty well. Being a dvc 4 the sub can be wired for 2 or 8 ohms. At 2 ohms the amp produces 500w rms making it a great match for the sub. There may be a more cost effective option though since the price tag of that MB represents its 1 ohm power of 1000w. The eclipse xa1200 comes to mind. It does over 500w rms at 2 ohms and is $130 shipped at sonicelectronix.com.

What amp do I kneed to power a pair of rockford fosgate subs?

ok i have same subs i got a Hifonics brutus mono amp at 600 watts. 600 because it splits to 300rms to each sub which is perfect. also came with a bass booster :) they dont make them but you can find them online for cheap. if not an alpine mono amp 600 watts at a bestbuy will work. anything with 600 watts thats mono will work for you. not overpowering them so you wont blow them :) hope this helps

Whats a really good Rockford Fosgate speaker and subwoofer?

Rockford Fosgate used to be top of the line @ one time now thier nothing but second rate garbage. I`d look for something else. Infinity JBL maybe Polk audio.

Can anyone tell me how many watts a Rockford Fosgate Punch 120a amp puts out?

Do you mean the "120.2"? Because it's 30 watts per channel at 4 Ohms, or 60 @ 2 Ohms.

What is the best sub box for Rockford Fosgate?

if its sq then usually sealed and bandpass boxes work best. i would check and see if Rockford Fosgate makes a box specifically for that sub. if not just build a box to the specs that come with the sub. if you dont have them: http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/rftech/library/2007/5_Subwoofers/P3D410_revA-TS.pdf

rockford fosgate?

Expensive is a relative term you need to know a few things before you make a decision. When a manufacturer makes a RMS power rating not to be confused with the peak power, these numbers are derived from the woofers ability to handle X amount of power for a predetermined amount of time. If the case of Rockford Fosgate all subwoofer are tested for 24 hours of continuous play at their rated power. Many other manufacturers have a much lower standard therfore they are able to put a higher power handling number in their marketing materials. Unfortunatly you don't know this so it is very difficult for you to make an educated decision. I saw that someone else recomended JL Audio, these are also excellent subwoofers and are tested in much the same way that Rockford woofers are tested. This is why their power handling numbers and costs are much closer. It is unfortunate that all woofers are not tested to the same standard. The best recommendation I can give you would be to visit your local Car Audio dealers and look at some of the brands your interested in, if you find a reputable shop they should be able to show you and let you hear the differences. You also asked what Ohms is, well as someone else ansered it is resistance however he gave you some poor advice. The reason for difference impedances or Ohms is to allow for more wiring options. It can be confusing but depending on the quantity of woofers you plan to use in your system will determine what impedance you will need. Additionally depending on what amplifier you will be using will also determine what impedance you need. Remember amplifers are not all created equal some make their maximum power at 4 ohms some 2 and some 1 ohm. Good Luck I hope this helped.

Rockford Fosgate?

yes i would be worried ,they suck anyways go with alpine or anything else they carry good luck