Favourite Robin Williams?

Wow, none of your top five would be in my top five. I suppose that's a tribute to Robin Williams's versatility. Anyway, in no particular order, here are my five favorites:
1. Good Will Hunting
2. Dead Poets Society
3. The World According to Garp
4. Seize the Day
5. Popeye
In defense of pick 5: It's more about the circumstances in which I first saw the movie than about the movie itself.

Which is the better Robin Williams movie?

I like Robin Williams movies....well, his Earlier ones like these.
You have named some good ones.
I will have to say that Mrs Doubtfire & Dead Poets Society are almost a tie for me...one being a comedy though & the other more serious.
The World According to Garp....how many people actually saw That Movie?! It WAS good....as was the book!
My oldest daughter Loves Patch Adams & has actually corresponded with the REAL Patch Adams!

Is Robin Williams dead?

Yes unfortunatly Serena Williams threw him at a line judge

What are some inspirational teachers from pop culture?

Robin Williams as the teacher from "Dead Poets Society." Can't think of the character's name.

Are you sad Robin Williams is dead?

Yes, I'm very sad about his death. It's terrible to know that a crazy talented guy like him made me and many others laugh throughout our childhood, but was deeply unhappy himself. RIP Robin Williams :(

Dead Poet Society?

Robin Williams' character, John Keating, was a very complex character and should be interesting to analyze because of the variety of reasons for his actions as opposed to the one generally written about.
He is nearly always labeled the 'hero' or 'good-guy' character. In reality it could be construed that there were multiple reasons behind his goal to encourage the students to 'seize the day'.
In the end Keating is clearly considered a very positive role model by his students regardless of the less than positive outcome of his efforts.
The little smiles when he would 'listen' from outside the sight of the boys seem to reflect that there was a 'personal' and somewhat self-grandizing motive for his efforts. His lack of sufficient knowledge to handle the result of his 'lesson' seem to indicate of poor self knowledge about his limitations. Additionally, while the idea of helping a group of young men on the cusp of being adults to make the most of their opportunities and their own feelings and personalities; he actually created a great deal of chaos and tragedy. This seems to have occurred because Keating did not closely monitor the actions that his students put into motion. Nor did he appear to be sufficiently knowledgable about the maturity-level and emotional stability of the young students he was mentoring. There were many complex situations occurring in the personal lives of these young men about which Keating was completely unaware. Long standing situations that went totally beyond the understanding of the students themselves and certainly beyond the scope of their ability to control.
Since most of these facets of Keatings character are rarely addressed in reviews and/or synopses of this film, exploring and analyzing this less than prepared teacher provides a rich and fertile opportunity to perform some deep character analysis of your own.

Robin williams is dead?

Apparently he had drug and alcohol problems for many years but had been in rehab and there is no mention of recent problems. It seems a shock that he would hang himself. There are other ways to kill yourself. There is going to be a press conference by the local sheriff's office tomorrow. Williams lived in the same town where I live. By all accounts he was a great guy and gave a lot to charities.

Is Robin Williams Dead?

We lost a great entertainer with the death of Robin Williams. He was one of the few people that could leave me on the floor rolling with laughter. He was so quick witted and was the king of impromptu humor. Yet at the same time he could be a serious actor. Goodwill Hunting which won him an Academy award proved he was multi talented. I know I will miss his quirky humor and I believe the world will too.

Robin Williams is dead?

He was pronounced dead at 12:02pm on the 11th. There will be a few more appearances of him, however, because I heard that he was acting in some movies. I was stunned when my mum told me and I didn't believe her and when I called my dad (he knew him PERSONALLY before he became famous) he broke down in tears and told me it true. I've never heard him cry until now. My dad knew Steven Tyler and everyone in Aerosmith and he has had a few meetings with Paul McCartney and George Harrison when he used to travel a lot. I kind of got my Beatles addiction from him. Anyways, he has been suffering from depression and when you are depressed and haven't taken the pills, you will be so sad that you think you are worth nothing and that nobody loves you and you end your life in a blink of an eye. My grandma has even tried committing suicide when she runs out of pills. Although we aren't positive that he committed suicide, I've seen more soures say that he did pass from this rather from asphyxia.

Robin williams - dead?

What you're refering to is a scene form the movie "One Hour Photo." It's a dream sequence Robin Williams has.